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Fixing "TULIP" to fit Scripture, and much more

  • I. Purpose (page down)
  • II. TULIPS Acronym, Restructured (page down)
  • III. TULIPS Acronym, Glossary
  • IV. TULIPS' meaning for Salvation
  • V. TULIPS' meaning, post-salvation
  • VI. Sources used for this writeup
  • VII. Reader comments
  • VIII. Main Gospel Objections (6, so far)
  • IX. Testing the "Truth"
  • X. Addendum: Why the traditional TULIP is illogical
  • This series purports to FIX what's doctrinally wrong with TULIP, yet at the same time preserve the acronym, for easy adjustment. Keep that fact in mind as you read, so you don't make the mistake so many readers have, of thinking that I'm a Calvinist or that I'm misstating TULIP. This is a CORRECTION series, not an endorsement nor a restatement of the classic or modified-by-Calvinists 'TULIP' doctrine. That doctrine in all forms has fatal flaws, but the idea behind it can be corrected to fit the Bible. That such flaws have gone unattended for 500 years, is a travesty. Hence a caustic presentation of the correction, rather than a polite one, becomes necessary. Billions of dollars, hours, and lives have been wasted on slipshod scholarship. This must be admitted and correction must be made. Else, the dying believer will be very ashamed at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Current folks living really need the correction to be given them. Until it is, sites like this one will continue to be necessary.

    NOTE WELL: the content of a critique is alone important. So evaluate the content, don't take the slipshod route of going by 'credentials'. God used Balaam's donkey when Balaam was too stubborn to listen to God, so the 'mouth' used to say a thing, matters not. Many disregard centuries of apt critique in the name of respecting only what an 'expert' says. But the 'expert' has an agenda, a paycheck, so will cater to whatever denomination he belongs. I can hire anyone to say what I want them to say, simply by choosing someone who already agrees with me.

    So the expert should not be the only one heeded. Rather, a claim should be evaluated on its own merits, not on the merit perceived or real, in the speaker. Sadly, Calvinists never heed anyone but other Calvinists. If you are among that group, just stop reading now. You cannot understand what follows. We who are trying to help Calvinism fit Bible have tired of reasoning with the deaf who are still fighting demons from 1610. There: now you see what I meant by 'caustic'.

    To a much greater extent, the Youtube videos below, explain the TULIP errors and how to correct them. They were done a decade or so after the webpages were written. Video descriptions have vital added links to back up claims. So too, do the many comments. You can always send me anonymous Feedback on any video whose comments you want to unlock. (Youtube won't allow read-only display, so to stop more comments the extant ones must be disabled.)

    In particular, Bible verses misused by Calvinists are 'answered' in the videos. The first three videos present Bible terminology for the same ideas as in TULIP, stressing the properties of TRUTH God ordained: it then becomes readily apparent that TULIP compromises the Sovereignty of God (which is anathema to Calvinism). Fourth video shows how that compromise is compounded by Calvin's own anti-semitism. Its video description has many links to demonstrate his anti-semitism. I tried to be 'roasting' funny in that 'Calvin's Poison' video, to soften what can only be a serious flaw permeating all he wrote. My ancestors were Calvinists (back to when Calvin lived); so I wanted to lighten, the critique.

    The Excel spreadsheet shown in the fifth video can be downloaded here: GeneYrs.xls. The purpose of that video is to present the BIG picture. So, that video briefly begins with the history of Christianity, and how it has violated what Paul warned about in 1Corinthians Chapters 1-6, of splitting into denominations which thereafter focus on each other rather than on God, and then fighting with each other, no one learning God Himself, at all.

    This, in essence, is what's wrong with Calvinism: it, like Catholicism, remains stuck in the past, never advancing theologically. Like Catholicism, Calvinism gets many doctrines backwards, as the displayed verses in the fifth video, demonstrate. Even so, every Calvinist has the right to be wrong, even as every Catholic. We will all be judged for how we learned the Word at the Bema. So Calvinists will be judged for not taking advantage of technology, to CLEAN UP the errors from the past. It's fine that past errors were made. It's not fine to claim them right in the name of 'tradition'. A tradition of error deserves only to be tossed out with yesterday's news, the kerosene lamp which always caught fire, and grandpa's moldy socks...

    The sixth video explains my purpose, and the purpose of this webpage. Subsequent videos explain how to correct what's wrong with TULIP, as also this webseries (links above). Hence both video and webpage focus is on how TULIP can be corrected. So the original webpage content, can be accessed by the links above, and starts with 'Purpose', below.

    I. Purpose

    The root purpose for this webseries is to test my own knowledge of Scripture, so to learn it better. Further, to answer my chatroom friends (and enemies, I guess) who have expressed curiousity about how I see the Bible, and why I see it the way I do, especially since my routine answer to such folks is that I can't reply adequately in a chatroom. (Of course, even here I can't adequately summarize 30 years of daily study in the original languages under my pastor-teacher, so must resort to statements which might sound dogmatic in tone.)

    Folks wonder why TULIP is being used as the format for my reply. Answer: I have a lot of sympathy with Calvinism, but there are things in it which do not fit the Bible. Rather than merely say so, it seemed more constructive to correct the misfitting ideas TULIP espouses. After all, the acronym was born from a hasty formulation in 1610 to put down a faction of Calvinism, so needs refining. Further, the acronym is a handy way to organize one's understanding of Scripture, and it correctly names the essential elements of salvation (though the meanings need to be revised and expanded to fit the Bible). In short, each letter of TULIP is too small in scope, and too man-centered in meaning, but these problems can be corrected.

    You don't have to "buy" TULIP to profit from its structure, therefore. In fact, it's not a good idea to stand pat on ANY formulation of the Bible, whether it contains right understanding, or not. Open-mindedness is essential, for only God and the actual Bible are infallible. We all are groping, learning, and hopefully listening to the Holy Spirit in the state of 1Jn1:9 used.

    Having said all this, it is necessary for me to conclude that Bible Doctrine and Calvinism are distorted by the "TULIP" traditionally espoused. So, this is a proposed rewrite, which attempts to correct: a) TULIP's insufficient emphasis on Sovereignty (a too-small understanding of God and salvation, really), and b) TULIP's misdiagnosis of what's "depraved". As a result, all of TULIP must be reconstructed, a version of which is also proferred here.

    You can't believe what you don't see for yourself, and you can't see for yourself what you don't mull over. So, I leave out a lot of explanation"behind" the things said in this piece. So, I leave out a lot of Bible verses which apply. Therefore, to understand what's written here, you have to mull it over. Also, if you don't want to mull it over, by not saying too much I've wasted less of your time.

    Finally, if what is said here is true, and you want to investigate the matter, I firmly believe God will prove it to you Himself, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, whenever you are in the state of 1Jn1:9 used, versus 1Jn1:8, or v.10. The idea: testimony of more than one witness. God corroborates any truth in the statements/testimony of anyone, for He loves the Truth. God forbid that anyone merely "buy" or "reject" what is said here for any other reason!

    Calvinists and non-Calvinists should, as a result, have a much clearer idea of what "free will" is and is not: a refined understanding is critical, and the "T" here is the crux. More about "T" is in X, and X contains a summary of what is wrong with Traditional TULIP. Comments of particular interest to Calvinists are in blue fontface. Comments of maximum importance overall are in red or dark red fontface. More about the purpose of this site is at the end of VI.

    Your collaboration, comments, and criticisms about this site are truly welcome! Please do e-mail me.

      Also, for awhile you'll see that whole sections of "S" are incomplete or missing: I'm still trying to figure out how to word those subtopics, i.e., since some trinitarian Christians can't navigate the vocabulary of Trinity, viz., the idea of Three Gods of Identical Essence. Even though that's what "Trinity" means, trinitarians mistakenly view the wording as somehow polytheistic or otherwise heretical. So I have to figure out how to reword "Trinity" to allay their unfounded offense. ("Trinity" is a Bible concept, not the invention of some theologian: See 2Cor13:14 in the Greek. "God" is not hydra-headed, but of SAME ESSENCE, kinda like Triplets.."united" ("one") in Their Mutual Love for Each Other.)

      For those of you who deem IV or V too short: if you're curious (or masochistic, heh), you can peruse the epic version of those two sections: click here.

      I've gotten a lot of comments from people on this site. Some have grasped the real meaning of the site -- to turn over, comprehend, enjoy, the structure of our so-great salvation and our Legacy in Christ. On the flip side, I was amazed so many folks considered me a Calvinist simply because I had a site named "TULIPS?". Thirdly, some folks don't understand my words: so, I've tried to reword parts which stumped people. This site's language must be succinct, though: that way you can turn it over better in your brain, under the Teaching Ministry of the Holy Spirit. It's not about what "I" say, but how God uses anything you read or hear, for YOUR own benefit. So what "I" say should ideally be as succinct as possible (keeping "me" invisible, ideally, since this is a thing between God and the reader, and not about "me" at all). Better still, if you're not under a pastor, go to "VI", check the links there, and ask God to show you your right pastor.

      CAUTION, please: don't use this site as a substitute for studying under your right pastor. This site's purpose, like all my sites, is merely adjunctive. Like fellowship, it's to USE what you've been learning, for recreation and further enjoyment in the Lord. (To spurn God's gift of right pastor incurs Divine Discipline upon the spurner. I am NOT a pastor, but merely a studied believer.)

      Calvinists, of course, generally dislike this site, and not one of them has really read it (I've quizzed them). So, they don't realize its subpurpose is to help them see the problems folks (and the Bible!) have with today's Calvinistic dogma, rather than to bash Calvinism. Calvinists routinely block out definitions which don't fit their dogma, even the Bible's (viz., "all"). I can't help such Calvinists realize that 1610 TULIP's babyish, unintentionally-heretical definitions need to 'grow up', by writing more than what is here. God enables, anyway, not me: so I can only witness that I have an empathy for Calvinists, hence this site. What God does with it for them, is His Sovereign Affair.

    Again, any truth in here obviously means the Holy Spirit banged it through to my pea brain, and out onto the page, or I'd not have the courage to write it at all. Any falsehood obviously means I'm an idiot and the Holy Spirit will later bang the truth through to my pea brain in a moment where I won't die from the shock, since He causes me to remember to keep on using 1 John 1:9 when I sin!

    II. The TULIPS Acronym, Restructured

    • T = Total Depravity (despite free will -- Fall depraved knowledge, not will)
    • U = Unlimited Atonement (by Christ's Work on the Cross, toward GOD, so that God is Propitiated)
    • L = Limited access to Salvation (Christ is Sole Mediator; must believe in Him to be saved)
    • I = Inalienable Grace (God's monopoly)
    • P = Predestination (Provision in Christ; includes Election, unbelievers)
    • S = Sovereignty (God-ness;Sovereignty and free will co-exist by Divine Decree)

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