FAQs re brainout's LordPages

The questions aren't in any particular order at present. I suggest you either read the Summary below, or the longer SurpConc.htm to get an overview of 'Brainout's' theses; that is, if God even wants you to read what's written here. (God can and did use a donkey to communicate, so maybe he'll use this 'donkey', too.)

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Here are the FAQs. Click on a question, to go to its answer.
1. Why are you writing these webpages? Can I quote you?
2. What Christian denomination are you?
2a. Can I have a 'doctrinal statement' from you to save me reading time?
3. Why the Bible?
4. Why are you so critical of Christianity?
5. Why so much emphasis on the Angelic Conflict, on Satan's strategy and tactics?
6. Why so much emphasis on God designing time in 490-year increments? Is that like Bible Codes?
6a. Okay, then how did YOU come up with the BC/AD dates in GeneYrs.xls? Based on what Bible verses? And how did you come up with the 490+70+490?
6b. So do you believe in the Books of Enoch, Jubilees? In the Talmud? For the 490+70+490=1000+50 is also very similar to what the Talmud has long said about the timing of Messiah.
6c. Okay, so then why did YOU get this 'information' about how God Orchestrates Time? Why not a pastor or respectable Bible scholar? Why not the Jews? For basically your information makes them out to be all wrong. What makes you so special?
7. Why are you anti-Muslim?
8. You spend a lot of time lambasting Bible Translations. Isn't that unfair? What right do you have to say it's mistranslated?
9. What Bible translation do you recommend?
10. Why should I read what you write, when I can read what someone respectable says, especially since they disagree with you?
11. You use a lot of Greek terms which are famous in Gnosticism. Are you Gnostic? (lol)
12. Why don't you use your real name? Who are you? Isn't it disrespectful to be anonymous?
13. The Bible is a corrupted book of myths. How can you believe in it?
14. What do you mean by Scripture verses having "multistoried meanings"? Are you an allegoricist?
15. Oh, you're just parroting your pastor or imposing your presuppositions on Bible like everyone else.
16. Oh, there's a lot of new and unproven theology in your webpages. You should stick with what's proven.
17. Oh, what you write here will revolutionize Christianity!
18. Oh, I hear your pastor is a false teacher!
19. Why don't you quote your sources?
20. What are your credentials?

Summary, how these webpages are 'Different'

All webpages and associated videos focus on ACCOUNTING for any doctrine. This is my internal purpose. This is NOT a ministry. I am NOT selling anything, and I don't even agree with myself, much less expect anyone to agree with 'me'. This is not about what I think, or what someone else thinks, because the only thing that matters, is BIBLE. Not, human opinion, sentiment, etc. Can't prove a thing true or false, until you can ACCOUNT for it.

Look: we all read Bible and make claims of it. So: if a claimed doctrine is valid, it can be accounted sans contradiction, and balance. So: I really don't care which doctrine is true, whether that doctrine comes from someone I know, someone I like or dislike, or even if it's my own sense of a passage -- so long as I can prove it in Bible.

So 'my' material is not an apologetic. It's an AUDIT. As a result, many of the doctrines Christendom holds near and dear, don't stand up under audit, and many previously unknown 'doctrines', are shown.

    Frankly, it doesn't matter to me which beliefs are correct, so long as I know what they are. And I never know as much 'today', as I can learn 'tomorrow'. Moreover, what I think true today might be proven UNtrue tomorrow. Okay, then tomorrow I'll know better. So it's no threat, to have a belief change or be unseated. It's called LEARNING, and that's always a joy.

    Bible has proven itself to be from God: more on why, is in #3 of the FAQs, below. Do I know that Bible as well as I should? No. So ever learning, to ever understand it better, is the quest.

    Sadly, the Bible seems suspect, because Fuzzball Theology characterizes Churchinanity today. Bible scholarship remains abysmal. There's no real AUDIT of Christian tenets, nor of any other religion, for that matter; you're just expected to accept what the 'experts' tell you. Yeah, and guess what? Many of these 'experts' prove to be liars or incompetent. So they hedge, because they don't really know the answers, and don't want to offend! It's painful to say so. And documented, so that any 'scholar' can privately read. If God wants someone to find these pages, He will cause that, not me.

    Documented: scan the internet.

    • Look for a detailed explanation of what happened on the Cross: you can't find it. Instead, you get little aphorisms, parrottings, "Christ paid for our sins!" --Yeah, and HOW did He do that? Bible tells you. But the pulpits, do not. Look for a detailed explanation of WHEN Christ came -- you get fuzzball estimates instead, because these estimates don't use Bible, but extra-Biblical dating mechanisms. So of course there is hedging. Don't use Bible, means don't know its answers! And why don't they use the Bible? Because they are not considered 'scholarly' unless they keep arguing with -- each other! That sickening trend began with the rabbis, and then the bilious, motley crew mis-dubbed 'the Church Fathers'. So today's smart scholar, hedges. So he fits in with his peers.

    • Look for a detailed explanation of what constitutes the spiritual life once you're saved: you can't find it. Instead you get lots of haranguing about sin, lots of good-deedism, lots of syrupy "come fellowship with us" exhortations, and Bible teaching? Hardly any. So don't use Bible, means don't know its answers about the spiritual life!

    • But then, less than 1% of all the Christian websites I could find on the internet, properly state the Gospel, including sites which claim one is saved BY FAITH ALONE in Christ. Even among those sites -- including those of famous pastors and evangelists who should know better -- 99% of them ADD some OTHER verb like "repent of your sins" as a condition for salvation! Pathetically bad Bible scholarship! I mean, these people know Genesis 15:6 and John 3:16, they know that "believe" is the only verb God uses to save you, they quote many Bible verses attesting to the fact -- yet when in the website section's climactic "what do I do to be saved?" (variantly worded) -- they give you a little four or six-step program which adds conditions before or after "believe"! Or, they add extra things you must believe, like Trinity, the Resurrection, etc. Tell me: how can you understand any of that spiritual information while you are still an unbeliever aka spiritually-dead! Bad Scholarship!

    • Or how about this gem: almost every Christian source claims God initially made the universe in six literal days, and that the universe is 6000 years old. Bible doesn't say that. The early Catholic church said that (via Bishop Ussher), taking some (but not all) of Kabbalism, to draw that conclusion. Kabbalism, rather than Bible. So almost no one's bothered to teach what BIBLE says in Genesis in the Hebrew and Greek for nearly 2000 years. Oh, the Six-Day Creation Lie is 'respectable', now!

    • So too the KJV-only nonsense, spawned during the post-Civil War weirdfest in America, right alongside Joseph Smith and Ellen White. Yeah, all those popular people and their visions, claims: none of which, are Biblical. How many KJV-only people would be shocked to learn that their misplaced claim of KJV's inspiration, comes originally from the SDA? For most KJV-only people believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture; but the SDA, do not. See? No Homework In Bible Means No Homework On Anything Else!

    Thus the Bible is disrespected, in favor of respecting mere people. Therefore the 'respectable' standard wins over proper hermeneutics, teaching. Daily. Centuries-old mistranslations in Bibles endure, because pastors and 'scholars' are afraid to correct them. Centuries-old false doctrines endure, because someone 'respectable' in the past, espoused those falsehoods. So we ape the Pharisees of the Lord's day. And, for the same reasons. God's Own Word doesn't matter anymore: only the 'respectability' of the 'scholar' is held to be determinative. God help you if you dissent!

    This was and remains precisely the problem Israel had. And we Christians are just like her.

    Now, one shouldn't become iconoclastic and hate teachers, scholars, etc. If you knew what they had to put up with just to get through a single day, you'd want to worship them, instead. That's the problem. Neither worship nor warring, is warranted. Instead, they need to be freed from their political chains by us laymen. The "publish or perish" standard, the idolizing of degrees, of past teachers, needs toning down. Past teachers and scholars made mistakes. We'd have made more mistakes, had we been them. So it's no shame to admit the past mistakes, correct them and move on: that's what you're taught at West Point. We need to admit that for our Bible people, too.

Thus auditing is vital and must be pan-Bible, before you can provably 'balance' meaning. You read just a verse usually in translation, and of course some idea of its meaning, strikes you. But if it's mistranslated, the meaning you THINK you see, is not there. Even if properly translated, you still might take it out of context. Even if in context, what about the fit of that context with all OTHER contexts, before you can safely say the interpretation is valid? It's like balancing a portfolio of assets. Painstaking work, but if you don't do it ALL, then you get -- fuzzball theology. Or worse, LIES masquerading as truth. With fatal results.

    It's vital to account for what someone else gets wrong. First, you better test whether you yourself get something wrong: it's not about fingerpointing, but about auditing. For when you see someone else get something wrong, the natural question should be, "what errors might I be making -- too?" So it's NEVER about blaming the one who got it wrong. It's ONLY about auditing.

    Second, you find vital added information as you do this auditing. I've learned vast amounts of Bible doctrine I didn't know, simply by tracking how someone else's interpretation went wrong. For when you balance a checkbook, two errors might cancel out other checks and deposits -- thus by auditing EVERYTHING, you can detect what otherwise would be hidden.

    Bible Doctrine accounting works the same way. So always account for how someone gets a thing wrong, as well as how it is right: you get a goldmine of Bible data, when you do this.

Here's a Bible auditing example. In Aramaic, "Gehenna" was the name for a noxious trash dump which all Jerusalem used. The word is Aramaic, not Greek, but is transliterated IN Greek, in the New Testament. If you are a bad scholar, you'll just ASSume that the name only means the trash dump, and ignore the metaphor it represents pan-Bible: that metaphor is a literal, everlasting hell which is also known as "the Lake of Fire", moniker for the new universe all unbelievers go into, when eternity future begins. So: if you don't audit the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to get all the context surrounding the use of "Gehenna" in the Gospels, you'll misread it and misinterpret an extremely important doctrine. With fatal results (i.e., believing there is no such thing as hell). God executes believers for misrepresenting His Word, 1John 5:16, Acts 5. You get time to correct it, since of course we are all wrong on something. But you had better keep auditing, or you will find yourself in deep doo-doo. And then, embarrassed at the Bema, though forever saved and mighty glad to be there.

Longer example. In Luke 2:1-2, reference is made to "Quirinius". If you are a bad scholar, you'll restrict your research to what 'proves' your point, just as a bad lawyer will do in a courtroom. So you'll IGNORE the Bible and isagogical facts that:

  • The term translated "governor" in Luke 2:2 doesn't necessarily mean "governor", but rather "imperial legate", and it's used about 90+ times in the BIBLE: Gen. 36:15ff, 21, 29f, 40ff; Exod. 15:15; 1 Chr. 1:51ff; Ps. 54:14; 67:28; Job 42:17; Jer. 28:23, 57; 45:17; 46:3; 47:7, 13; 48:11, 13, 16; 49:1, 8; 50:4f; Ezek. 23:23; Matt. 2:6; 10:18; 27:2, 11, 14f, 21, 27; 28:14; Mk. 13:9; Lk. 20:20; 21:12; Acts 23:24, 26, 33; 24:1, 10; 26:30; 1 Pet. 2:14.

  • The two times the exact word in Luke 2:2 is used in the NT, Luke 2:2 and 3:1, are Luke's use of the term -- same word for two very different offices, one said for Quirinius, and another for Pilat. So to know what it means you have to do the search on the root, which dates back to Homer, and as shown above has over 90 references in the Bible to examine.

  • Quirinius was one of Augustus' closest and most-trusted friends, who the latter often dispatched as an imperial legate/emissary to "the provinces", one of which was Syria. Which means, he could be there on Imperial business at ANY TIME. So a bad scholar will pick a time which suits his purpose, and ignore the role and longevity of Quirinius' other functions on behalf of Augustus.

  • Herod had legated Judaea to Augustus, who was also a close friend. Technically, Herod did this in his usual crafty manner: his will was to be PROBATED by Augustus. Under Roman law, if the probate failed, Augustus inherited the province. This accomplished three political goals: 1) it kept the rest of the warring Herodian family in line, and 2) it kept Augustus from just taking the place over. Gave him a legal 'out' for doing it, but also that legal 'out' was a kind of political shackle, for Augustus would have to show due cause. So 3) this kept Jerusalem in line, saving lives. Herod thus preserved his legacy. God thus preserved Jerusalem. See: God uses anyone. Outfoxes them all. So what would Augustus do? Send an Imperial Legate, his friend Quirinius, who was already in the area, near or with, Gaius.

    For Augustus and Herod, were close. So close, Augustus used to visit Herod about every five years, and at great personal expense, Herod created the town of Caesarea expressly for Augustus; the area was known for its Games, one of the best places for the Games outside Rome itself. So if Quirinius was despatched on business related to Augustus and Judaea, he'd go to Herod.

  • Herod remitted taxes to Rome, using his own civil administration. The Romans didn't handle it. At times Herod would remit the taxes from his own pocket, in order to garner more favor with the Jews who hated him. But in all events there was no Roman 'tax collector' presence.

  • But in 4BC, Herod was dying. So Augustus being the heir of Herod's territory, would need Roman involvement at that point. Judaea was part of the province of "Syria", so plenipotentiary powers to handle the census -- since the Roman system under Augustan Tax Reform, somewhat like the Jewish one, required a 'head' tax -- would have to be granted. This is what Luke is talking about, in Luke 2:1-2.
  • Christ was born on Chanukah 4BC, a national holiday, predicted ever since Haggai 2 (25 Chislev would become Chanukah) and Psalm 90. For more on Chanukah, see PassPlot.htm; for more on Psalm 90, see FAQ's #6-6a, below. As you'll see in PassPlot.htm, Luke deftly reminds you of this long-famous Birthdate by using TWO definite articles in Luke 1:26. That means the official calendar's sixth month, was also Elizabeth's six month of pregnancy; you know that, because in Chronicles and Kings, the official designations for months in the LXX, employ doubled articles. So in Luke 1:26, the official sixth month is Adar. And you know it's Adar, given when Zacharias had his priestly course. So you are deftly reminded of His Chanukah birthday, since Chislev falls nine months after Adar, and falls six months after John the Baptist, will be born AT PENTECOST. That's why Luke words the Birthdate as he does: for Pentecost is opposite Chanukah, on Israel's calendar: harvesting the Gentiles, and then Messiah Comes! TWICE! That was THE prophecy for Israel, ever since Moses was given the Law, and his Hebrew meter in Psalm 90, reminded Israel of it.

      So Christ was born about three months before Herod died. At the time Luke wrote, that fact would be common knowledge, so Luke wouldn't have to reference the date: he's using the census to show prophecy was fulfilled, and everyone knew what that prophecy was, from Matthew's account. Luke is playing off Matthew to add more information in writing. That's what a new Bible book is supposed to do, THREAD prior Divine Writ into itself, to establish itself as coming from God. You then audit what it says, compared to prior proven Writ. So you don't need Councils of Nicaea, etc. You need 1John1:9 and thus get the Holy Spirit's Brains, as you read. Of course, if you refuse to be under a pastor also, then you'll learn little. Again, the scholarship is bad, but God is the God of authority. So He works WITHIN authority, to correct it. So it was HIS work on the people AT Nicaea, to alert them to what was His Word. HIS work. Not, theirs.

      So notice the centuries of bad scholarship, just blithely passing over the doubled articles in Luke 1:26, and BLAME THE BIBLE for not telling us when Christ was born? Oh, it's "inscrutable"? Or, "the Bible doesn't say"? Or, "tradition says", as if the Bible did not? How Disgusting! Blaming the Bible for our lack of homework?! If you read commentaries disputing a winter birthdate for Christ, please take Pepto-Bismol beforehand. Sloppy stuff!

      Do you know, many a Bible scholar or pastor in history has 'lost his faith', or even committed suicide, because he caves into bad scholarship? For these people became so trusting of the wrong answers pandered for centuries, they couldn't even read the Bible properly anymore. Today, you'll hear them sing the same lament as in centuries past. In every case, it's because No Proper Homework Was Done In Bible. The 'respected' hedging, false, pusillanimous views won over the plain Bible text.

      Time to get rid of the fuzzballs, huh. So 'my' webpages focus on what the BIBLE says: Bible, not the scholars. The only one Who's Right, is God. For scholars tend to become enmeshed with each other; Bible becomes a casualty in their debates. Ergo all the dissension over when Christ came, the Exodus, whether Bible is "inspired", and other inter-denominational quarrels. For Bible isn't consulted for Its Own Answers, but rather people consult other people: scholars, pastors, 'respected' people of yesteryear. Blind leading blind results, and of course it's entirely unintended. And often, fatal.

    Now, you should be able to find proof of those points above without too much trouble even on the internet. Look up "Augustan tax reform", "Quirinius", "Herod the Great", "Augustus", "SPQR taxation", etc. ISBE Encyclopedia and even the History Channel have articles on this topic.

    Thus a bad scholar will leave out the information which disputes his position (like the Skeptics Bible people do), in order to make Bible look bad. It's all over the internet, bad scholarship. Don't be a bad scholar, but instead AUDIT both sides, and carefully. For you alone are responsible for what beliefs you 'buy', and you have the God-given right to change your mind.

Hence webpage (and video) content differs from the internet norm, mostly in the following categories:

  • GOSPEL: few Christians state the Gospel correctly. The correct Gospel is Believe Christ Paid For Your Sins And You Are Forever Saved. NO OTHER VERBS. Don't 'add' verbs like be baptised, say you believe aloud, repent of sins, invite Christ into your heart or life, 'accept' Christ or 'make Christ Lord'. Those other verbs are all lies, and you can prove that from Bible: if you add anything to "believe" you are NOT saved, because the added verbs mean belief is NOT enough, for YOU must 'add' something to be saved. Total blasphemy. My pastor harangued on this fact for over 50 years, every Sunday (we had Bible classes every day, but lukewarm Christians only go on Sunday). To see why, investigate the blue boxes and videos on the Home Page; there you'll see this Gospel fully explained, including the tough questions.
  • INFINITY-FINITY DICHOTOMY: the problem isn't sin, but our being finite. Sin complicates that problem. Yet no one else in Christendom seems to recognize that the first issue is for INFINITE THINKING to get into our FINITE heads, which is why CHRIST is decreed to be created. All else comes from that. All my webpages focus on this theme, but especially the "God Elects Sons" video on the Home Page, and then the entire Thinking Series, starting with Part I.

  • ANGELIC CONFLICT: the angels were the first "sons" God created, and they had the same problem we do: how to bridge the Infinity-finity gap in their own thinking. They are much higher than we are now, but the problem was the same. 1/3 of them rebelled against the hardship this gap creates, hence man was created to demonstrate that the rebellion, is wrong. The Thinking Series covers this Conflict in detail, and spans the entire Bible, starting with where we are now, then going back in time to eternity past, and moving chronologically forward to eternity future. A quick way to see this in a novel format, is in Chapters 1-3 of PDR.doc, for the original Thinking Series spans over 1200 printed pages and will take you months to read and vet. A brief video outlining the main issue of "sons" is here.

  • CREATIONISM: Genesis 1:2ff is about the RESTORATION of the earth, not its initial creation, owing to that Angelic Conflict. So if you mistake Genesis 1:2 and following as the initial creation of the earth, you'll not only blaspheme God who says He did NOT create it that way (Gen 1:2, Isaiah 45:7-19), but you'll not understand the context of your TRUE Witness, before God and angels in the Unseen Trial (theme of Book of Hebrews, esp. Hebrews Chaps 1-2, 11). I did many videos on how you can prove, live in Bible's Hebrew and Greek, that Genesis 1 is NOT about the initial creation of the earth. Look up "Genesis of the Dingbats" in Youtube or bliptv. The entire playlist is in SatStrat2.htm. View fullscreen, so you can see the live BibleWorks' display of the Hebrew, Greek, lexicons and well over 100 verses which apply.

  • HOW GOD CREATES YOU, AT BIRTH, NEVER BEFORE. Prolife is one of the worst blasphemies in Christian history. To see how and why, look at Caveat4.htm, which is a series of webpages and videos on how you can prove No Soul Life Is Ever In Any Womb. Salvation would be impossible if life began at conception; moreover, God would be a sadist. As you can prove from Bible, the entire prolife thingy is satanic to the core. So the only reason why the prolife movement is popular, is that Christians won't read their Bibles. It's really embarrassing. Satan loves the prolifers. Click here for SatStrat2.htm's video series on why "prolife" is blasphemous. Series is not yet finished, because there are over 500 verses to demonstrate, on how "prolife' is a horrific blasphemy against God's Word. Again, you'll need to watch the videos fullscreen to best see the Hebrew and Greek text, once those videos are posted. There will be many of them, by the time the series ends.

  • WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN AND DIED, predicted to the very day in the OT. It's embarrassing how we Christians don't do our homework. So read PassPlot.htm to see how easy it is to prove Bible's prediction of His Chanukah 4 BC Birth and April 3, 30 AD Death to the very day, in the Old Testament. Why Christendom doesn't know these two most important dates for Our Own Savior, never stops amazing me. And we don't know, because We Don't Care What The Bible Says. By the time you finish absorbing and vetting that webpage -- which is chock-full of Bible verses -- you'll be embarrassed for Christendom, too.

      Another video series is in Isa53trans.htm. This one shows that even Isaiah knew and foretold, the exact year Messiah would be born, embedding the chronology in his Hebrew meter. For he 'answers' the same meter in Moses' Psalm 90; in Judaism even today, that's the foundational Psalm on God's Construct for Time. Jews misread the Psalm, but God preserved the words and hence the meter, so you can see how Isaiah 53 plays off Moses. The above Isa53trans.htm videos -- three playlists of them, see also Mirroring.htm for ALL related videos -- demonstrate this live from the unaltered BHS Hebrew text. Very easy to see and count the syllables, which are parsed onscreen so you can AUDIT the video claims, yourself.

      For Bible's Hebrew Meter was used as a memory aid, NOT 'Bible codes'. (LOL nothing in Bible is ever hidden, just forever misread.) That way when you remembered Isaiah 53, you'd automatically remember the timeline as well (in Hebrew you test verse memory and accuracy by use of meter). So it's a prosaic, handy way of seeing that the Birth and Death of Messiah was long forecast. His Death Day was enshrined in the Passover, as you probably know: Passover was an update on Abel's memorial sacrifice depicting Savior To Come. However, the year of His BIRTH was not known until David died. Like Moses, Isaiah made a chronology of and memorialized His Death in Isaiah 53. Then, about 191 years after Isaiah wrote, His Exact Birthday was told to Zerubbabel via Haggai 2. That date, 24-25 Chislev, which initially was the 2nd Temple's foundation-laying day (cute) -- would become known as Chanukah, owing to the yet-future desecration of the Temple, by the prototype of Anti-Christ, Antiochus IV 'Epiphanes'.

  • HOW CHRIST PAID FOR SINS ON THE CROSS. You can't find anyone on the internet actually tell you HOW Christ paid for sins. He did it by means of His THINKING while on the Cross. The Isaiah 53 videos and webpages (look at Isa53trans.htm) and the DDNA webseries, go through all that. You can't understand the spiritual life, if you don't understand how Christ paid for our sins. Our spiritual life and its mechanics, is an outgrowth of the Cross Mechanics.

  • MECHANICS OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE: it's a ROYAL THINKING thing, learning and living on Bible, getting His Head into your head. Videos on the Home page, and Part III of the Thinking series will walk you through that. The latter is very long, so suggest you view the videos first. There are 20+ videos linked at the top of Part III of the Thinking series, which walk you through the stages of spiritual maturation, but these stages are all condensed into six charts, SMP.doc . The videos basically explain the charts. You can also search on "brainout" plus "Spiritual Maturation Process" in Youtube, Google or bliptv, to access them.

      Note well: Christ was age 30 before He even BEGAN to have a ministry. So look at our Christian lying incompetence: the minute you are saved, you're told to run around spouting a Gospel you don't even understand. That's like giving an infant a Mauser, and telling him to shoot. So we Kill The Word by our ignorance. Christ was Perfect and it still took Him, 30 years to TRAIN! Do we realize that? Oh no. Do we notice how Christ was PUT into situations? He WAITED for God to thrust Him into the situation with the Samaritan woman, the demons were brought TO Him; He didn't go crusading, but just walked around, waiting for situations to come TO Him. Do we wait on the Lord? Oh no. We play Madison Avenue gimmicks, advertise ourselves. It's disgusting, how we do the opposite of what Bible says!

      So no wonder, then, we Christians are ridiculed. We blaspheme God with our good deeds, our ignorant lies against a Bible we can't read, for we don't know we need to use 1John1:9 like breathing and TRAIN Like Christ Did, before we even open up our mouths. Guns kill. Guns save lives. Better know how to shoot and what to shoot, before you shoot anything.. like your mouth. Lest you kill the very thing you were trying to save!

      Satan's not stupid. He mingles lies with truth so to sell the lie. If the truth is mingled, you won't know its context. Like, good deeds. Good deeds are used by every religion, to sell the religion. So people see the good deeds, and consider the good-deeder, must be representing God. Not so. Ego is the motive of the good-deeder, fancying he can do something for God. That's what 'jihad' means. A real God needs no 'jihad', but ego makes God small, to make the human big, and so of course even murder and suicide then are deemed good deeds. All good deeds, murder -- unless you are thinking PROPERLY at the time you do them. Well, you can't be thinking properly until and unless you first LEARN Scripture. But no one does. So we Christians are just as disgusting as all Muslims, all unbelievers, all name-your-most-hated-group-here. For we hate the Word, and instead shoot our Mausers blindly.

      So we misrepresent what God says. So we sell, what Satan says. And the demons all laugh their heads off, watching our disgusting 'Christian' TV programs with the whirling globes -- because we are OBEYING Satan's 3rd temptation to Christ, falling for the kingdoms of the world, preening over 'ALL THE WORLD', screaming how we are doing great things for God, and always ending with 'praise the Lord' because His name ought to be slapped on, at the end. End, not beginning. So we end our lives, blaspheming Him, and when He then punishes us with sickness, adversity and death, we wonder why. Or miscount ourselves holy martyrs, just like the Muslims do.

      But Christ, BECAME the Truth. By means of learning the Truth, Matt4:4. So He waited, listened, learned. Therefore, could hear and know what God wanted, each second, in each situation, BEFORE responding. Can you do that? Can I? Do you do that? Do I? If we are honest, we must say 'no'. We don't know the Word well enough, to hear God through it, most of the time. So the good deed, is God's Deed, which only He can perform: John 14:26, recalling to our minds the relevant Scripture for each situation. After it's been Audited. Not, fly-by-your-ego-emotion-idea-of-Bible, slapping God's name on your deed, at the end.

      For Royal Training takes years, before you can rule. Royalty means learning to rule the self, before you are qualified to rule or rule on, anyone or anything else. We blaspheme Christ, therefore, when we call our working working working, spiritual. Just like the Jews and Muslims do.

      For your life is but a becoming, a seed, 1Cor15. A pregnancy, Romans 8. Your real life and real deeds, come AFTER the seed dies. Seed of THE Seed, is your God-given agenda down here, contract of Isaiah 53:10, theme of James 1 and 2. Once you are born again, the Word gets implanted in you, James 1:21. Then grows in you, and only then do you become MATURE. Seeds don't bear fruit. Must first be birthed as a seed, then become a branch of the Tree. That takes a lifetime, theme of James 2:26, 2Tim4:7-8. 'Faith' is DOCTRINE IN YOUR HEAD YOU BELIEVE. Not, the act of your believing. God's Deed, His putting the Doctrine in your head. Not, your huffing and puffing and how-proud-i-am-of-my-faith garbage.

      For you got Saved To Heaven when you first believed in Christ for your salvation. But your soul is still all trashed up with Satan's good-deedism. So it needs to be rescued, aka 'saved', from that bad thinking.

      Whole Bible is centered on that topic. So what you do down here, is a product of what you LEARN down here, so you must get stuff to do from God DIRECTING you; and you can't get HIs Direction, until you know His Book. That takes years of training. Just as Christ did. And the world is blessed for you merely learning Christ: main theme of all my webpages and videos, is to demonstrate that 'blessing by association', as my pastor termed it. (That theme is the impetus for all websites and videos, auditing how and why God set it up that way, rather than Satan's do-goodism of Matthew 4.)

      Think about it: when you do a good deed, do you know IN ADVANCE why you are supposed to do it? Do you know IN ADVANCE what its effects will be? Do you know what you're SELLING with the good deed you do? You better know, or you better not, do that deed. For Satan sells his agenda via good deeds, reflected everywhere: advertising, politics, romance -- all over the place it's a tit-for-tat, negotiation of "I do for you, you do for me, and we call that good so we can be proud." God doesn't do that stuff. But we do, and slap His Name on it.

      So better to do nothing, just learn, than have your efforts and good deeds sell Satan. So how can you know all this in advance? You gotta train. For years, learning Bible. Period. Then, as you are ready, count on it -- God will put in your path, something to do. In my case, with these webpages, it was a janitor named Jesus who gave me a Windows computer someone threw in the trash, at the very moment I silently determined no woman should write webpages, so I must have been disobeying God. (I was then using webtv since I hate Windows.) So I got my marching orders, and God saved me $1,000 per month in phone bills, to boot (webtv required composition online, and at that time it was expensive in my area). Even so, it's not a ministry, no woman is the head of anything -- but anyone can audit. That's all I do. In secular life, and here in Bible. Each believer has that responsibility. To God, the Head of us all.

      See? You wait for Him to thrust you into situations; meanwhile, soldier, you TRAIN in His Thinking. Christ was THRUST on the Cross. Get the parallel?

      You were thrust into this world. You didn't birth, yourself. You were thrust into the Angelic Trial. You are on trial every day, for the Doctrine in you. To Angels. The result of your use of Doctrine, is a ruled thing. So God rules to bless or curse the world, due to what you are learning or not learning, Hebrews 11 theme. (See Heb111.htm for details.) THAT is what does good or bad for the world, not what you do with your body, itself. So all of what's bad down here, is OUR FAULT. Not the Jews' fault. Not the Muslims' fault, not the unbelievers' fault. For GOD BLESSES THE WORLD for the sake of the believers on it, theme of the OT, and now those believers, are .. us. Church. Whether Jew or Gentile.

      So what does for God, is God doing for God, putting His Word in us. So on trial, is whether God does the doing.. or we do. In the latter case, Satan 'helps' every time, to fool us into thinking WE do something for God. If you find yourself imagining you do anything for anyone, let alone God -- you're buying into Satan's plan. Not, God's. So you aid Satan's Plan. Not, God's. So you curse the world, for by opting out of God doing it TO you, under Trial rules He must curse, just as Satan bid Him do to Job. But for quite different reasons, see Leviticus 26. Israel is cursed for refusing Christ, same passage. We are grafted in, so 'inherit' the Bride role (not the other covenants), and thus too are cursed when we alike reject Him, theme of Romans 9-11. Yikes.

      So -- and I don't mean to offend -- I'm not doing the webpages and videos for you, for God, for anyone. I'm doing them, to learn Him better. By auditing, having to EXPLAIN, I end up seeing where I know and don't know well enough, God's Word. And now I know that's okay to do, since Jesus the Janitor gave me my first Windows computer, to enable doing it at less expense. So if you get something from this audit, great. God had to make that happen. So I'm not involved, it's between HIM and YOU.

      For we're all on Divine Television. Even in the bathroom. Whoops. Not quite the idea of the spiritual life you hear pandered in pulpits, huh.

  • RAPTURE AND TRIBULATION: you can conclusively prove the Rapture is Pre-Trib, that the Trib is literally 7 years kicked off BY the Rapture, and that the Millennium literally follows it, due to HOW GOD ORCHESTRATES TIME SINCE ADAM'S FALL. There is absolutely nothing like this material on the internet: view all Questions #6 on this webpage, to get a synopsis.

    Or, start with the "How God Orchestrates Time" video in the main audit webpage, Mirroring.htm. You don't need to be a Hebrew/Greek expert to vet this. You only need to go through the many Bible verses which deal with dates or time. Webpage will show you how, and there's an associated Excel spreadsheet which ONLY uses Bible to create dates, GeneYrs.xls. After you get done with it, you'll never mistake the Rapture as being an invention of the 19th century, or mid-Trib, post-Trib, etc. The reason for the confusion is that scholars misdate Daniel 9, the Exodus (see Exodate.htm), etc. For, they don't either believe or understand what Bible says. Big mistake. Questions #6 on this webpage further explain their mistakes.

    So, the true Rapture's LEGAL PRECEDENCE in the First And Last Adam, is altogether missed. Knowing this Precedence radically alters how you read Bible, and suddenly the many Rapture verses in the NT, become clear. So proving it valid, required a good 400 printed pages or so, mostly in the many webpages linked to Part IV of the Thinking series. It's a lot of reading, requires much vetting in Bible. Sorry. On the other hand, this accounting is what would distinguish 'my' webpages from all other material 'out there', because so far, nothing else 'out there' covers this topic. So I keep on searching for errors in the accounting, as I've got nothing else to compare.

    Thus a Eschatological Reconciliation between Preterism and Dispensationalism, results.

    "Dispensation" is solely the period to which a covenant belongs. Book of Hebrews outlines this, explaining why

  • the covenant of Israel is not Church,
  • as the latter derives from a different and pre-Israel kingship of Christ, "kata Melchizedek".

    But the problem was, Christ's Jewish Kingship was also won on the Cross (He was born King, but as King had to die for sins of all mankind) -- with no kingdom. Because, Israel rejected Him when He came. Isaiah forecasted this whole show in his Hebrew meter (see my topic on Isaiah 53's meter to get the links).

    So now, Time-wise, we are stuck in the bubble of Daniel 9:26c, so it's a dual 'tribulation, aka "Times of the Gentiles" in Luke 21': that's where preterism gets its punch.

  • See, Israel was supposed to have accepted Him, but didn't,
  • so time for Israel ran out.
  • But Christ inserted 'Church' in Matt16:18, to BRIDGE back to the timeline for Israel.
  • Hence the second of the dual Tribulation, namely the official one of the OT, begins after Church.
  • As Hebrews 11:39-40 puts it, "apart from us [being completed], they [the OT covenantal people] will not be completed." Greek verb is teleiow, and it means to finish -- ties back to Daniel 9:24's suntelew (the completion of all things in the Trial, ties again to Eph1:10).

    So the preterists are partly right and the Dispies are partly right. It's just a question of patching their rightnesses together:

  • Yes, pre-Trib Rapture is real, but for legal and Time-accounting reasons which pre-date Church, precedented in Adam's Fall.

  • Yes, Millennium is real, it's also based on Time accounting which dates from Adam's Fall. Basic time accounting unit for the world is 1000+50 (the 50 is represented by Jubilee). Lord had to come when He did to renew time --1000th anniversary of David's United Kingship Start and die by the 1000th anniversary of David's Death.

  • Yes, because the Jews rejected Him an archetypal Tribulation pattern of history, began. Rejecting caused Him to die 7 years ahead of schedule, which schedule already debited 7 years for Temple Destruction if they had accepted Him, because their acceptance would have triggered world war. For the 50 years for harvesting the Gentiles were supposed to precede Daniel 9:27, it's part of the calendar every Jew once knew since David died (forecast in the Jewish calendar under Moses).

    So notice how the preterists have only the first part of the answer. Problem is, they don't know God's rules for Time so they misdefine that hanging seven as belonging to Daniel 9:27, playing it in 64-70AD. Nope, it's a different 7. And it played out during Church, fulfilling Joel 2.

    So notice the duality of a real and future Tribulation, due to the fact that there are TWO sevens to play, and only one of them has played. So this part, the Dispys get right.

    Two covenants, when there should have only been one. Two Kingships, two kingdoms, two covenants, two 'tribulations': ours is the longer and tougher one. Eph4:13 criterion for completion, no time promised, since only Israel was promised time, and prior to Israel time was always contingent on VOTING (ergo the Flood, due to so many negative votes). All this is the theme of Book of Hebrews. Just keep reading it over and over, even in translation, and you should see the duality.

    LordvSatan2.htm's "Covenant Properties" link traces the origin of this duality from the Old Testament Covenant 'properties' forward through what Christ invented, and what He legated to Church; what thus the Trib and Mill people 'inherit' as their covenants. It's a long section, with 30 subpoints. Material should be familiar enough that you can think through the analysis as you read.

    So the problem is, both preterists and Dispys don't recognize a) Bible's Time Accounting System, and therefore b) the DUALITY of 'tribulation'.

  • TRINITY: Christians misdefine God as being "one", when in fact the Greek word usually mistranslated "one", means SAME NATURE. So I spend time on that, especially in the first section of Part II of the Thinking Series, and in TrinityCites.htm. So you get a better sense and more proof, of what Trinity really means. A very helpful conceptual piece on God's Trinity and Nature is DueDisclosure.htm. It traces the Trinity in God through to the effects in creation, for there is a direct set of corollaries. In short, from Gospel to eternal state, everything is an outflow of the Nature of God. Love is the Integrity of God, How He CHOOSES to be, Use Himself, Be Sovereign. So DueDisclosure will walk you through that. Trinity shouldn't be confusing to you, after you finish it.

    Along the way, other conundra in Christianity are handled, accounted, so you can vet what's said. This is not about selling a particular Bible interpretation. It's about auditing. For you can only mature spiritually, if YOU do your homework. So even if you end up disagreeing, you still grow by going through the auditing process. You only take to heaven, your Soul. Fill it with Bible Thinking. :)

    The FAQs

    1. Why are you writing these pages? Can I quote you? I write to test myself, really. To audit what I've come to believe for errors, and then correct those errors as I find them. I'm always finding some error, so I'm always correcting my beliefs. The initial impetus for the webpages was to save keystrokes in chatrooms. That reason still remains helpful. Most people ask big questions but want short answers. There are no short answers, hence the pages are needed.

      As for quoting me, don't do it if you are trying to justify a position in the name of 'brainout', because 'brainout' is a nobody. Do your own homework. Sure, use any material you find here, but the goal of these pages is to stimulate thinking, not slavish quoting of someone. Sadly, Christianity is infected with 'scholars' quoting other 'scholars', few doing de novo research in BIBLE, anymore. It's disgusting that for 2000 years, we've called it 'Good Friday', for example. Bible says it's Good Wednesday, for crying out loud, Matthew 12:40-41 plus Mk. 16:2, 9; Lk. 24:1; Jn. 20:1! So the Church Fathers couldn't even count to three, and the dingdong 'scholars' have been making up really stupid lies, ever since. They should be shot. Can't go from night to day, without passing the FULL NIGHT; can't go from day to night without passing the FULL DAY. So you have to lie to claim that from Friday to Sunday, is three days and three nights! Sheesh. But that doesn't stop Catholic apologists from manufacturing lies about the three's being PARTIAL. Even if you lied like the Catholics do, and claim the threes-count as partial, you don't have THREE NIGHTS by Sunday at dawn. Ooops. Liars always get caught.

      So, the Church Fathers were stupid about the Mosaic Law, because they were anti-semitic and didn't want to accept any instruction from Jews. So they forgot or never knew the difference between a high sabbath, and a regular one, so in their ignorance called it Good Friday. Okay, that's a mistake. No big deal. Just admit it, correct it, and move on. But oh no, Mother Apostate Church can't admit mistakes. So they lie for 2000 years. And people still want to be Catholic? But hey: the Protestants are no better. Liars all, instead of fessing up and correcting, LEARNING GOD FOR A CHANGE, they'd rather fight their petty turf wars.

      So Christ's Death Day is lied about. It was on the day that was SUPPOSED to be Passover, per John 19's Greek. So anyone lying about His Death day, calling themselves Christian, should be shot as a traitor. We humans don't like it when our own important dates are deliberately masked or forgotten, so it's suddenly okay that our Savior's, is lied about? To mask the fact that it was a Jewish holiday that ran four days LATE? So that, as per Exodus 12, He was timely arrested on what should have been the Lamb Set Aside Date? 2000 years of scholarship, and still all our Bible movies about Passion Week, Protestant or Catholic -- MISS THIS FACT? Shameful!

      Please understand: making a mistake is normal, and nothing shameful. COVERING IT UP is shameful. I'm dead sure many scholars know about the crappy scholarship, but are afraid to speak up. That is even more shameful, and will be made public, at the Judgment Seat of Christ, 1Cor3, Rev 4:1. We should be more afraid of seeing Christ, than of admitting past or current error. I know I am.

      So that's another reason why I have to write so much. I have to document where the ideas come from, since you cannot find deep theological research, anymore; and the typical crappy Christian and Jewish scholarship is deemed 'holy', for crying out loud. Would save me time if I could find competence, but since I can't, I have to just do stuff from scratch. So I expect the reader to be skeptical, and do his own homework. So if you find the material true, then you know it for yourself and don't need to quote, anyone. But you can, if you feel you should. It's up to you. Nothing's copyrighted, and I need no credit. This is stuff about God, not humans fighting turf wars.

      So God really should get the credit. How else could you have found 'brainout'? So ask HIM why you did. I have nothing to do with that. My big worry is that I MUST do this stuff publicly in order to rein in my sin nature and do my homework, since the material is public; I'd not work so hard at it, if the material were private. And since public, the punishment is greater; I will be judged by God, for what I say, just like anyone else. That scares me, which is a good thing.

    2. What Christian denomination are you? No denomination. It doesn't matter. The spiritual life is not lived in accordance with some denomination, but rather as a personal and private matter between God and you. Anyone who 'does' all five of the pan-denominational Elements of GodSystem.htm is living the spiritual life. Same elements have been true since Adam. Sure, we'll all be wrong on some doctrines. But you know -- even if I were 100% right (and we know I'm not), if I'm not doing those Elements my spiritual life is worthless garbage, a lie. See 1Cor13:1-3. Spiritual life is to learn and live with God, a vertical thing. Whatever needs correcting in a belief en route, only God can do to you anyway. So it's not about what church you go to, what denomination you are, or even whether you call yourself a Christian.

      About the most arrogant thing a person can do is think himself good or bad due to his religion, ethnicity, nationality, or culture. People who do that are terminally insecure, and the cause of all wars. We are all wrong on something. So splitting ourselves into nationalities, cultures, ethnic types, denominations and faiths is perhaps of value like one distinguishes colors or plant types; thank God we're not all the same, thank God we don't have one world government or culture! On the other hand, we're all human and THAT's the connection we all share. Relationship with God is not religion, so let's stop using religion to bludgeon God's Name.

    2a. Can I have a 'doctrinal statement' from you to save me reading time? If you must. Here it is, and bear in mind I can change my beliefs at any time, with no warning. If the Bible corrects me on something, I'll change! The following tenets I can thoroughly account from Bible, as well as account why any conflicting claims are NOT in Bible.
    • Gospel is Believe Once That Christ Paid For Your Sins And You Are Forever Saved.
    • Post-salvation life requires you use 1John1:9 as needed to be empowered by the Holy Spirit,
    • In order to Learn And Live On Bible,
    • Under whomever God appointed as your own male pastor (it's a personal matchup, ask God to lead you to him).
    • As a result, you'll mature spiritually. You cannot mature by means of ritual, works, behavior. Only by means of the Spirit growing you in Thinking Bible.
    • While you mature, you'll learn that Trinity is valid (but poorly defined in the Westminster confession), that

    • Pre-Trib Rapture is valid and unpredictable (but its precedence dates back to the Angelic Conflict), based on Church's Spiritual Maturation En Masse, not on historical events. Turns out 'my' websites have more on the Rapture criterion, precedence and meaning than anything else I can find on the internet. Why? Because I was bored with the Rapture doctrine, so didn't listen enough to my pastor the first four years I heard him daily vet the doctrine from the Bible's Greek (back during 1981-1985); so God had me spend another four years writing it out (2000-2004)! So that topic kinda sets my websites apart from others on why pre-Trib Rapture is valid. See #6a below for a brief on the accounting. Pity anyone who disbelieves or incorrectly believes in the Rapture. Don't be among them, the Divine Discipline is awesome. (If too prolonged, disbelief or misplaced belief gets punishment akin to that for anti-semitism, because Rapture is due to the promise to REPAY TIME to the Jews, predicted ever since Psalm 90.)

    • You'll learn that Thinking Before Father is the Real Spiritual Life, not what you do with your still-dead-in-Adam body, so
    • your office as Royal Priest -- which lasts forever -- means a Thinking Spiritual Life, 24/7, no matter what you are doing, which is
    • analogous to how Christ paid for sins in His Humanity While Alive on the Cross, by means of His THINKING (bedato yatsdiq clause in Isaiah 53:11).
    • So you learn how to live as Paul explained in Romans 12:1-3, Thinking By Agency Of The Holy Spirit And Doctrine. That's alone the spiritual life, and it's 100% supernatural, 0% natural. (See also John 4:23-24). Not a body life.
    • The Spiritual Life Is Vertical Toward God, Never Mind People. That's the most important tenet in the Bible, aka "the First Commandment". No "people" in it.
    • For as a Royal Priest, you are On Trial. What Bible are you learning, believing? What thoughts is Father hearing? Before angels, you are Individually On Trial. Training, to become yourself a King under the King of Kings, by learning to Think Like Christ Does. Isaiah 53:10-12 tie in here, both BHS and LXX texts. Whole process is exactly analogous to how Christ was On Trial while He was here, Hebrews 11:1 (Greek not English), and Isaiah 53:2, 2Cor10:5. See? It's about God-deeds IN you, not good deeds. Thinking thoughts, not how you look, not what people think of you, not what you do with your mindless corpuscles. The biggest indictment against Christianity is that it configures the spiritual life too low, thus treating God as secondary, in favor of people.
      If you learn nothing else from 'my' sites, learn this:
      That alone is rewardable, for that's how Christ paid for sins.

        2Cor10:5 is the criterion, and Eph4:13 is the maturation goal. Christendom is woefully ignorant of this fact, and will be embarrassed at the Bema. Don't be like them.

        This is the hardest doctrine for me to accept, but the most provable one. We all know it's about becoming "Christlike". Well, what was Christ LIKE? King. Ruler. Ruling Himself to the point of death, but with THINKING. You can't find any good deeds He did, in the Gospels. But you can sure find Satan TEMPTING Him to do good deeds, starting with Matthew 4!

        He fattened up on the Word and thus BECAME something, not did deeds. BECAME, the "WH" in "YHWH". Get it? Became "the Way". Became "the Truth". Became "The Life", then that Life was cut off for our sins, Isa53:8. So all life comes through Him, Isa53:12. It wasn't magic, and it wasn't because He was (and of course still is), God. It wasn't because He was sinless, either. It was because THE SPIRIT GREW HIM. That's why if you don't use 1John1:9 you are committing the worst sin -- refusing the Spirit's Power to GROW you. Hitler will fare better than you do when judgement comes, if you refuse 1John1:9. Guaranteed.

        So the training in Thinking Like Christ is what you are to undergo, and you must be crowned if you grow up. King-sized, for Rapport. Not, to preen. It's scary, it's a killer thought life, and it's the big stumbling block, to have that much responsibility. "As goes the believer, so goes the nation".. and the world. Was true for Israel, more true now, for Church. So obviously you CANNOT do this training in your own power. Ergo the constant need for 1John1:9, learning and living on Bible. Just like He did (sans the 1John1:9, since He never sinned).

    • So of course you want to be moral, but Spirituality Is Way ABOVE Morality, and is something only the Holy Spirit can do IN your soul. For you are the fruit, not what you do, "sons of God in Christ Jesus" +Isaiah 53:10 (etc., you should know the verses).

        Morality, murders. All murders are committed in the name of some moral code, whether revenge, to get back something claimed to be wrongly lost, you-name-it. Morality claims a crusading value to justify whatever it does. So that's why Hitler got away with murdering millions of Jews and other 'untermenschen'. That's why so many religious sects are murderous. We don't even need to look but five seconds in Google, to find political causes of one type or another, justifying murder in God's or some other 'noble' name.

        Satan is the supreme murderer, and that for a moral reason: He thinks God is unfair. And so God seems unfair, as He murdered His Own Son for our sins. The Son AGREED to that, Isaiah 53:10-12. So notice how spirituality is above morality: the former, requires God's Power to enact, and also receives all evil. But is not stupid. Satan would spin self-sacrifice as noble absent REASON, so we stupidly do it, thinking ourselves moral. Aha, so still not doing it for god, but for ego. So then we're not spiritual, but fancy we are.

        Christ died on the Cross to achieve union in His Humanity with Father. It was the only category of knowledge Christ did not have, as He was required to stay sinless. Ergo 2Cor5:21, He was MADE sin -- thus getting the knowledge FROM Father. So it wasn't stupid, what He agreed to do. We were secondary. Father was Primary. John 17, I in you and you in Me. So now He in us so we can be in Him. So the spiritual life is light-years beyond morality, yet outperforms morality, and even seems immoral. That's the paradox, and that's why most people won't believe in Christ or won't stick with the spiritual life, instead bastardizing it into a moral code. Thus, themselves becoming most immoral, for they belittle and thus malign, Father's Plan for Christ.

    • So Church is not Israel, does not replace Israel; two different covenants apply, theme of the Book of Hebrews; so anyone Jewish who believes in Christ during Church is part of Church, not Israel. So many Jews who believe in Messiah don't recognize that the covenant CHANGED, but it did. The fact that they erroneously still live under the Mosaic Law, is a post-salvation learning problem which God will address in their lives. They are not less saved, and they are not under a separate covenant.

      The OT covenant was for children, theme of Galatians (esp. Chapter 3). You did the rituals to ASSOCIATE your body with what metaphors the rituals TAUGHT about God, His Nature, Christ's Nature, to celebrate His then-future Payment. So you weren't deprived by the fact He was yet future, on a specific timeline you learned as a child, so knew when He would come. As that time passed, the Jews became jaded, and became tired. They were supposed to learn MEANING from the motions, but it became tsav, latsav, as Isaiah puts it in Isaiah 28: movement sans meaning, and they prided themselves on the meaninglessness, how GOOD they were for going through the motions. So, when Christ did come, they forgot the meaning. So, when He came, they couldn't understand the meaning of His Coming. So, they rejected Him.

      We Christians, have done the same thing. We pride ourselves on our songs, our works, and have no idea what the Christian life, really is. The Catholics, to compete with the Jews, developed a harried system of rituals, and Christians bought into it; other sects, alike apostate, to compete with the Catholics, came up with their own garbage, and it all came about rapidly, as soon as Canon was completed. Mark's Gospel warned of that, in 68AD when he wrote it, accusing Christians sotto voce with his euthus and engus Rapture-Greek keywords - -- of being no more ready and discerning, than the blind Pharisees, whose story was highlighted in Mark's account as a parallelism. Pharisees and demons, both highlighted, miracles demanding, miracles abounding, Meaning Never Learned. So by 96 AD when Canon completed, no one wanted it anymore. So, it ended. Just as the OT ended, amidst legalistic apostacy, theme of the Book of Malachi, the last OT book.

      So now we wait the Rapture, which of course was trashed along with all other Bible Doctrine, when Canon was completed. And it too, has thus been long in coming, since no one is learning THE BOOK, to be made King-Sized in the soul. Now, since Christ HAS come, there is no timeline, since the goal is Eph4:13, corporate Church maturation -- so no rituals, nothing at all like the OT system, even though the goal is the same -- for Christ forged an UPGRADED spiritual life which is wholly internal, for His Soul to become Truth, King-Sized. Same idea, maturation, as in OT. Far higher level, which no set of rituals can properly depict. His Thinking in Writing, instead, that's the New Testament, which of course is founded upon the Old, part and parcel of the Old, yet beyond it. For Christ had to grow beyond the Mosaic Law, which after all was only designed to TEACH about Christ, never saved anyone, theme of Hebrews 10 and John 6-10.

      So the covenant we get, is not the Mosaic Law, theme of Hebrews 5-10, especially Chapter 7. So the Messianic Jews aren't living the new covenant, but are still saved. So the Christians are TRYING to live the Mosaic Law as well, and are not living the new covenant, either. Because, they are still trying to compete with the Jews, "crucifying the Son afresh" rather than learning Him, taut sarcasm in Hebrews 5:11-6:6. No one is looking at God's Word. So, the Rapture hasn't happened yet. Like Paul in Ephesians 1:3-14's meter, the writer of Hebrews -- writing just after or before Mark's Gospel in 68-69AD -- expected Rapture to happen in 70AD, when the old Jewish timeline including Temple Time on the Land, ended. At that point, the 54-year, too-early maturation time of Abraham, would have been 'repaid' the Gentiles: except, for the Tribulation.

      But Rapture's occurence no longer depends on enough bodies to fill a federated kingdom. Kings under the King of Kings. That's why Paul and James talk of crowns, why 1Cor3, Revelation 1-3 are about rewards and privileges: the elite are few, and not finished. Yet.

      Many have been saved, so there are enough 'ruled' per kingdom. Bear in mind, anyone dying too young to have rejected the Gospel, is saved. So billions of saved people, exist by now. But there are not enough KINGS, to rule them. So those kings, only need to be few. So the Rapture occurs when the last of those kings has been internally developed: which can be in the next five minutes, or five thousand years from now, who knows what the 'perfect' configuration of the heavenly kingdom, needs to be. But God knows. And really, Christ prayed that Father DECIDE the matter, in John 17.

      So, that's why He told the apostles in Acts 1 that no one knows: He prayed that Father DECIDE it. Deity knows everything, but Deity is free. So even though Christ's Deity knows, it's still for Father to DECIDE, and that decision is yet future, and can be changed. So He knows and doesn't 'know', since Father is free to CHANGE His Decision. That He won't change it, does not mean He cannot change it.

      For the Bride, is Father's Gift to Christ. So the Bride, is still getting kitted out, theme of Ephesians 4:12-16. And anyone who believes in Christ is part of the Bride, whether ready or not, when the last trumpet of the Church Age, blows, 1Thess 4:17. By an archangel in Revelation 4:1, not any angel in Revelation after that. So the Trib begins when Church is matured. Period. We aren't supposed to be here: Romans 11, because Israel failed, we exist, so let's not get fat-headed -- see also Deut 6 and 30 -- nor anti-semitic, as the Romans were and still remain, today.

      Israel was fat-headed, so was punished. Because, she was to train in knowledge of God. To learn God, know His Nature, learn and know what He knows. Corporately. That was the purpose of the Mosaic Law. The Mosaic Law taught humiliation, precision, patience, endurance, mostly by doing the small meaningless thing, how to see big God in the little menial stuff. God used a flying oven, not something pretty and fancy, to make contract with Abraham, Genesis 15:17. God used the dead skin on a phallus, "so every time Abraham peed" -- as my pastor was fond of saying -- Abraham would remember the covenant of SONS. Takes a sense of humor, to make the organ of procreation, also the organ of elimination. And frankly, both activities have quite a bit of humiliation one endures to get the payoff, at the end.

      Small stuff. Humiliating stuff. War is humiliating, boring, frustrating, terrorizing. Nothing glorious in any of it. So you learn not to be fat-headed, over all the honor and glory you get which GOD earned, not you. Which other people don't have.

      God has everything. Experiences everything. All at once. So how can you get fellowship with God, if you don't learn to live as God does? And how the blazes can you do that, if you don't learn how God THINKS? When your sorrows hit Christ, He KNEW them 2000 years beforehand. As God, He knew them from eternity past. Plus, everyone else's sorrows. Forever. Okay, so don't you have to learn sorrows? To know what it's like for HIM to know them, Philippians 3:7-14?

      See, it's about LEARNING, not earning. You learn fellowship by the togetherness. In all the high, and all the low. So each moment you live, you suffer something and you get something too good for you. What are you learning from it? What are you learning about God, what is the Holy Spirit teaching you, what practice in what doctrinal skill, are you to receive? These are the test questions, and they are all internal. No bragamonies. Half the time, you won't even know what the heck is going on, so have no answers. But now at least, you know the questions. So ask God. And grow up to the Royal Crown appointed to you unless you reject it, theme of Rev 1-3, 1Cor3, 2Tim4, James 1.

      Mosaic law was a cookie-cutter set of rules, and had the same goal. But now, KINGS are to be developed, so no more cookie-cutter, it's all individual. Learning to RULE. To set the RULES for your future kingdom. This is the process Christ went through, and is His Spiritual Legacy to us. Light-years beyond the Mosaic Law, as Paul explains, in Galatians 3-5. As the writer of Hebrews explained, in Hebrews 5-12. As John explained, in John 14-17. As will actually happen, in Revelation 4, which fulfills the 'great ones' clause of Isaiah 53:12. Learning to be a King, requires learning the Thinking of The King. It hurts, all the time; a kind of cross. And there's nothing else you'll want, once you see Him in it. Fellowship. With Him. Not sadism, not masochism, but the same seeking of oneness as Christ Himself sought with Father, which only the Cross could satisfy.

    • So "dispensation" means the period over which a particular LEARNING covenant applies. Bible has always accounted Time dispensationally, and even modern Judaism can tell you that. Bible divides time into 490-year units, and civilizations, into 2100-year units. That idea survives in Judaism as 2000 years (they forgot how to read Psalm 90). 2000 years from Adam to Abraham, another 2000 (really 2100, remember) from Abraham to Christ, that's what most Jews understand. Dispensationalism is a Bible doctrine, and the Jews still know something of it. They think 'our' 2000 years belongs to Messiah, and that He will come at the end of it, which (in their wrong calendar), they expect about 230 years from now (in 2012, which is the 6118th year since Adam FELL, not since creation).

      People classify dispensations in different ways, but in all of them the idea of a period for a specific POST-salvation contract aka 'covenant' obtains. The operative covenant "now" (Bible keyword for Church Age), is ours, due to Christ's Victory on the Cross; this covenant began at Pentecost 30AD, and will continue until the Rapture. It's a complete UPGRADE versus what Israel had. Upgrade means the old Mosaic Law being fulfilled IN Christ, requires a "new covenant". Again, this is the main topic of the Book of Hebrews. Part II of the Thinking series addresses that legal changeover in huge detail, as it's due to the Angelic Trial.

    Anything beyond these basics will become clear as you read these FAQs or the webpages. So you'll notice that I'm not any denomination, nor is there any prohibition against being IN any set denomination. There are no set rituals, dressings, days, behavioral rules, and no set prohibitions against them, either. Like Paul said, everything is lawful, but not all things are helpful (1Cor6:12, 10:23). Romans 14 says you must determine these for yourself, before God. To your own Master you stand or fall. Everyone else, too.

      How much you mature will depend on how you use the Bible you learn and live on, and when we are all assembled at the Revelation 4:1 Rapture trumpet, we'll be graded. Graded on Bible, not on what teacher we listened to, what ritual we followed, what good deeds we did. Graded with results that last forever. We'll all be happy, and we'll all be UNEQUAL. For, we each had equal opportunity to grow in Christ. So Fear That Day; it can happen in the next five minutes, five thousand years from now, no one knows. NT always thus warns us: Grow up.

    3. Why the Bible? First, because it's obvious God exists, so there must be SOME BOOK which explains Him. All I have to do is look up at the sky, and I know "God" in some definition, lives. This God won't force Himself upon creation, hence you don't see a blimp flying overhead advertising Him. So you can choose to know Him, or not. I choose to know Him, as millions of other humans, because, honey -- if this life down here is all there is, it would be better never to be born. If I had no proof of God's existence via even that very daily sky, then I'd commit suicide. Period. Mankind is too puny, to warrant even breathing.

      So: of all the alleged holy books out there, only the Bible explains how God gets paid for sin. GOD being paid, not humans being punished or rewarded. God should be paid, or there's no justice, hence no God. Since the universe CLEARLY did not get here on its own, and since the biggest "set" has to be Infinite Stasis and PERSONAL (else there would be no persons), God must exist. Don't need a Bible to see that. Do need something, to explain how this Biggest PERSON gets paid for sin. Bible alone does that, in its 66 books (not 72, no apochryphal book passes the Divine Inspirer test). Find me some other book which shows how God gets paid for sin (and please don't insult intelligence by saying He doesn't need to be paid, justice is due anyone, however Great). Then I might consider some other book.

    4. Why are you so critical of Christianity? Because Christianity isn't looking at Bible, but at 'respectable' people, to claim what Bible says. That has always been the problem: parroting what some 'respectable' person said, rather than looking in BIBLE to see what IT says. It's really embarrassing, how we prefer something or someone BETWEEN Bible and ourselves. Now, I didn't know all that, initially; these pages were intended to merely audit what Bible says versus what is 'out there'. So I didn't intend these webpages to have so much criticism in them, but there is so much false doctrine out there, and particularly, inattention to what the Bible says in the original-language texts, I have to say what's wrong, to account for it. After all, if "x" has been taught for centuries and it's wrong, one should say how it became wrong, or at least why it's wrong, so a reader can account for that. Hearsay is of no value. Accounting is of value, even if you don't agree with the answer. Really, the criticism is just to alert. It's amazing that with all the candle wax, uncials or fraktur type, impossible-to-read vowel points and other difficulties scholars have faced -- it's a miracle, that they got so much right. Had we been in their place, we'd probably have screwed up more than they did.

      The big gripe isn't the errors. It's that the errors are covered up, even repeated, and now there's no excuse for that. We've had computer technology for over 50 years. We've had very good and complete original-language texts for about 150 years. So why the teaching emphasis on translations, still? If you want to know God, don't you want to know the real words He empowered the Bible writers to write? Do you know, for millennia people couldn't get what you can get for free even on the internet? God the Holy Spirit enables you to understand these the real tongues He used: just use 1Jn1:9 and study under a pastor who exegetes verse by verse. It's not your IQ, but His you get when you use 1Jn1:9 (filling the Temple in OT, filling your body with perspicacity in the NT). You don't roll in the aisle spouting gibberish and pretending it's holy. You Learn The Book in those 'tongues', now. That's the real gift you get by filling. So it's not elitist.

      So why are the newer Bible translations in English still as bad as the old ones, if not worse? Why do foreign-language translations copy the English mistakes, rather than true de novo re-translation from the original-language texts? No excuse for that. No excuse for the same ol' lies being passed on by alleged scholars and pastors when the truth is now so easy. I swear, if I hear one more History Channel 'documentary' blasphemously state that Peter is the head of the Church, I'll break my TV, then use 1Jn1:9 and be punished by God for my anger (cuz I know better than to get mad, lol). (Petra is CHRIST in the LXX of the OT, and in the NT, with "petros" being a CHIP, everyone sane knows that now, so why isn't Matt16:18 corrected, aaarrrggghhh. See my "Rock is Christ" and "Petros Lie" videos in PopeMyth.htm.)

      I had no idea how blessed I was to get a pastor who taught only from the original-language texts. Like every other Christian, for decades I just learned and learned, not realizing that most of Christendom for centuries didn't get what I got to learn. I took it for granted. I also didn't realize how incompetent current Christian scholarship has been, though my pastor warned us of it frequently. How hard is it to read John 3:16 or 1Jn1:9 in translation? They're not wrong, so why is it no one realizes it's BELIEVE ONLY to be permanently saved? Why is it no one knows you cannot be filled with the Spirit while in a state of sin? Is not 1Jn1:6-10 clear enough, even in translation? I guess not!

      So it's been a real eye-opener, to see how incompetent Christians have been, at teaching and understanding. Worse, a lot of them are sheer liars, using their personality or degrees to rope people. Always there will be a money reason. Catering to those who have money, or trying to get yours. It's positively disgusting, and the lies are easily proven within five minutes of Bible study.

      But no one consults the Bible. Oh no. The Bible's own plain text isn't good enough -- gotta have some 'expert' bless it with a meaning. Never mind, only the Holy Spirit is the Expert and the human 'experts' don't consult Him. That's why we can't count to three. That's why respectable scholars using their credentials, get away with ignoring the "nights" term in both Matt12:40 and Jonah 1:17, blithely saying that oh the three days are partial. Oh yeah? How are you going to get to the third day, until two nights have fully passed? And until that third day has fully passed, how you gonna get to the third night? Of course, if you did the count properly, you begin Nights First, and then you get the Truth as God told it to you: Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night -- thus now ThursDAY and FriDAY have passed, so now SaturDAY can occur. Thus ends the three days, and on that Saturday AFTER sundown, begins the Jewish first day of the week. So aha! Now all those "on the third day" verses are CONSISTENT with Matt12:40, since after all it's JEWISH Time you're measuring! For when you measure as the Bible tells you, then the third day occurs AFTER the third night, and now it all makes sense! End dispute! But the 'experts' don't care about Bible; they care about human approbation. So they sell their souls to chop down the Word the Word gave us -- so not to offend any of their fellow apostate humans. Humans have money, see. God's currency doesn't count down here.

      Or how about this gem: to excuse the refusal to truly translate Bible from the original-language texts, the extant translations are looked at for their alleged 'expertise' -- and then of course slavishly obeyed. Yet called a "new and fresh translation" from the "Autograph"? Liars! So you just shelled out another $50 for yet another Bible translation, only to find out it's the same as the translations you had. And instead of smelling foul play, you are told the smell is "vindication" of the previous translation. Oh? Then WHY DO A NEW ONE?

      See the scam? Bible publishers need to make money. Bibles tend to stay around for decades, centuries, so in order to sell more Bibles, well -- gotta come up with a gimmick. If indeed the 'new' translation were good, then it's money well spent, to buy it. But the new translations preserve most all of the errors in the old ones, and additionally make MANY more errors; all the while, claiming to be 'new' and 'fresh', "from the original-language texts". Bulpucky.

      Then when caught in the lie, the lame excuse is given: Oh, the congregation is used to hearing the old translation! Yeah, so if the old is WRONG, then you keep on teaching it WRONG? Do these people have no conscience? And yet they are teachers? You realize, I hope, that thousands of 'scholars' and 'pastors' use this line of logic. God is not important, see. Only one's reputation.

      Or how about this elitist gem: oh, better to rely on past experts! Oh, and what is the Holy Spirit -- chopped liver? Is HE inferior to those mere men of the past? Most 'scholars' are busy consulting everyone BUT God. Listen to them talk. Subscribe to their blogs, their email discussion groups. It's all about patting each other on the back. God is nowhere in sight.

      See: this is how Bible comes to stay mistranslated for centuries. Perpetuated Errors. Never mind that the old translations reverse God's Word in the original-language texts in thousands of verses. Ahhh, always bending to man, never to God. Makes you want to puke.

      Good thing God put his Original Word in writing, huh. Free. Consistent. Preserved. Just learn it as He wrote it. As time passes the REAL Word will come to circulate in your soul, and the translation will only be adjunctive. That's how God intended it. After all, doesn't He know what Words He commissioned? Why should you settle for less? HE won't settle for less: you know that, because He PRESERVED the original-language texts. Guaranteed.

      And because the Holy Spirit is the Expert, when you use 1 John 1:9 and study under a pastor brave enough to TEACH you those original-language texts, you can see what Bible says for YOURSELF. Thus you come to see many of the scholars and teachers are LIARS. Just as warned by Paul, Peter, Jude, John. Wolves dressed in wool with big smiles and wallets, beguiling everyone with their degrees and glad handing. Just like Laodiceans. See: Bible warned us in advance. We see the same garbage games played by 'scholars' as had always been played with respect to Bible, ever since Moses warned about it, beginning in Deuteronomy 1.

      You're stuck with these 'scholars'. They sold out to human approbation alleging it was 'scholarly' to do so. God still uses them, even as He used the Pharisees. Like the Lord said, listen to them, learn from them, but don't do what they do -- instead, go to GOD for the real answer. He'll always show you where they are right and where wrong. So they end up being used to save your time in research. He gives you, what He wanted to give them, had they not copped out. That way in heaven they can breathe a sigh of relief their lives weren't wasted. God deployed someone else to pick up the baton.

      Consequently, all this white-lie 'scholarship' makes for long detours in my webpages. For I must account for the mistakes which are correctible, and the lies which are not. One must DOCUMENT: show how the mistakes got made and perpetuated, versus what the Bible actually says. Hence the webpages and the exegetical videos focus on tracing out what is popularly said, versus what Bible says in those original-language texts. That way you see directly FOR YOURSELF what it says. If you're using 1John 1:9 while you read, Holy Spirit will attest. So if I too screwed up somewhere, He'll attest to that. And if not, then you know I got it FROM Him, so it's never any merit of my own. Else I'd have no courage to write or make videos!

      Just as in West Point: see where the 'experts' blundered in the past, so you don't repeat those mistakes. Then the baton is passed, instead of dropped. We all make mistakes. No shame in that. Big shame though at the Bema, if we don't wake up to those mistakes. Covering up mistakes is bad. Lying is bad, especially since many of these people make money by lying against the Word of God. He doesn't believe in Crusades, else He'd not have entrusted His Word to a sliver of ground connecting three continents. So Accounting, not crusading, is the way to 'criticize'.

      In sum, BE SKEPTICAL BUT STAY OPEN. Skeptical of your own understanding, and of anyone else's (mine included, obviously). Always use 1John1:9 and ask GOD about whatever you are studying. Study hard. Learn from the Very Words God Preserved Which Christ Learned. Christ's Thinking as Humanity is the NT, so others writing those books attest to Him. God will always Vindicate His Word, no matter how many nice people spread their misunderstandings or white lies. TRUST GOD: everyone else has to pay cash upfront.

    5. Why so much emphasis on the Angelic Conflict, on Satan's strategy and tactics? Because that was one of the many beliefs which changed as I wrote these pages. I was testing what I'd learned about the panoramic meaning for our creation by God in the first place. While doing that, I kept on finding empirical data proving satanic involvement in a set of recurring patterns, be they in history (historical trends), mistranslation and misinformation, etc. While I realize some people find the topic of angels and demons titillating, I don't get excited about it. Humans just can't be the topmost intelligent life. So to me the existence of unseen demons and angels is not exciting. I can't see the mitochondria in my own body cells, either. Science can't test supernatural activity, but like the wind, you can. You can see the effects of the wind, and then know the wind caused them. You can see the effects of supernatural activity and know supernatural beings caused them. Authors like to sign their work. Demons are nothing, if not egotistical, attesting to their involvement everywhere. SatStrat.htm summarizes how they sign their work, click here for that summary, or read a shorter gist, indented below.

      Seven 'signature' characteristics pervade demon-sponsored stuff, whether it's the Mothman thingy (which really happened in 1967, a mass hallucination), UFO/ghost stuff, Bible mistranslation, or any fake holy book:
      1. Some verse/doctrine/concept in BIBLE is satirized in a very pointed way. Thus you are mocked for not knowing the Bible and getting the joke.
      2. The satire always plays on Greco-Roman pantheonic culture with emphasis on sex, emotionality, and above all (in writing) a studied ambiguity like the Delphic Oracles. Of course, the standard 'religion' throughout history is some variant of this model, and "Greco-Roman" is the morphing.
      3. The character of God and the prescribed worship of Him is always portrayed in a silly, Benny-Hill (or Three Stooges) slapstick manner, and then called 'holy'. Idea that if you don't behave stupidly, you're unfaithful.
      4. The satire always mocks those who believe in #3's prescriptions, especially in the wordplay of the holy book. God is mocked, his alleged faithful of the past are mocked, and the ones believing in the holy book's claims are mocked. Real God wouldn't author a book like that, obviously.
      5. All the above is subtle, all-at-once. You have to know Bible's doctrines and keywords, to 'get' the joke.
      6. Strong emotionality is used (i.e., the beauty of the recitation's sound), with appeals to culture, tribe, people, rituals -- to hook you into the tenets.
      7. The satire always blatantly contradicts common sense. Thus if you believe in the tenet, you are rightly mocked.

      So it does matter to show the supernatural strategies and data demons provide, so the reader can make his own decisions. It also matters, because these tactics are practiced on all humanity, so it helps to notice them. You can't 'fight' them. But you can become wise about them. None of us is exempt from their influence; we all are pawns in this thing. Their tricks play differently on the Muslim versus the Jew versus the Christian versus the Buddhist versus the UFO enthusiast, atheist (etc.), but there's a common set of characteristics much like a fingerprint, in all events.

      Again, to me this is dull work, not at all sensationalistic. The supernatural is NATURAL to a supernatural being. I'm quite certain that a spider thinks I'm god by his standards (so to speak): but my superior ability versus that spider's, is normal for me. So I'm not interested in proving to people that God and angels/demons exist. If you don't know that already, anything people write will not convince you. Most people believe a devil of some kind exists. Ok, then: what's being done? On whom? Why? For what goal? Etc. The reader is free to reject or accept what he wants. I'm only interested in accounting for it, so that my own beliefs can keep on refining, get corrected. Truth is what it is. I want to know it better, that's all.

    6. Why so much emphasis on God designing time in 490-year increments? Is that Bible codes? Does it prove God's Existence? No, because if you don't want to believe in God, no amount of miracles or other stuff will be valid or useful to you. Don't believe or disbelieve in God because you think you see some miracle. Then you want a circus clown, not God. So no, this isn't Bible codes, either. It's a structure of Time itself, the criteria God discloses in Bible. God set up time in 490-year increments as a kind of schedule, and His Promises are timed to that schedule. A believer on earth must be awarded time in order for the world to go on breathing. Bible discloses who these people are, discloses the 490-year structure and its tandem 1000-year civilization unit, just as it discloses a calation, growing seasons, etc. It's not meant to be titillating, and only has prophetic value in some instances i.e., God accounts in Daniel 9 for the 1st Temple's 490-year shortfall, REPRISING Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter.

    • Thus Daniel 9 is an Accounting Justification To Renew Time, So Messiah Can Come. It's not mysterious, and it's not news. It's a reminder, for we are to be wise about Time. So, God constructed time and told us the rules. Hence there's a repeated historical trend at play, like a calendar or appointment schedule, which Satan's trying to defeat (i.e., his next big deadline is 2030, as explained in Mirroring.htm and in LvS4aContinued.htm's "Rev17" section). Because again, if there's no believer to whom a 490-year time grant can be awarded, then Time ends.

    • Due Diligence Disclosure: For over 50 years, my pastor repeatedly taught that a) Church is a time of historical trends, not prophecy, since the next event is the Rapture, unpredictable in every way (Rapture depends on Christian volition, not on historical events); b) Time's continuance depends on Christians being positive to God as a blessing by association to the world; c) Time is designed around the Jews, still (see also Deut 32:8) -- and THE Jew, is Christ Himself, around whom ALL TIME was designed, Greek of Hebrews 1:2. So when I stumbled onto the Daniel 9 accounting as indicative of an entire schedule since Adam, I had all that doctrine behind me. Whether my pastor knew of this 490-year accounting system, I don't know, but after 35 years of being under him, I've not yet heard him teach it. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew of it, and maybe in his 15,000 recorded hours of teaching (live classes, recorded) I'll yet find it. But the Bible is clear, the math of it is plain though painstaking, so this is not a 'discovery' of mine, but something in Bible which apparently has been lost or forgotten by Christendom (and world Jewry) for centuries. It's provable. Takes a lot of time (how ironic) to do this proofing.

    • The typical 'scholarly' treatment of Daniel 9 betrays a desire to foist preconceived notions onto its text; so much webspace must be spent correcting those errors. Else, you can't see Bible's own 'schedule' since ADAM. Look, it hurts to say many scholars, teachers are wrong. If you got a good deal on a computer, wouldn't you be thrilled to praise it? If you knew someone beautiful or thoughtful, isn't it a thrill to praise them? Praise is inherently more pleasant to give, than any other function in life. So isn't it a heartbreak, when you can't? Okay, so this is a heartbreak. But it can be turned into a praise, if we just ADMIT the misuse of Daniel 9.

      We really must admit this centuries' long error in reading Daniel 9 -- because we make God out to be a liar, if we do not. Graciously, God still caused the 'scholars' to come up with approximately the right conclusions; but arguments over Daniel 9 still show how bad, the scholarship of those rightly concluding Daniel 9 depicts Messiah's arrival date. Once you correct that scholarship, no one can dispute it anymore. So that's what Mirroring.htm, GeneYrs.xls, and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc are intended to prove. Mirroring.htm explains the principle and play of God's Construct for Time; GeneYrs.xls demonstrates it using ONLY Bible's dating system in the same order as Bible presents the data; TenWays presents an analysis of that data, and how the scholars got it wrong. So you can decide whether to even read the foregoing links, the following bullets summarize the bigger 'scholar' gaffes.

    • The current allegation that Palm Sunday is the endpoint in Daniel 9 is proven a lie, because there is no decree whatsoever in the Bible or history which ties to Palm Sunday. The allegation is a complete fabrication made up from a misreading of Nehemiah 1, 2, and Ezra 7. Twisting the dates there to make it into Palm Sunday. Did Xerxes decree the rebuilding of Jerusalem, even? No: Nehemiah only wanted timber to rebuild the burnt walls, gates, and his own dwelling, Nehemiah 2:7-8. So of course there is no decree to rebuild JERUSALEM, since Nehemiah is NOT asking for it. Moreover, since there is NO DATE given in Nehemiah 2 for his departure, you can't just ASSume it means Nisan 1, 5, or that it even means Nisan. Nehemiah records the walls being finished 25 Elul, Neh 6:15, which means construction started 52 days prior, about 4 Ab. So if (and you can't tell) construction began three days after Nehemiah got there, he arrived at the beginning of Ab.

      How embarrassing, the Bible refutation of this Palm Sunday notion. We have a decree from Cyrus and a few from Darius, in Bible. But NONE, from this Xerxes, for Nehemiah. Hmmm. Something's fishy in Denmark. If God meant to date from THIS decree, why is it not mentioned, but the others are rather pointedly mentioned, whole chapters of the Bible spent ON them? You realize, of course, that the entire Book of Esther is there to prove how God kept his Daniel 9 promise. So if this Xerxes is the 'decree' from which we are to date Daniel 9, then why the sudden silence?

      Of course one wants to ASSume Xerxes, due to the 'coincidence' of the year: but Bible already tells you Jerusalem was rebuilt -- AFTER it was rebuilt, the walls were burned down again, see Nehemiah 1:1-3. Bear in mind, this situation occurs a good 70 years AFTER the Temple was rebuilt. So there had to already be a city, to service the Temple.

      Now, because we want Palm Sunday to be the ending answer, we'll read into Bible what's not there. And when we need further corroboration for this lie we're creating, we'll have to MANIPULATE what "year" means. That's why we mis-measure based on lunar calendar (covered below), to 'fit' the desired result for Palm Sunday. 483*360=173,880, then count backwards from Palm Sunday, and DEEM that the day of Xerxes' decree! Magic! Or, ESTIMATE when this non-recorded non-existent decree 'happened' then do the same calculation, then find what Bible-significant date it might reference, and voilá! Bible proved right!

      Um.. but no king ever used a lunar calendar for civil administration. Civil calendars had to be intercalated, always. So if a human king's decree, then the measurement should be solar, not lunar. Bible ONLY uses solar accounting for multiple years: for like kings do, Bible bases its dating on PEOPLE (covered below). People have birthdays. Birthdays are only measured in solar terms. Ooops.

      Wow, many internet sites claim that His Ride on Palm Sunday was 483 years "to the day" of Xerxes' decree. And ALL of them are based on a 100-year old book which was an ESTIMATE by a nice guy in Britain. So for 100 years+, no actual Bible research has been done. Instead, this guy who was only guessing, is touted as if he were the Bible. That's unfair to the guy who wrote the book, to make him THE Book. He's probably screaming from heaven now, "Stop treating my book as if it were Holy Writ!" Calvies treat Calvin as if he were a pope, and we see how bad their scholarship becomes. We Dispies have our own popes; when we put them on pedestals, our scholarship also tanks. As here: our "Palm Sunday" claim is provably manipulated, what bad scholarship.

      Okay, so where in BIBLE do you get that Palm Sunday justification? Nowhere. By the time Nehemiah even HEARD about the walls, Jerusalem had long been rebuilt. So the story furnishes an anecdotal statement that hey, God's Decree for 9:25 got met because here's this Nehemiah person REBUILDING AGAIN what was already rebuilt. So you can't do the countdown in days from Nehemiah's arrival. That's not the reference point. So it can't conclude at Palm Sunday. So this Palm Sunday nonsense is not in Bible, but is fabricated by people who can't read Nehemiah very well, to make the Bible Look Good. It's called "cooking the books" in modern accountancy, which is why Enron fell. Get that? Don't Cook the Bible's books! Hey, honey -- Bible looks just fine without your claimed cosmetics. Kosmos-etics. Emetics. K?

    • Preview of coming attractions: the actual BIBLE accounting goes like this: 586-70-70-49-434=37AD, minus 7 years because Christ was prematurely rejected (which years will play out 64-70AD), =30 AD, the year He died. To the very Day, 1470th anniversary of that first Passover. More about this calculation will be demonstrated in Question 6a below, and of course Mirroring.htm, GeneYrs.xls, and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc demonstrate the Biblicity of that calculation in excruciating detail. In short, don't panic, just because the "Palm Sunday" notion is provably wrong.

    • So notice how the Bible's message in Nehemiah is quite different: Bible tells you about Nehemiah to prove that Daniel 9:25 was already met by the time he got there, for he's AGAIN rebuilding PREVIOUSLY rebuilt walls. The walls were already rebuilt by 516BC, per Ezra 6. Then Ezra comes to Jerusalem in 458BC, Ezra 7. So we know the city was already rebuilt, complete with walls.

      So in Nehemiah, we find ANOTHER threat, just before the Daniel 9:25 timeline was to BEGIN. Different kind of Bible proof that the "rebuild" promise GOD decreed (next bullet below) got met. Overlooked, because people think Daniel 9:25 is a human king's decree, and straining to find such a king, mis-measure the years to make 'em 'fit'. How sad.

      446 BC = 586-70-70, which is God's Accounting System. So that's why Nehemiah 6:15 matters. To show that rule in Daniel 9:25 is met. And your BIG CLUE is, that Nehemiah REPEATS and then summarizes, Daniel's own prayer (compare Nehemiah 1:5 to Daniel 9:4ff).

      This is a SECOND threat. Nehemiah knows that the 49 years of Daniel 9:25 are to begin at the end of THAT year (the end of 446BC, specifically in Chislev). So he's in a position to rebuild the suddenly-down walls, in the very year that the 49 years are supposed to start counting, beginning three months LATER. So Nehemiah 1 tells you that a last-minute attack by Satan was employed to STOP Daniel 9:25's countdown, from BEGINNING.

      And that countdown doesn't tie to Palm Sunday, but to the Cross, just like Daniel 9:26 says (Messiah being cut off, not riding in on a donkey). Ties to the very day of the initial Passover which Depicts Messiah's Payment.

      My pastor spent a lot of time on "Palm Sunday Politics" (his term). Now I know why. Notice how the exact prediction of the CROSS gets erased in favor of a flashy kingship entry. That's exactly what my pastor warned against. Naturally, he (and others) kept on saying that Daniel 9 ended at the Cross, never on Palm Sunday, and that the Lord died on true Passover. Yeah. So this new 'fad' from an old book which mis-measures Daniel 9, should be squashed. Don't need its assumptions to validate Daniel 9 to the very day, as you'll see if you keep reading.

      When a scholar or pastor admits he made a mistake, it's refreshing. You thus know you can trust the person. For you know that mistakes will be admitted. I must confess, I got used to that, for whenever my pastor found what he considered a past error he made, he'd tell us the error, and what Bible verses corrected it. It took him seven years to teach Ephesians; in part, because he felt he'd missed key information in the prior exegetical 'pass' on a verse. He came to regard all that he'd taught before 1985, as too inferior, by comparison. Fortunately, he was dissuaded from pitching all that prior sterling exegesis and insight.

      So it's no shame to admit error; no shame in using 1Jn1:9 to GOD, so less than no shame in admitting an error to other people who also err. Rather, it makes the sheep more secure. For they can trust you to fess up. So let's fess up, here.

    • There is no decree to rebuild Jerusalem made by any human king. Why not? because GOD Decreed It, dummy! Right there in Daniel 9:24 -- who is making the decree? GOD. So next verse, Daniel 9:25, WHOSE Decree IS it? God's. Duh. Embarrassing, huh. First rule of hermeneutics is Context Context Context. And the context is a decree to rebuild. And that actual decree, is where? In Daniel 9:25 "it shall be rebuilt again, with streets and wall" -- clear enough? LXX is even clearer. God, right there is decreeing the rebuilding Himself, and telling Daniel via Gabriel. Clear enough???

      Oh no, not clear to those out of fellowship who always cut God's head off and put man's on top! And surely one GOES out of fellowship, to prefer a wrong interpretation by some 'scholar' over 100 years ago or currently, versus the Very Clear Bible Words in Daniel 9:24-25! You realize, of course, this proves no one looked at the Bible, but instead just kept quoting that old scholar, over and over. The guy is in heaven now, and I bet you he wants his error, fixed!

      I mean, these verses are famous. I must have lost months trying to vet the various 'kings' who made decrees about the Temple or related to Jerusalem, just like the scholars did, relying on those scholars to be 'right'. Instead of, Checking The Bible Myself. So in frustration, at last (!) I gave up and asked God Himself, "Okay, Dad, what does this mean?" And then almost instantly was alerted to the word "decreed" in Daniel 9:24. OH BOY. Could it be plainer? Ouch, and Thank You, Dad!

      So Daniel 9:25 simply tells you the ORDER of the accounting pieces, but not all of the accounting pieces are mentioned in that verse. It merely says that the 7 and the 62 'sevens' won't play, UNTIL Jerusalem is rebuilt. For the decree THAT she be rebuilt is in Daniel 9:25b, just AFTER the sevens are mentioned. So yeah, Nehemiah 6:15's important so you know WHEN God kept His Own Decree. Has zippo to do with Xerxes, except to tell you when this was; so you know God met His OWN Decree On Time. All prophetical fulfillment verses have the same role.

      But that's a two year variance! someone will say. Actually, no. Nehemiah 1:1 tells you he gets the word late in 446BC. So the typical 'scholar' claim of Longiamanus' permission of 445BC, is fine. Just remember, that a 'year' was measured starting in Nisan 1. And indeed, if you measure from Nisan 1, you mathematically balance to 446, since you're starting 445 at its BEGINNING.

      Daniel 9:25 lists only two of the FIVE accounting pieces from 586 BC forward. The last of the five, is in Daniel 9:27, but the first one, the "70" in Daniel 9:2, is a Mirroring aka Restitution piece -- so it plays twice -- how you can prove that, will be shown here in Question #6a, below.

      So why do we use a human's interpretation from over 100 years ago, rather than God's Clear Text in the very verse? Embarrassing! Okay, it's normal and human to make mistakes. Nothing to be ashamed of. But there is much to be ashamed of at the Bema if we in the 21st century, don't fix those mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, like adversity; coverups are optional, like stress. Coverups are evil, denigrating God and His Word in order to cover up some 'respectable' person's mistake. So now all those past scholars are yelling from heaven, "Take away my reproach! Fix my errors!" So shouldn't we do that? Wouldn't we want the same favor, done for us?

    • GOD NEVER USES LUNAR measure for multiple years, anywhere in Bible. Because, all multiple years' are based on PEOPLE, by birthdays i.e., the Flood is dated in terms of how old Noah was, to the very day, Exodus is measured in terms of Jacob's entry into Egypt, etc. You'll see a longer listing of this birthday accounting, in Question 6a, since it consistently goes all the way back to ADAM. So you must consistently use solar years, never lunar. Shocking, how stupid we in Christendom are, and then we blame the Bible for being obtuse? Who among us doesn't understand BIRTHDAY accounting? Yeah, and wouldn't God have to make it so simple a Jewish child could learn it along with his alpha+beth? Hint hint! For if the Jews were held accountable for not knowing What Time It Is, l'moedth, then the Time Accounting would have to be SIMPLE.

    • Elegant AUDITING Simplicity: Bible Accounts Based On Event MATCHING, but no scholars do. So all the scholars dating the 490's without the 'audit' for MATCHING Event Character, are completely wrong. Event matching: birthday, to birthday. Death, to death. Anniversary of Crowning. Anniversary of Dedication. Very simple. And auditable, for look: when you balance your checkbook, you have to know the character of the money going in or going out, or you cannot prove if your balance is right. What if you transferred money from one account to another, versus depositing new money from someone else? What if that new money was a refund on something else you'd paid for? If you don't know the character of money coming in and going out, you'll screw up your bank balance and your assessment of how much money you have. You won't know if money owed you is missing, and you won't know if money you paid, was received.

      Same but more true, for balancing God's Books. Event CHARACTER is the first thing you must audit, if you hope to get a right interpretation. So look: the Exodus is based on what? Killing of the firstborn the night before. And WHO is the FirstBorn to die on its anniversary, which the holiday depicted? The Lamb Slain From The Foundation Of The World, which Abel depicted in his sacrifices. Okay, then the end of Daniel 9 will be the Cross, not Palm Sunday, just like Daniel 9:26 tells you. Sheesh. So nothing in prophecy will be dated except based on PRECEDENCE, and every Bible date you'll find is exactly so referenced: birth to birth, death to death, exodus to entry, entry to exodus, salvation to payment, just like Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter tells you. So if anything, Palm Sunday is an archetype for the Second Advent, or an anniversary of David's entering Jerusalem (can't prove that). So Palm Sunday is certainly not dateable, so not to Daniel 9, which is based on the Cross.

    • BIBLE NEVER PLAYS POLITICS, but those using the Daniel 9 timeline sure do: selling their many inaccurate books to make money, by titillating you! 88 reasons why the rapture will occur in 88. Leave behind. Countdowns. 2007 is the end of a 490! That last one is my favorite lie, because not one of the alleged "490" year periods are at all significant Biblically; some dingdong who wanted to make money just up and called "2007" an ending to a 490 year. Sucker born every minute. Buy your scrap of the Shroud here, and for free we'll throw in a jan-u-whine piece of the Cross from Calvary. No wonder 2007 came and went without fanfare.

      Yeah, and all of them claim the political restoration of Israel fulfills God's prophecy -- again, Trying to Make The Bible Look Good -- oh, and make a little moolah at the same time. Bible proves Israel's being back in the Land rather fulfills Satan's shub goal, not God's, in Matt24, Daniel 9-12, Revelation 11. Jews now all huddled together, no longer protected by the Diaspora! We still gladly give our lives for Israel's defense, be she formalized in a nation or no -- but let's NOT aid her enemies by pretending this is the fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, which only happens at the 2nd Advent. Duh, dry bones are of dead PEOPLE. So all the OT people are RESURRECTED at the 2nd Advent, and come back with us, else it cannot be ALL Israel. See also Rev 19:11ff, where the Eze 37 'army' of all resurrected Israel is included, headed by the One On the White Horse. So that naturally leads to Eze38, which is on Armageddon's last battle that same Day of the Lord, so of course Eze 39ff ties to Isaiah 61ff, with Isaiah 63:1-9 being the bloodbath on that first Day.

      So we serve SATAN's goal when we arbitrarily count backwards from 1948? To what? To a convoluted matrix of dates we have to make up, since they won't balance to Bible: 1948-490 or 476=1458 or 1472, no 'independence' or 'founding' match, etc. When you compare how God matches event character in Question 6a's brief summary since Adam, you'll see how this 1948 junk advertises itself to be from Satan. Flee it. The purpose is to lull the Jews into thinking they're back in favor with God so they'll DISOBEY Him and rebuild the Temple on their own. That's always been Satan's goal since 70AD, as Question 6a will also highlight.

      And then we have the gall to call ourselves 'faithful' believers. Yuck. Now, the panderers of this garbage include some pretty respectable people. Yeah, and Satan is respectable too. Sorry, when someone makes money from claims which are patently anti-Bible, the scholarship so bad both speaker and hearer should be redfaced -- you can't speak kindly. People are being fleeced, and the Bible is being trashed.

      Even a brainout can tally up the begats in Genesis 5. Even a brainout can do simple math on the Bible's dates and prove the above to be either errors, or outright chicanery, Eph4:14, Hoshea 4:6! So do yourself a favor: use 1Jn1:9 and ASK GOD if what you're reading is valid. I always look first for Gospel presentation, then the interp of Israel, two doctrines Satan works hardest to distort (Rapture's a subset under "Israel", as Trib belongs to her). So any Gospel claim other than John 3:16's text, i.e., "heart" belief (lol the heart only pumps blood); or, verbs added to "believe" -- flee! If the person can't even get Gospel right, nothing he says will be accurate unless parroted from a third party. Likewise, any claim Ezekiel 37 is fulfilled by 1948 founding of Israel, see 2John9-11. ASK GOD, k? Lie Detection Litmus Test for Anything: if it's POPULAR and sold for MONEY by 'RESPECTABLE' people, something's radically WRONG with the information. Respectability and popularity are Satan's two 'legs'.

    • Wow, those are some pretty big and nasty claims against famous scholars and writers, huh. So you should be skeptical, huh. You bet! So you need an objective way to test, huh. Okay, here it is: more detail is in Question 6a, below.
      • I ran across this accounting in Bible back in May 2004 when trying to audit the timing of Daniel 9, because all the 'scholarship' out there did not balance to Daniel 9. And here in 2009, nothing 'out there' yet balances. But oh, lots of money is made from claiming to balance! There's nothing wrong with making money. There's EVERYTHING wrong with making money BY LYING.
      • By contrast, God's Freely Available From Bible Accounting System, is self-auditing, so you can tell where you miscalculated.
      • His Accounting Rules are very different from scholars, i.e., God uses intercalated (solar) years, not lunar.
      • God accounts in Daniel 9:2 from 586 BC, because He's the Decree-r (not some human king).
      • God tells you when David died in 1Kings 6:1, but scholars use Josephus and dismiss 1Kings 6:1 as a scribal error, not realizing the previous 5 chapters tell you what happened over the 11 years since David retired, including during the 3 years since he DIED. So when you read "in the 4th year", 1Kings 6:1, it's logical, and you know David died when he was 77 years old, not age 70.
      • Etc. There are many mistakes made which end up masking the true accounting from Adam, and each of these errors is covered in Mirroring.htm, GeneYrs.xls, and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. For you don't account for a thing until you've proven The Why, which includes also why the errors. For in that accounting, you might find your own errors, heh. So basically I tried 'their' methods and all of them were mene mene tekel upharsin, so had to be discarded. That left only what the Bible says. Wow, what a different story, and how provable it is.

      So I must spend a lot of webspace explaining God's Accounting System so you can test it; you don't have any other way to analyse it, as nothing's yet written by anyone else for comparison. Yet this System was well known by the Bible writers (Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel, the Lord, Matthew, Luke, Paul, writer of Hebrews all provably used it). Somehow its doctrine got so lost, even the Jewish calendar is off by about 200 years. Hopefully now that we have computers and can do the research faster, all these things can be corrected sometime during the 21st century.

      There are many mistakes being made currently among those who realize a 490-year trend is depicted. They tie the 490 years to events they consider significant, and track from them. By contrast, Bible uses an absolute scheduling from Adam's fall in 4106 BC (Bible starts numbering his days when he fell, not before). So you first go 490 years from Adam, then add 70, etc. Again, Mirroring.htm and especially GeneYrs.xls track that for you, so you can see the scheduling and quickly vet from Bible. The verses are usually familiar, too.

      The timeline resets at the Cross, so 1030 is the 1000th-year anniversary, 2030 will be the 2000th anniversary, etc. Mirroring.htm explains why and how, and its tandem GeneYrs.xls runs the numbers from Adam through about 2640 AD or so, with color coding for the deadlines versus historical events, who got each time grant (up through Cross), etc.

      It's an elaborate thing, so it's self-auditing. It's in the Bible, objectively testable, not something invented by 'brainout'. So the author of it is God, not 'brainout'. If you simply repeat or report what Someone else says, that Someone else is the author, not you. The material merely plots what Bible says. You can then see for yourself, its bald interpretation. So it's not 'brainout', but Bible. Different "B". Now, that Someone Else will testify to His Authorship for anyone reading a mere reporting. Also, there are a bizillion world timelines on the internet, so you can fill in dates you think significant and see how they track to the gold (490-year) or green (1000-year) deadlines in the worksheet.

      Repeat: this is self-auditing. So you can tell when you screw up, where some 'scholar' screwed up, or where 'brainout' screwed up. Vet With Bible And You Will Know For Sure. Trouble is, no one's done that. Everyone's copying some past 'scholar' or 'respectable' person. Like all those dippy Christians who think the world is only 6000 years old, are getting that from Bishop Ussher -- not, from the Bible. For Ussher ASSumed that Genesis 5 began with initial creation, misreading Genesis 1:2, Isaiah 45:18-19 (which proves that Genesis 1:3 and following occur after some undefined gap in time); Ussher thus misreads Genesis 5 to think Adam's days began 930 years prior. No, Hebrew text for Adam doesn't tell you that, though it's real easy to miss the wry wording if you're not looking for it. Bible by contrast does tell you birth-death for everyone else in the roster, so should be read as direct, lineal descent without gaps. (Click here for a video on the text of Genesis 5. Then watch all subepisodes, which are posted as response videos to that video.)

      In short, we've screwed up our report of what Genesis 1 means for centuries. But now, some few have had the courage to admit that, and now the "gap theory" in some form or another is at least considered. Proven easily true, from the Bible itself in Genesis 1:2 itself. Okay, the same thing is true about God's True Timeline. Use the Bible itself, not what people say about it, and you'll have more proof of Bible's dating accuracy than you would imagine possible. Of course, those trying to do that will encounter a lot of opposition by those who instead of using Bible, went by wrong scholarship. Sorry. Word is more important.

      And for us laymen, we must understand that pastors and Bible scholars have the worst job on earth, always thankless, always having to wrangle over every little thing, as Satan's not slow in masking the truth. So let's cut them some slack when we find errors. Let's not conclude that we 'can never trust scholars again', or crusade against some pastor who got it wildly wrong, etc. They are human, and under far more pressure than we are. Were we in their place, we'd have made the same or worse errors. Just note the error, and pray for God to privately cause them to understand it. That's one reason why you won't see me name names as to who got it wrong. (Frankly, everyone gets it wrong on something, moi aussi.) Spit happens. So clear away the spit, keep on, Philippians 3:14.

      Obviously this masking has to involve a supernatural effort on Satan's part, for thousands of 'scholars' to misread in the very same way, the very same verses. Yes, it's our fault; but, we've had 'help'. That's why The True Timeline could 'hide' in plain sight for centuries. Why, two of the most popular OT verses, Daniel 9:24-25, can be mistaken as calling for a HUMAN king's decree, when NO human king is even mentioned, and the Only One Decreeing, is GOD! Why, Daniel 9:24 can be mistaken as referring to 490 lunar years, when God never accounts multiple years that way in Bible: again, He goes by birthdays, anniversaries of events accounted in years of PEOPLE -- hence solar. Ooops. Okay, so "ouch, and thank you Dad for the correct answer" Bible gives. Again, the Word is more important, and who cares about the mistakes in the past. That's what 1Jn1:9 is for.

      This kind of error is very common throughout Christendom's history: seeing, we don't see; hearing, we don't hear. So the truth always is in plain sight, but we're not seeing it, just as the Jews don't. Same exact reversing pattern of error persists in Bible mistranslation, false doctrines of every type. Because, the primary tactic of Satan & Co. IS reversal. They reverse Bible's original language texts in translation, they reverse the meaning of historical events; they especially reverse the Gospel into works. They enjoy reversing 1Jn1:9 into something an unbeliever does (never mind, John is writing to believers, and only believers in the OT brought sacrifices for sins they had to NAME to the priest); so, being carnal, we Christians will reverse everything God means.

      So the bigger lesson to learn about the reversal of Daniel 9:24-25 from being GOD's decree into an invented human one, is that Satan & Co. consider those verses very important. Yeah, they are. Israel misreads them every Chanukah, with the Abomination of a Dumb Dome, staring them in the face. So do we. So our blindness gets satanic 'help'; that's the bigger lesson, here. So we all need to breathe a collective 1Jn1:9 and get cracking on fixing our past mistakes. Only if we keep using 1Jn1:9, do we have Divine Defense against blindness.

    6a. Okay, then how did YOU come up with the BC/AD dates in GeneYrs.xls? (Click here to download GeneYrs.xls.) Based on what Bible verses? And how did you come up with the 490+70+490?

    Well, I didn't use 'our' BC/AD dates. Rather, Bible dates are derived as functions of x, where x was the Bible verse giving you a formula date in terms of "years from" a person. That was the customary way to date in the ancient world, and even today: your age is measured in terms of "years from" your birth. Becomes a handy method of telling when one person lived, relative to another. So when you have enough persons tallied, only then can you tally BC/AD in our modern terms, because our own calendar has been changed many times (i.e., 10 days chopped out of our calendar by Pope Gregory, and other emendations you can read about in any encyclopedia). The Jewish calendar is even worse, and the Roman calendar is far worse. And let's not even talk about astronomical or astrological calendars. I tried using them all and finally gave up, due to their many internal inconsistencies.

    So you can't use anything but the Bible's dating scheme, if you hope to derive a valid timeline. And if you use Bible's dates, you have to use the solar year, because ALL BIRTHDAYS ARE MEASURED IN SOLAR TERMS. So right there you have to throw out any calendar (i.e., the Jewish one) which measures in non-solar years. Bible dates from PEOPLE, so is always in solar years.

    Here's a quick summary on how to find the dates and vet this material in Bible, so you can decide if it's worth your time to do a full proofing.

    Exodus is the centerpiece of the Old Testament, so you start there: Bible's dating verses all 'spoke' around the Exodus. So:

    1. When Moses was almost 81 years old (Exo 7:7+ 12:1 +the kinds of plagues tell you the seasons so you know the 10 plagues took about a year),
    2. Exodus occurs exactly 430 years to the day that Jacob entered Egypt, Exo 12:40-41.
    3. Jacob was 130 years old when he entered Egypt, Gen 47:9.
    4. So the Exodus occurred in what would have been Jacob's 560th year;
    5. so Moses was born about 480 years after Jacob entered Egypt.
    6. The 480th year from the Exodus, 1Kings 6:1, would have been the 1040th year of Jacob.
    7. Since Jacob left to get a wife when he was 40 (Genesis 28, in context), the Exodus occurs 1040-480-40=520 years after Jacob left to get a wife. Cute.
    8. He got that wife after working 7 years, but it was Leah! So in return for giving Rachel at the same time, Jacob works another seven years to 'pay' for Rachel's dowry (Genesis 29:23-28).
    9. Not until that SECOND seven years ends, does Rachel bear (keep reading in Genesis 29 through 30:22, count the kids, notice Rachel's complaint and thus you know she married Jacob when Leah did). So at this point Jacob is 54 years old.
    10. Ordered by God, Jacob leaves Laban and Haran six years later, Genesis 30:25 (theme of Genesis 31) compared to 31:38, 41.
    11. So Jacob is 60, and Joseph is six years old at the time Jacob returns home (ibid). The night before he'll run into Esau (Genesis 32), Jacob wrestles with God, loses, is lamed, and gets his covenant (signified by renaming=adoption, "Israel").
    12. At this point the Exodus is 520-20 years away.
    13. When Joseph is age 17, he's sold into slavery, Genesis 37. That's an elapse of another 10-11 years, depending on if Joseph is newly 17 or was nearly 7 when Jacob left. Based on the other numbers, it's likely Joseph was nearly 7 years old when Jacob left, and Jacob is nearly 61 years old upon return (I can't tell which, just yet).
    14. So when Joseph is sold into slavery, Exodus is 490 years away (520-20-10, taking into account disparate birth months). Aha.
    15. So Jacob was born 560 years prior to the Exodus.
    16. Now Isaac was age 60 when Jacob was born (Gen 25:26), having married at age 40 like Esau and Jacob would (Gen 25:20).
    17. So Isaac was born 620 years prior to the Exodus.
    18. We know Isaac was born when Abraham was age 100, Genesis 17:21.
    19. So Abraham was born 720 years prior to the Exodus.
    20. From Abraham backward, the Genesis 5 genealogy takes you sire by sire, all the way to Adam. So now you have a full timeline from Adam through the Exodus, measured beginning at Adam's FALL (Genesis 3:22, witty Hebrew birthing preposition min).

      Moving forward from the Exodus, which occurs 490 years after Joseph was sold into slavery:

    21. Temple reconstruction begins 480 years later on (2 ?) Ziv, 1Kings 6:1+2Chron3:1.
    22. That year is the BEGINNING of the 4th year after David's death, per 1Kings 1:1-2:10, 'answered' by 2:39 (3rd year after David died, Shimei is executed). So David lived another seven years, if you do the math (4th year being 480 years after Exodus, means David died in the 477th year after the Exodus).
    23. Since he was 30 years old when he became king at Hebron (2nd Sam5:4), then he's 70 years old when he retires, but 77 when he dies; end of 1 Chronicles tells you how he spent his retirement years creating the Temple service and related furnishings, architectural design, as does end of 2 Samuel.
    24. So Temple construction begins in the 11th year after David retired, 4th year after he died, 80th year after he was born, which was 400 years after the Exodus; Temple construction completes seven years later, 1Kings 6.
    25. But Temple's dedicated 3 years after that, 1Kings 8:1 compared to 2Chronicles Chapters 1-3. So Temple is dedicated 490 years after the Exodus, 480+10=490. See the pattern?

    26. So Isaiah 53's Divinely-layered Hebrew meter, predicts the early demise of that Temple, by using doubled 126's: first, 126 years after Isaiah writes 53:1-4, the Temple will fall; the next 126 syllables (v.5-8) represent Temple's Fall as 126 years SHORT of its own 490 (video demonstration is in the white table, below).

    27. Accounting Adjustment. Temple's Destruction, relative to the Exodus, which occurred 490 years after Joseph's enslavement, is dated +490 (Exodus)+490 (Temple Dedication) +364 (=490-126). So Daniel 9 uses three accounting pieces which also 'balance' to the 126 (70 in Dan 9:2, 49 in Dan 9:25, 7 in Dan 9:27).
    28. Accounting Balance. Thus you know the 1st Temple lived for 490-126=364 years. Which you're expected to know in Daniel 9:25, to see the Justice in God's granting 62 weeks (really "sevens", not weeks) for the 2nd Temple (364+70, balances to 1st Temple time).

    29. Accounting Credit. Note well, it's not New Time until the 62 weeks, hence the 62 weeks is severally accounted. First, the Owed Time is 'paid back'. That's why you know TWO seventy-year periods play and THEN the 49, in Daniel 9:25. For both 70's and the 49, are OLD Time, due the prior time grant to the 1st Temple, ending 126 years too soon. So those three credits must first play, or the 'time books' won't balance. Problem is, that added 140 years to the amount of Time which must elapse, so there's a net 14-year overage to debit. Daniel 9:27 is thus a reserve, and so is the 62nd week. Table below walks you through this accounting, which is fully in Isaiah 53, with a summary update, in Daniel 9.

      God The Master Accountant:
      aka, How Matching Event CHARACTER,
      Makes 70 Buy 140+490

      Key to Daniel 9's accounting: Owed Time Must Be 'Paid', for Time must 'balance' to its Justice Purpose. Daniel 9 is prophetic, alright, but the important thing to understand is WHY. Prophecy is always based on Promises, and Promises are always based on Justice. So Daniel 9 is about Justice Accounting. So Daniel times his prayer.

      For if no Temple Standing, TIME STOPS. So Daniel prays for the Temple to be standing, again. All that comes with the 1Kings 9 prayer of Solomon and God's Response. Temple represents the contract of 2Sam7. When the contract is in breach, then Time itself is in breach. (Easy to empathize with Israel's negativity, once you realize they knew all Time rested on their shoulders, Deut 32:8 in Hebrew.)

      Watch His Awesome Accounting Genius, so you'll see how man's free will never compromises the Sovereignty or Plan of God. Watch also, for how God repairs and then matches, the CHARACTER of time spent. He's treating Time like a balance sheet, and He first forecast this 'balancing' treatment, via Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter. Videos below demonstrate this meter. After the videos, you'll see God use the same Isaiah 53 accounting, to craft Daniel 9's numbers.

      Isaiah 53 runs 462 syllables total, as you'll see at the end of this video, which shows the raw metering pattern. (Isaiah 53 starts at 'our' Isaiah 52:13, in Hebrew. 'Our' versification is not in the Bible, it was invented in the 1100's AD.) The big numbers you see in the video show the number of Hebrew syllables for the (gold-)shaded sections. Isaiah Matches The Character and therefore pairs each section by Content (meaning) and (hence) number of syllables (i.e., 52:15 is on atonement, and so is 53:10, so both sections have the same number of Hebrew syllables, 35). For an explanation of Bible Hebrew meter and how Isaiah 53 derives from Psalm 90's meter, click here. For more detail, click here for Isa53trans.htm's videos; they walk you through the full derivation of Isaiah's meter. Those videos are illustrated by the following two summaries:

      Notice how the SAME raw meter, functions as a calendar from the time Isaiah writes until the same endpoint as Daniel 9:25.

      Here's the accounting. The 70 in Daniel 9:2, is the Condition For Reimbursing Time, paying off the sabbatical years which remained UNpaid, though time elapsed. The elapse is overlooked in Christian theology, which dismissively treats the "70" based on the number of sabbatical years within a 490-year period based on the anti-semitic Church Fathers' accounting, so of course their conclusions are wrong. Maybe one day we will stop treating those spiritual retards as spiritual giants, and INSTEAD LOOK AT BIBLE! Don't hold your breath.

      Look: the 70 has a different derivation, PER BIBLE, as follows.

      • As you just saw in "AA", Israel is her 854th year when Temple is razed: Temple's Destruction relative to the Exodus, which occurred 490 years after Joseph's enslavement, is dated +490 (=Exodus)+490 (=Temple Dedication, a Sabbatical Year) +364 (=490-126)=854 years. So the 70 doesn't refer to sabbatical years before the Temple was dedicated, or there could have been no Temple. Obviously, since if now God was razing the Temple due to the unobserved years, He'd never have authorized raising the Temple if there were missed years at its beginning. So we know the 70 is calculated from time missed after the Temple is dedicated.
      • That year, was supposed to be a sabbatical year; specifically, the 122nd Sabbatical Year (854/7).
      • During the 364 years the 1st Temple stood, there were 49 years where Israel WORKED when she should have been resting, which corresponds to the period from Rehoboam to Temple's demise. So this time elapsed, alright, but it's of the Wrong Character.
      • Additionally, during that same time, per Leviticus 25 ANOTHER SEVEN JUBILEE years were due.
      • So that totals 56, which is the prominent paragraph syllabification you just saw in the above videos depicting Moses' Hebrew meter for Psalm 90:16-17, and the videos depicting Hebrew meter of Isaiah 53:1-2, 5-6, 9, 11. Deft way of explaining how the sabbatical years missed caused the Temple's demise, huh.
      • So Time is Out of Balance, a debit playing where there should have been a credit. So what's the solution? DOUBLE-credit. Watch:
      • That WORK time is 'owed' 56 years of NO WORK time, because in effect the WORK time occurred too early.
      • By the time the first 56 years is up, another seven sabbatical years are due on them.
      • So, due twice, equaling 14: due on both 56's, the one worked too soon, and the one just elapsing to 'reimburse' the 'too soon'.
      • So now, 56+14=70. Thus you see how Jeremiah 25's decree (echoed in Dan9:2) is derived.
      • As Isaiah's meter depicts in Isa53:3+4, 7+8, Israel must now get 70 years TWICE, to restore the Character and Relationship of the working years, to the non-working years 'due'. All this, before any new Time can be granted.
      • For 126 years of old time, is still owed on the 1st Temple.
      • Okay, but if playing twice, then (14+56)*2= 140 added years, not 126.
      • So that leaves an overage of 14. Hence 14 more years must be debited, so Time will balance again: Isaiah makes a pun out of this by deducting 28 from his total meter for Isaiah 53, even though the meter total is derived by counting backwards from the foreknown future beginning of the Millennium (under the pre-Church accounting, had Israel accepted Christ when He came). For a summary video demonstrating that, click here.
      • Seven of these years are 'reserved' in Daniel 9:27, to play later, post-balance. Thus NEW Time must be awarded post-Messiah, else the seven years can NEVER play. [Now you know why it says Messiah purchased salvation for all Time (cute sublayer wordplay), Hebrews 10:10-14. And we Church are the bridge back to that seven, Hebrews 11:39-40.]
      • As you'll see later on, the second seven is an implicit reserve, allowing Messiah to have the same 40 years' lifetime, as David ruled; it is the 62nd week in Daniel 9:26. Both Messiah and Israel must be given the right of refusal. Israel is foreknown to refuse, though, so when she freely does, the second seven also plays post-balance (64-70AD). Again, Messiah won this. [It's roughly analogous to Laban's deal with Jacob for Rachel: Jacob got to marry Rachel and THEN work for her. So if Israel accepted, then all would have hung on Christ paying by the end of that added seven years; so a seven-year overage would have been paid for, by its terminus. It's tantalizing to posit that the double sevens here have something to do with the double sevens between Laban and Jacob, but I can't prove any connection.]

        Now in practice, there will end up being three 70's to play, as noted in Isaiah's own Hebrew metering, 70-syllable clusters in chrono order of Isa53:3-4, then 7-8, and finally 11-12. That third 70 is subsumed at the end of the 62 weeks in Daniel 9:25, after the 1st Temple's STANDING TIME is reimbursed (364+70), as just noted before this white table. So again, God is reminding Daniel of both the 'accounting' and the 'chronology' Isaiah furnished via his meter.

      Frankly this is your key to knowing a) that the sabbatical years are VOTING periods (duh, Israel had to vote NOT to work), and b) that the 50-year voting period for the world is literally purchased BY them observing those sabbatical years, 490/7=70-10 more sabbatical years occurring inside that 70=60, minus the 10 Jubilee years occurring inside that 560=50. Thus you see Time itself is designed to 'play' as 490+70+490=1000+50. Simple. Thus you also see why God picked 120 years for voting, in Genesis 6. This is the upgraded-in-Israel version of that. [For more on this 70 versus 50 relationship and the historical impact of the voting periods from Adam forward, see #9 (pages 13-17) of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc.]

      • See, Israel started on a 490, the Exodus. Temple was dedicated at the beginning of the 490th year FROM the Exodus. A 70-year voting period was supposed to follow the expiry of its own 490 year grant. But the Temple was razed. So another reason for the 70 in Daniel 9:2, is to show God's balancing ahead to that future period, so it will still occur at the previously-scheduled time. Rows 144 through 150 in GeneYrs.xls, demonstrate this.

      • For they didn't vote NOT to work, so the world was thus 'shorted' its own voting time, hence that voting time had to be made up by what? Voting To Restore The Temple. Thus you know God's accounting from the day the Temple was razed, not from some human king's future decree. Because, God's been telling us what year and time it is, since ADAM'S Fall. So this is a continuing chronology from Genesis 5 forward, not an out-from-nowhere reference to 490 years. Hopefully by the end of the 21st century, our calendars will be fixed. Or at least, our Bible chronology.

      • So a Time Credit (the sabbatical years) which should have finished, didn't. So Daniel waits to pray until the 49th year had begun, Daniel 9:1. (I can't yet tell if measured from Nisan, or Ab.) If by the time the whole 70 ends the Temple is rebuilt, then the Three Pieces of Owed Time, can play or be reserved: so another 70, then 49, play; but the 7 must be reserved due to the 14-year overage. So Daniel waits until the 49th year to pray: for by then, seven new sabbatical years are 'owed' on the 49 which elapsed between Temple's razing and Daniel's prayer. For you can't 'reserve', what isn't owed. So notice the genius: now TWO sevens are available for reserve, and the Time 'books' can balance. Notice also how he's allowing for the time it will take to return to the Land. Pray first, then allow time for prayer answer, so they can return IN TIME.

      • That leaves the same 49 which played, to be reimbursed after the 70. For now the seven sabbatical years due on the current 49 have also been reserved to cover Dan9:27 +the 62nd week, these current 49 are 'free' to be reimbursed. Reimbursed, because they technically belong to the prior 490-year grant from 950-460BC on the 1st Temple. 70+49=126, time owed ON the 1st Temple.

      • Therefore the seven new sabbatical years due on the 49 elapsing, can be reserved. And are, in Dan 9:27. So the last seven years of the prior Temple time become the implicit reserve, and the 'owed' sabbatical years on the 49-just-elapsing, are also reserved. Again, the character matches: real time really owed in both events, the 62nd 'week' contingent on volition, the final 'week' contingent on BRIDGING TO that last seven years, post-Messiah.

      • Recap: the 56 were past years before the Temple was razed. Took 140 years to 'balance' them, owing to the sabbatical years owed on those 56 which were mismatched in character. So the first 70 cancels out the character mismatch; the second 70, restores the proper character, owed anyway on the 1st Temple's remaining time; ergo, the double credit. By contrast, the 49 playing during which Daniel waits, are all current sabbatical years. They play during the same period as the 70 which cancels out the character mismatch.

        Now: just as it's okay for priests to work on sabbath, so also it's okay for Temple rebuilding and sacrifices, to go on during sabbatical years. For the 70 years during which there is no Dedicated Temple, are sabbatical years. So these 70 sabbatical years justify 490, which is precedented on the root structure for Time being 490+70 (voting period) +490=1000+50. For the next 490, can't play until the 70 elapses with enough VOTES. Here, votes to rebuild the Temple. So God's just following His Own rules, since Adam's Fall.

      BALANCE between ISAIAH and DANIEL. Subtractions: -7, for years running past the Davidic Deadlines (covered below) = 483 = Daniel 9:25. Then further, -21, for Temple rebuilding =462, the number of syllables in Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter. Notice how Daniel's 483 is FORWARD from that decree made by God (not by a human king, but at least anyone can tell the 483 plays AFTER the 2nd 70, deadline for Jerusalem to be rebuilt). By comparison Isaiah's 462 syllables represents the net addition, including all adjustments for prior years of a) mismatched character (working years which should have been sabbatical) and b) owed on the 1st Temple for dying too early.

      So now Daniel 9:25's endpoint balances to Isaiah 53's. In Isaiah 53, the Temple had not been razed, so its reconstruction was budgeted. Due to Daniel's prayer, that reconstruction could commence. For the decree to rebuild Jerusalem is in immediate answer to his prayer (Dan 9:23): that's what Daniel 9:24-25 tell you. So that's why Daniel 9:25 is about after Jerusalem is rebuilt, then count the 483 years. So it's a straight chronology from Temple Destruction, 854 (Israel's 'birthday' when Temple razed)+140+483. So that's why Daniel 9:25 still ends at the same point, which is the 1000th anniversary of David's death, if you crunch the math:

      • For David was born 400 years after the Exodus, and died at age 77, which we saw back in points V-W.
      • David became King of all Israel when he was 37 years old, during Israel's 437th year.
      • So Messiah would have to be born by Israel's 1437th year, since He would have to be BORN a King over all Israel, as Son of David. That's how you know HE is the Messiah. MATCHING used to IDENTIFY. If disparate events are matched in character then you know God is 'in' that matching.
      • David died when Israel started her 477th year.
      • So Messiah will have to die when Israel starts her 1477th year, in order to have the same 40 years as David had; the same 33 years of all-Israel rule, as David had. Again, that's how you know HE is the Messiah. MATCHING used to IDENTIFY.
      • Hence the chronology of Daniel 9, ends with the start of Israel's 1477th year, namely 854 (year of Temple razing)+140+49+434=1477, the deadline for Messiah to die. He will end up dying 7 years earlier, but the 1477th deadline allows for 40 years, and for Israel's acceptance.
      • All this was known in Isaiah's day, since David had already died 251 years prior. That's why Isaiah 53 could forecast it, and why Daniel 9 balances to Isaiah 53. Above all, that's why Daniel waits the 48 years (to beginning of 49th), and then prays in Daniel 9.

      One man's voting is pretty important, huh. So Your Own Voting To Learn God is pretty important, huh.

      So that's why you see 70 (Dan 9:2), 49 (Dan 9:25), 7 (Dan 9:27). God is accounting for how He'll use the old Temple time, to justify new Temple time. That's why Daniel doesn't ask questions about what those numbers mean; he already knows Isaiah 53 in Hebrew, by heart. God likes His Books to Balance. And He's balancing to the 1000th anniversaries of David's Kingship and Death.

      For the final balance test is to 126. Only from that point forward, can a new 490 be justified. So the first future 70 years, are free to play owing to the previous 70 years having functioned to cancel out the wrong timing and character of the pre-destruction 56 + the sabbaticals due on them. That next leaves the 49 free to play, the TWO sevens having been reserved. So now the entire previous Temple standing time plus its next 70, can be credited, which results in the 62 weeks.

      So now we balance back to Abraham. As noted earlier (and below, in 6b), Abraham had to supermature 54 -- really, 53.5 -- years before the Gentile 2100 years ended -- or Time would have ended. That happened because Noah's 490-year time grant, ran out in the 2046th year from Adam's Fall (see the entry for Abraham in the GeneYrs.xls worksheet). So the Gentiles are 'owed' 53.5 years, since their time ended early. That time is 'paid' them via Israel ending 57 years early, thus:

      • The 50 years are for harvesting the Gentiles, long a part of the Mosaic Law. Jubilee signified the END of that harvesting, when Messiah would come and begin the Millennium. That's why Christ announces himself using Isaiah 61, in Luke 4:19. That's the Hebraic way of announcing He's the Messiah, the 'Son of Man' promised in Daniel 7:13. (Only Messiah can claim that chapter, as every Jew knew; the "Jesus of Nazareth" miniseries memorialized it.)
      • That 50 years was to occur BETWEEN Daniel 9:26 and 27, since Daniel 9:27 is the LAST seven years of allotted Jewish time. So the elapse between :26 and :27, was SCHEDULED to be 50 years, Had The Jews Accepted Christ. Notice how it's NOT part of the 490 allotment, because it's NOT Jewish time. Now you know why -- it's owed the Gentiles, due to Abraham's early supermaturation.
      • That leaves 3.5 years. So, the Jews get the LAST 3.5 years of the seven-year Tribulation 'piece' in Daniel 9:27, and that's why it reads as it does. Thus all the time 'owed' the Jews, gets paid. Time of Jacob's Trouble.
      • The FIRST 3.5 years are 'owed' to the Gentiles, therefore, Rev 11:2: year 4143 (from Adam's Fall) when Christ was SCHEDULED to die -- with the seven-year Trib still reserved -- minus year 2046 when Abraham matured, equals 2096.5 years. For it's really a 3.5 year shortfall (I can't yet prove this, but I'd bet money he supermatured on what's the equivalent of Rosh Hashanah, precedent FOR Rosh Hashanah).
      • So the first 3.5 years is the FLEE period for the Jews, kicked off by the Rapture.
      • Now again you know why Daniel 9:27 reads as it does, since obviously the Jews will need to know when to begin the Tribulation counting.
      • Hence Daniel 12's 1290, 1335 days' entries are there, COUNTING BACKWARDS from the END of the Tribulation. Jews alive then will be counting from them, just as they had to count during Antiochus IV Epiphanes (the 2300 days).
      • Hence Revelation 11 has the Witnesses keeping people away from the Temple during those same first 3.5 years. There is a 45-day exit window at mid-Trib just after the Witnesses are killed by Abbadon, in Rev 11:7 (1335-1290) before the effect of setting up the statue, results in closing borders or whatever the anti-christs will do, to pogromize believers.
      • Hence Revelation 12's text on how God protects Israel during the LAST 3.5 years -- she's hiding, then.
      • Of course not all the Jews got smart about it in time, so that's why Zechariah 12-14 read as they do, covering the brave Jewish fighting during the same last 3.5 years.
      • So at the end, Israel's completed her 2100 years, the credit from Abraham is used up.
      • So at the end, Gentile Time is used up to the tune of its own 2100 years, the credit from Abraham is used up.
      • Now, because Israel actually rejects Christ and seven years earlier than scheduled, there's a different 54-year accounting balance to apply, since the above accounting was based on her ACCEPTING Christ:
        • She was overbudget 14 years, so 54-14=40.
        • The 40 plays from 30AD-70AD, which is technically Gentile time, because it's now Church Age; that's why the Temple REMAINED the added 40 years. For she was supposed to enter the Promised Land in Year One of the Exodus, but rebelled so had to spend 40 more years in the Wilderness. So the TABERNACLE wasn't in the Land, when scheduled.
        • So this 40 also balances for the time she spent in the wilderness, in effect entering the Land 40 years LATE, so the allotted time for the LAND is still met (3x490). Because, she was SUPPOSED to enter the Land in the first year, but was negative so had to be punished by 40 years' wandering, Numbers 14.
        • Notice how the seven years' early crucifixion of Christ, is subsumed inside the 40. Pattern of Pharaoh's dream. So still the ending time, balances back to Abraham.
          • Israel killed her extra seven years, when she killed her Messiah. That extra seven years was contingent on Messiah being alive, as we saw in the "BALANCE between ISAIAH and DANIEL" section above.
          • So from 64-70AD, the 62nd 'week' occurs.
          • Clever way to stress both 1st and Last David. For the first David was king for 40 years, but only king of All Israel, for 33. The Last David dies when He's 33, so is 'owed' 7 more years.
          • This 7 'owed', plays against the Temple, since Messiah has Left the Building and is the Temple depicted BY the Temple, Hebrews 9.
          • And this owed seven years play the same way as David's first seven years: in civil war. Coupled, with Israel's enemies all attacking her too, same pattern as 2Sam5. So notice the mirroring? Playing in REVERSE ORDER!
          • So look: 2046 from Adam, Abraham supermatures. 4136 from Adam, Christ actually dies, and Church begins. That's 2090 years (really 2089.5).
          • But since Messiah is owed the seven years, it plays during GENTILE Time, simultaneously.
          • So Israel's Temple and the nation, stay intact until the 40 years are up.
          • So she's in effect still 'paid' those seven years, yet the promised time to the Gentiles, is also still met.
          • So now the Time Books balance anyway, leaving the two 3.5-year pieces which sum is the Tribulation -- yet to play.

      Balance PROGRESSION among Moses' Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, Matthew 1 -- all back to Abraham:
      • Moses Psalm 90 only references a SINGLE 14, by reserving it in the first 84 syllables in verses 1-4, but then debiting the Voting Period (466-397BC) that depends on the Temple time grant being renewed, in verses 16-17. This was shown in the Psalm 90 videos. At this point, the 40 years' wandering in the wilderness is treated as a debit against Abraham's early maturation, leaving the 14. So if Israel were to vote on time, she'd have a 14-year 'credit' left available.

      • By the time Isaiah writes, this credit has changed. Isaiah illustrates the change by means of THREE SETS of 56's and 70's, as distinct from Moses' single use of the 56. These are prefaced by a clever reference to David's age 77 at death, within what corresponds to the 'decree' section of Psalm 90:1-4, which is in Isaiah 52:13-15. Seven years SHORT of the 84 syllables of Moses, yet also bookended 42's, Isaiah 52:13-14, plus Isaiah 53:12.

        • In Isaiah 53, the four verses of this 'decree' are split: three of them are in 52:13-15, and the fourth is Isaiah 53:12. To make sure you know that, he parcels out the 84 syllables balancing to Moses, between verses 52:13-14, and 53:12.
        • The Gentiles being an insertion, enable him to also severally balance to Moses by adding 35 syllables, such that 42+35=77, David's Age at death, in Isaiah 52:13-15.
        • This 52:13-15 accounting is 7 years (syllables) short of 84, first because David had a 7-year civil war to fight, and because he had to live seven years longer to make up for that, as you'll see in the 'David' section of Mirroring.htm. In effect, the civil war and David's living 7 years longer, USES UP the 14-year credit from Abraham, by the time he dies. On the other hand, the 'credit' of good time due to him living longer OFFSETS the 'debit' of the seven years of 'bad' time. [In modern accounting lingo, this is called 'a contra account'. Bible does it a lot, most obviously with Pharaoh's dream.] But in absolute time, 14 more years have passed.
        • The accounting then skips to Sennacharib invasion, in Isaiah 53:1, at its beginning in 703BC. Two sabbatical years were observed then, Isaiah 37:30. Because of this, Hezekiah gets an added 15 years to live, and so does Israel. Under Manesseh this time gets cut short, but Manesseh repents while in captivity, and is restored. The net shortage of 14 is reflected in the '56' syllables by the end of verse 2, when he's restored.
        • Manasseh's son only lasts a year or two, and Josiah begins to reign. That buys time, but not enough. The decree to destroy the Temple set in motion under Manasseh (2Kings 21:11-15), is not evaded by Josiah's faithfulness, but it bought time.
        • So the Temple goes down, razed by Nebuchadnezzar, when you count the syllables to Isaiah 53:4's end; at that point it had 126 years remaining. That's why Isaiah 53:4 reads literally in Hebrew, 'God, Violated!' Dual-entendre, for the passage is about Messiah being Sacrificed, with the precedence of the Temple being Sacrificed, at the end of the verse, which was 586BC.
        • So notice:
          • you have a 14-year debit under David,
          • followed by another 15-year debit for Hezekiah (treat this as 14, since the promise was made at the beginning of Hezekiah's 14th year, 2Kings 20:6).
          • offset by a 14-year shortfall under Manasseh,
          • offset with another 126-year shortfall due to early Temple demise.
          • So at this point the remaining credit is 126+14-14-14=112, the number of syllables MORE in Isaiah 53, than in Psalm 90.
          • So you see: via meter, Isaiah balances to Moses' sabbatically-metered accounting. It's very bald.
        • Isaiah 53:5-6 thus show 56 syllables, to correspond to the true number of missed sabbatical years, as noted above: 49 of them were actually missed. But ON those 49, another 7 were due. So the next 56 years span from Temple destruction to Cyrus' death, and also illustrate the 'offset'.
        • So by the beginning of verse 7, the 112 credit is whittled down to 56.
        • But there remained 70 years OWED on the original Temple Time grant (950-460BC). So to balance to the promised time (assuming Temple rebuilt), time goes OVER by 14 years, at the end of verse 8 (which is 460BC). That's okay, since there is an initial hanging credit from Abraham of 14. See the precision?
        • Hence Daniel prays at the beginning of year 49 of exile (Cyrus having taken over near the end of 539BC); the exiles return in year 49, and begin construction at the beginning (Ziv) of year 50, Ezra1:1:1,3:1,3:8. Which means, the extra 7 years due ON those 49, haven't elapsed, but the 49 'owed' years HAVE elapsed. So that's why '49' is referenced in Daniel 9:25 as a reimbursement credit. That's also why the remaining 7 is RESERVED in Daniel 9:27. It can't play. They are rebuilding, now, and they MUST start rebuilding, since the 49 years are up.
        • So that's why Isaiah 53:5-6 is 56 syllables, and tallies to the endpoint which will be referenced IN Daniel 9:25. Of course, the rebuilding is in trouble, so the seven years end up elapsing in the wrong way, due to fighting over whether the Temple will be rebuilt. Still, at this point the 14 years still OWED on the First Temple, also haven't played. So it's okay for time to continue that much longer. So that covers the period 530BC-14=516BC, when the Temple is finished. Cute, huh. Now you see again, how the '70' is derived.
        • Moreover, since 56 years really elapsed, they can be reimbursed. So now, Isaiah 53:7-8, another 70 years passes from 530BC. That takes you to 460BC, and the 'time books' for the First Temple, are balanced. Again, notice: Jeremiah 25 and 29's Decree of 70 does NOT mean 70 missed sabbatical years. This sum is 56, but the actual missed years is 49.
        • So where stand the credits and debits? Well,
          • at the beginning of verse 7, the credit (leaving out Abraham) was 56.
          • That, coupled with the 70 years owed the Temple, raised the credit to 126, which thus balanced to the years owed ON the First Temple.
          • Paying off those years would result in absolute time going 14 years over, but THEN Abraham's remaining early supermaturation credit, balanced.
          • So the remaining credits and debits are 0, by 460 (end of verse 8) and 397BC (end of verse 10), respectively.
          • That leaves ONLY the 7 years due ON the initial 49 missed-but-now-reimbursed sabbatical years. So Isaiah debits the 7 syllables from verse 9.
          • He does this as another contra account. Just as David's living longer generated a 7-year 'good' credit to offset the 'bad' civil war, yet pushed time 14 years over, so also Temple Rebuilding generates a 7-year credit.
          • So instead of Isaiah 53:9-10 equalling 70, it's 63. In real time, that takes you to 397BC, when the voting period ends, which was the end of Moses' Psalm 90 SABBATICAL meaning (since Moses measured time from Adam via the 70-year voting periods).
          • So now Isaiah balances to Moses in that second way (the first having been in absolute promise time, 460 BC).
          • So now the non-elapsed 7 years due on the 49, is 'financed' by real Temple rebuilding time. Because, the world gets time to live due TO the Temple, standing. That's why Isaiah 53:9 and 11, sum 56 years, stressing the fact that the actual 7 reserved, can only play AFTER Christ comes to pay (verse 11, basis for reserve in Daniel 9:27). So now you know why Daniel 9:25 says '49', not '56'.
        • Thus you have THREE 56's to reference the 14-year overages on
          • Hezekiah credit offset by Manasseh, Isaiah 53:1-2.
          • The 56 years from Temple Destruction to Cyrus' death, showing the extra 7 years owed (49 missed sabbaticals +7 years owed on them) -- won't be paid.
          • Finally, the two 28's in verses 9 and 11 show the initial 14-year overage on the FIRST David, persists after the LAST David, dies.
          • Which 14 years is 'made up' by the initial credit from Abraham. So Isaiah's double debits of 7 syllables from the 84 in Psalm 90, and from Isaiah 53:9, show this added 14 years is made up by the time Messiah dies. And also, warns of Him being rejected by the Jews and thus dying earlier. Because, He's SUCCESSFUL on the Cross, and hence BUYS the Time, Gal 4:4. Buys the Time, at the End of Time, and In Time for Time to continue for All Time, Hebrews 10:10-14.
          • Thus you have three 70's to reference how these overages END UP at the 'net' 14:
            • Although Manasseh was bad, he did repent, so the 14 years is reimbursed to him, in Isaiah 53:3; then came 'good' Josiah. The latter's sons were not good, but until the fourth generation they last. So verses 3-4 total 70 years.
            • In verses 7-8, the Temple gets rebuilt, so the initial Jeremiah 25:12 judgement 'loan' being repaid, the 70 years can be reimbursed -- which then balances the Temple time books to Moses' Psalm 90:17, as noted above.
            • The third 70 is Isaiah 53:11-12, to show that the 14-year overage from the First David, remained for the Last David, to successfully Pay for Time. Balanced by, the remaining 14-year credit on Abraham's early supermaturation.
          • So the SINGLE 14 which Moses used in Psalm 90, is paralleled with a SINGLE (ending) 14 in Isaiah 53. The total added debit was 28, gross, so Isaiah 53 equals 490-28 syllables. Offset by the two contra accounts, for David and Temple, you have the same remainder, 14. Offset by, the 'credit' of Abraham.

      • So now Daniel 9's 62 weeks, balances to Isaiah and Moses.
        • For the First Temple stood 364 years (950BC-586BC); it's in ellipsis between Isaiah 53:10 (the Contract to Pay) and 11 (the actual payment on the Cross).
        • So in Isaiah, that takes you to 33BC, when the extra 70 years (364+70=434), in Isaiah 53:11-12, begins. That's when Octavian (later Augustus) began to war with Marc Anthony. Stage now set for Empire, which will facilitate travel to see Messiah.
        • The period ends with Messiah's scheduled death of 37AD, in both Isaiah 53:12 and Daniel 9:26.
        • That endpoint thus reflects the 14 syllable-years reserved as preceding the Millennium, in Psalm 90:1-4.
        • Notice how in both cases, the 50-year allotment for harvesting the GENTILES is in ellipsis, since that's a voting period for THEM, not Jewish time.
        • So that's why Daniel 9:26-27, doesn't add the 50 in. It's not part of the Jewish Time accounting.
        • So 64 years are predicted to precede the Millennium by Moses, not 14. [As you can see, it's a fatal mistake to use lunar accounting; that completely ignores (and thus masks) the birthday and solar Accounting God uses from Genesis 5, forward. That's why both Christians and Jews have mistimed Bible, for centuries.]
        • Since only 14 of these years belong to the Jews, and they must play post-Messiah: 7 is reserved for after He comes, during this last 70-year piece, Daniel 9:26. And the second 7, is the Tribulation, Daniel 9:27.
        • For Jewish Time RUNS OUT, cannot exceed the credit from Abraham.

      • But Messiah is killed seven years EARLY. So there remained 14 years to play. So Matthew 1 uses three 14's as a trenchant rhetorical reminder of Isaiah 53's meter, in crafting his genealogy. He only counts the 42 legitimate generations (i.e., leaving out Athalia's kids). Of course, that weaves in Moses' Psalm 90, especially the two sections which Isaiah 'split' to 'house' the Decree. Since Jews memorized the OT, they'd notice the numbering. Isaiah counted on it. So did Matthew. Luke indirectly does the same thing, crafting 77 generations in Luke 3, playing on Last David via first David's death age. And of course, 77 is visually '14', and visually '490'. Trenchant reminder that the 'generation' of Daniel 9:26 has yet to finish, when Luke writes! [Yet one more proof Gospels are written early. This rhetoric wouldn't have punch if Matthew and Luke were written any later than 62 AD. Temple still had to be STANDING for this rhetoric to 'bite' you. Of course Luke weaves his Gospel AROUND Matthew's, so you know Matthew's was first. The 'Q scholars' are incompetent, sorry.]
      • So now the Time Credit from Abraham, shifts:
        • The 40-year wilderness wandering had initially been an offset to Abraham's early supermaturation, which explains why Moses only puts the remaining 14 in Psalm 90:1-4's 'decree' (reserve) section.
        • Had Israel timely accepted Christ, there would only be a 7-year remainder and a 50 year remainder, long depicted by Passover and Pentecost, respectively. (Omer should be dated from the END of Passover week, Numbers 28:25-26. So that makes 57 days.)
        • But she didn't. So an anomaly ensues. The time the LAND should have Jews on it, ends up shorted 40 years. For on the original schedule, the 40 years from Abraham's credit presupposed she'd be IN Israel the entire last 57 years; that's why she could wander those 40 years.
        • For she was a covenanted nation without Land, for her first 40 years. So that's like giving the Gentiles 40 years, a duality.
        • On the other hand, her rejection means Church had to be inserted; so there is a ADDED covenantal group during what should be the Times of the Gentiles.
        • So Israel becomes a Land (temporarily) without covenant, so another duality ensues.
        • So to balance Time with respect to the LAND, the Temple remains standing. But notice how only 40 of the 50 added years could be granted. For that's all the 'bank' she had for the 'duality', balancing to that first wandering period.
        • And now, the Time books balance, except for that hanging extra seven, owing to Christ dying seven years too early.
        • It too must play as a duality, during the above 40 years -- mirroring the 'duality' of the period from David's initial Kingship at Hebron to the end of the civil war. It can't extend the time, because she killed Him rather than accepting Him. So she killed her time.
        • So civil war characterizes the last seven years, from 64-70AD, ending with the Temple's Destruction, just as Daniel 9:26 predicted. That 'pays' her the seven, during a duality, which after all occurs BECAUSE she killed Him.
        • Leaving only, the Tribulation. Yet Future.
        • Notice how the piggybacking of that first seven, means the Tribulation is FUNDED. For the LAND gets its remaining seven sabbaths owed on that 49 years missed back during Rehoboam through Temple Destruction, during 64-70AD.
        • So the Tribulation time, is genuinely OWED. To MESSIAH. For it was HIS Time that was debited, by Israel. And now, that time is funded. So now can be played, PRIOR TO His Second Advent. Just as promised, initially. But via a different accounting.

        Ultimate, precise, Divine Justice! Awesome accounting by God, isn't it? Could you ask for more proof of Messiah, than this? Why Jews -- and we Christians! -- miss all this precise BALANCED accounting, I'll never know. It's been sitting in our mutual Bible for centuries. Unread. Because aw, we are too BORED with the begats and ages and all that arcane Temple stuff! Maxima mea culpa, once I was also bored! And spanked for it! No doubt that every jot and tittle will be accounted for and balanced, at the Bema!

    30. Accounting Date. Temple Destruction date of 9th Ab (10th, per Jeremiah 52:12), is most commonly depicted as 586 BC, in our dating system. So if you wanted, you could just count backwards from that. Exodus then becomes 1440 BC, and Adam's Fall then becomes 4106 BC, at the beginning of the Genesis 5 roster. NOT, the beginning of creation, for just as we saw here with the Temple, days aren't numbered until a FALL occurs. Israel's days are numbered from the razing of the Temple, forward.
    31. Accounting Entirety. Entire timeline is thus visible, all the way back to Adam: just add up all the Genesis 5 siring ages through Terah's siring of Abram. GeneYrs.xls already does that for you, in its Column G. You can then plug in the other dates Bible gives, to get the other events. If you choose a different BC/AD date than 586 for Temple destruction, notice how the whole timeline is impacted, so you can self-audit both for the alternative destruction date -- or any other BC/AD date you're testing.

    32. Accounting Forward. Forward from Temple Destruction you have an exact chronology from Daniel 9, which mirrors Isaiah 53's meter. Bible's Dating method is a) from GOD's decree (Dan 9:24, quoting from Jer 25:11) not a human king's, b) measured in solar years, which has been the convention since Adam, c) follows the 490 accounting system you now can see play since Adam, i.e., 490 years after Seth is born, Enoch is born; 490 years after Shem is born, Isaac is born, etc.

    33. Accounting Grace. So now the Time Books balance again. Thus we saw in "AA", Temple's Destruction relative to the Exodus, which occurred 490 years after Joseph's enslavement, is dated +490 (=Exodus)+490 (=Temple Dedication) +364 (=490-126). So going forward, +70+70+49, for a total of 490+364+140+49, 1043 years since the Exodus, which equals 586 BC -70 -70 -49 =397BC, when Canon Completed. Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter tallies to this from Isa53:1 through 53:10. Video on this shows in the white table, above.
    34. Accounting Halt-point. So going forward, +70+70+49, for a total of 490+364+140+49, 1043 years since the Exodus, finishing off the "49" accounting piece in Daniel 9. So next, the '62 weeks', another 434 years. So, 1043 years +434=1477th anniversary of the Exodus, was the scheduled 'end' of Messiah. So 397BC-434=37AD, which is the 1000th anniversary of David's death, which we saw was 963 BC, back in point V-W. This tallies to Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter, verses 1 through 12, as shown in the video above.

      Notice that had Israel accepted Him, the Daniel 9:26 forecast of 2nd Temple Destruction, could have followed either immediately after the Crucifixion, or later. How do you know? Because both events are stated as "AFTER the 62 weeks" (Hebrew and LXX use the same terminology). So you know it's a deadline, a schedule. BY that point both things would have happened. So even in the original game plan, the 2nd Temple was going to be destroyed until the very end, as the rest of Daniel 9:26 notes. So you know that Daniel 9:27's Temple, is FAKE. So you know there is a HIATUS between Daniel 9:26, and Daniel 9:27. Which hiatus wouldn't need to be mentioned, as Pentecost and Jubilee long depicted it; that hiatus, was the time for harvesting the Gentiles. So, Daniel 9:27 lists the final seven years of history before what we know as the 2nd Advent, thus showing how Daniel 9:24 gets fully done.

    35. Accounting Interpretation. So you know not only that 37AD is the deadline for Messiah's death, but the all-important, WHY.Can't prove a prophetical interp correct until you know The Why. Now, you do: it had to occur on a schedule, for a NEW 1000-year grant and a NEW 490-year grant, to occur. Which, Messiah would PURCHASE, as David's 1000-year time grant deadlines intervened. So only if Messiah came and FINISHED, could the seven-year remainder of the "old" grant -- precedent of the 1st Temple -- play. Grafting in!

    36. Seven years prior to David's death, would be 970 BC. Lots of 'scholarly' agreement on that being the ending date of David's kingship, except that everyone uses Josephus rather than Bible, so misinterprets age 70 as David's death age. So all prophetic interps 'out there' are wrong, even though 30 AD is the right ending date. They misconclude a wrong WHY. So that's why everyone scrambles to use lunar years. Else they come up with seven years too many.
    37. For David's rule began with seven years of civil war, and his last seven years of life also were plagued by it, as you'll learn from 2 Samuel plus 1Kings 1-2, and the companion ending of 1Chronicles (start in Chapter 23) through 2Chronicles 2. During his last seven years alive, God had David prepare the Temple service (etc.) which would begin upon his death, fulfilling 2Sam7. Warning, Bill Robinson! David did not die when he was age 70!
    38. Isaiah long beforehand reminds the reader about David dying at 77, crafting that double-promise as the number of Hebrew syllables for 'generating' the 77th son Messiah decree, Isaiah 52:13-15 (true beginning for Chapter 53 in Hebrew). Of course, 70+7=77, 7 7 is two sevens, and 70*7 is 490. "Seven" in Hebrew means "promise" (play on day when God rested, all work over).
    39. Matthew didn't miss it, taking 3x14 (14 being 7+7), as his genealogy number base (legitimate generations), in Matthew 1: for Isaiah 52:13-14 covers the Jews, and is 42 syllables long. So now you know WHY Matthew uses the 14's, you know it's not wrong (so all his detractors didn't do their homework).
    40. Luke didn't miss it, keying off the entire 77 syllables in Isaiah 52:13-15, since verse 15 covers the Gentiles -- to make the 77th-son genealogy (from Mary) listing, Luke 3. So Luke's not wrong, either. (Oh: scratch the second "Cainan" in Luke 3 if you find it, some scribe stuck that in there to tally to a bad copy of an LXX Genesis 5 roster.)
    41. So notice: David did rule 40 years, 2Sam5:4. So Christ must be allotted that lifetime, as well. For Christ must be BORN a king, and in TIME to pick up the 1000-year mantle from David as David's Greater Son, Psalm 110:1.
    42. So notice: 963+1000-40= 4 BC. In order to have the same 40 years, Christ would have to be BORN then. Haggai 2's witty play on Zerubbabel's "seed" name (zeru=seed) tells you Christ's Birthday will be 25 Chislev (sundown of the 24th), which is later known as the first day of CHANUKAH. [My pastor explained the Lord's Chanukah 4 BC birthdate in his year 2000 classes. Email me if you want the lesson numbers.]
    43. So notice: 963+40=1004 BC, when David becomes King of All Israel, 2Sam5:3-5. It must be accounted as late 1004 BC (during the last six months of the year, 2Sam3:5). So treat it as 1003 BC in most calculations.
    44. So notice: Christ is 33 years old when He dies (Luke 3:23+13:7 compared to Matt21:18-20, among other verses), on what would have been the third Passover since He began His Ministry, John 2:23+John 6:4+ John 13:1ff. Pretty straightforward.
    45. Thus you know He dies seven years prior to His 37AD deadline, hence in 30 AD.

    46. So 30 AD is the 1000th anniversary of David's retirement, tying also in Character: both kings lay down their crowns for the sake of the people. Temple can't be built until David dies. Salvation can't be built until Christ dies. Church can't be built until Christ dies. Time can't continue unless Christ dies, Daniel 9:26 -- due to, David's 1000th anniversary of death limitation. Temple's 2nd 490 had it never been razed, was also 30 AD, so Christ dies seven years early to Become the Temple Made Without Hands, even as David retired seven years early to prepare for Him. Notice how the parallels Match In Meaning, are multiple, convergent, and fulfill the promise of 2Sam7.

    47. So further notice: if you plug backwards to the Exodus, you'll find that 30 AD is the 1470th anniversary of the initial Passover, which you can prove occurred in 1440 BC, from the other Bible numbers. And to the very day of that initial Passover, from John's wry Greek sarcasm in John 19 (covered in PassPlot.htm's "paraskeue" verse section). Scholars well know this sarcasm. They don't seem to 'remember' that if the Jewish calendar wasn't intercalated, Passover would officially run FOUR DAYS FAST, which is how the Lord could eat the Passover and yet BE the Passover, which is John's wry point. Odd how 'scholars' use lunar years when God doesn't, but don't recognize lunar years when God does. And repeat that error into a continual travesty called 'Good Friday', for centuries. For Passover's first and last days are treated as 'high sabbaths', no matter on which day of the week they fall. That week, they fell on Sundays (which in Jewish law start Saturday night), so the Lord was crucified on Wednesday, just like the Bible says. The above PassPlot link in this point "AU" provides the golden details. :)
    48. So notice: if you plug backwards to Adam, you're in the 4136th year from his Fall.
    49. So notice: the 4200nd year from Adam is the 4th 1050 from his Fall.
    50. So notice: the extra 7 years Christ died short, plus the seven in Daniel 9:27 plus 50 years which always represented the last 50 years prior to the Millennium (i.e., Isaiah 61), equals 64.
    51. So notice: seven days for Passover plus another 50 days takes you to Pentecost, just like Numbers 28:25-26 tell you. That's 56 days if you start your count AFTER Passover ends like Isaiah does, in his Hebrew meter (twice, see the videos in the white table above, or in Isa53trans.htm).
    52. So notice: another 56 days AFTER Pentecost, is 9th Ab, which Isaiah also references (ibid). Each month was 30 days long, to fit the fortnightly priestly courses.

    53. So notice: Titus invested Jerusalem but didn't begin the final takeover until Passover 70AD, finishing with the destruction of the Temple on what the Jews call 9th Ab of that year (other sources are Josephus, Atlas of Bible and Christianity by Tim Dowley (available at seminaries and Amazon), ISBE, Military History Magazine, Dec1995 issue, etc.).
    54. So notice: that completes the famous 40-year judgement period, as well as 'reimburses' the 33 Years Christ Lived, plus the 7-year shortage due to Jewish Rejection. Sure looks like God is orchestrating something, huh.

    55. So next notice, that since the Jubilee signified the 2nd Advent (that's why Christ quotes it when beginning His Ministry, see Luke 4:19), you now know when the 2nd Advent was supposed to occur: 94AD.
    56. 94AD-57=37AD-7=30 AD, when Christ died.
    57. 2nd Advent begins Millennium, so all history was supposed to end 1000+50 years later (the 50 as the rebellion/voting period), Rev 20:7. Hence the end of the world pre-Church, was supposed to be 1144 AD (94+1050).
    58. But Church was inserted, so the Daniel 9:26c trend lasts longer, Matt16:18.
    59. Replete with Two Stone stand-ins for the upcoming Two Witnesses, namely the Wailing Wall and Dumb Dome.
    60. Which Dumb Dome, Satan kindly furnished as a reminder of Daniel 9:26c via the Muslims, who have their own 'exodus' (called the "hegira"), 622 AD.
    61. Which year, is 490 years-7 (!) after the prior abomination, the pig temple atop the Holy of Holies when Jerusalem was rebuilt by Hadrian as Aelia Capitolina,
    62. 70 years after the 70AD Temple Destruction, mimicking the 586 BC-70-70 years from Daniel 9; this time by our own BC/AD Dating System, which back in 622 AD was newly adopted in some Catholic circles. What a cruel way to lampoon our ignorance of God's Accounting System for Time.
    63. Not to mention, the 'exodus' TO Jerusalem -- never mind Mecca was the claimed spot of Abraham's sacrifice -- which exodus, occurred in 638 AD, culminating in the BUILDING of that Dumb Dome on the same timetable of the First Temple, namely 7 years (again, 1Kings 6). Year construction began per my 1985 set of Encyclopedia Britannica was 685 AD, which of course nicely reverses 586 BC. Of course, you'd have to use our BC/AD dating system, to get the 'joke', and our system was brand-new at that time. (Click here for one of many BC/AD explanations on the web or in an encyclopedia.)
    64. Not to mention, about every 430 years (Exo12:40-41!) after the initial Muslim 'exodus', there's another invasion attempt upon Israel and specifically Jerusalem: 638 AD, 1073 AD, 1517 AD; and of course we're all familiar with 1948+ AD. You can proof the prior dates from the internet or in a good encyclopedia.
    65. So Satan's pretty keen on Bible's Dating System, too. He can't always be on time, though. Elaboration and videos on this 'deployment' are in LvS4a.htm#DomeWall.
    66. So we know God's Dating System still operates. Which we already know from Bible, since Christ is the Last Adam, 1Cor15:45, coming at the very end of Time, Daniel 9:26 + Gal 4:4.
    67. So GeneYrs.xls tracks that same System, reset to the Cross, up through about 2600 or so (Click here to view and download it).

      At some point, one must stop calling all this confluence, "coincidence". For the last 2000 years, did

      • the Jews,
      • Titus,
      • Hadrian, and
      • the Muslims
      • all CONSPIRE to corroborate CHRIST
      • per Dan9, Matt24 +Rev11?

      Again, the beauty of the BIBLE's dating system is you can posit any BC/AD date for any event, and notice how the entire timeline is impacted. That ENTIRENESS impact makes everything self-auditing, kinda like a trial balance in accounting, or balancing your checkbook. Especially, since in true accounting you must always MATCH EVENT CHARACTER to the number you're auditing; especially, since Bible dates in "years from" a person's age, so you know a) it's solar, and b) God's date must be accurate in Bible. Thus you can correct your dates without that weird 3-4 year gap from our BC/AD. (Somehow when the West converted to BC/AD, we dropped out 3-4 years of the Romans, so Even Christ Was Born Before Christ, lol.)

      The more difficult thing to demonstrate is the 'intercalation' system God follows, by using 490+70+490=1000+50. The white table above demonstrates how I learned of it. Then, GeneYrs.xls worksheet TESTS that construct with real Bible dates, created back in May 2004. In May 2008, Isaiah 53's meter patterns were proven; prior, I'd mistaken the difference in the LXX text (and gap in Isaiah scroll) to signify Hebrew text was missing. It wasn't missing.

      The Isaiah 53 surprise is covered live (click here), mostly in video format so you can see for yourself the process of discovery, and also the live Bible Hebrew and Greek. Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter patterns are phenomenal. One of those mathematical convergence marvels. When you go through the videos, you'll notice the careful ties between the content of the words, and the number of syllables; parallelling between different sections of the chapter; Bible numerology carefully deployed. So the meter confirms the entire 490+70+490 structure.

      But that's not all, as I learned in July 2008; the very same meter pattern provides a literal annual calendar from the time Isaiah writes, to the time of Messiah. So God is quoting Isaiah's meter to Daniel, and the 490-year structure was a reminder, not new information. So you also know the Isaiah 53 meter was intended to be a mnemonic, not those goofy, mystic, arcane Bible codes. So when you plot Bible's dates from Adam forward, you see Isaiah 53's meter reflected -- all the way back to the 1st Adam. GeneYrs.xls is a mere plotting of raw Bible Dates. (Post-96AD, man's dating is used.)

      So that begs the question of meter used as a convention for revealing the Dating System, as well as the dates themselves. When you plot the dates and then 'overlay' them with the 490+70+490 structure, you see who got the 490-year grants, why when and how; you see the huge import of the voting periods (voting history impact is panoramically reviewed in #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc). You clearly see the qualification periods, and the many (at least seven) times in history when the world almost ended due to someone NOT getting a 490-year time grant until the last minute. But if it's so baldly portrayed by dates, it must be baldly shown in meter, too. Handy way to remember the timeline, if you have a catchy syllabification. Isaiah 53 cannot be the only example of this kind. I don't yet have time to review the rest of the Hebrew metering in the OT (likely in all Messianic passages, or passages about Time itself). Still, that rhetorical style should be elsewhere in the OT. Surely someone else can find it, too.

      The timeline needs to be refined further, especially for what months a thing occurs. The timeline will be accurate within six months, but since the Bible uses specific dates (i.e., with the Flood, Exodus, Temple construction and Dedication, Christ's Birth and Death dates), it should be possible to refine Bible's major events to exact months, if not exact days. In particular -- since Antiochus IV made such a big stink of desolating the 2nd Temple on an anniversary of its foundation -- it looks like David was crowned at Jerusalem on 24-25 Chislev, but I can't prove it yet. So if you come up with refinements, I'd really appreciate an email.

    6b. So do you believe in the Books of Enoch, Jubilees? In the Talmud? For the 490+70+490=1000+50 is also very similar to what the Talmud has long said about the timing of Messiah. No, I don't believe in any of those books. Enoch isn't preserved in what should have been the original-language text, and its own verses are slapstick satire against God. Bible refutes the so-called "Book of Enoch" at every turn. Skip it. As for the mystical Book of Jubilees, at best you can say it's a corruption of what the Jews used to know of God's calendar for time; lots of goofy stuff in there, too.

    Talmud is far less goofy, but some of the rabbis recorded in it misread the Bible, especially Rambam; and that is partly why the Jewish calendar is famous for being SHORT by about 200 years. So all its dates are off. That's why the Jews themselves can't figure out when Exodus happened, and misdate it. So I didn't use the Talmud. In fact, only now in 2009, five years after learning God's Accounting System for Time strictly from the BIBLE, am I reading what the Talmud also says. I'm reading Talmud now, because I need to account for WHY the Jews went wrong in their Accounting for Time. Bible is so clear and witty on this, I'm dumbfounded that the Jews themselves, misread it.

    Bible is all I need to know God's Time Rules, though. So that's all you need, too: God's Word has the whole story:

    • God based the Millennium scheduling on the 4th 1050 from Adam's FALL (not initial creation). The 4th, not the 7th.
    • God accounts multiple years intercalated, meaning solar -- not, Judaism's lunar. As a result, both Judaism and Christianity which apes the Jewish lunar convention, screw up all the Bible's dates, and especially Daniel 9 (covered in #6 above).
    • God's intercalated accounting uses the 490+70+490=1000+50 convention, which Judaism misses. Psalm 90's Hebrew Meter is based on that 70's insertion every 1050 years, so there's no excuse to miss it, as you hopefully saw above, in #6a.
    • The Lord came at the end of the 8th intercalated historical 490 from Adam, to fit that timetable for the Millennium. All this is plotted in GeneYrs.xls.
    • Bear in mind that the deadline for Christ to come was based on David's Kingship dates, not based on the 490 itself -- for David's 1000 years measured from his kingship dates, was ending.
    • GeneYrs.xls plots both 490 and 1000 time tracks, as well as the qualifying (non-intercalated) time tracks for both types of periods, and the personal time grants for everyone I can prove got them, in Bible. (Some grantees might not be listed.)
    • You have to see how the personal grants interact with both the qualifying and the intercalated historical deadlines, to appreciate the impact of what Paul means when God has him write that Christ came in the "fullness of time", Gal 4:4. [Fullness there is "pleroma", a pregnant Greek noun literally -- used of the woman being impregnated by a god -- specifically, Chronos, the god of Time, allusively referenced in Gal4:4. See, Christ was born on Chanukah, which was also during the Saturnalia festival of the Romans, put on to honor the god Chronos. LOL Bible is nothing if not witty. Paul tweaks that meaning often.]

      What's intriguing about the Talmud, though, is that they DID recognize a 4000-year-from-Adam mark as the beginning of Messiah's own 'time'. They forgot that it's INTERCALATED, though. So the "4000" is really "4103", based on the 1000th anniversary of David's Crowning over ALL Israel (the second crowning, not the first). That makes me suspect David was crowned King over All Israel on 25 Chislev, but I can't find proof of that, just yet. I'll keep looking.

      So even though the Talmudic interpretation of the Time He Comes is garbled, the rabbis DID know when He would come, at the time. Bible is real clear on it, so I'm curious to know when the accounting went bad. One thing I can account: the rabbis forgot how the 70-year periods intercalate, so it's 490+70+490=1000+50, not a mere 1000. It's true that for QUALIFYING Time to Continue, there's no intercalation. That is, someone has to supermature EACH 490 years, irrespective of the voting periods; EACH 1000 years, irrespective of the (non-believer) voting period. For the voting periods only get appended if the previous 490 (or 1000) completed with someone supermaturing during that time. Hence like the Jewish calendar, there are two tracks: one is non-intercalated, and the other intercalated (intercalation represents a merge with the unbelieving world). So I'm still researching this and related Talmudic accounting issues, here in 2009.

      Repeating from the Summary section: it's vital to account for what someone else gets wrong. First, you better test whether you yourself get something wrong: it's not about fingerpointing, but about auditing. For when you see someone else get something wrong, the natural question should be, "what errors might I be making -- too?" So it's NEVER about blaming the one who got it wrong. It's ONLY about auditing.

      Second, you find vital added information as you do this auditing. I've learned vast amounts of Bible doctrine I didn't know, simply by tracking how someone else's interpretation went wrong. For when you balance a checkbook, two errors might cancel out other checks and deposits -- thus by auditing EVERYTHING, you can detect what otherwise would be hidden.

      Bible Doctrine accounting works the same way. So always account for how someone gets a thing wrong, as well as how it is right: you get a goldmine of Bible data, when you do this.

      Now, the Rapture is based on the fact that these same rules for Time, continue true post-Cross: every 490 years there is a deadline for someone to supermature. Moreover, seven major historical trends mark the last 120 years of each 490 period. But you date the 490 beginning at 30 AD, now. MirrorNOW.htm explains the trends, and GeneYrs.xls tracks them. The latter still lacks enough events post-Cross, so you'll have to interpolate your own. Still, all you can say is that a major epoch in Time ends then, and if someone wasn't awarded a new time grant, you won't be around to question it. So the predictive value of the post-Cross timeline is only general: same trends always end the period, and until the Rapture, all trends have a Daniel 9:26c characteristic.

      I'm beginning to suspect that the Rapture's timing represents TWO simultaneous truths: 1) at that moment, Church has become the spiritual entity God wants to Glorify His Son forever; 2) at that SAME moment, the requisite supermaturation does not occur, so Time suddenly must end under the pre-Israel 490-Time-Grant rules. So the only reason Time goes on post-Church, is that it matured as God promised it would, meaning #1) happened. That's always been the Rapture promise, with NO promise being made that 2) will keep happening. So that's the hypothesis for the Rapture's timing which I use now. Thus you see yet another reason why the Lord said you can't predict the Rapture, in Acts 1.

      Having said this, I'm intrigued by Rambam's insistence that the universe will end @7000 years, to correspond to a "week", basing his conjecture on Psalm 90:4. As we know, the Church was NOT predicted in the OT. The conventional rabbinical 'take' on Rambam (who himself got it from prior rabbis) was that the first 2000 years were allotted to "Chaos" (the nomenclature varies), corresponding to the Adam-Noah period; the second 2000 years were for the patriarchs and Israel, called (usually) "Law", but the THIRD 2000 years were allocated to Messiah.

      Now, does this third allocation include the Millennium or not? Would the (say) 7000th year begin eternity? Or would the Millennium begin at the 7000th year? Either way, that's a significant departure from what the Bible says, yet might not be contradictory, given that God always foreknew Israel would Vote No when Messiah came, theme of Ephesians 1. We don't know when Rapture will happen. For all we know God is also using a time schedule, but it's Not Promised, anymore. Doesn't mean He won't still accomplish it, but it's not a guarantee, as it was pre-Church. It's important to note that Bible never guaranteed 7000 years, or seven 1050's. That's an extra-Biblical idea (i.e., in Jubliees and Enoch). Might have been a plan, but was never guaranteed. Only the 4200 was guaranteed. Of that 4200, the last seven years thus remain reserved, Daniel 9:27. No other time is guaranteed, pre-Millennium.

      Even so, it would be a goldmine of data to learn whether the initial schedule told Israel included a hedge for if she rejected Messiah. For, now that He's Left the Building, she can look back on that initial schedule and still see that God will keep His Promise to her, for lo -- He warned her of this third allocation potential, way back in Moses' day. So even though Time is not guaranteed Church, the remaining 7 (plus of course the 1050 of the Millennium) IS guaranteed. That would be good, for again -- it helps her prove Jesus the Christ really is the Messiah.

      So I'll further analyze this 7000 (really 7350) 'week' for mankind, in the Bible. I'd bet that if it was communicated to Israel as a 7000, a Bible writer would have constructed a metered poem which includes the prophecy of the Gentiles, into seven 70's. Or, seven 50's, if the prophetic focus is on the Gentiles. The former meter mnemonic ties nicely to 490 as well, but is thesauretical for the entire 7350 years, since every 1050 contains a '70'. To qualify as thesauretical, the 'paragraphs' in the meter must resolve to 70 each; there must be seven of those 'paragraphs'. (They might be embedded, though, like Moses embedded a fifth 70 inside Psalm 90:1-4, his first 84 syllables; and embedded the 56 inside the 70 syllables of Psalm 90:9-11.)

      Finally, it's not a coincidence that a) Abraham gets his covenant in Year 2046 after Adam's Fall, the same year as Noah's 490, runs out; b) that David is crowned King of Hebron EXACTLY 1050 years later; c) that David is crowned King of all Israel EXACTLY 1057 years later, so that d) Messiah's Birth EXACTLY 1000 years afterwards, would result in Him being ABLE to complete Time such that His scheduled death year per Daniel 9+57, would equal the end of the fourth 1050 from Adam's Fall.

      See, Abraham had to supermature by 2046 from Adam's fall or the world would have ended. But that meant the scheduled 2100 years for the Gentiles, didn't complete: it's 54 years EARLIER. This credit and its 'reimbursement' balancing BOTH the time for the Jews AND the time for the Gentiles -- hence Daniel 9:24's 'completion' language -- was explained at the END of the white table under point "AC", above.

      Now you can argue that since Psalm 90 weighs in at 350 syllables, that 50 x 7 factoring implicitly talks about a whole plan of time totalling 7350, thus giving rise to the '7000' as a shorthand, used by the rabbis. For it's perfectly valid in accounting to use benchmarks, since obviously Moses is doing that in Psalm 90. But Moses is emphasizing VOTING by believers, not unbelievers. So implicitly tying to seven 50's as a RESULT of believer voting, would make some sense, especially since the math of the sabbatical years ends up causing the 50 to be 'purchased' literally, as was shown in #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. But if so, then why doesn't Isaiah balance to the 7350? Why doesn't Daniel 9? Or if they do, I'm not yet seeing it. So that's to be investigated, too.

      I have to look into the Talmud for what the rabbis understood. Meanwhile, I'm researching other instances of Bible Hebrew Meter used to communicate what the Talmudic rabbis, long claimed. Hopefully some rabbi will have a citation TO the Bible section other than Psalm 90:4, which leads to their conclusions. We'll see.

    6c. Okay, so then why did YOU get this 'information' about how God Orchestrates Time? Why not a pastor or respectable Bible scholar? Why not the Jews? For you make all them out to be wrong. What makes you so special?
    1. This accusation hits me every day. I'm always asking God, "why me? Why a woman??" For I'm as conservative as you can get. NOT a woman's libber, k?

        And here's the answer: women are used to save men time. Whew. Remember Hulda? She was just a dry cleaning lady (2 Ki. 22:14; 2 Chr. 34:22). But she knew Bible. When Hilkiah went to her rather than to his own son Jeremiah (Jer 1:1) who'd already been instructing Josiah for five years, she said what Jeremiah would have said, thus supporting the man with the authority. Okay, so I can play librarian, research assistant, even secretary; since I've been trained under a man with authority (my pastor, who taught the whole congregation of which I am a part) -- to READ the Bible. [Jeremiah was commissioned by God to go against his family. It's a running theme of Jeremiah, which at times is referenced, i.e., at the end of Jeremiah 5, Jeremiah 7; as a result, his own clan wanted to kill him, Jeremiah 11:19 through 12:6; so God condemned them, (12:10 and passim, like 13:13, 14:13ff), gave Jeremiah to find the LOST BIBLE which was in the Temple, Jeremiah 15:16 (context is 15:10, 15-21). He must have given it to his father, who had distanced himself from his son and claimed credit for finding the Bible, 2Kings 22:8.]

        Now, if I screw up somewhere, God will alert the reader. And if what this 'brainout' writes is accurate, then it HAD to come from Him, and He will attest to that, too. Because, He IS The Authority. Whew.

        So then someone with authority who scans the internet looking for information or ideas, can use what he finds here, under his OWN authority, since after all, he has to vet the material before God, himself. So, it belongs to him, not to 'brainout'. Double-whew.

      Moreover, aside from the gender problem, I'm extremely uncomfortable being 'the only one' who knows this material. That's why it's anonymously published at no cost to anyone. If God is 'in' it, He'll witness to it. If God is not 'in' it, He'll witness to that, too. So my extreme discomfort is allayed, for any mistakes I've made will be clearly witnessed by none other than God Himself. Whew. Else, I'd want to crawl under a rock. Some people like being 'the only one' or the 'first' in a thing. I hate it. To me, "fun" means pointing out how good someone else is. I hate criticising or saying someone else is wrong: totally unpleasant. Kill me now is how I really feel, if you must know.

      On the other hand, by giving it to someone outside the 'scholarly' circle, then the rabbis, pastors & scholars don't have to fight turf wars with each other. They hate doing that, you know. But we laymen like our football teams. So they are constrained to be politically-correct, and defend whatever denominational turf they occupy. But if on the other hand, this essentially pan-denominational information which vindicates the Jews as well, is given to a mere nobody, moi -- who's not on anyone's turf -- then no turf wars have to be fought. Cute, huh.

      I hope you know, that this all started solely because I wanted to better understand a doctrine my own pastor taught, namely that Believers Buy Time, a subset of his "Blessing by Association" doctrine he's taught since the 1960's. If I knew the proofing and answers would lead to this huge doctrine that requires a (happy) retooling of all we thought we knew was in Bible -- I'd have shied away from publishing it. But I didn't know. Accountants are too busy ACCOUNTING to appreciate the effects, until after the accounting is done. That's their job, for crying out loud.

      Only after it was all 'out there' did I begin to understand the import. So just ignore this 'brainout'. The doctrine is provably in the Bible.

      Look: if you're a pastor you can just vet the information and then YOU own it, it's YOUR authority, and "brainout" is completely irrelevant. If it makes you feel nervous to be silent how you stumbled across the material, you can say GOD led you to this silly 'brainout' but then GOD caused you to INDEPENDENTLY prove it true. So then 'brainout' is irrelevant, right? For GOD did the work, not 'brainout'. He used Balaam's ass, so he also used a 'brainout' to disclose something, that's all.

      For look how HE works, how HE saves us time in vetting Bible, how HE advertises HIS Son: the Dispensational Bible scholars and Jews are vindicated by Bible's information on how God Orchestrates Time -- they just misaccount, their own vindication. The Real Messiah Has Already Come -- and you know precisely when, going back year by year all the way to Adam's Fall. So far from proving them wrong, God proves to everyone else via His Word, that they are right -- but in a different way.

      Moreover, everyone in any denomination as well as all Jews, has a vested interest in wanting to prove the Bible's dates. We misaccount the Genesis story. We misaccount when the Exodus happened. Okay, so we can breast-beat for five seconds, and then see the gorgeous vindication FROM THE BIBLE, of what it DOES say. Lots of money gets made from all that retooling, providing jobs for people. And best of all, our faith in the Bible is vindicated. Sure, it will take a century or more for all that retooling to be done, and there will be a lot of opposition, too. So what? There's always been the time lag between truth and its recognition, and opposition is Satan's goal anyway. Let the arguments play out, that's how God wants it, as we all long know.

    2. Since I'm not special, if I get the information, it proves even any old dippy brainout can understand how Bible's Accounting System for Time works. That, is provably true. Granted, it took two years of studying and plotting the Bible's dates, but that's grunt work. The resulting interpretation just leaps off the page at you, won't require special abilities. Well, any Bible information always requires God's Abilities to enable perception, but you get that if you keep using 1Jn1:9 when you sin. (Holy Spirit won't Fill with His perception, a believer in a state of sin. Any unbeliever can instantly become a believer, the nanosecond he believes Christ paid for his sins.)

    3. If God gives the information to a brainout rather than to a respectable pastor or a Bible scholar, no one has the right to 'trust' it. Therefore the content must be vetted. And, once vetted, the material belongs also to the one who vetted it, for now that person has independent proof. See how elegant a solution that is? You OWN it once you prove it out. Not, brainout. YOU, whether you are a brainout yourself, a pastor, a scholar. For because a 'brainout' can prove it, then no one is excluded from owning it. God gives to everyone.

    4. Had God given this information to a Bible scholar or pastor (and maybe He did, but I find none published), then all other pastors would feel politically compelled to comment and take sides. That's a problem in academia, science, etc. So by not giving it to a pastor, this arguing doesn't have to occur, saving them all a lot of time and angst.

    5. Now, as people are caused to run into this material, they are caused by God, not by brainout; so the material is given them by God, not by brainout. So they are not beholding to brainout. So again, had the material been given to a pastor, there would be some obligation to credit the pastor. But NO obligation, if given to a brainout, especially since no one can even find this material unless God causes that to happen. Emails I get tell me this -- "God sent me to your websites". Yeah, He did. Which means, the material is not mine, and the person got the information from God, just like I did. Sure, I wrote it out, but that's only a secretarial function. You don't credit the secretary typing the letter, as the author of the letter, do you? So you don't credit someone writing again what's already written in Bible, as being the author of what's already written, right?

    6. So now as people come to independently vet and thus own the material, no one is competing with anyone else. It's just like personal Bible study. I'm not competing with or siding with you if I independently read Bible and am caused to see the same meaning in it that you do, right? You got it independently from God, and so did I. Again, notice how the religious tendency of man to fuss and fight as if God were a football, is completely bypassed.

    7. Now, I got this information because I asked GOD. Anyone can ask. But apparently asking God about how He orchestrates Time is not something people have done, going by the lack of information on the topic. The Jewish calendar reflects that they don't ask. Our Christian pulpits reflect that we don't ask. Anyone who asks, gets. But of course we find all those begats, cubits, dates, rather boring.

      Now, I wouldn't have asked either, but my own pastor taught that believers are caused to buy time as part of a doctrine he called "Blessing by Association"; I couldn't prove the buying-time claim from Bible. The only information I knew of was Genesis 5 and Daniel 9. So finally I asked God where in Bible the answer was, and how to audit it, so I could even understand what "buying time" meant. That was in May 2004, resulting in Mirroring.htm, GeneYrs.xls, and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. In 2008, I was caused to find the meter in Isaiah 53, and that was a huge shock. Again, the videos about that discovery are in the main webpage on Isaiah 53, Isa53trans.htm.

    8. Now, it's true there's a lot of bad Bible scholarship by Christians and Jews (and unbelievers for that matter). That's always been true, and Bible is full of explanation on why: seeing we all don't see, and hearing, we don't hear, because seeing we won't see, and hearing we won't hear. Human volition is generally negative. So if negative, then we didn't ask for correction, but wanted to believe whatever WE came up with as the 'answer'.

      Now, when this happens God does two things: He makes the correction public, but He also makes it private. This, to give those wrong a kind of grace -- the information is available, but not slapping them in the face. So they can change their mind. After all, if one person is given the information, then all are the intended recipients. The Jews got Bible, and thus all the human race is to get it. The apostles got the NT, and thus the whole human race can get it. Same with any interp of the Bible. The conduit isn't important: the MESSAGE is important. Here, we're talking about what's Already In Writing, but we didn't see. We have the same Word, all of us. But yet it's still a volitional option, what we want to see in the same Word.

      Now, when a person is faced with the overwhelming majority being wrong, but the Bible being right, he should pick the Bible. So maybe that's another and final reason why this brainout got the information, so it can sit anonymously like a needle in a webbed haystack. Thus someone finding it can privately decide whether to go with the crowd, or with Bible.

    7. Why are you anti-Muslim? I'm not anti-Muslim, I'm anti-Islam. I didn't start out that way. Funny how when you actually study a topic, you learn much. Satan uses Islam. Part IVa of the Thinking series covers that, and GeneYrs.xls tracks Satan's use of Islam in history (sparsely, at present). Independently-made historical videos on Youtube which help you see this are in my "TIMELINES" playlist. My Youtube site is partly dedicated to exposing the evil that is Islam, because it provides ready access to both sides, and the real-time commentary by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims themselves are the best proof of Islam's evil, sorry. You should see this for yourself. I didn't believe Islam was itself that evil, until I did the research.

      Islam's doctrines are entirely based on anti-semitism and rapine. If you'll view my blog entry for 12/16/2007 (click here for that blog entry), you can link to a discussion forum which justifies terrorism as a pillar of Islam. Muslims are seriously uninformed about their own religion, its origin. This is odd, since the hadiths are sunnah, meaning every Muslim is obliged to emulate that horrid criminal and pedophile, Muhammed. ("Muhammed" means "Praised One", a title only reserved for deity, elsewhere. Think over carefully what it means, to name a criminal human leader, "Muhammed".) The proof of Muhammed's criminality is attested in the hadiths Muslims are obligated to honor, else they are defamed as kaffir, and not true Muslims. You can find proof of that, at University of Southern California's website on Islam, which is run by Muslims: click here for the USC site. You really have to see all this for yourself. You have to READ what Muslims write in Youtube commentaries, you have to READ what they say in their forums and on their own television programs. Else, you won't believe it. We Christians are so naive, expecting non-Christians to have the same standards of honor that we do. Guess again.

      Qu'ran requires Muslims to lie to you if it makes Islam look good: research "taqiyya" on the internet, or go to my playlist on "Radical Islam", and view both videos and the all-important commentary real people make on those videos. See for yourself. Else, you will not believe, because Our God commands us to always think well of other people. But this is not other people, principle in Ephesians 6 -- this is satanic influence, maybe even possession. How else could so many people mobilize so quickly in the street, burning flags, etc.? Think it over. Took me a month to do the necessary investigation; might take you less time. Internet makes research much easier, now. Trick is to go to the right sources. Here, Muslims themselves prove that every allegation made against Islam is not only true, but that the allegations are diluted. (Again, we Christians are forever trying to be charitable, except when we fight each other over doctrines, lol).

      You might have questions. You can't ask those questions with safety except in an anti-Islamic forum. I recommend www.faithfreedom.org and its forums. There you get both Muslims defending, and former Muslims countering. Again, it's MUSLIMS who are your best source of information. See for yourself, decide for yourself, before the Lord.

      We Christians living under and before the Lord are the only effective bulwark against Islam. Islam rose only because Rome and Persia had exhausted each other fighting over the Holy Land. Each resurgence of Islam in history lasts about four generations, then peters out. (See the first and last sections of Arabophile Sir John Glubb's A Short History of the Arab Peoples, purchasable from Amazon. My copy of that book was required reading in my college course on Arab history, back in 1974.) In 732 AD, we stopped Islam at the Pyrenees, Charles Martel. That, because there was a revival in Bible interest, demonstrated by the sudden rise of monasteries and monks evangelizing; followed by, Charlesmagne's order that Bible be disseminated. Then after him, Europe fell into something of a decline again, so Satan rolled out the Seljuks, who took over Byzantium in 1071, then finally Jerusalem in 1094, which brought about the Crusades. Thank God, at that very time Bible interest was reviving again (it goes in cycles, about every 200 years), so by the time the Mongol hordes came, at Buda and Pest, they were rebuffed (circa 1241). About 200 years later in 1453, interest in Bible had again declined, and this time the Ottomans, who had begun their rise (1299) after the Mongols were checked, took over Constantinople. Are you noticing a pattern, yet? It follows the 490-year deadlines of Time God has set up. Point here: resurgence of Islam now is a TREND of history, and it is predictable. The current trend period ends 2030 AD. So Satan's right on time, again. It will take a long time to research this huge subject; but treat this alert as something to take seriously, and get serious about your spiritual life before God. That's always good advice; this current historical crisis just makes it more important than ever. See my "How Satan Deploys Islam" videos in Youtube or bliptv.

      All this, is the upgraded version of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, but over the whole planet. When our interest in Bible rises, God blesses us wherever we are, and hence our periphery too. When our interest in Bible declines (i.e., we substitute it with religion), then God curses us wherever we are -- and our periphery too. Satan accuses us constantly before God, and when our interest in Bible goes down, then God must enact His Promise to punish. Satan's trying to parlay that promise into Gotterdammerung. What's so odd, is that Islam's very "jihad" definition IS Gotterdammerung, centuries before Norse myths and Wagner, existed. So we are to blame for everything which goes wrong. Which of course, the Muslim imams all say! Do you see the satire here?

      I'm currently testing the idea many have, that the beast and false prophet of Revelation 13 is that of Muhammed and the false Christ portrayed in Qu'ran and hadiths; I don't know how that will turn out. If you're interested, you can follow the discussion at this FFI forum, click here. As many of you know, Revelation 11-17 are historical trends pre-Rapture, since Satan doesn't know when it will begin. During the official Tribulation, the unholy trinity of Fake Temple, Beast and false prophet, and Fake Church, will then control. At present, the attempts to make them, have been ongoing, i.e., fake church was Catholicism, beginning 95 AD or so, consolidating first around the time of Commodus. Today, fake Church is most of Christendom. 9 out of 10 Christians can't give you the Gospel correctly. 9 out of 10 can't define God correctly, or the spiritual life correctly, don't know when Christ was born, how the earth was created -- in short, they can't read Bible. So they are carnal or maybe not even saved. Satan messes with us, the most. Time we did some accounting, huh...

    8. You spend a lot of time lambasting Bible Translations. Isn't that unfair? What right do you have to say it's mistranslated? Bible mistranslation is a well-known fact. To be silent about that, is wrong. When the Word of God is Murdered, and I know that, I say so. What an audience does with that witness, is none of my business.

      A lot of people are invested with their 'positions' on Bible, but I'm not one of them. It's not an ego thing for me, it's a quest for answers. Now, no one can get an interpretation or translation wholly correct. Progressive understanding is the goal, instead. The spiritual life is one of God Teaching You The Meaning He Put In Bible. So whatever you know 'today', is less than you'll ideally know, 'tomorrow'. So to say a translation or interpretation is wrong, is just a statement, no more; if God is in that statement, He'll witness to the fact when someone reads or hears it.

      Bible translations include words or phrases that are not in the original-language texts. More often, they also omit what IS in the Bible. Moreover, some of the words in the original-language texts are NOT Bible, but are treated as if they are. So you must test every single verse as you read. Now, there's this art-science called "textual criticism" which has been constantly trying to ascertain if certain verses are really part of the Bible or not; whether some verses or even whole books, belong to the Bible but are missing. It's a nightmarish exercise, for you often look at a desiccated fragment of papyrus or vellum, the ink barely visible, trying to make out if what you view is an iota or a sigma. So it takes years of hard work by many people. Frankly, they all deserve HUGE salaries. Anyone working with the original-language texts, does.

      Now you, the learner of God, have a quicker way to establish whether what you read is valid or not: ask God. Generally, those involved in textual criticism ask others in their own field, for that is expected. However you have the Royal Privilege of asking God directly, as you read. So do you? Or do you rely on dear Dr. So-and-So? You know God wants you to study under a pastor -- but pastors, teachers, scholars in Bible are also fallible. God, though, is not.

      So you, the learner of God, have an Infallible Method For Establishing Divine Writ: Ask God As You Read. The scholar isn't allowed to use this method; he must use forensic methods which will forever be inconclusive. You, by contrast, can just ask God and He'll show you How The Text THREADS And FITS from Genesis to Revelation. That's the test of Divine Writ. Every Bible verse must pass that test. The ones which do not, become obvious. Example: there's a lot of debate over John 7:53-8:11, many claiming it wasn't originally part of John's Gospel, forensically. So then you go to God and ask Him to show you where and how it fits, IF it fits. And, He will. :)

      Thus you see the Genius of God's Design. Bible is a very difficult Book to understand, even though often it's written in simple language, even in the original. It's difficult, because so much controversy surrounds it; it's difficult, because it's been trashed and mashed and mangled and reconstructed over the centuries -- yet for all that, all you have to do is ask God if the verse you're reading, is really His. Ask God for what interpretation, you should get. And God will enable you to understand it. So, see: though centuries of controversy and tons of commentaries rage pro- and con- Bible, you can quickly sift through all that just by asking God.

      Now, when you ask God, you still must do a lot of legwork. He gives you the answer, but then wants you to prove it forensically, just like an academe involved in textual criticism must do. The difference is, God will show you Where To Look For The Conclusive Evidence. And where you always look, is to The DOCTRINAL Fit of the disputed passage, words, verse, book, whatever. If it fits DOCTRINALLY -- meaning, the text threads forward from all prior Divine Writ -- then it belongs to God. That's a massive testing exercise, but you learn much in the process, far more than if the Bible were this little catechism no one disputed. Same testing rule applies to translating or interpreting a verse or passage. Ask God. Then, dig, asking God the meanwhile. You'll get the 100% proof. Conclusively. I'm dead serious about this: God INTENDS this process. So the confusion and controversy are TRAINING AIDS in your learning Him. Even the wrath of man, praises God. So learn to revel, in it.

      Now, this wrath comes from a 'respectable' source. For a really big problem in Christian 'scholarship' is that people ask other people, rather than asking God. Pathetic, really. If GOD is the author, I should ask the Author, not people. Sure, God has delegated teaching and scholarship authority to people, and I respect and enjoy their learning -- but they are HUMAN, so for God's sake, they shouldn't be EXPECTED to be as right as God is. So, one looks at the people, what they say -- but then goes to GOD about it all.

      Ergo, if I want to know whether 1Jn5:7-8 is really part of Bible -- most scholars will tell you it is not -- I just ask God. Then, I research. As I do, I'm still asking God as I read the raging controversy over this verse pair, and then draw conclusions before God. There are many disputed passages. Just look up "textual criticism" on the internet, and have fun going through them all -- asking God while you do so, since you alone will be standing before Him on Judgement Day for what you conclude.

      Remember, this is the devil's world. So the devil must have his day, and all the devilish wrangling over Bible by those for and against it, must play out. "Filling all in all", as God puts it in Ephesians 1 (end). Letting all the arguments play out.

        Remember Pharaoh's magicians? They counterfeited the 'signs' of Moses. So too, Satan has his own Bible 'scholars' to counterfeit, so that you mislearn Bible or come to distrust it. These scholars will look just like the real ones, the tares among God's wheat. So the tares will have degrees, fancy language, and above all will be graceless. That is how you detect them. The Word of God doesn't matter to them, but rather they value the world's approval, conventions, etc. Hence they will seem on the surface to be of God, but just scratch that surface a little bit, and you see the wolf underneath.

        Thus when it comes to Bible, you must be alert. Always breathe 1Jn1:9 when you read something, scholarly or otherwise, to detect whether God is in it. And understand, the play of Satan's strategy in history, to obfuscate Bible, is deliberately allowed BY God, to run its course. For nothing stops God from proving Himself and His Word to you, Isaiah 55. All you need do, is ask Him.

        At the end of the day, you stand or fall based on what you believe, so auditing what you believe is a must. Besides, it's really enjoyable. The journey of learning Him. House-to-house battle. So when you come across some doubtful words, just know that the popular or 'respected' opinion of them, will be anti-God. So be sure to ask God what HE means, and where HE is behind what words. Saves a lot of wear and tear.

      Now, only the original words God authored are inspired. The battle is, being sure what those words are. Arrogant denominations claim THEY determined what was Holy Writ or not, but the truth is, only God is the Infallible Witness. So just keep asking Him, as you read. And learn to read, in the original-language texts. There will be a pastor who teaches from those texts, since God's goal is for everyone to be able to read the original-language texts for himself.

      Reading Bible in the original-language texts is not the provence of the elites. Pastors should be teaching it in those texts, and you can find such pastors. Now, lazy people who don't want to know the Word, would rather have elites; flipside, to be elite appeals to ego. Yet the Holy Spirit's Power unleashed (hence the need for 1Jn1:9 so you stay 'online' with Him) means anyone can learn to read those texts. I did, under my own pastor. So you can, too. It isn't hard, especially now with computers and great Bible software. So get cracking. For many centuries people did not get the Word in all its richness as you can have. So you can learn the Same Words as Christ Got and Spoke. God designed the Bible so everyone could have it, Hebrews 10:15-17, 1Cor13:13. It became available every time people wanted it, but history shows how we wanted the elites, instead. Now, too many people just want The Real Word, so guess what? Now you can get it on computer!

    9. What Bible translation do you recommend? None. Not the ones being developed online now, nor any in the past. I use many translations as I study, but that only to save time. When I want to be sure of what the words are, or what they mean, I always go to the original-language texts.

      Every Bible translation has a guiding "philosophy" behind it. If you know that "philosophy", you can profit from using translations. For example, the "philosophy" behind the KJV and NASB, is literality. So they will always seek to translate the same Hebrew or Greek word with the same English word, as those Bibles are designed to be studied in conjunction with the original-language texts. In short, when the KJV was written, it was deemed inferior to the original-language texts; as an aid for pastors and students, it translated words in a predictable manner, so you could more easily follow the original. Thus, when you saw "save" in the NT, you'd know that "sozw" was usually the Greek word underlying "save". Made it simpler to teach a congregation, and easier for the congregation, to check that what the pastor said was right.

      Other Bibles emphasize comprehension of the material as a whole. As a result, they sacrifice exactness of the real Bible words, for words which essentially paraphrase what they think the Bible means in a verse. Bible in Basic English, New Living Translation, English Standard Version are examples. Sometimes, they derive brilliant translations. More often, the translations are flat wrong. For one of the problems in this "philosophy" is to lower the standard for "comprehension" to what they decide the average reader can understand. Dumbed-down Bibles are only good for people who want a dumbed-down relationship with God. And, that's what they'll get.

      Still other Bibles try to strike a balance between comprehension, and literality. Among these are the Darby translation, NIV, New Jerusalem, Revised Standard. I find myself using these often, in conjunction with KJV or NASB. The contention of the 'balance' philosophy is that literality leads to confusion and downright mistranslation, which is true. Yet it's recognized that one should always track to the original-language texts, so some degree of literality is sought, i.e., trying to translate "save" everywhere "sozw" occurs in the original, yet distinguishing it as "rescue" or "deliver" when the salvation of eternity, is not the verse's focus. Again, it's impossible to translate the Word rightly. You do as much as you can.

      There's a disturbing trend among Bible translations today to cut out passages which are impolitic. So these new translations (since the 1980's) seek to make God gender-neutral, to bland out violence and other politically-sensitive statements in the Bible. I wouldn't buy one of those Bibles if you put a gun to my head. The biggest problem in Bible collation of the original-language texts and in translation has been OBSCURING what God says, in the name of getting people to like the Bible. Forget that. If you don't want God, then don't pretend you do by settling for some fuzzed-over, made-nice text. Bible isn't politically-correct. Learn that early. Ask God why. There are really important reasons why the Bible uses nasty language, violent language, etc. Learn what they are, or don't bother to learn Bible at all. Just believe in Christ, that He paid for your sins, and you'll go to heaven. Ignorant, but honest.

    10. Why should I read what you write, when I can read what someone respectable says, especially since they disagree with you? I've no clue why you should read what I write, whether I were respectable or not, or whether what I write agreed with anyone. Really, you shouldn't read unless God directs you to do so, as God would have a will about how you use your time. So ask Him, not me, whether you should read.

      Frankly, if you use respectability as the criterion for what you decide to read, then respectability matters to you more than truth. You should know by now that respectability is no guarantee of competence, truth-speaking, intent, or anything else. All "respectability" really tells you is that the person deemed "respectable" is approved by his peer group or by people in general. Yeah, Mussolini and Hitler were once popular.

      Go By CONTENT, not by who says what. Else, you will be fooled. So if the content of my webpages has its own merit -- then didn't GOD make it so? Surely I did not. Gotta tell ya, when I read comments in Youtube or webpages, blogs, scholarly treatises, I don't give a flip who says the words, I want to know if the words are a) something God wants me to know, and b) valid for whatever reasons He wants me to know them. For everything in life is used by God to teach you.. His Son. Pro or con, good or bad, silly or smart. So Go By Content, not speaker's approval rating.

      If it matters, I almost never like what I write. I almost never like my videos. There's always something wrong with the presentation, in my view. The webpages are too long and wordy; I didn't even know how to make a video until December 2007, so am still learning. So if your question aims to establish whether I'm trying to advocate you believe as I do, rest easy: I'm not. We each turn over what we believe, and audit it. Spiritual growth happens only if you keep thinking over Bible on a daily basis. It doesn't come by works, rituals, believing what dear Dr. So-and-So says. It comes from being online with God, via 1Jn1:9 and learning and living on Bible He commissioned. Now, if reading what someone else says helps you do that, great. Doesn't mean you must agree with what you read. Does mean you better analyze why you believe, agree, disagree. For you only take your own soul, to heaven.

    11. You use a lot of Greek terms which are famous in Gnosticism. Are you Gnostic? LOL no!!! The terms are BIBLE terms, and yeah most of them in the NT are tweaking the Gnostics for being such dummies. Gnosticism dates back to the Age of Pericles and even earlier. I can't tell if it really originated with the Chinese, or with the Jewish Kabbala goofballs -- what we call Kabbalism really started back during the Judges (circa 1350 BC or so), and has morphed many times. So scratch any notion that my use of terms like "sophia", "pistis", "pleroma" are gnostic terms. THEY ARE BIBLE TERMS, and they go all the way back in the OT, too. Sound hermeneutics: BIBLE CONTEXT determines a meaning, and my webpages are on the Bible, not on anything else. For example, Paul, John, and the writer of Hebrews (someone post-Paul, writing just after Paul died) all tweak the Gnostics. Paul uses Pleroma a lot because he's constantly showing God's Superior Begetting -- "pleroma" has this internal connotation of being "full" of a god via impregnation. John seems to like to use "phos" (Light) a lot, tweaking the Gnostics there. The writer of Hebrews uses teleiow and plerow in tandem to show the change in covenant from Israel to Church (elaborating on the two walls of Ephesians 2). I forget what terms Peter uses, but he gets in some good tweaks, too. So when you see my webpages use these terms, they are the Bible's definitions, never the Gnostics. :)

    12. Why don't you use your real name? Who are you? Isn't it disrespectful to be anonymous? I don't use my real name because who I am, shouldn't matter. Content matters, not the person saying it. The nickname "brainout" derives from Ephesians 4:23, which is a command to be refreshed, reinvigorated BY AGENCY OF the Spirit (verse is mistranslated). Now, think about that: if you aren't in the Spirit, your brain is OUT. Doesn't matter how smart you are, doesn't matter what credentials you have, doesn't matter how respected or approved you are among other humans. So I'm just a "brainout", no matter what people may think of me in real life. So if I respect God, then my own name shouldn't matter.

      What good does it do for you, to know my name? Will that help you grow spiritually? And, can't you Google on "brainout"? If it ever mattered, wouldn't you know more about 'me' from the videos and webpages, then any name would tell you? What difference should it make to anyone, who anyone else is? We all stand individually to our Master. Frankly, I hope "brainout" is the new name I receive on my pebble in the Eternal State, assuming I mature to the Eph4:13 level God ordained for each believer, per Rev2:17. For apart from the Holy Spirit, apart from Christ, I'm nothing, John Chapters 14-15.

      There's one more reason for being anonymous, and it's important. Some of the stuff in these pages is controversial. Some, really sophisticated theology, higher than what you can find anywhere in Christendom. So if a reader stumbles onto some idea in here which he wants to then own, he does. For, he can't say who "brainout" is. I want that. I'm not a teacher, but a student; and if I was given important understanding much like a waiter is given a plate to deliver to the customer, then I want the CUSTOMER to own it. So, he does. You the Customer. I the waiter. I like it that way. God is the Maker of the Food, the Chef, and who needs to care about the delivery system He uses? Again, he used Balaam's donkey, and at best that's all I am. I asked Him over 20 years ago if in the eternal state, I could be a fly on the wall in the Throne Room. Someone no one notices. But it turns out, He made me into a bee. Ok. Then just ignore brainout, and get the content He wants you to get. It BELONGS to you, not to me. :)

      Repeating, from #6: if you're a pastor you can just vet the information and then YOU own it, it's YOUR authority, and "brainout" is completely irrelevant. If it makes you feel nervous to be silent how you stumbled across the material, you can say GOD led you to this silly 'brainout' but then GOD caused you to INDEPENDENTLY PROVE the material true. So then 'brainout' is irrelevant, right? For GOD did the work, not 'brainout'. He used Balaam's ass, so he also used a 'brainout' to disclose something, that's all. And now, YOU own it, not 'brainout'. For God's Disclosure belongs to everyone. Treasure in earthen vessels.

      Since it belongs to you, then you have to vet it. Since it belongs to you and you have to vet it, You Have To Vet It Before God, and In Bible. So you can't claim you read some book by some 'respectable' person, and THAT is why you believe. Too many books claiming to be ABOUT the Bible, being read and believed; but the Bible itself, is not consulted. You realize that's like everyone who wants to know something about YOU, going to people who don't know you very well, right? Going to anyone BUT you for confirmation of information claimed about YOU. In a court of law, it's called "hearsay evidence" and is inadmissible. Yet it's okay to rely on hearsay evidence rather than the Bible which is in every hotel room? Yuck!

      Okay, so you can't do that here. I document where I get what I get FROM BIBLE, so that you can AUDIT it. And after that, since you audited it, it's YOUR material, not mine, since the BIBLE belongs to everyone on the planet. No quoting 'brainout', since you don't know who brainout is. So you have to do your OWN homework. And then, you OWN that. :)))

    13. The Bible is a corrupted book of myths. How can you believe in it? Bible proves itself Divinely true to anyone who reads it carefully. For it takes God's Perspicacity to comprehend the Bible, and He gives that to you, as you read. The Bible is an extremely sophisticated book and requires one study it with care. Few do that, so their ineptitude is blamed on the Bible. See, the Bible is supposed to be the Word of God so it must be written in a manner which displays God in all His facets. That way you know human ability and intelligence aren't corrupting the book. So, it takes time to analyze and vet.

      The chief mechanism Bible uses to display Divine Authorship is a rhetorical device today called "parallelism". How things are similar. This parallelism begins in Genesis 1:1 and THREADS throughout the Bible. Each verse beginning at the beginning, introduces or elaborates on concepts and principles which were covered prior. Thus, for example, when you read the Book of Daniel, EVERYTHING PRIOR to that Book which was Divine Writ, must be threaded into and through, Daniel. Very precise threading is required. So for example in Daniel, the book is about the end of time, because time was supposed to end with the destruction of the Temple. So the question became, why didn't time end? Revelation is on the same theme as Daniel, and for the same reason.

      So, in Daniel, the answer to why Time did not end, is predicated on a promise which gave birth to the Temple's destruction in the first place, a Time promise which is the primary Accounting Piece for VOTING PERIOD, since Adam: 70 years. If that contingency was met (enough voting positive, unlike the Flood), then history would be granted; Daniel is gradually told in parallelism, how that future history would play. He's not given the whole story at once, because it will not PLAY all at once, and because it will PLAY in parallelism. So the beast that was Babylon, is first presented, but it is an archetype, PARALLEL TO future beasts to follow it. So thesauretical versions of the first beast, are the rest. See the pattern?

      In Revelation, these threads from Daniel, are all finalized. That's one way you know Revelation is the last book of the Bible. All the threads, COMPLETE. So forget all the goofy nonsense of revelation given after 96AD. It is finished. Time, threads, everything.

      Thus you have parallelism in the sense of a continuing thesauretical series of analogies all linked together, and you have parallelism in the sense of further discourse/revelation about the same topics, carrying forward in time and purpose. For, the Bible is a sheaf of legal documents about the Angelic Trial of which we humans are the witnesses. So you have depositional parallelisms, contractual parallelisms, forensic parallelisms, etc. All the material you need to prove God exists, is actually within the text itself. 100% proof, is there.

      Think of it as a tapestry. If there's a weaving error in the tapestry, you could say it was of human origin. If no weaving error, then it has to be of divine origin. Now, if the tapestry has no flaws but someone comes in and attacks some of the threads, then those would be visible, a forensic task which alike uncovers when and who and how the attacks, were made. So it is with this woven Word. We can tell where it was attacked, and what was changed. So now you know two things: 1) that the original is Divine, and 2) how someone tried to de-Vine it. That's more information than if you only had 1)! So what some call corruptions, actually prove the Bible more Divine than ever.

      A common argument which makes me chuckle is that "perfection" of Bible ought to be defined in terms of FORM. So if there is a scribal error, then it's not from God. Now, think about the fallacy of that premise. If Bible had to be perfect in FORM to be from God, how can you learn the Divine Power of perfecting YOU? Yet if you get FROM GOD as you read, the very message He intended from the text, however mangled it seems in form -- then you see how God can perfect you, too.

      The claim of Bible's Perfection is called "Verbal Plenary Inspiration". Meaning, that God so supernaturally empowered the writers, that without waiving ANYTHING in their own personality or nature, He nonetheless transmits His Complete Communication to mankind exactly as He intended, perfectly. So now think: if some scribe miscopied something or left out some portion of that original Divine Writ, God would know that. God would therefore know how to make sure that some OTHER scribe included a correct version of what got messed up. So in aggregate, you have all the same words as God originally intended. We have so many copies, it becomes easy to know where the errors are. Yeah, there are a lot of errors. You just try to type many sentences and see how often you must backspace or correct them later. Moreover, most of the errors are like this: "ths eror n neeeds t b corected." Can't you still tell what the sentence means?

        Moreover, the form errors teach you stuff as well:
      • they teach you the problems people who copied the text faced,
      • they prove Bible's doctrine about how we are disinterested in it,
      • they prove how Satan & Co. attack Bible -- thereby testifying it's THE Word of God,
      • most often, they prove ADDED LAYERS OF MEANING in the text which I wouldn't have noticed if I weren't chasing down the error!

        So I'm GLAD the text isn't perfect in form: I learn Bible so much better due to those errors!

      Clever way for God to prove Himself to you, huh. So it remains true that despite imperfections in form, that the Word of God is indeed inerrant and infallible -- which truth, God will gladly PROVE to you as you read His Word. I see that proof every single day, even when I don't want to see it. The proof is overwhelming. So I can empathize with people who want to run away from God. I just can't do it anymore, that's all.

      In sum, the content of the Bible, its perspicacity, prophecy, and myriads of other information, always foils its critics, generation after generation. People misread it, and prove to have been slipshod in their homework. People are stumped by the meanings, and within their lifetimes the stumps are removed. At the very time when people were stumped by some of the words in the Greek text of Bible, Hebrew text was found to prove where the Greek had been ineptly de-vined. When people were stumped by locations in the Bible, there was some archeological discovery which helped them prove the locations. For example, for centuries people had no proof Babylon existed, but weren't stumped by it; so too, many other places cited in the Bible, were buried under tons of rubble. Yet those places were unearthed, during the lifetime of people contesting their Biblical validity.

      In short, there's no book like the Bible for coherency and accuracy. And in time, God 'answers' all objections. Right ON time, too. In parallelism. Two Witnesses. Two Natures. God-man, get it?

      Now, I suppose to someone whose interest in God is nearly zero or negative, the Bible wouldn't make much sense. Neither, would nuclear physics. And, therefore being unable to read it, such a negative person would blame the book for the person's own inability. Thus such a person would call it corrupted, and a 'myth'. Fine. The rest of us will go right on learning and living on it, growing in Him.

    14. What do you mean by Scripture verses having "multistoried meanings"? Are you an allegoricist?

    Not at all. If anything, I think even those among us who recognize that Scripture should be literally interpreted, aren't being literal enough. The multistoried-meaning comments are meant to show God literally means what He says, and in more detail than we give credence. For example, Christ updates Psalm 82:6 in John 10:34-36: note the very clever wording on the UPGRADE, in John 10:36. Literally. Sons from the Son. Oh, but we don't take Him literally, and deem ourselves 'humble'! What arrogance.

    What's the point of GETTING the "mind of Christ" if it won't transform our thinking, Romans 12:1-3? And if our thinking is transformed to BECOME His, what does that make us, functionally? If the Holy Spirit is God and He is; if He runs our thinking, and He does; then we are "sons of God in Christ Jesus" -- literally.

    Notice then, the storeys:

    • Bottom level, prophecy of Christ's coming which Asaph and company understood. That was the near-term value to them.
    • Next level, the prophecy that would become Jeremiah 31:31-34, His Thinking being written on hearts and minds, again applicable then to them, but also to us, given Jewish Rejection of Messiah when He came, theme of Hebrews 8-10.
    • Next level, Church getting that thinking so to become Royal Family of God, main theme of Ephesians and Hebrews -- so Church is not Israel (replacement theology is bunk, see why in "Covenant Properties" section of LordvSatan2.htm).
    • So we are 'gods' in eternity, being as we are SONS OF CHRIST Who Had no Descendants, thus fulfilling Isaiah 53:12 in a different way, owing to Jewish Rejection. We are Hupostasis within Hupostasis, theme of Hebrews 1:3, 3:14, 11:1 clever Greek (mistranslated, of course).
    • So the New Covenant promised them, is STILL received -- with the hiatus of Church, and with the sibling-rulership of Church over Gentile nations, in the Millennium. To those on earth then, we will indeed seem like gods.
    • Top-most level: God should not have to tolerate lesser-thans. To hear thinking of lower quality than His Own, is unfair. So, this mechanism of making Christ First and Foremost, with us being cloned from Him, essentially, solves that injustice. See? Multistoried layers of meaning. NONE of them allegorical.

    We sell God's LITERAL purpose in Christ, quintessentially expressed in Isaiah 53:10-11 five LXX infinitives, quoted endlessly throughout the NT -- at too low a level, in both pulpits and common conversation. Because, we are UNCOMFORTABLE interpreting Scripture literally. Hence our anthropocentric teaching and Bible academia is sickening. It's not about sin. It's not about what the usually-retarded Church Fathers or Reformers thought or taught. It's not about the history of Christianity, or its various, always-dinky theologies. It's about CHRIST. Literally. Forget everything else.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but it's the sordid printout of Churchinanity's history that we mouth "God" all the time, but learn Him, not at all. We learn the names of scholars, rattling them off like mathematicians have to do (i.e., Planck's Constant, named after a guy rather than a descriptive name). So we endlessly quote other people, rather than going back to the Word directly. So we learn our rituals, our arguments with each other, our theological positions -- but not God.

      And if we really paid proper attention to our history, we'd realize that about every 200 years since the Cross, interest in Bible turns "dull", nothros.
    • By 200 AD, we were completely corrupt, so bad we debated over whether Christ was also God. We pooh-poohed the Rapture (sure sign of maximal apostacy is the debunking or 'revising' of Rapture).
    • Then the circle of interest gradually grew again, only to decline by 400 AD, which brought about the Dark Ages.
    • Due to that hardship, a small rise and then fall again, with the Middle Ages and its brutality.
    • But then, Charlesmagne, and rise again.
    • Only to fall again, then about 1000 AD you see a resurgence of interest, much bigger than before.
    • Etc.
    • Last cycle began in the 1800's with the collection, collation, and distribution of the original-language texts --
    • yeah, and look where we are now. Less interested than ever before. Past generations would have DROOLED to get their common hands on texts we can so easily view on computer.
    • But what do we do with those texts? REVISIONISM! Emotionality! Rah-rah Jesus and fake scholarship!

    So we learn from history that we learn nothing from history. Just as God literally predicted, and as He faithfully portrayed by giving us His 490-year Accounting for Time Scheme from Adam forward -- a scheme very clearly displayed directly IN the Bible, but Christendom has yet to learn it. Instead, we seek to date from extra-Biblical sources, we read the Bible wrong, and then blame the Bible for being obtuse. Literally.

    15. Oh, you're just parroting your pastor or imposing your presuppositions on Bible like everyone else.

    There is a time when that argument can be made: when the person hasn't vetted his beliefs or the pastor's teaching. Most Christians haven't done this, and I'd not have done it either, for I'm as lazy as anyone else: but I didn't understand the "big picture" so I really didn't know what to believe. God, I believe. Everyone else including me, better pay cash upfront. :)

    Still, I don't know until and unless I can see it in Bible. So a pastor's real job is to teach you how to read Bible yourself. Just like in any other school, the teacher teaches you his own learning, so you then can see for yourself, independently. When it comes to Bible, you never outgrow a teacher (and frankly that remains true in all other disciplines as well) -- but you do reach a point where you don't need to hold to a certain view. Your need changes to "what's really the TRUTH?"

    People who tell you they only care about the truth are many. You can tell if their claims are true, by the way they listen, correct themselves, and keep revising WHAT they believe true. That's supposed to be how science works, but in fact it has stuck its heels in the thoroughly-groundless, 'theory' (really, bad hypothesis) of evolution. Same, with many Christians. They claim to only want the truth, but like the evolutionists, don't do their homework.

    Seeing how everyone else is biased and gets it wrong, I trust myself, not at all. So I'm writing to test coherence of what I think I know of Bible, FROM Bible. And if Bible disagrees with me on some point, then I change. No problem. I can't possibly know Truth as well as it truly is, so there's always a correction needed. That's not a flaw, that's called Learning.

    Often I'll appear dogmatic, but that's only because I've done everything I know of to disprove or prove a tenet in Bible, and there's no competing conclusion. That still doesn't mean I understand the proven conclusion as well as I should. So the certainty you see in the webpages, doesn't mean anything about me at all -- but rather it's certainty about the tenet in question, based usually on the reasons stated (space permitting).

    So there's no guarantee that what you see in these pages today, will be here tomorrow. Depends on what 'corrections' I need.

    16. Oh, there's a lot of new and unproven theology in your webpages. You should stick with what's proven.

    Actually, nothing in the webpages is new. Uncommon, yes. Rarely known today, yes. Not known maybe for 2000 years -- the 490-year Accounting for Time Doctrine went lost beginning with those spiritual retards, the 'Church Fathers', rejecting Rapture -- yes. But certainly not 'new'. It's all in the Bible, and that's how I learned the 'theology' you see in the webpages. I wasn't trying to develop one. I was trying to see how all the doctrinal pieces fit together, and test. That a 'theology' came out from all this which largely happens to agree with what my pastor taught, was a surprise. I didn't expect it, and it didn't matter. So again, you can't say the information here is unique. For he'd been teaching it for 53 years. I just didn't see the proof. Now, I do. Now, you can too.

    Frankly, much of the material flies above our conventional theological divisions, so demonstrates commonalities in all of them. The biggest 'theology' which came out from the writing is a refinement and extreme elaboration on a) the Nature of God, and b) the nature of His Plan for our lives. You could add a c), total proof that the Rapture is valid (that surprises me no end, because I was always neutral about the Rapture, and should not have been). You could also add a d), how the devil messes with us, in more empirically-provable detail than I can find elsewhere. Yet a)-d) is but corollaic to fundamental doctrines we all (at least should) know. So you can prove them. That's the other purpose of the webpages: provability.

    Now, that most people don't know of this information is quite beside the point. And, now that the pages exist and the information can be tested, it doesn't matter that I got the information one way, but you another way, because it's all in the Bible and can be proven many ways.

    Reiterating: these webpages came about because I did not understand what my pastor taught, so he got it from Bible, but no pastor can sufficiently explain within only one hour's daily class. So, I asked God. Really, it was that simple. Because my pastor taught Bible in the original-language texts, I was able to read it to see, asking God the meanwhile, constantly being 'reminded' (principle of John 14:26) of places in Bible to look test, analyze. 60-hour research weeks, 8 years of them. So now, I understand. Anyone else can do the same thing.

    That's why you use 1Jn1:9 and ask God for more information. Same as when you go to regular school, you have homework to do; the teacher can't say all that needs to be learned. Since this is God's Word and HE knows what He means and what HE gave your pastor to teach, He can teach you. He won't do that, if you don't ask. But if you do ask, when you are between sins you can learn, and indeed prove fully what He means. It takes God's Power -- after all, God Alone Knows What He Means. So if you ASK, then you too can learn. If you don't ask, then you don't learn.

    The problem is we don't ask. We think we're supposed to learn on our own power, and we pride ourselves on how much we fantasize we know. Or, we pride ourselves on being unable to know, excusing our ignorance in the name of human limitations -- as if God were so incompetent or cruel, He'd not be able to bridge that limitation gap. So if you don't know, ask. Else, go do something else. Most wasted life on the planet, is a religious one. Either study Bible to learn God for Himself, or go do something else.

    17. Oh, what you write here will revolutionize Christianity!

    No, what God wrote in Bible revolutionizes Christianity. I'm only evidence that any ol' brainout can learn Bible. So now you have the information too, and if you understand it such that you make this comment, then God gave you that information, not me. So, see? You Own It Just As Much As I Do. It's not 'my' writing. It's Bible's, using a donkey mouth. Which, any brainout can know.

    That's why I'm anonymous. There are too many 'Christian' books, too many 'authors' being credited, too little Bible being consulted, today. If you don't know who 'brainout' is, then you can't credit me. It's not my material, it's Bible. Which, when you prove it yourself before God, becomes His Gift to you, and I'm not involved.

    We get to replace our thinking with His. We don't have to live for ourselves, we don't have to run on the hamster's treadmill of constantly crediting ourselves or other people. We can just live to God, for God, of God, in God, 2Cor5:14-21. Whew. That's a revolutionary relief, huh.

    18. Oh, I hear your pastor is a false teacher!

    Jesus the Christ is both admired and hated by millions of people ever since He was here. So millions of people in history speak well and ill of Him. So too, Hitler was admired and hated by millions of people ever since he was living down here. So, many people in history speak well and ill of him. Who do you believe? Well if you're a stupid herdbound person who doesn't care about truth, you'll just follow your associates, and chirp the same thing. So if you're correct, you're still wrong, because you didn't do your own homework, but went with 'your' crowd.

    Now, the crowd aligning with one 'side' or another of a person will be a great testimony to the truth or the falsehood of that side. For when one takes a position on someone else, if the position is false -- the falsehood infects. So those anti- a person who is good, will display a growing soul sickness: progressively more petty, progressively more incompetent in comprehension, articulation, progressively more obsessed, judgmental, prone to believing wilder and wilder lies. In a word, childish.

    By contrast, when one takes a true position on someone else -- the truth 'infects'. Such a one will display a growing soul health: becomes progressively more generous (overlooking slights), more competent in comprehension, articulation; rather than becoming obsessive, the person becomes progressively more relaxed, far less inclined to be judgmental, and is more and more attuned to rationality. In a word, mature.

    Granted, both those who believe falsehoods (here, about a person) and those who believe truths, have their articulate spokesmen -- and their wackos. Just as fans of a good baseball player can be themselves crazy (i.e., killing someone who didn't like that baseball player, in the NAME of that player) -- so also fans of any teacher can be crazy.. or well-composed. So you can't go by behavior to evaluate the accuracy of a person's judgment about someone else. You have to evaluate the 'player', himself.

    Hearsay is inadmissable in court. Now you know why. So whatever you hear, ask: is this 'witness' sound of mind? And even if you think 'yes', are you right before God, to just accept that person's hearsay? Would you want that done of you?

    Notice I didn't answer the implied accusation in your question. God will; His is the only testimony which matters. God answers for and defends those He sent, beginning with His Son. God also answers for those He did not send, Jeremiah 26-28.

    19. Why don't you quote your sources?

    I do quote sources, where relevant, and I always provide Bible backup. However, generally this question is directed in reaction to statements which the reader hasn't heard authoritatively stated by some other human. I can't help what the reader doesn't know. And what I write, is generally provable by THINKING OVER what's said, by recourse to Bible, especially in the original-language texts, by recourse to lexicons, and by Googling. In short, what I write is either rarely discussed, or is downplayed in public. Everyone knows, for example, that translated Bibles are full of errors. The public doesn't like to hear that, so not much about the fact is publicly said.

      Thus the horror of a KJVO movement, results. Or how about this other common example, which is even older in its pimping: the Calvinist lie that Dispensationalism is an invention by Darby or Plymouth Brethren in the 19th century, or an invention of some woman who used 'Rapture' to mean a THRILL. In short, they claim 'Rapture' is "not a Bible term."

      Au Contraire! 'Rapture' is Anglicized from Latin word rapto, and it's used to translate Greek harpazw in 1Thess4:17. THAT MEANS IT'S A BIBLE WORD. Since Calvinism is founded on the anti-semitic idea that Israel is replaced by Church, the fact that JEWS ARE DISPENSATIONALISTS BASED ON PSALM 90 is shunted aside. So the correct doctrine of Dispensations (and there are many incorrect versions) is denied by a patent lie that the idea was suddenly 'born' in the 1800's. See: respectable Calvinist 'scholars' long pander this lie, proving they hate God's Word. So their niceness, their 'scholarship' is all tainted by a need to defend anti-semitic Calvin.

      You have to tell the sheep where the bones are buried, for sooner or later those bones will surface. Scholars and pastors are very reluctant to do that. I can't be reluctant. I know where the bodies are, as do millions of other people conversant with the mss. Maybe they can stay silent, but I cannot.

    This creates a dilemma. If I were to individually document all the sources proving how well known are the controversies, those quoted might suffer taint. In fact, that is the primary reason why those 'in the know', don't fess up. Still, you can find much of this material if you dig.

    Additionally, the way the material 'adds up' to the conclusions you find in my webpages, is original research. You're given the information, how I got what I got, and then it's up to you if you agree on how I connected the 'dots' of information. You agree or you do not. That is your free right before the Lord. So again, it's not a lack of providing sources, but rather the fact the researched conclusions don't quote some 'respectable' person, in the reader's opinion. Again, that's a matter between God and you.

    Bible is meant to be The Authority. So I use it. Any drunk in Calcutta who correctly recites the Gospel is still using an AUTHORITY. That Authority is not tainted due to the fact that a drunk cites it. Neither is my authority an issue since I'm using THE BIBLE.

    Now, a lot of people all claim to be using the Bible, that the Bible proves what they say true, etc., please kneel here. They are trying to advance an agenda, they have something to sell. I don't have an agenda I need you to 'buy'. Instead, I need to document HOW something in the Bible PROVES a given contention or disproves it. I'm really interested in the Wording of the Word, because that's the only way you can be sure of WHAT it says. Sadly, people don't pay enough attention to the 'boring' stuff, the articles, prepositions, tenses, idioms, and important rhetorical styles like METER, which even today scholars dispute exists. Okay, then: if you don't LOOK at what the Bible says, you won't KNOW what it says. But you will, hallucinate.

    So here's the sad answer: we Christians have gotten away from THE BIBLE. So too, the scholars. Instead, everyone quotes the hearsay of someone else, be he an 'expert' or not. That's a despicable practice which gives rise to non-thinking use of Bible, and many a heresy has resulted. People prefer to believe based on the attractiveness of a person, rather than the Truth of the Bible.

    Sorry, I won't cave into that by making long bibliographies of 'sources' I've actually consulted, so you'll think well of me and what I say. That shouldn't be how you analyze. Experts lie. They are paid to lie. Not all experts, surely. But enough of them. Every denomination, every courtroom, has its 'experts' who are PAID to agree with whatever the 'employer' wants said. So how do you vet the 'experts'?

    Only one way to vet: use 1John1:9, ask GOD while you read, to testify to the accuracy or inaccuracy of WHAT you read. That's what I'm relying on you doing, when I write. That's what I do AS I write, and I'm constantly throwing stones at what I write, at my videos, non-stop. It's called AUDITING, and that's the constant practice John bids us do, in 1John4:1-6, a passage every Christian knows. So why aren't we doing it?

    See: You Go By Content, and analyze it Before The Lord, Job 34:3. Or, don't. Your call.

    20. What are your credentials?

    I get this question, often. We sheep are so mindless now, we consider nothing authoritative until and unless the person saying it has some initials after his name. We don't realize how easy it is to get a degree and yet never learn a thing. I can hire an 'expert' with 20 quite respectable-and-valid initials after his name for any position I want to take, at law. Or, Bible interpretation. The expert will hedge if he must, 'the data suggest', or 'it can be argued that', or 'it is possible' or 'scholars concur that' (not telling you how many, how good, how recent, or who). Fudge words.

    My 'credentials' are Bible itself. Its own words. If you can't read them and know what it says, then you have to talk to God. Use 1John1:9 like breathing, or you don't get His Perspicacity, so Bible will just be hot air, to you. That's the ONE Credential everyone needs, no matter how fluent they are with Bible words. Absent the Spirit's brains, your interpretation is TOAST.

    I learned how to read those words under a pastor who was anal about Hebrew and Greek words, syntax, grammar, and taught them daily. After 40 years, that knowledge gets inside even a brainout. And so I'm anal, too. If I find a mistake (and I always do), I fix it.

    I read a lot. I throw stones at everything, especially my own interpretations, because I'm always sure they are wrong. And I revise, edit, redo. That's it.

    So enfin, my credentials aren't mine, but God's. He will testify if He's "in" what you read/watch among 'my' stuff. Or, if I made a boo-boo. That's the best testimony there is, and even Balaam's ass can correctly interpret Scripture, if God is "in" it.

    God will NOT be "in" it, if you are slovenly about study. You can't just use 1John1:9, open the Bible and instantly know all of what a verse means. You have to plod. You have to dig. You have to ask questions. You have to Compare Scripture With Scripture. So it ends up meaning you have to do, all those things which the people who HAVE credentials, learned to do. Research. Doubt. Rethink. Reanalyze. Never Stand Pat On An Interpretation, for whatever you correctly know, you don't know ALL of it correctly enough. So even though God can make Balaam's ass correctly interpret Scripture, He expects us human donkeys to CARE about how He words His Word, by Seeking Diligently To Know -- from Him. That's Hebrews 11:6.

    So notice: too many scholars don't ask GOD about meaning, but go to other scholars' interpretations, catalog them, decide among them, and then take a position. So too, many an uneducated person goes by the hearsay of his friends, family, pastor, 'spiritual giant' (in his uninformed opinion). Again, eschewing consulting God. Not good.

      Does that mean you should therefore reject all you hear by others? No, dummy. It means you ASK GOD. That was in the first sentence. God. First. Ask. Him. So look how you honor your pastor, your friends, your family, if you do that: God can tell you more about what you heard, and what it means. So if those people were right about what they said, God will vindicate what they said to you, since HE would have given it to them to SAY it rightly, in the first place.

      And why? To save YOU, time. But you save nothing, if you don't ask. In fact, you spit on your friends, your pastor, your family if you DON'T ask, for what if they had a bad hair day and gave you wrong information? OR, worse: if they gave you right information and you don't question it, then you're DISINTERESTED. (That's the norm, too. We agree to fit in, not because we really believe something.) And of course, your non-questionning can be defended as 'loyalty', even though a truly loyal person would pepper questions right and left, in order to be more loyal in his understanding.

      See? Not asking God, is disrespecting Him. Not asking God, is disrespecting them. For if they are wrong, they wouldn't want you believing what they believe. And if they are right, they wouldn't want you believing because they are right, but because of God!

    So it's a hybrid: you use 1John1:9 like breathing and keep on asking God. And, you apply yourself with the discipline and tools of the academic. God will enable that. I can't tell you how many times He caused me to know a grammar or syntax rule instantly while I was going over a passage. Then afterwards, I have to go look it up (due diligence, testing the spirits) and I find it in some academic tome. Then I learn more. In short, God will save you TIME in learning, but that's not an excuse to avoid learning.

    Of course, if you want to know what God means, rather than preen over how smart you are, you will want to learn. Just to know Him. All too often people use Bible and Bible scholarship as a weapon or a preening device. It's not God, they want to know. So, they won't know Him or His Word. No matter how educated they are. No matter how dumb they are.

    See: the Content Matters. So if it matters to YOU, then you go to whatever lengths are needed to learn it. That's what Greek spoudazw means, and why translators often mistranslate it as 'be diligent', cutting out the MOTIVE behind the motions, turning one's interest in God (the real reason why God enables you to know) into a preening function you do yourself.

    So the bottom line, is this. Your Credentials come from God, first. They won't turn on except between sins. Meaning: you had better use 1John1:9 like breathing or you will fancy yourself in the light, but be in darkness, 1John1:6. And YES you apply yourself with all the discipline of an academic. Which you won't do, even if an academic, if you don't want to know God.

    Sadly, many a pastor or Bible scholar has slipped into a worldly routine with God as a Designer Label. Truth to tell, many of them are weary from all the denominational infighting, the masses with their goofy ideas (like the Campingites) who a scholar or pastor is obliged to rebut; they are tired out from the same basic questions, the same childish debates. They have family life and obligations, and it becomes too easy (understandably so) to just cop out, go with the flow.

    So Christian theology has been in the playpen for centuries. Degreed, respectable, basic, childish, ever learning and never coming to a buildable knowledge of God (2Tim3:7).

    That's why people are leaving churches. That's why God had John the Baptist, a valid Levite priest, stay away from the Temple and go into the wilderness. But even so, you need a teacher, and under that teacher you need to be quite serious about How God Words His Word. Or, you can just spend your life, playing with your diapers.

    End Commercial Message.

  • Sisyphus