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Brainout passed away in 2023 and I rescued the domain from godaddy auctions; it's funny as she said something big would happen in 2023, apparently her own death was also factored into the Poetic Meter that year: demons responded with giving everyone a global interest in 'Sisyphus' as a parody, that's why it became so popular in August of 2023 for no apparent reason, go figure. I'm merely maintaining the site and performed a major overhaul spending weeks rescuing content from external sites to make it all now internal to the LordPages -- which you can download the entire site for your own private safekeeping and usage, enjoy.

Happy Bible learning to you. Remember that this material is always adjunctive, you will want to ask God for your Right Pastor-Teacher and use 1 John 1:9 like breathing.

The cancer thing

brainout | 01 Mar 2020, 12:47

I don't want to sound maudlin but I got to post some stuff to get off my chest case I die tomorrow.

You know how it is: if somebody you love dies, you find yourself wishing you had said, certain things. So I'll post audios in this thread on stuff I wanted to make sure I said, before I die.

Will I die? Who knows. Very happy; I'm in no pain, is great to see all that Bible Doctrine come to Harvest. It's you poor slobs I'm leaving behind, I feel bad about. Ergo the audios. They're basically on what constitutes the spiritual life in a more succinct manner, than I've said before.

So listen or not, as you see fit. This intro is in 4 parts; first 2 below, labeled b4IDie. Do not feel bad for me, cuz I don't feel bad. I feel like I'm on vacation. Really weird.

Now we come to the topic proper: what is the spiritual life really like? Because frankly, the pulpits don't tell you. I don't know why they don't tell you. There's nothing complicated about it.

If you've been listening to me for a long time, a lot of this will sound familiar, like in the God Deeds series; but it's clearer, at least to me, than it's ever been before. There's a happiness of knowing that none of your life was wasted.

So if your life isn't wasted, then you know nobody's life is wasted. So all those people who got brutally murdered, or Auschwitz, or any horrible crime you name.. none of it is wasted.

That's a huge relief.. that's what the audios cover: why it's NOT a waste.

brainout | 01 Mar 2020, 13:17

Now we come to the topic proper: what is the spiritual life really like? Because frankly, the pulpits don't tell you. I don't know why they don't tell you. There's nothing complicated about it.

If you've been listening to me for a long time, a lot of this will sound familiar, like in the God Deeds series; but it's clearer, at least to me, than it's ever been before. There's a happiness of knowing that none of your life was wasted.

So if your life isn't wasted, then you know nobody's life is wasted. So all those people who got brutally murdered, or Auschwitz, or any horrible crime you name.. none of it is wasted.

That's a huge relief.. that's what the audios cover: why it's NOT a waste.

Audio downloads have become corrupt

New Gospel audio

brainout | 21 Mar 2021, 05:14

I will fill this in later; I don't like the audios so I will redo them.

You should be able to download the above audios w right-click: their focus is, why did God create the system of Salvation? Because He could have made us unfailingly perfect from the get-go. That's actually Satan's accusation, eg in Matt4.

Once you understand that, everything in Bible will start to make sense, eg, why are we so small, why does God let u in Heaven FREE, etcetera

So these audios re-examine the basics but from the standpoint of the deeper design God intended.

I will edit to add New audios at the top of the post so the topmost audio will be the latest one each time. I keep passing out so I can't predict when new posts are made; but I will post in Twitter, when I edit this.

Audio downloads have become corrupt
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      In Mirroring.htm, there's a new intra-page link about how God 'amortizes' time; it ought to be helpful in understanding the 490/1050 structure better. A new "Synopsis" is at its beginning. The "Seedmaker" link is now easier to follow, and the precedenting meanings for the 490 subcomponents should be clearer. Matthew 1's parallel showing how time was 14 years short by Christ's death was made clearer in the "one week" link. The "David" links were much improved again, especially with respect to how his 490s/1000s work. On the 29th, Mirroring.htm was massively edited in the "1000" , "To Be or Not to Be" and "David" links; much easier to grasp, now.

      Re PassPlot.htm: on 11/29, I upgraded "First Fruits" and "Division #2". Suddenly I found the conclusive grammar proof I needed about how First Fruits is piggybacked on Last Day of Unleavened Bread. It was obvious even in translation, but the odd use of the dative case in the LXX elucidated a similar structure in Hebrew. Also, a new page, IshmaelnotIsaac.doc, shows how the Koran reverses who got almost-sacrificed by Abraham. It's only two printed pages long. Lots of folks don't know that the Koran claims it was Ishmael not Isaac, who was sacrificed. In chatrooms I had some people claim I was lying about it. More importantly, once you see THIS claim, you realize all the more how Satan&Co. are deriding these the other sons of Abraham, the Arabs. How cruel and petty, to make these sons of Abraham believe blatant lies wrapped up in beautiful sounds (spoken Koran in Arabic, is utterly gorgeous to the ear). Makes one want to mourn forever.

        Earlier recent revisions in PassPlot.htm follow here next. On 11/25, I reordered the "Purim" link for easier reading; and, made passim small corrections there and in the 2nd-Temple dates. Result isn't much different in content from previous versions, but it flows better and fills in the gap between Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus. Back on 11/18, a new HebCal.htm page was created, so a reader can load a separate webpage with ONLY the Jewish calendar and the priestly course names; PassPlot was also changed somewhat to fit the new page. On 11/17-18, PassPlot sports several new intra-page links re Chanukah and all the priestly course names, so you can see how prophetic they are; also, the verse-pastes at the end of the page from the post-Exilic Bible books were made much more readable; they tie back to the "Purim" link to show timing. 11/16 and prior, PassPlot was completely overhauled; it was also updated to better reflect GeneYrs.xls, too. The main changes are in the links on the Lord's Birthdate, "Purim" links and "Rapture" pink table. PassPlot's accounting fully balances now, back to the Bible's date of the Annunciation and to Elizabeth's date of pregnancy. I needed to track that far backwards, test balance with AND without calendar intercalation -- it's done now. The only track-back left to do, is find out WHAT of David's significant dates = 25 Chislev. The precedence for the Lord's 25 Chislev Birthday must track back to David. It's just a question of finding what rhetorical style God uses to tell us. The Sivan/Chislev priestly course names are bald, and David designed them at the Lord's command. Same, for Elul/Adar. So if they are so bald, then the meaning of 25 Chislev with respect to David will likewise be bald and punning. It will take a while to find.

        All the "fullness of times", "right time", "end of time" references in Bible refer to this fact of the Lord both being born AND dying at the last minute; now you can prove why that's true. God predicated His accounting on the 1000th anniversary of David's Death, in Daniel 9:24-27. Virtually all that false doctrine about mid- and end-Trib, amillenialism and 'allegorical' reads on Trib and Mill, come from not knowing God's accounting is precedented on David's death date in 963BC, in the accounting of Daniel 9:24-27. Now you can prove WHY the Tribulation is 7 years, and why it's a Tribulation; why it's leftover time for ISRAEL, never Church. Sections most on this topic are the "David" links, "1000", and "To Be or Not to Be" links in Mirroring.htm -- and in GeneYrs.xls, the rows spanning Year of the World 4136-4200. Be sure to read the little red triangle notes in that section of the worksheet (from Christ's Death Year onward). If the notes give you trouble, unfreeze the panes in Excel (in the menu click on Window, then Unfreeze Panes).

        A lot of folks realize that the Trib is kicked off by the Rapture, and that Church is not in the Trib. But they could always be disputed, on the (imo specious) grounds that you can read some Trib verses in more than one way. That's not really true: translations are ambiguous, but not the Greek and Hebrew (etc.) GOD had the writers write. Still, once you see the math God uses, there's no question but that Rapture is pre-Trib, and that Church is not in the Trib AT ALL.

        PassPlot.htm's "Rapture" pink table has a streamlined explanation, much easier to follow. Use that pink table, if Mirroring.htm's repetitive accounting makes your eyes glaze over. PassPlot's "Purim" link was cleaned up for two important things: 1) timing with respect to 537BC-521BC, and most importantly 2) the decree to rebuild is GOD'S Decree, not any king's. For centuries scholars have thought the decree to be one of a man, and they wrestle thus with Daniel 9, because it therefore doesn't balance. So they assume the Bible wrong or.. "mystery". Well, Who Is Doing The Decreeing in Dan9:24? So Whose Decree is in the VERY NEXT VERSE? God. We always cut God's Head off in translations and interpretations. This is no exception. Try reading Daniel 9:25 in terms of GOD doing the decreeing then -- see how well it balances to 30AD. Satan's primary tactic is to make Bible invisible to us. We truly don't see meaning in the verses. It's a blanket thing, not restricted to the uneducated or to the educated. This is a perfect example of the entire genre.

    The rest of this subsection aims to brief you on the Timeline's import. This isn't a Bible Codes gimmick or a predictive tool for prophecy droolers. Rather, It's about how God uses every believer's spiritual life to BUY TIME for the world to continue, a doctrine you can prove He's instituted from the Fall, onward. My pastor has taught "blessing by association" for 53 years, and part of that teaching was about how God uses believers to buy time. I believed him, but now I see its proof in Bible and mathematically you can TEST that claim. Auditing is critical to proving one isn't hallucinating. We all make mistakes. God's Accounting System for Time is self-auditing, so you can catch errors.

      Most importantly, therefore, the Timeline's purpose is to demonstrate how God uses believers who actually LEARN Bible, to literally BUY TIME for the human race (i.e., Col4:5, Eph5:16, use Greek or KJV for those verses). Dunno a greater work, than buying time. So clearly only GOD can do this to you. And, He's been doing it, all along. For when you crunch the Bible's dating math from Gen5 forward, you can prove He's used believers to literally buy the world time since Adam (obviously Doctrine was provided even before Canon was completed in 96AD). He makes birthday presents of time, or death presents of time, and kingship presents of time. Math can't lie. Hence the GeneYrs.xls can be proofed for error at your leisure.

      99.9% of believers are utterly ignorant of Bible, so only a few will be used to justify time. You can't be used to justify BUYING TIME, if you're not learning ON TIME. So if you don't know what time it is, you're unable to learn on time.

    • It's an awesome responsibility we have, and it's an INNER thing, not works you do. The Rapture for example, is unpredictable since believers who learn Bible are literally BUYING TIME. But the converse is also true: time is DEBITED when too many believers remain negative. God shows that accounting fact to Daniel in Dan9:24-27. So the Rapture is a volitional CONVERGENCE, la the Flood: the many negative believers are too far gone, and those positive have been completed in spiritual maturity. So, THEN the Rapture occurs. Can't predict volition. So can't predict the Rapture.
    • For Satan&Co. are playing the same TIMING game on us, that they played against the Lord during His Passion Week. Back then, their goal was to kill Him at the wrong TIME (before true Passover, see PassPlot.htm). So they want us Christians ignorant of Bible, so in SHAME we are RECALLED AS BAD AMBASSADORS (true meaning of Rapture, k?) AT THE WRONG TIME -- before Church is spiritually developed (Eph4:12-16, esp. v.13). Quite a different view of the Rapture, huh. We're not maturing. Folks who look at historical events to estimate how close we are to the Rapture are spiritual babies. In the millions. So all that media blitz about the Rapture proves baby Christians hasten Satan's goal, not God's.

    • You can't predict spiritual growth or retrogression, so you can't predict the Rapture. But you must KNOW -- not merely believe -- how the Timeline works. For it's your JOB as a Royal Priest, to BUY TIME for the human race. So this buying-time Timeline is provable from Bible just like a math theorem, not subjective. It's a centerpiece doctrine in the Bible, as old as Adam.

    • For here's the point of prophecy and the Timeline which you can't hear from the typical Christian, who is ignorant of it. Contrary to popular opinion, God tells you the truth and then demands you prove it out, just like your geometry teacher made you prove the math postulates and theorems she gave you in high school.
    • The main reason God tells you everything in advance, is to TRAIN your faith. Faith is a reasoning based on what you don't see; just like in school, where you learn "London" is a place in "England", but you've not seen either place yourself. So that by the time you DO see, you have the requisite capacity to ENJOY what you see (Him in Heaven), as per Isa53:10-12 . That Isaiah passage sums up our future inheritance succinctly, and every Bible verse points to it (especially Pauline epistles).

    • For you learn in school, seeing nothing, la Gal3:24-25. Then you are graduated. So when we are graduated out of this body, what BIBLE we learned in this school of life, is all we take into our new eternal home, 1Cor15:35-57. You can only learn the Bible properly if you live in God's System (see GodSystem.htm and TEST its claims before the Lord). It's not a denominational thing, but something you personally live in your soul. Not works you do. Takes the Holy Spirit's power to 'do' it, which you can't feel.
    • So most Christians will be taking nothing with them, at graduation. But time for them to change their minds and learn, is being purchased by those believers who are learning Bible and living on it. And of course, unbelievers share in that boon -- so they can learn to believe Christ paid for their sins (belief alone, no works or feeling sorry, etc.) -- and thus be permanently saved the instant they do so.

    • Everything God does therefore is an in-advance bootcamp training. Again, just like the geometry teacher. So it's essential to know God's Calendar, which is a roadmap of all history; and the dating scheme in the Bible, which tells you where you are in that roadmap. Can't get to the destination if you don't FIRST know where you are going...

    • God's timeline is God101 stuff. We ought to have learned it, by now. 99% of all errors in proofing Bible events come from not knowing when BIBLE says a thing happened. Hence all the controversy, so many people saying Bible wrong or obtuse. It's understandable to make mistakes and be ignorant in one lifetime. It's NOT understandable that this ignorance should persist for centuries. The current ignorance is actually worse than it was a century prior, when the world collectively got wide exposure to the original-language texts via the hardworking efforts of Tregelles et. al. who spent most of the 19th century collecting and correcting the MSS. That's appalling, our being MORE IGNORANT now, versus then! Proves we don't give a FLIP about the Most Precious Words in the Universe.

        And nowhere is the ignorance more blasphemous, than on the topic of the (very real, very misrepresented) Rapture. If you don't understand the REAL doctrinal basis, historical setting, and nature of the Rapture -- belief in it doesn't mean understanding it -- you will fail in your Christian life. Saved forever of course -- can't lose salvation -- but no Bible will be built in your soul. That's why we're told about it in advance. We're going to be evaluated for how much we grew up spiritually, down here. And because the Rapture is unpredictable, we don't know WHEN that will be. Note well: "grew up spiritually" -- not, how many good deeds we did for mere people. You can only grow up spiritually on spiritual food. Works and good deeds and human approbation is NOT spiritual food.

    • So we should ASK God what He means; if we don't ASK Him, we won't know. For if God lives and He wrote the Bible (using human agents) -- won't God Himself prove it to you as you read it? So Ask HIM while you read it if He wrote it, and what it means. Simple, huh. If you wrote me a letter and I didn't understand what you said, wouldn't I email you or call you and ask? Why would I call up someone else and ask them what YOU meant? So: if God is alive, you can look up at the ceiling (or whatever) and say, "what the heck do You mean by this, and did YOU write it via humans?" Easy as that.

    • But no one bothers to ask GOD. That's why there's so much confusion, controversy, and misinformation. Instead of asking Him, everyone asks other PEOPLE, and they ask the wrong questions; so of course everyone gets answers from the wrong questions and source which are -- duh! -- contradictatory and unsatisfying. No wonder we don't know the Lord's own Birth and Death dates. Did we ever ASK GOD? Of course not. God knows how to tell us where to look in Bible. Do you seriously think He'd omit that data? Of course not. Look how serious we measly humans are about birth and death dates. Where did we get our own interest from? Who made our souls, huh? The whole Jewish calendar is His Birthday and Deathday card, frankly. But do we know that? Whyever not? Every time I see a Bible documentary or movie I want to throw my shoes at the television, their scholarship is so bad. Well, this is why: they don't ASK or even read Bible.. instead, they pontificate and fantasize and ask mere people. It's GROSS.

        So: it should go without saying that if God is giving you the answer, He'll lead you in your research so you can prove it empirically. After all, you also have to test yourself for hallucination, Job 12:11, 34:3! More importantly, the sheer coherence and perfection of the doctrines from Genesis through Revelation -- in the original-language texts, not translations -- prove that it's God Whose Mind is Behind them. God can transmit His Thinking. A book always reflects the character of its Author. You don't need relics or external people-data to prove Who Wrote Bible and Which Books Are From God. But any external evidence you find, will prove to reinforce the truth. Once you know the truth, you can discern it. But if you're not asking God, well.. then you really are hallucinating. Someone hallucinating he is the Christ -- and how many have there been, from time immemorial, look at Brazil's "Henry Christ", today? -- someone hallucinating he is the Christ in the first century AD or prior -- oh, something he wrote the Sanhedrin which you find, must be THE JESUS PAPERS! Yeah, anyone can claim bones named "James" in an ossuary are THE James! Sucker born every minute, for old bones or papyri.

        So both sides in the Bible debate don't want to learn from God; they'd rather hallucinate. You can prove this easily, for they base their arguments pro- or con- Bible on human consensus (i.e., whether the ancient Council of Nicaea, or today's bevy of scholars quoted on the History Channel). Haters like putting down a Big Name, and array impressive 'experts' to support their view; or, 'in'-with-God folks do the same; hallowed tones are used by all. So both sides don't consult GOD, but rather mere people: then, people argue all day and night, puffed up about how right they are. PEOPLE's ideas. Never God's Word. So even when reading God's Word, they are so saturated with people's ideas about it, they can't read the Word for itself. And they never learn it in the original languages, which is inexcusable. Holy Spirit knows those languages. He can make you learn them.

    • If we asked God, we'd learn that the entire Timeline is BUILT AROUND the Lord's Own Birth and Death dates. Both dates were predicted centuries in advance -- the 1000th anniversary of David's DEATH was the end of Israel's time. So the end of the WORLD would follow. God uses that deadline in His Accounting to Daniel, in Dan9, tallying from 586BC through the end of David's 1000th year. That's why Dan9:25-26 is parsed separately from Dan9:27: 126 years remained of the 490 on the 1st Temple, so God is mirroring it back (126= the 70+49+7 in Dan 9:2, 24) -- IF IF IF the Temple and Jerusalem are completed on time. Which completion, depended on enough believers VOTING to go back there and build both Temple and City. You'll see God nag Zerubabbel about his lackadaisical voting, via Haggai and Zechariah.

      It's not hard to count to 1000, k? So everyone could know the Messiah's Birth and Death dates, since they are all based on David's Kingship and death dates. Messiah HAS to be born by the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship, since He has to be BORN a King. So He has to also DIE by the 1000th anniversary of David's death, because the 1000-year grants must at least be contiguous. So the next person to carry the baton, must GET it before the end of the run for the prior person who has the baton. Every Jewish schoolchild would know those dates. Calendaring based on kingship dates was the system of dating, worldwide.

      So everyone knew that the 1050-year period housing the 1000th anniversary of David's death, would end 7 years later; that's why the Dan9:27 plays with NO Divinely-authorized nation Israel, in Tribulation. That's why God commissioned Moses et. al to write the Bible, in the first place: to gradually explain all this to the world IN WRITING -- a CONTRACT. God crafted time around Israel beginning with the Exodus, and He wanted to publish/proclaim how it all worked -- and how it HAD worked, prior to Israel, so folks could better understand how God accounts time. Spiritual ABCs to learn. Not bleeping Bible Codes! But Israel rebuffed God in 1050BC by wanting a mere human king; so God rejected Israel as the basis -- but by the back door -- gave its timeline to King David (2 Sam7 promise); so of course Israel is still blessed. That's what the Temple signified -- God dwelling with us forever. Messiah is the Temple, Incarnate, fulfilling all in all. (Paul waxes rhapsodic about this, at the end of Eph1. All of Ephesians is about the topic.)

    • Hence Exodus occurred on 14 (Abib=) Nisan, 1440BC; that was 430 years to the day that Jacob and family originally entered Egypt, Exo 12:40-41. Passover is all about His Death Date: arrested four days prior (Lamb set aside, in the holiday); executed on true 14 Nisan (lamb slain before sundown, in the holiday). In our modern dating terms, 14 Nisan=April 3; for the Jewish sacred year begins on the vernal equinox (1 Nisan), roughly our March 21. Christ was executed on 14 Nisan, 30 AD 1470 years after the Exodus -- TO THE VERY DAY: three 490's, just as God told Daniel. By witty use of the Greek term paraskeue (Preparation), the Gospel writers tell you all this -- for the Jewish calendar hadn't been properly intercalated, so by it Passover occurred four days early, on a Saturday night -- but God still had His Son Die On Schedule, on TRUE Passover, which was a Wednesday, four days later. PassPlot.htm goes through it all.

    • Those who wrote the Bible and their contemporary audiences commonly knew all this, as well as the rest of the timeline (i.e., that His Birthdate was first day of Chanukah 4BC). It was like ABC's for them. Verses from Genesis through Revelation rely on the reader's understanding of God's Time Accounting System to make doctrinal points: i.e., use of sabbath, sheba (=7) and eleph (=1000), Gen 15:13, Exo 12:40-41, Dan9:24-27, 1Kings 6:1, Matt1's "14" sly play on "promise" and Hypostatic Union, Luke 3's tally of the 77 sons, Acts 13:20, etc. Revelation itself is written because the end was SUPPOSED to have occurred no later than 94AD, the 1057th anniversary of David's death (the last 50 years are a voting period in a 1050 unit), the end of the fourth 1050-year period from Adam's fall. But the end didn't occur. Folks knew this timeline, and post-Temple expected the Millenium to begin no later than 94AD, even though they knew the Rapture was unpredictable. So when the end didn't happen, John was commissioned to write about how it would happen. Because, the Rapture wasn't predictable then (i.e., 1Jn3), and it's not now, either. Church is not Israel, see.

        Daily use of God's System (see GodSystem.htm) makes ALL the difference in perception of these things. Maxima mea culpa, I didn't use to know it, either. I was lazy. A reader wrote me about the Genesis 5 'contradiction' between LXX and BHS texts; unknown to him, I was toying with creating a timeline from Adam forward; since I wasn't interested in Bible dates or prophecy but instead the doctrines, I was not keen to do a timeline. God clearly wanted me to focus on the dates, so He used the query to reprimand my laziness. Ouch. Thank You, Father. It's amazing how much DOCTRINE is provided by the dates and prophecy. I shouldn't have been prejudiced against Bible study on these topics, just because so many drooling Christians are hung up on the dates and prophecies. Ouch.

    God's Timeline is above all a demonstration of God's Attribute of Justice, how and why He grants time. It is not a gee-whiz toy nor a Bible Codes thing. It's a way to understand God's Own Nature better, and is thoroughly disclosed in the Bible. If you don't know what time it is, you can't orient to God's Justice properly. You can prove all this, too. That's why God provided it, so you know a) that you're not hallucinating Who God is, and b) you can know where you are in the timeline. Misdiagnosing the time gets one in lots of secular trouble; even more, in spiritual trouble.

      The Thinking Series websites focus on both the real nature of the spiritual life and the timeline, in a comprehensive manner. Part IV specializes in the timeline itself, since most folks have some truly crazy ideas about the meaning and timing of the Rapture. So to demonstrate God's timeline, I had to do a lot of writing, and much in Part IV needs paring. LvS4a.htm provides the historical overview, beginning with Abraham, centering on Christ's First Advent, and showing the historical role of Church in the context of God's entire timeline. Timing subpages Mirroring.htm, PassPlot.htm and GeneYrs.xls, provide you with the data you need for testing, show how the 490-year promise time units work, why they are strung together to form an overall Divine Timeline. These subpages are very much intertwined, so a reader will often feel confused. GeneYrs.xls is a good summary timeline worksheet, but it explains little. Lvs4a.htm, Mirroring and PassPlot.htm all explain perhaps too much. Rewriting will be slow, I work alone.

      So if you'll actually plow through my sites, here's the fastest way to do it. To see the grand Divine Timing scheme, you should first view the "Modest Proposal" link in PassPlot.htm. Most of the elements in the scheme have mainstream versions you can find on the web. For example, I ran across a John Hagee who is a pastor on the web who recognized that the Jewish calendar is a map of history, and he's pretty mainstream. What he and the others don't yet seem to recognize, is that Chanukah's first day, is the Lord's Birthday; that it fills a prophesied 'hole' (opposite Pentecost) in the calendar, thus completing the map of history. For of course, time is a gift to His Humanity, from Father, and as such wholly depicts the Son. It's not a toy or an oooh-ahhh thing to drool and make TV shows out of. Like Paul said, the eusebeia (spiritual life) is of great profit, all by itself (1Tim6:5-6). Best profit, actually.

      Then, your perusal of Mirroring.htm (which I learned a year prior to PassPlot.htm's contents) will make more sense; there's nothing like Mirroring.htm on the internet nor in any pastoral teaching I can find, not even in my own church; snippets of a 490-year scheme are known by most every Christian, but they mistakenly assign it to ONLY one period, from Daniel through 30AD. In Mirroring.htm and GeneYrs.xls you'll see that the 490-year structure is actually a basic "promise" unit of time extending from Adam, forward. Again, for justice reasons. Not, titillation.

      Due to these promise units being contingent on enough believers spiritually maturing, there is a deadline if enough don't do it. Time literally must end. It's a Justice requirement: time stops when people stop wanting God. So, there was an initial timetable, and it got extensions -- you'll see God explain the Temple extension to Daniel, in Daniel 9. Hence, when the extensions run out, well.. time must end. Hence Temple was really destroyed the same day as it had been the first time in 586BC -- August 28-29 -- but the 70AD was by God's Calendar, when the Millenium was SUPPOSED to begin. According to that original timetable, due to Israel's rejection, the last seven years had to play twice -- which is why His Death had to be in 30AD, not 37AD, its original Daniel 9 deadline: the extra seven years had to be lopped off, to keep on schedule for the future Tribulation. Of course by 70AD we Church didn't mature enough for the Rapture to occur; but Paul had matured enough to buy the world time so we COULD mature further. Like Noah, like Moses -- by Paul's death in 68AD, the world was at a point when only ONE believer was enough to justify added years. That's why there could BE a 94AD, which was the outer end of the time grant the Lord's Own Maturity purchased. But there had to be believers maturing to justify the time. It's never guaranteed. [The Lord purchased salvation, so He purchased time as well. But with God it's always a VOTING issue. Adam voted to sin, but he also voted to be saved. Faith in Christ for salvation is first of all a vote to live with God forever. God never coerces volition; people only go to Hell because they never choose to believe in Christ even once during their lifetimes. It's NEVER about sin, but about your vote to live with God, or not. Post-salvation, it's a vote for INTIMATELY KNOWING God. That's why we get a Book about Him, Our Bible. Ritual and works and emotion will never teach you His Thoughts. So: even though time is provided, if the unbeliever isn't voting for God, he doesn't get time. If the believer isn't voting for God, he doesn't get time. Obviously, then, those who ARE voting for God justify the continuance of time despite those voting no, so it's a blessing-by-association thing. It's not a majority-rules thing. But there must be consent. That's why the Rapture ends up occurring. Christians stop consenting to learn, and those who had consented get grown up. So then no more votes. So then no more time. Israel then gets her 'credit' of the 7 years, and that's the Tribulation.]

      I tried to explain this debiting, because it illustrates how all the subcomponents in the Timeline function; it also proves why the Rapture kicks off the Tribulation, in accounting terms (the doctrines underlying that are extensively covered in LvS4a through LvS4d.htm). You'll find the debiting most succinctly stated in two places: the first pink table of PassPlot.htm, and the "To Be or Not to Be" table of Mirroring.htm. God uses the debiting to explain the extension of time to Daniel in Daniel 9. Again: this is ACCOUNTING, not a mystical or magical use of numbers. It's based on the longevity of the First Temple, and on the nature of the 490-year units in God's Time Accounting System for all history, and it's a schedule of deadlines. Same principles there, operate still. Mirroring.htm covers the deadlines and their underlying principles (i.e., meaning of 1000, 70, 50, 30, 20, 7, 1, and all those other numbers people drool over as if they were magic or something -- but seldom learn).

    So we should FIRST plot out God's Calendar, and then compare to whatever historical evidence is 'out there', whether you're pro- or con- Bible: for our own calendaring of critical dates is so often divergent and controversial. Really, if you'll prove or disprove the BIBLE, you first have to know what the BIBLE says, or you chase your tail. So you have to know the Bible's own dating, to know what it says. Personally, I don't care who likes or hates God or the Bible. That's a private matter, one's sacrosanct freedom. But to not even LOOK at Bible yet pontificate on it being right or wrong, is fake scholarship. No excuse for that.

      Frankly, you can sadly prove both pro-Bible and anti-Bible people seldom use the Bible's own calendaring system, to learn what IT SAYS happened when. Instead, they almost solely rely on extra-Biblical sources like Josephus, the Romans, etc. They're freaking APOLOGETIC about Bible's dating, always bringing in something NON-Bible, as if it were more reliable. That's prejudiced scholarship, sorry. External evidence can be checked later, and it's always mounting; but you first need to know WHERE to look, which requires the Bible tell you where to look. Example: we didn't use to believe Babylon existed, so we thought the Bible wrong -- until we found Babylonian ruins. Right where Bible said they'd be. Then all the naysayers had egg on their faces. So it never pays to be smug about Bible, whether pro- or con-.

      Truth is something you are commanded to AUDIT. Common sense would tell you that. Your geometry teacher would tell you that. Bible constantly warns you to audit it and everything else you hear, i.e., Job 12:11, 34:3, Mal3:10, main theme in Jeremiah Chapters 25 forward. Faith is a SEEING. So keep asking God the meanwhile, what to read, how to read, while living in God's System. Then you will learn light-years faster than the fastest scholar, especially if you KEEP asking God and study with the discipline of a scholar. God demands it. Just as would your geometry teacher.

      I apologize, the meanwhile, for my bad (reactive) writing style; I try to write what I'm learning as I'm learning it, lest I forget. So the sites will be edited as I've time. Thanks for your patience!

    Second, I need to retranslate Isaiah 53 now that I see Isaiah's meter. So Isa53trans.htm needs to be amended for meter. God uses every nuance of a language to communicate Truth. Sound and syllabification (i.e., meter) isn't just there to make the text easily memorable. Hence Isaiah meters to Biblically-significant numbers and embeds other words via soundplay in the juxtaposition of the syllables, to enhance understanding of every clause in each verse. So far, 10 syllables seems to signify human reaction to Messiah; 8, God's Action re Messiah; 9, Trinity and resultant Hypostatic Union (God-man nature); 7, for the accomplishment of Divine Purpose. The LXX translators discerned Isaiah's metering system, and thus interpretatively translate the verses, converting them to Greek metering conventions of presumably the same import; I need to test that hypothesis about import further. Moreover, the LXX contains verses missing from the BHS text. So I need to retool Isa53trans.htm to be more faithful to the meaning in the text. This will take many months.

      Sadly, stuff on the internet about Isaiah 53 limits discussion to kindergarten basics like Who is the Person depicted in the passage, not noticing Isaiah's heavy emphasis that His Thinking paid for sins -- 21 times, Isaiah repeats this. After so many millenia, our discussions on Isaiah 53 should be on His Thinking paying for sins, but most Christians don't even know that; most inanely think His Physical Death paid for soul sins. The physical never pays for the soul, which is why Isaiah stresses THINKING, i.e., "im tasim asham naphesho" = "if He will appoint HIS SOUL a guilt offering for sin" -- Isaiah 53:10's Hebrew. We should know this fact well, by now. But we don't. (His Physical death is part of His Plundering Victory, not part of the judgement, see Isa53:9,12, 1Cor15:36-57ff.) But God has gifted us all with His Priceless Original-Language Text, now easily searchable on computer! So we can catch up on all that lost time.

    I'll also edit other pages to cut out the superfluous/chatty/reactive text, and improve the DDNA webseries. Specifically:
    • DDNA1 and DDNA2 need revising for Paul's "megalunw" theme in Philippians (word is used in Phili 1:20), esp. with regard to the "Love" flank ("Reciprocity" in my pastor's classes, see L.1835 et seq. of 92SD if you are under him). Gist: The way the body is used to glorify God, is that the motive for koko (i.e., Phili3:14) is the Love He built in you via those millions of Doctrine Deposits you got in God's System. See, once you 'flip' from love of the body to Love for the Word despite the body, and are occupied with Christ, God 'flips' you back to the body, due TO Love for Christ; so the body now gets to glorify God, and the Love for Him conquers your now-not-wanting-a-body. Ironic, poetic, tender, awesome: cutting out and grafting in is God's 'Way', always. So it will take some months to upgrade those DDNA pages: massive meaning! Paul weaves in Isa53:12 throughout, showing how the "plunder" is parcelled, promulgated, perpetuated both within the believer and within the Body Corporate; thus Eph4:13-16's results are in focus. You can see how "megalunw" works by parsing out Philippians for the thesauretical wordplays he makes on megalunw (see a good, detailed lexicon, Thayer's or better). In all his letters, Paul never deviates from two threaded themes: marital oneness, with witty metaphorical emphasis on intimacy, and Head and Body, the reason for the intimacy. Philippians is about PLEROMA and its PROGENY, really. Fuzzed over in translation, of course. Then again, dunno how you could translate his wordplay properly, even if you weren't constrained to be a politically-correct or ascetic translator.

    • LvS4b.htm's "Seventh Facet" link section will need overhaul to reflect that progeny theme in Philippians.
    • LvS4d.htm needs an overhaul to weave in Philippian's "megalunw" theme, which stresses how Isa53:12 'gets done'; so I need to weave in Isaiah 53 more, as well; but I've only done that up to the first green table in LvS4d.
    • "Thinking" series' sometimes 'busy' color scheme must remain intact: it's patterned after the Revelation 4 Escutcheon, using Temple Veil colors. But I've got to tweak it, somehow: especially when red, blue, and purple text all have to be in close proximity. LordvSatan2.htm is the most problemmatic.
    • SatTacExamp and GeneYrs.xls won't be revised until much later in the year, at best.

    • GeneYrs.xls keeps getting minor updates. This subsection is rewritten 10/24/06, and the latest major revision to the .xls is of the same date. (Well, very small changes were made afterwards). Now you'll see both the personal 490's (which are always contiguous) and their tandem historical 490's and 1000's (which are always intercalated with voting periods) side-by-side, running from Adam through 2006. The most important thing to see is the BASIS for God's wording in Daniel 9:24-27: the outer limit of time is the 1000-year grant based on David's Death. That's why the 7 years is reserved for a Tribulation, because the 490 would otherwise extend beyond the 1000-year deadline by that same 7 years. Personal 1000 and 490 time-grants are the only reason why historical ones can play. Because we have misread 1Kings 6:1 for centuries -- many scholars thinking it an error due to "fourth year of Solomon" -- we misdated David's death year, using Josephus INSTEAD of Bible. Sorry, Bible is always right. So you can't even understand God's Accounting in Dan 9:24-27, if you don't know a) it's based on the 1000th anniversary of David's Death, and b) God's Time Accounting System, itself.

      Now it's a lot easier to audit Bible events in light of these deadlines. So GeneYrs.xls is now more accurate than Mirroring.htm or MirrorNOW.htm, though the principles in both those htms are still valid. Idea is, the personal 490's and 1000's MUST be contiguous, for the historical 1050 (as 490+70+490) to play. Mass voting-for-God window periods are the 50-year period following the 1000, and the 70-year period which links the two 490's. But again: absent the underlying contiguous 490 and 1000 passing of the baton from a believer to a believer (can be more than one running), the historical 1050 will STOP. You can see that baldly in the case of Christ, because the Daniel 9 490 ran out 64 years before the 1050 was to expire. So the Lord had to successfully die by then. Or we'd not be here. All time comes now through Church believers who spiritually mature enough. Israel can't recoup her time (the Trib), else. Part IV is devoted to this topic in excruciating detail.

      A shorter description of this essential meaning and its accounting whys, is in two places: the "Rapture (Pink Table)" link in PassPlot.htm, and the "To Be or Not to Be" table of Mirroring.htm. Neither explanation suffices, but that's all I can do for now. I can't find anyone else who talks about the 490-year Bible Accounting System, though Bible itself is pretty patent about it. Luke, Matthew, Daniel, Paul all wrote about it. All the OT dates use it, so everyone writing all those books knew of it, too. So believers normally used to know all this. But today, the discussion 'out there' treats the Daniel 9 timeline as a one-shot deal. Rather, God's showing Daniel how He can justify that 490 in light of the entire time structure. You can apply it anywhere in Bible to get the correct dates. GeneYrs.xls is the most succinct way to depict it, but absent the explanation in Mirroring and PassPlot, the eyes glaze over. Sorry.

      Next, the 1050-year structure of God's Time 'house' really was reset at 30AD; I'll have to revise Mirroring.htm to reflect that. I used to think the reset dated back to His Birth, but it proves to be reset at His Death -- duh, since the world RAN OUT OF TIME that year. It's much easier to see the post-Cross patterns, now. Funny how God does what's essentially a BC/AD calendaring move based on "Before Crucifixion" and "After Death". Heh.

      All 'my' dates are in Bible's own Accounting System format, and they all tie together as a unit, from Adam through Christ. They will sometimes seem anomalous by 3 years one side or the other (4, if a beginning-of-year-calc), from most stuff you will find; for most people use the Roman "AUC" misadjustment AND our modern BC/AD dating system, which is off by 3-4 years (sometimes even more). You can't solve by moving the BC years up 3, as most do: for most OT dates precede the Roman "AUC" calendar, so won't tally to anything based on it. So it's not the Bible that's wrong, but our own calendars. So our misadjustments mask all the convergences God created out of His Birth and Death, out of the 490-year increments. But after you see the Bible's dates, you can prove they fit the historical facts. This stuff blows me away: and to think I'd hated Bible dating and prophecy topics for decades (you know the prejudice, only silly Christians get involved with Bible dates and prophecy). God really spanked me here and good. I'll never forget it now!

    • This subsection is rewritten 3/24/06. Here's what's new: MirrorNOW needs a lot more elaboration on what years are benchmarked, to tie to the Hypostasis of Time (pinkish) tables near the beginning of Mirroring.htm. MirrorNOW only demonstrates the dual 490 tracking with respect to both 30AD and 70AD; but there's a third layer of tracking, starting from theoretical 0AD, which is not there shown. So MirrorNOW is accurate with respect to the 490's, but only on the 30AD and 70AD tracks. So there are three synchronized timelines: 0AD represents the 1050 civilization timeline; 30AD represents Church; and 70AD, which also synchronizes to Church, is ongoing in order to keep on tracking to Israel's future, yet-to-be-paid Tribulation and Millenium. So demonstrating all three lines with intercalated 70-year and 50-year periods in real history you yourself can check, will take time to write.

    • VERindex.htm needs overhauling for explanations that are haphazard or chatty. Or, too terse.

    Prior-Month Revisions

    blog.html, 05/10/06. Geocities now provides a blog service, so I started one. Maybe it functions as another anonymous place for reader feedback? Seems like it functions much like a discussion board or chatroom, except that you can feed it through some other link for quick access. Not sure it's worthwhile, though.

    GeneYrs.xls was upgraded again October 21, 2006. Please delete prior versions you have. It now tracks the intercalated historical 490's and 1050's right alongside the personal ones, from Adam through 2006. Much easier to follow and analyze! I update GeneYrs.xls ad hoc, but of course I've barely scratched the surface of noteworthy events, post-Cross. Suggestions are appreciated.

    Prior, in May, I added popup notes to the worksheet: unfortunately, the "freeze titles" in Excel sometimes cuts these notes off, so you must "show Comment" to see it all. Next -- and this blows me away -- God timed births as birthday presents for whomever was the 490 person, beginning with Noah: Shem was his 501st birthday present; Flood was his 601st birthday present, text in Gen6 is pretty bald. (Actually, He did it with Seth too, as the worksheet shows.) Sometimes you have to really dig into the numbers to see this, but fortunately God writes jarring verses to call your attention to them, viz., the one saying Shem's triplets were born two years after the Inundation began (it's really just after the Inundation ended, and it's a 101st birthday present for Shem). Same pattern repeats for Moses (Exodus was for his 81st birthday, which shortly occurred thereafter). Look In Your Own Life For This Kind Of Timing: to the Jewish calendar month meanings, to your own important life dates. This is a Doctrine, not just for Bible heroes. Because in Christ, each of us IS a potential hero by Divine Design, Rev1-3. My pastor has taught that doctrine for over 50 years, and in 2000 (I just learned this in 4/2006) he revised it to show how those Luke 2 shepards were "invisible heroes" (his term). So this doctrine has zippo to do with works, but everything to do with living in His System. Nothing else matters. Once you see how God is doing this in your own life, you will realize more concretely that you are NOT your own person, and your understanding of His Involvement in your life will coalesce, deepening.

      I've yet to translate all the names -- which wryly tell you SCADS of Doctrine -- and I need to put in verses for easy reader reference (especially to show the births as birthday gifts). Similarly, it's amazing how frequently the Bible makes reference to the Accounting System with a dizzying variety of rhetorical devices. Takes time to find and list them all in a meaningful way.

    DDNA.htm's beginning now has a synopsis explanation of the webseries, 04/15/06. In the synopsis is a list of the major Bible DDNA chapters and books. Since it will take a year to overhaul the DDNA webseries to properly reference Paul's "megalunw" theme in Philippians -- which is actually a main theme in all his letters -- I needed to write a synopsis of the webseries to save the reader time and give an overall perspective. It's actually faster to read the Bible's DDNA chapters and books than to read the webseries, but if you don't know what to look for IN the Bible, then maybe the webseries is helpful in pointing out stuff to spot in Bible itself. Holy Spirit will do this: just ask Father in Son's Name (etc.) which method is best for you. Don't miss this DDNA understanding. You'll never be the same afterwards. Of course, there's nothing on the internet about it, sorry. So be extra scrupulous as you read, to use 1Jn1:9 and get His Confirmation.

    LvS4a.htm has a new table, "Bible's True Nativity Narrative", 03/15/06. LvS4aContinued.htm's red table was updated for that link as well. It's never enjoyable to explode a cherished myth or say that someone/something is wrong. Here, the sad news is, we didn't recognize God never violates His Own Law against astrology (Deut18); so all these centuries we've claimed there was a Star of Bethlehem. But Bible NEVER says that. Instead, Bible depicts an angel acting as guard for Joseph and Mary on their travels; which, due to the positive volition of some distant Persian Zoroastrians ("magi"), was allowed to be seen by them. In the process of following this 'star', they learn it's no star they saw, but an angel, and via that angel, are led to the Child. As a consequence of which, Herod orders a bloodbath from south in Bethlehem going all the way north to Nazareth. All this is deftly conveyed in the Greek of Matt2:9 and elsewhere in that Chapter, as well as in Luke 2, in the original-language texts. Breathtaking, Shocking Grace. But of course the Star of Bethlehem is one of Christianity's sacred cows, so many will revile the idea that God never said there was such a Star, and miss hearing the larger, replacing Truth. Data pertinent to the 'star' being an angel is presented in that new table, and its link is in the red section at pagetop. Read it or not as always, based on whether God wants you to do so. The spiritual life is vertical, toward God, never horizontal toward people.

    PassPlot.htm was massively upgraded in its "First Fruits" section, 3/26/06; in its "Modest Proposal" section, 3/21/06; please toss out all prior versions. "First Fruits" section was confusing. It reads well, now. Modest Proposal section is important; although its main purpose is to show how Israel's holidays are a prophecy map of all history -- so you can see the meaning of Passover in the macro context -- by accident I learned how Bible flat TELLS you His Exact Birthdate. My pastor was teaching it as 25 December (explained in the page), which shocked me. But due to a reader's email about Abijah a year prior, God turned on a bunch of lightbulbs re Luke 1:26's two (nee: definite) articles. How simple: Luke 1:26 tells us Mary was visited by Gabriel in Adar, likely on Purim; Luke wouldn't have to say much, to those who know the Mosaic Law, Temple History and the Holidays. We can know all that from the OT, too. So when you know the holidays' prophecy map, you thus know He's born on Chanukah, 25 Chislev 4BC: just like my pastor said, though he didn't (yet) say how he got it. And yes, THAT year, His Birth tied to 25 December on the Roman calendar. You can proof all this in the page, with Bible, at your leisure. Big-picture role of Pentecost and how it ties back to the initial Chanukah is (imo) pretty shocking, and the confluence of dates, well.. you'll just have to see and test it, to believe it.

      Additionally, "Daily Chronology" section was completely overhauled earlier in March. "Preparation" link and its associated verses are critical to proper date-interpretation of Passion Week: the anarthrous Greek text causes a very different translation and interpretation versus published translations; so it resolves seeming contradictions re Passion Week timing; especially, when fitted with "third day" and "first day of the week" verses. Sarcastic wordplay in John 19 is surprising and illuminating. "Bundled" link will remain as is. It's intended to be climactic and fast, relies on reader familiarity with Bible terms to enjoy all the drama of it coming together. If you find your eyes glazing over, then skip the section. Purpose was to sketch how all Scripture, God's Grand Purpose from Adam through Christ, via Israel.. ends up 'meeting' in Him.

      As always, webpages are designed to be TESTED before the Lord, 1Jn1:9 breathed as needed to get His Brains. No point in reading anything, if you don't do that.

    VERindex.htm was upgraded 2/26/06. Please discard prior versions. "Creationism" entry was beefed up so that those who have trouble proving the Earth was restored (not initially created) in Gen1:2 onward, can find the proof more easily. Study methodology and corrected translation of Isa45:18 is in there, to speed research time. I try to avoid the Creationism question, but since almost no one teaches about the Earth's RESTORATION anymore, the fact needed more explaining. New intra-page alphabetical links are also provided. VERindex needs much further editing in its long entries. The addition of new verses on doctrinal topics is an ongoing project, so many entries have almost no verses listed. Other webpages have the verses, so I've got to search them and post their text in VERindex, as time passes.

    Exodate.htm was upgraded 2/18/06. Please discard prior versions. The 2/18 upgrade versus 2/17 was to add intra-page links, and to rewrite all text from the page's beginning through "A" (beginning of "Alert" link). Also, #2b was revised. Page now covers more of the importance of using Bible first, not empirical data, to speed vetting; people don't read Bible to learn what it MEANS, so end up chasing their tails in the wrong direction. That tail-chasing characterises the creationists (Genesis 1 is not about the creation of the universe, but about man) and the drooling prophecy people (Rapture is based on believer votes, not on historical events). So too, lots of tail-chasing has been done with the Exodus. So now the page deals with some of it, i.e., the controversy on Pharaonic dating schemes, covered in the "Check Bible" link (i.e., the Sothic method); there, you'll also find a few other contrary internet links I found in dogpile which seemed good for brainstorming. Material now is much easier to track, and meatier. If you read the page before, the overall proof of 1440BC didn't change, so I don't know if it's worth re-reading.

    LvS4aContinued.htm was upgraded 2/12/06. New link just before Tares table in ~Continued was added. Text in LvS4d.htm was revised from the beginning up to the first green table on 2/13/06. LvS4a.htm was upgraded for new links and Temple History data on 2/14/06. Also, in ~Continued's "Rescue" link was much changed; mostly to show how God uses NT and history, to 'witness' to the Jews (it wasn't clear, before); the new link shows more clearly how Revelation reflects Dan9:26c in trend format during Church. The new link's name is "Rev6-17 trends reign". So that and the "Rescue" link are probably worth (re-)reading. LvS4a.htm reflects the ~Continued link, but also new material on Satan's many historical attempts to "shub" ("return", very emotional) the Jews back to the Land; which attempts being Satan's, of course aren't recognized as such. So when you load LvS4a.htm, search on "pogromize" to go straight to the new material, in which you can direct-link to sites unrelated to me: these cover attempts to rebuild from 70AD forward. Pretty shocking stuff, esp. since you can in each case track based on the 490's of God's Accounting System for Time, back to another Temple-significant date, with the meaning of the past date and the current one, MATCHED. So Satan derisively plays upon God's Time Accounting System, too.

    New anonymous "feedback.htm" created 2/7/06. Your identity is totally unknown, and you don't need email to send it. Instructions are on the page, for you can store it offline, too. The page is also accessible via the second "Click Here" link after "brainout's LordPages" header on the Home page, right before the 'temple' of linkboxes begins.

    ForNonChr.htm was replaced by GospelDisclosure.htm, 2/3/06. This is now the shortest juridical explanation among all 'my' webpages. GospelDisclosure is roughly two-printed-pages (in XP's "smallest" font); it also has helpful Gospel-related links pan-websites. It folds in the Isa53 contract provisions, to show that salvation is about making sons; sin is merely incidental to the CONSENT problem. After all, sin was paid for on the Cross. Some may think that this stress on how sin is not an issue, is heretical. But the Lord said sin is not an issue, but rather faith in Him is the REPLACING issue, in John 16:9. For Bible discloses God's Plan as making sons to solve the Infinity-finity dichotomy; that's a far bigger problem than sin itself. Sin is bad: it lacerates the soul, causing soul scar tissue, OT and NT Greek prefix "sklero-"), especially self-righteous sins: but the worst thing about sin, is that it addicts the sinner to be negative to God. Without consent, God won't make a son of you. Without consent, God won't spiritually grow the believer. That's why we have a Cross, 1Jn1:9, and a BIBLE to get the power to STOP sinning. His Thinking paid for sins, so that's the only way to learn the freedom FROM sin. On a higher level, that's the only way to learn Christ and grow IN the soul to become compatible with Him, Eph4:12-14, Greek (see Eph4:1216.htm or the quick translations of it in RightPT.htm's "translation" links).

    SurpConc.htm was overhauled, 1/21/06. Please throw out prior versions. "True Spirituality" table and the 2Pet1:9 mistranslation text was spun off to a new page, TrueSpirituality.htm. Rest of SurpConc.htm was overhauled and renumbered, much more succinct now.

    DueDisclosure.htm was completely overhauled, 1/20/06. Please throw out prior versions. Text was vastly upgraded. Much more 'meat' than before, and the flow of "hupostasis" parallels are easier to follow. Hupostasis is central to the nature of God's Infinity, and is reflected everywhere, with the result that you first reconcile the rulership question before you can reconcile the Love question, but the Love is always the driver. Piece works really well, now.

    SpirPath.htm was given intra-page links and a 'facelift', 1/6/06. Text wasn't much changed. The intra-page links make it easier to compare disparate sections. I need to rewrite this page in light of the DDNA webseries, but don't now have the time.

    LordvSatan3.htm and 3b.htm were repaginated again 1/8/06. New structure is 3, 3b, and 3c, but you'll auto-link to them through that top red table in each page. Fourth Reason for Royalty was completely redone (esp. 1st half), 01/10/06. Text throughout won't often resemble any pre-December version; so you might want to skim any sections which interest you. Big changes throughout, esp. in the 3.htm from the beginning until you reach the 2nd Reason for Invisibility; and in BOTH paired Third and Fourth Reasons; lots of added material to show how God's 'DNA' (called "DDNA" as a mnemonic) works, so the reader gets a synopsis of the DDNA webseries; but also, it's MUCH clearer how vast a Royalty we are, right this second, in the devil's world. (My prior explanation was disgustingly wimpy, by comparison.) Third Reason for Royalty was completely redone, and is the best summary of the hands-on nature of being a Royal Priest to Father. Its new short table, titled "You.. in Me!" is genuinely worth reading. Also, now in 3c.htm, its "Spiritual Heraldry" section after the "polity" idea, is now fabulous: we have no clue how vastly powerful, are our VOTES in God's System. The Summed Reasons and Conclusions were spun off to 3c.htm as well, and are massively improved; the Seven main Blessing-by-Association categories God uses to bless the world via Church are now explained (longer threaded explanation remains throughout Part IV). Other text was reviewed and passim small revisions made.

    December '05 revisions:

    In the "Lord vs. Satan" webpages below, I changed the base fonts to MS Reference Serif (which I don't like, but it's 'respectable'). If that font looks bad to you, View the Source in your browser and near the top (just after "Body") you'll find the font list. Edit it as you choose. I'd appreciate an email if you find any font or coloring upsetting, as I don't really know how others view them. I have both XP and Win98SE.

      LordvSatan3.htm was split into three pages on 12/23/05 and also revised; on 12/28 3.htm was often gutted and revised again, especially in the First and Third Reasons for Invisibility (both still needs more revision). Please throw away prior versions. The new pages are LordvSatan3.htm, LordvSatan3b.htm, and SpirTips.htm. Since geocities balks at pages larger than 400k, I had to split up this page. Now the intra-links are intra-Part III, so you can just link up using the top red section, and go between pages. This also makes it easier to view the Paired Reasons (i.e., seeing the parallels between the First Reason for Invisibility and the First Reason for Royalty). Text revisions to add/clarify important information were made throughout, but especially in the First, Third, and Fourth Reasons for Invisibility (in LordvSatan3.htm). ~3b.htm is Royalty-end of page; no major text revisions. The Tips on Maxing the spiritual life (and maxing dung, if you prefer), were spun off to their own page, SpirTips.htm so that section is easier to read, as well. Additional Dung Tips were added beginning of that section. Other revisions were mainly to simplify the color scheme, which drove me crazy (so probably drove others crazy, too). The color scheme is important for comparing what's a Trial issue (red) versus a Royal issue (purple) versus OT (medium/Prussian blue). So when lots of issues overlap, the colors are confusing. So to resolve this I headed a paragraph on a 'color' with that color, but left the rest of the text its normal navy blue. I'm not aesthetically good with the color thing, but trying to be: so if you've any ideas for fixing the color scheme on this or any other page, please let me know.

      LvS4a.htm was split into two pages on 12/23/05 and also revised. 12/26/05 the first ("Go Find Esther!") section was AGAIN gutted and completely rewritten. Please throw away prior versions. The new pages are LvS4a.htm, LvS4aContinued.htm. The "Continued" page begins with the "Precedence" link. Links in the page will take you straight to the new page, so you don't have to remember the split. Text revision was in the first section of LvS4a.htm regarding the overall purpose of God to make us like His Son, thus completing the Infinity-finity dichotomy solution. That's the only reason why there IS a Rapture, for that's the only reason why there IS a Church. Surprising that I can't find anyone on the internet who recognizes that salvation is FIRST to solve the infinity-finity dichotomy. Odd, since that's what FIRST occupies the Book of Hebrews (Chaps 1-2, with the moniker for Christ "Hupostasis" in Greek -- other writers use it also). 2Cor5:21 doesn't make any sense unless it's to solve the Infinity-finity dichotomy; neither does a God-man nature for Christ. So Bible sure recognizes the problem: Rom3:23's second prong. Hopefully we will recognize it too, someday. [Well, I'd not have recognized it either, if my pastor hadn't made comments about the subjective and objective genitive in Rom5:5, which makes the entire process a CYCLING. You have to think it through, to see the sense of it.]

      SatStrat.htm was split into two pages on 12/23/05; on 12/26 the "Anti-Semitism" Macro Tactic was extensively revised to show how the "Kingdom Identity" movement's alleged 'scholarship' manifests abject ignorance of Bible. Please throw away prior versions. The new pages are SatStrat.htm, and SatTacExamp.htm. As the latter name implies, the Tactical Examples (which took up the last half of the webpage) were spun off to their own webpage. Text wasn't changed. The pagetop links now properly take you back-and-forth between the two Appendix pages: this might make it easier to compare satanic strategy and tactics in SatStrat.htm with the Tactical Examples in SatTacExamp.htm. I opted to put the Kingdom Identity example in the Macro Tactic rather than make it an extra example, because it better illustrates the genre of anti-semitism in general. There are MANY such movements throughout history, so "Kingdom Identity" itself isn't really the topic. It's just a handy way to see something contemporary which has been around since.. oh, the Maccabees, lol. They were the earliest like-kind usurpers, from what I can tell historically.

      RightPT.htm was completely revised 12/14/05. The long translation of Eph4:12-16 was spun off to its own subpage, Eph41216.htm, 12/12. Its explanatory text was not changed. Translation was corrected to say "teaching the truth" instead of the incorrect "being truthful" in 4:15. All other text was massively revised. If you downloaded 12/13, the 12/14 revisions were passim throughout, mostly to enhance the massive, gutting-and-replacing changes on 12/11-13. Whole page is much better, now. Eph41216.htm needs more editing, but that won't be done for a long time.

      DDNA1.htm was revised 12/11/05. Please toss out prior versions. Focus is now on how soul capacity CHANGES due to DDNA, so that theme now weaves throughout the page with the refrain, "capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships." Page flow is thus much easier to follow, especially in the "King's Riches, King's Love" sections. The "On Trial" and "King's Booty" revisions made some Trial issues and especially God's Works, clearer. So if you had trouble grasping those sections, you might want to re-download the page.

      DDNA.htm was repaginated 12/01; please delete prior versions. DDNA.htm was broken up into smaller subpages to make it easier to load in geocities. It's also now easier to see how God's Love Demonstration in the Trial really IS a spiritual transmutation. This is the most advanced analysis of the spiritual transformation God makes in us among all my websites.

      New Site, Soliloquy.htm: "God's Soliloquy" link in DDNA.htm was spun off to its own page, but the text was not materially changed.

      New Site, Grail.htm. This was originally the first Appendix to DDNA.htm; it exploded two common Grail Myths. First, was the Christian goofy idea that Christ's physical death (i.e., blood) paid for our sins. Second, the gnostic/Moslem kant that Christ had kids; this latter is re-popularized by the novel The DaVinci Code. Really bad scholarship, utterly embarrassing, on both these myths. Pray for anyone yet stuck in them to do their homework (pray, don't correct them, they're too STUCK).. so they won't be embarrassed (i.e., at the Bema). If you've read the Grail Appendix in DDNA.htm prior to June, the text was not changed, here; it was merely spun off to its own page.

    Recommended Reading List of Bible material:

    Bible research materials I'd recommend are: BibleWorks (add ".com" to go to that site), a software collection of Bibles in both the inspired original languages, and in almost every translation. BibleWorks also provides a huge collection of study materials and lexicons of (maybe) above-average quality -- the new version 7 will contain little Kittle, so I might upgrade later in the year. You can get Kittle (little or big) on CD at Amazon or Barnes&Noble (the latter has much more Bible stuff to offer). These are pastor-level materials, so expect to spend a lot of downtime, learning the lingo. Both BibleWorks and Kittle run about $300 each. Upgrades are probably cheaper (Kittle is almost a century old, so I don't know if it gets upgraded). [Cynical Nerd Note: BibleWorks people don't even know who I am, so obviously I'm not trying to 'sell' them; Dr. Kittle is a standard, revered collection, and he's been dead for decades, so I'm not trying to 'sell' him, either.]

    BibleWorks is great, but it's quirky and very hard to work with the windows; but it has so many features of value, your money is well spent. You'll have a lot of downtime learning how to use the program, especially (I'm guessing) the upcoming version 7's phonetic modules (which purport to teach you how to sound out the words). Phonetics are REAL important in Bible translation and interp, since so much soundplay is used in the original-language texts (especially in the OT, where the Trinity Names are soundplay-embedded, especially Father and Spirit).

    At least get a Scofield Study Bible in the Version of your choice (1500 types to choose from, at Amazon), because you need the CROSS REFERENCING of the verses. You can probably get one on CD (which allows faster searches).

    Get your favorite Bible version on audiotape or CD, and then listen to it regularly. Holy Spirit uses AUDITORY function, and John 14:26 is His 'speaking' method -- recalling to your mind Bible stuff. Just keep on breathing 1Jn1:9 as you do it. Frankly, it's much more enjoyable than the TV, or all those wimpy songs. But.. you decide. A firm named Christian Duplications International sells Bible-on-tape. I forget their website address, but they're on the web. You can find Bible-on-tape at Amazon.

    Pennington's CD of Biblical Greek is a way to get a handle on pronunciation, if your pastor doesn't teach from the original languages; I got the first version of the CD a few years back; it is badly organized, not alphabetical, and the definitions are too shallow. But its purpose wasn't comprehensive, but rather to train the hearer to RECOGNIZE the Greek words, and in that sense, it succeeds well: the pronunciation is good (just like my pastor always taught us in Bible class over his decades of teaching). Also, books/CDs by Mounce, Wallace, Gesenius (Greek and Hebrew grammars) -- but if you're buying BibleWorks, all that is bundled with the software, in the current version. I can't yet recommend any other Hebrew stuff except Thorlief Boman's Hebrew Thought compared with Greek, which I bought for only $12 at Amazon. It's real DENSE material, but really helpful, and is regarded as a theological classic. And it's only about 100 pages long! I love that guy's enthusiasm for Scripture.

    Authors' historical tomes to get (or borrow from your local library) are Mommsen, Gibbon, Cary on Rome (Gibbon is on floppy disk at Amazon); Josephus, available in book or CD (but it comes in the latest version of BibleWorks, bundled); Suetonius and Tacitus; Encyclopedia of Military History by DuPuy and DuPuy. Also get the classic Greek plays. Bible uses classical Greek and alludes to Greek culture and plays constantly, both in the OT (LXX) and the NT, so if you don't know it's doing that, you won't understand Bible. Scholars USED to know this, but beginning about 1930, they chucked the whole idea of Bible being so 'into' Atticisms. Big mistake.

    And here's a weird recommendation: a really GOOD English dictionary. Oxford, Merriam's, Webster's. Not the abridged kind. The BIG ONE. Because, lots of material you'll read will be in English, and the way English is used by historians and theologians, is not what you hear daily in your life. Same words, but very different meaning. So if you are researching, you are prone to use what you hear as the meaning of the word, and will then be scratching your head or frustrated. Since English is the world's language due to the internet, it's not a profitless thing even to your secular life, to learn English better. (English is the most fuzzy, among the world's languages, but we're stuck with it.)

    Indindex.htm is a listing of Bible research links on the web which are completely unrelated to my pastor or to me. The .htm is comprehensive, and multi-denominational; it has many links to universities and seminaries which I found helpful (especially Rutgers), as well as links people felt important enough to send me during my years on the #scripture chat channel (a great channel on undernet, but I've not been back in years). So you can tool around that page's subpages and see if there are good study materials. Indindex.htm is also the "Multi-Religion Index" link on the Home Page (first link in the "Testing" section).

    UPSHOT: Much study material on the Bible is available; lots of different versions of the Bible, you can buy. I see no good translation of the Bible, so I can't recommend any, whether online or in print. But the old, familiar known translations provide cross-referencing. Again, if you don't study Bible in the original-language texts, try to start now. Else, you are wasting your time. Bible translations cut God's head off, render grace passages into works passages, reverse the no-soul-in-womb verses (what, are they afraid?), totally obscure the thinking nature of the spiritual life. It's pathetic. Until I had to write these webpages I didn't pay much attention to translations, since my pastor only taught from the original languages. Well, now I know better. It's NOT the same AT ALL, k?

      All Bible translation suffers from three problems:
      1. Translators do very little fresh research; instead, they just copy extant prior translations. And why? oh, in academia you run scared of disagreeing with "tradition", however wrong that tradition is! And "tradition" isn't merely wrong, it's vilely, insulting-to-God wrong, in Bible translations. If you've spent any time in my webpages, you've surely seen many examples to prove true the foregoing statement.

      2. Translations are euphemized to suit ascetic tastes, and that's NOT Bible, but instead.. blasphemy. You're not supposed to REVERSE the meaning of Scripture in translation; but time and again I find out that's exactly what's been done; there's a predictable pattern of systematic reversal in translation (i.e., sex and pregnancy verses, military verses, financial verses, God's-Nature verses, nature-of-spiritual-life verses, anti-works verses). [There's another major category, which I call "gratuitous spite": the reversal appears to be done out of sheer, grinning malice. This category needs an example. Exodus 12:6's "at twilight", should read BEFORE sunset, the exact opposite of the translation; "at twilight" VIOLATES the sabbath, see. There are many verses with that prepositional phrase; and most translators render its Hebrew into, "at twilight" -- totally unaware that they thus 'make' God contradict His Own Law! But Satan is aware, lol. We are all vulnerable!] Translators do not intend to blaspheme by reversing Holy Writ; but that's still what happens; if you read through my pages, you'll see hundreds of examples you yourself can test.

      3. In any event, Bible is too genius to be properly translated. God preserved the original-language manuscripts for a reason -- He knows what those manuscripts really mean, and He really means for YOU to learn them. AS IS. God didn't 'translate' your salvation, but saved you directly. So you don't 'translate' His Word, you learn it directly. It's not intellectual, it's supernatural. His System (Gk: "henotes", keyword in 1Cor and Eph), Him using His Own Power.. in your head; thus replicating His Head (Christ's) into your head, 1Cor1:5, Rom 12:1-3, Eph4:11-16 (per the inspired Greek; translations are all reversed)! He can do this thing. So learn His Way, in His System. GodSystem.htm summarizes what His System is, and you can prove it by TRYING it. Another good summary of that System is in the first section of DDNA.htm.

    Sorry to be so critical, but we're here to Learn God, not fit in with the always-broad-gated-crowd. The gate is still narrow, post-salvation. Satan can't afford too many folks to "get it" about what "Christian" really means. So he has this Fake Church system, Rev17 -- not any one denomination, but an underlying structure of politicized religion in Christ's Name. Only in His Name, not in Him. Same problem, as the Jews faced back before Christ came (and ever since). Which satanic system, is always popular, in any generation. Again, test this claim yourself, as always...

    Trust in God, breathe 1Jn1:9, Test the material before you buy for sense, 1Jn4's warning about "spirit of truth" versus "spirit of error". For 99% of extant Bible-Study material, imo, is in that latter category. Error Giveaway Hint: soooo nice, soooo much 'holy' vocabulary.. but zero or false substance. So breathe 1Jn1:9 and test whatever you contemplate buying. Holy Spirit knows what you need, so Be in God's System!

    Recommended Reading List of 'my' website material:

    Upshot meaning of all 'my' websites: when God says we are "sons of God in Christ Jesus" (Gal3:26), He's not exaggerating. So we need to get the Thinking of Christ built upon the NATURE of Christ we get that first nanosecond we believed in Christ for our salvation (John 3:16 leads to Romans 8:4 leads to Eph4:11-16, which is "God's System"). Pretty much everything in my websites elaborates on that ONE theme, which is also the central thesis of my pastor (among others). THIS is what Christendom has missed. We can't afford to miss it. We don't ask, so we don't receive, like James says in James 4. So we don't know what "sons of God in Christ Jesus", even means. Not to worry. God knows. God reveals. And baby, What a Salvation we got!

    Ergo: what's best for you to read, is the correct definition of "best". Only God knows that answer: so ask Him whether you should be reading at all, and what you should be reading. God chose your existence, just as He did mine, and therefore "right" is solely a matter between God and you. The life is VERTICAL, not horizontal.

    If it matters, in my opinion the SHORTEST and best of 'my stuff' for big-picture orientation is as follows: GospelDisclosure.htm (in the light blue boxes near Home's pagetop); the Royal Gospel Brief on the Home Page; GodSystem.htm; "God's Itinerary" (near Home pagetop, on Home Page); text below the chart in Salvindex.htm. More-advanced stuff that's short yet well-written: ArchiDes.htm, "God's Soliloquy", aka Soliloquy.htm (part of DDNA webseries), and Dedicated.htm. I also recommend reading SurpConc.htm: because it summarizes the main theses/conclusions in a bullet list, and links directly to webpages most "on" those topics. A good brief on your Royal Priesthood is in the "Priestly..Kingship" link in the top line of the red table at the pagetop of LordvSatan3.htm. The "You.. in Me!" link in the second set of building blocks there is also good: that's in the 3rd Reason for Royalty, which is probably the most important thing to know about how the spiritual life is to function. It's advanced stuff, though. Don't be fooled by the modern vocabulary. Religious vocabulary only sounds holy, tells you nothing. So I try to avoid it wherever possible.

    People like my videos. You'll find them under 'brainouty' or 'b-out' in Youtube, and 'brainout' in vimeo. The 'Jump to' box at the top of the Home page and here, will take you to both sets of videos, see its last two items.

    All 'my' website writing derives from the very heavy, thought-provoking "Thinking" series (1700+ printed pages, in "Smallest" View font in XP). I needed to synthesize what I was learning under my own right pastor, but the material is not cast in his lingo. We must be under pastors, but they only get an hour or so per class, to teach. So there's lots of stuff to do with what they teach: turn over the material in the Spirit-Filled Brain! Hence God uses everything and everyone, to facilitate that turning-over.

      So if you wanna trace a growing thought pattern, well.. you might wanna dig in and read the series, starting with LordvSatan1.htm.

      The latest 'advance' in that thought pattern is the very-long DDNA webseries (starting with DDNA.htm); prior adjunctive pieces of above-average writing quality are Paradox.htm and DueDisclosure.htm (each about 40-60 printed pages). Download the pages, if you can: they read more easily, offline.

      The Home Page provides a short abstract of each webpage underneath its link -- if you can't immediately tell its content from the title -- so you might want to read the abstracts, before spending your time on the page.

      The other webpages are more technical and have their niches: their lengths run between 6 and 80 printed pages, with an average of 30. Exodate.htm, PassPlot.htm, and Mirroring.htm are very date-heavy. It boggles my mind how horrible is the so-called 'scholarship' on Bible. I've yet to see a documentary or movie on Bible stuff which gets more than 20% of the information, right. So these pages are VERY complex to plow through, but useful. Can't understand Part IV of the Thinking series, without them. Same, for the exegesis pages. All such pages' links are in the "Testing" section of the Home Page.

    Mark Twain once said, "There are lies, DAMNED lies, and statistics."

    Hence this disclaimer: I'm just writing a report to God, to test myself; so I'm pretty anal about re-editing and getting right what's wrong; very happy to be corrected, therefore. So if you read one of 'my' webpages, it's only between God and you. God runs this thing. All ideas are His. We're all Royal Priests under Him.. learning His Language of Love, the Bible. [I have to mention "my pastor" when something specific he said, I use. His material is copyrighted, not to prevent knowledge, but to prevent people falsely claiming to speak for him, or claiming THEY invented certain concepts. I make no such claim. Pretty much everything in these webpages is an extrapolation (rightly or wrongly) of something I heard in Bible class under him, over the last 40+ years. But what I try to do, is ignore where I got it, and see what's the proof from Scripture; it's a form of double-blind clinical testing, aka "due diligence" Before The Lord. Hence occasionally, if an idea comes from someone else specific, I'll mention it in these sites. Most of the work is 'original', only in the sense that I try to restrict the inputs to Scripture. So this name-credit rule does not work vice versa; I don't want any name-credit. If I cared about name-credit, I'd have published, written in a 'respectable' writing style, and furnished my real name. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to do that. So please don't ask me to identify myself. Either vet the content or don't, but please forget about the nominal author.]

    More on DDNA and how it ties to Mirroring.htm, God's 490-year structure of history.

    If You're Looking for the last section of this page which shows the MODERN PLAY of God's 490-dating system, CLICK HERE. I moved that section off to its own page, MirrorNOW.htm.

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