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This about-me section is long, to save you time in deciding whether and where to watch 'my' stuff. Main theme of 'my' stuff: reporting (NOT teaching) about Bible's proof on How God Orchestrates Time, i.e., Bible METERS its text from Genesis 1 onward to show that doctrine; pre-Church; the meter also tracked the future as a countdown to Christ and Millennium. The NT uses the same pre-Church doctrine but Paul 'loops' it at the 62nd week of Daniel 9:26, in Eph1:3-14 (structure vids, and Church future History 'map' to Odovacer, ). For a shorter intro, click on the video titles at right, to see full video and its description, which has doc links to prove the video's statements.

So inter alia, Rapture is pre-Trib yet unpredictable, BECAUSE God Orchestrates Time. Israel had set dates, but we have set BODIES, Matt 16:18, John 17, Eph4:13. But the underlying doctrine of Time's RULES, hasn't changed. Time is LOANED in 490+70+490 increments, based on VOTING to be saved or learn God. (Voting is based on the merit of the person/thing you vote for, never on you, duh.) Genesis videos show how to discern the doctrine in Bible's numbers starting at . Ending that playlist, are Gen 1 meter videos with those very numbers, wryly 'matched' as 'balance sheet' to the literal 7 days of RESTORATION (not initial creation). So of course, the METER is a sevening (haha).

Meter also datelines (tells you WHEN a book/chapter written). For example, even though you have to be insane to claim Mark's Gospel is first or that there's some preceding Quelle, since Mark's text surgically weaves to incorporate both Matthew and Luke by reference (shown line by line in the Synoptics channel) -- Mark's Gospel meter DATELINE first tags both Matthew's and Luke's, to set up that surgical style. Oh: and he does it in Greek, as do they, proving the Gospels are all originally written IN Greek. Whew. Saves a lot of money, needless argument, and time to see all this right in the TEXT.

Meter also interacts with text as a historical/prophetical interpreter and concordance. All of these functions are vital to hermeneutics and textual criticism. See for overview.

So videos focus on METHODOLOGY, as no one person gets the material 100% right. So, once you see the method, you can derive your own results. Full listing of 'my' meter and related channels/playlists: ,

The meter is unknown in Christendom. The Jews now garble its meaning, so neither their forefathers nor ours, passed its structure down to the kids. But it's forensically detectable in Bible, hence the videos show how you can see it for yourself. So many conundra re Bible would be resolved using meter, which we already know the ancients used in other writings. However, scholars try to shoehorn BIBLE meters into the secular patterns; they miss Bible's own doctrines and its own meter to FIT those doctrines. So the debate about Bible HAVING meter goes back to Robert Lowth and before.

But until now, no one has found its obvious SEVENING style. That, is provable. What content is thus elucidated, my conclusions about its meaning, are wholly debatable. But the fact of the meter, the fact it interrelates with the text, is demonstrably valid. Hence the videos.

So please be skeptical and TEST the shown 'proof', asking God the meanwhile. I too will repeatedly rework and retest. So far, I've shown this meter in all NT books and some OT books, and will keep on doing the OT; for every Bible Book and sometimes every chapter, has meter at its beginning. So think of me as a reporter, NOT a teacher.

NAVIGATION: for so long as vimeo allows us to have channels, use this link: . Due to their changes and deletion of groups which cost me hundreds of hours, I will not post videos in vimeo after 4/11/17. Will eventually migrate these videos to Youtube.

DOWNLOADS: Vimeo lets you download in up to four formats; click the Download button on any video's own watch page; channel access to the video's own page, is just below the player; link is a hash tag with a vimeo number in lower right corner. If by contrast you want my original file, just ask me; I can upload it to for free anonymous download.

ABOUT ME: my public name has been brainout' on the internet, since the late 1990's. The avatar is a kind of trademark. So I'm 'brainouty' in Youtube, domain is Anonymity is necessary, as my family doesn't share my interest in Scripture, so they should be protected. Nickname derives from Ephesians 4:23; its Greek says (sotto voce), that once you believe in Christ, you have no brains, and need the Holy Spirit's. So, using 1John1:9 puts His Brains back in you (see also Psalm 32:5, 66:18, 2Peter1:9's Greek, verse is mistranslated). So my nickname reminds me to use 1John1:9. Often.

VID AND WEB CONTENT remains focused on big-picture stuff you can't find elsewhere in Christendom. Some Bible basics are covered (see Bible Basics Album, Why Only Believe channel); focus is on the heavy stuff, and largely exegetical. The authority is in the Bible text shown, pas moi. So you can't take 'my' word for it.. ask God.

Often a vid must correct rampant Bible mistranslation using BibleWorks. The older ones remain in Youtube. Just Google on the verse and my nickname, as search within Youtube (or vimeo) is horrific. Vimeo vids originally done prior to 11/07/13, are also in Youtube; you'll find the 'File Name' with the date, at the end of each video description.

Another specialty is to focus on Bible's rhetorical styles, as most mistranslation comes from misreading the text, not seeing the style. METER, is a hugely important 'style' which remains undetected by scholars. For folks MEMORIZED the text, and counted syllables to verify their memorization. So God provided more 'bang for the buck', turning a necessary audit function into a pleasurable bonus lesson via the meter counts, on how to read the upcoming text. Miss that lesson, and you will misread the text. Proof also via the meter, is what ORIGINAL LANGUAGE the author used: translations can't be metered the same way, so throw out all those dippy claims the NT was originally in Hebrew or Aramaic. I did videos showing metered translations of Isaiah 53, the Magnificat, Ephesians 1:3-14, so you can see how metering a translation is problemmatic. So you can prove WHAT LANGUAGE was the original: the one that's deftly METERED.

Of course you should be skeptical and test. For the Authority is the Bible; its Content proves true with God witnessing to it. Whoever mouths that content, is irrelevant.

Today, it's fashionable to assert that someone is not allowed to display/comment on Bible unless a 'scholar'. God never set that rule. Au contraire: 'he who has an ear, let him hear', and 'without faith it is impossible to please Him', Matt 13:8, Heb11:6 ('faith' means Bible Believed). We are REQUIRED to do this, Matt 4:4. And we are liable, too. I take my liability seriously, Ezekiel 3:17ff. So, I must speak up. What you do with that, is between God and you.

Doesn't mean scholars should be disrespected, just the opposite. There are good and bad scholars. Good scholars profit when the bad ones, are exposed. Further, we aren't to just trust what some 'authority' says, but are to examine Scriptures, ourselves. But, we don't. So important doctrines go missed, and many errant 'doctrines' remain taught.

So the authority is the material, pas moi. So you don't need to credit me. Anyone can observe the sun is in the sky. However, BibleWorks is copyrighted, so don't paste its text without acknowledging its source. (All my text comes from the BibleWorks databases for the Hebrew and Greek, UNALTERED.) My pastor is dead ( ), but his material became copyrighted by the church, after he died. Ergo I paraphrase what my pastor said, when required. By contrast, whatever I say, you can use without attribution. For I just report what's already IN the Bible.

Finally, MY BELIEFS. Many think beliefs create bias, so want a doctrinal statement:

1. Faith Alone in Christ Alone, but anti-Catholicism and Calvinism, both of which are Replacement Theology: anti-semitic, denying the Future of the Jews. For Christ King of the Jews did all the Work, Isaiah 53:10-11, Hebrew. The childish and errant theology in both major denominations miss 50% of more of Bible meaning, and skew the 50% they think they know. They don't even UNDERSTAND 'faith alone' or 'Christ alone' (which Catholicism teaches also, but in its own 'flavor').

Yes, you simply believe Christ paid for all your sins, and you are forever saved. That salvation cannot be lost, but one must mature in Christ by death, lest one MERELY be saved, 1Cor3, Rev 3. Since only the Holy Spirit can produce maturation, it's not wrong to seek the reward HE is due. Then you have more, to spend on Christ. Forever. You get that maturation ONLY by learning and living on Bible (see my God's System video), with 1John1:9 used as needed, to stay between sins. Else, you end up a spiritual retard, happy like a baby, in heaven. Forever.

2. Trinitarian. I've done videos proving how you can spot Trinity in OT and New, see . But the Westminster Confession is horribly worded, makes God into a hydra-headed monster. Catholic 'unicity' definition is even worse. So scrap those always-retarded denominations and go to BIBLE, instead.

3. Dispensationalist, pre-Trib Rapture. But unlike 'traditional' Dispensationalist teaching, Bible has its own definition, proven in my How God Orchestrates Time videos ( ): 2100 years for the Gentiles, 2100 years for the Jews, and then Church (for Israel rejected Christ), which Christ established POST MORTEM, in Matthew 16:18. The Jews know this as 2000 each, but they mistake Bible's accounting: time was supposed to end 5250 from Adam's FALL (not initial creation). Because Israel rejected Christ when He came AS SCHEDULED, Church is inserted and now you can't say if it will be 2100 more years, 2 more days, etc.

I'm therefore a 'mainstream' pre-Trib Christian, yet controversial in these respects:

A. Bible says NO SOUL LIFE IN WOMB. Very plainly. That doesn't mean you should be pro-abortion, but it does mean that GOD ALONE AUTHORS LIFE AT BIRTH, and that's the key reason we're not evolved. So my Prolife Blasphemy series ( in Youtube, plus an 'album' here) is dedicated to proving BIBLE says no soul life until BORN, pattern of Gen 2:7. To say otherwise is to play politics and blaspheme God Who says HE ALONE creates life, not biology.

My pastor taught the same doctrine for 50 years, and so do a few others. Ironically, this doctrine of life ONLY beginning at BIRTH tells you WHY we are not evolved; all other Bible doctrines are thus consistently validated, especially salvation (Christ couldn't be born sinless if soul life were in the womb).

B. GOD ORCHESTRATES TIME. This is a doctrine Jews know in garbled form, but Christians don't know at all. We know the 'salt' doctrine vaguely, but have no idea it's TIMED. My pastor also taught this doctrine of believers being used to buy time for the world, but I couldn't find proof of his claim, excepting in Col 4:5 and Eph 5:16, which he cited often. So I asked God back in 2000 for the proof, and have been documenting it ever since.

VAST CHANGES IN HERMENEUTICS would occur if anyone vetted and learned what Bible says here. Jews are partly vindicated, as is every denomination. And, each one is tweaked as too the Jews, for certain errors, esp. with regard to Daniel 9. John Hagee, for example, has a completely convoluted idea of how the 490 works. Calvin, Hippolytus, and other so-called 'fathers' of modern Christendom, either couldn't add 1+1, or were so anti-semitic they didn't want to. Preterism is anti-semitic (denies the Jews have a future God promised, aka Replacement Theology); so no preterist understands Daniel 9 at all.

The Dispies are no better, trying to shoehorn Daniel 9 by using lunar years: the numbers don't add up to Jesus' death, unless you violate Bible's SOLAR YEAR convention. Solar accounting balances perfectly to Christ's death, if you do the math right. For the Bible's point is that He was SCHEDULED to die AD 37 but due to Israel's negativity died SEVEN YEARS EARLIER.

All NT books track SHOULDA BEEN vs. ACTUAL for both His Birth and death (4106 vs. 4103 from Adam's Fall Birth, and 4143 vs. 4136 for His Death) in their meters, see my for their formulas. For the sevening accounting meter in Bible, connects text and the dates it gives, to provide proof of how the math works. Balances to history too. Billions of dollars of inept 'scholarship' on Bible dates have been wasted, simply because we're NOT using Bible's own conventions and dates, instead opting for Josephus or Dear Dr So and So or some non-Bible idea of time which is inevitably WRONG. So JUST THE BIBLE, please. And you will be pleased to see how it all perfectly fits and even corrects, many of our historical estimates.

C. 'Christian' is a spiritual lifestyle, not works. You're saved by merely believing, and you learn and live on Bible to be spiritual, Heb 11:6, Matt 4:4. Spirituality is never what you do with the body. It's all and only in the Head, and it's about what Christ's Head getting into your head, does TO you, Romans 12:1-3. Due to many mistranslations in Bible which 'spin' what Bible says into works, 99% of Christians live in carnality. So false doctrines abound and remain.

Instead, we are to use 1John 1:9, learn Bible under whomever God appointed as one's right teacher. So while we are between sins -- theme of 1John -- the Spirit gradually creates from that Bible Learned and Believed, a refurbished soul Tested and Approved By God (Rom 12:1-3). Not, you testing and approving (passage is mistranslated, see my ).

This, my pastor (among others) also taught for 50 years. Yet 'mainstream' Christendom is subdivided into the Repentance Crowd, the Lordship Salvation Crowd, the Ecumenical Crowd, the Dour God factions (most Reform groups); or, the holy rollers with their gibberish, as if the Holy Spirit were a dog doing pet tricks to make the body feel good. So this vital doctrine of SPIRITUAL MATURATION, theme and criterion for Rapture, Eph 4:13 -- goes unrecognized.

D. THE ANGELIC TRIAL. Again, many denominations have at least some inkling that there's an Angelic Trial we're here to resolve, but they vaguely describe how this Trial works. Satan contends that DIVORCED-FROM-GOD MORALITY is better. God shows that only MARRIED WITH GOD, works. That's the trial. In short, even if you were an axe murderer, if you believed in Christ, you'd be better than the most moral person who depends on his own morality or abilities, and demands God 'reward' them. So, the Bible heroes are all pretty much losers, by the world's standards: Abram who was a pappa's boy and lied about his wife all the time, Moses who ran away after abdicating, David who committed adultery and then tried to murder the woman's husband when she got pregnant, Paul who was on his way to Damascus with an order to capture and murder Christians. Anti-heroes made into Bible heroes, because they wanted GOD, not 'good'.

The above ABCs are the heart of the Trial. A is the cause, B is the timing (and legal precedence for pre-Trib Rapture), C is how Trial is won or lost in the Witness Box. We are each a witness to the ANGELS first, 1 Peter 1:12, 1 Cor 4:9, etc. So now you know why 2000 years have transpired yet no Rapture. We're not maturing. Just as Paul warns in his meter (see GGS 10 and GGS 11 channels for the Bible proof of his meter).

Else, you will find much of what I say pretty 'normal' and 'familiar'.

Should I find any of these beliefs incorrect, I'll just change them to whatever Bible says. I don't need to be 'loyal' to a belief. I do need to keep on AUDITING belief against Bible, and the Latter is Always Right.

About Brainout Videos

This is my last vimeo video. Future videos will be in Youtube. I specialize in proving #Bible stuff you can't find in pulpits or scholar tomes, directly within Bible's Hebrew and Greek. Simpler stuff is also in other playlists, as this video shows. If you've questions, I'm @brainouty in twitter. Custom Youtube channel is

Vimeo ( channel ) is my most technical 'workspace', specializing in proving the claims made about how God Orchestrates Time and documents prophecy in METER, 1 syllable per year starting in Genesis 1, using the same scholastic standards which scholars know and agree on.. but they don't know the METER INTERACTS with the text to ALSO prove interp, when book writen, and aptly forecast what we now call 'history' or 'prophecy'.. and, you can prove it.