Caveat #5, Errata in brainout's LordPages

  • If you seek the prior text here about God's Level MEANING of Christmas (to make mistakes into glory), related then to Iraq and Islam, please email me. I've now deleted the page.

  • A running (and controversial) subtheme in my webpages is this: though we should defend Jews wherever they are with our very lives -- the Jews should not have returned to the Land. God basically says this: OT prophecies of safeness in exile (i.e., in Jeremiah 29) and how only the Lord will "shub" them, coupled with the NT forecast of Jerusalem always being a warzone until Messiah comes. Hence the significance and historical play of this prophetical advice, is a main theme in Part IVa of the Thinking webseries (LvS4a.htm). For, until Jesus comes Himself at the Second Advent, Satan&Co. continually conspire to 'gather' Jews in Israel, to more easily kill them (Dan9:26, Matt24, Rev11, tying back to Isa63 and Ezekiel Chaps 38ff). This, in an attempt to prevent the Lord fulfilling His Promise to regather the Jews. Notice the demonic signature: reversing something God promised, by MEANS of that very promise. So herding the Jews for slaughter, in the name of "shub" (return, emotional verb in Judaism).

  • Next: estimates of the proportion of the world's Jewry who lives in Israel vary widely. I've seen estimates claiming only 20% live there, up to 80%. I'll have to better investigate which of these percentages is right. So far, "50%" sounds most correct, though maybe even that is high. The percentage matters as an index of pogroms worldwide (especially in Arab countries, who have mercilessly tortured and abused Jews for millenia, such that there aren't many Jews left in those countries). It also matters as an index of how successful Satan&Co. are in selling anti-semitism.

    --------- What follows below is older material. Bold headers indicate separate errata items. -----------------

  • If you are also a student under the same pastor as mine, you'll need to know that I hadn't heard the May 2000 upgrade on how Love=+I until 12/04, though every page in the website material written makes that conclusion. Point is, the subjective and objective genitive being a love circle of integrity was in essence taught since the Romans '77 tapes, and "reciprocity" is but a massive and fantastic update. The entire "Thinking Series" is on the topic of how LOVE is God's Integrity, though I didn't exactly recognize it in those terms while writing. [In April+ 2000, when I suddenly got my first Windows computer from the janitor named Jesus who saved it from the trash for me, I happened to be studying L.1170ff-L.1237ff of his 92SD audio-taped classes (of 1-3/98): the two 'happenstances' (yeah, right, no accidents in God's Plan) 'inspired' the "Thinking" webseries.] The subjective/objective genitive of 2Cor5:14-15 hit me hard; and is often remarked on, in my websites. About 2001(?) I read James Joyce's quip about it in his first short story of Ulysses. So Scriptural support for Love=+I is virtually everywhere, Romans 5:5 AND 2Cor5 being blatant examples (really, any "love" verse in the NT). Most amazing doctrine in all of Bible, how this cycling of His Thinking creates our integrity, and THAT is real LOVE. Infinity cycling inside sinner finity? Impossible! Yeah, and only when a thing STARTS to be impossible, does it START to meet Infinite Love's Standards. Cry all the way to the Bible Bank, Christian soldier!

  • In some of 'my website writing regarding evolution, I didn't regard the begats as consecutive, but hall-of-fame rosters. The latter is true, but the former is also, with respect to the line of Christ. So while the undefined-gap-in-time in Gen1:2's Hebrew and Greek inspired texts means you can't claim a young earth, I now realize Bible claims a young mankind. So I was wrong to think the Seth+ roster, wasn't consecutive-year in nature. The correction was made in Evolshort.htm ("Transmutation" link in "Testing" box on this page). That whole site was revised; I can't yet find other website material needing the same revision. See Mirroring.htm's first paragraph: you can download an Excel worksheet on the lineage from Adam through Jacob. The worksheet shows how God orchestrates time, as does Mirroring.htm.

  • Somewhere in "Thinking" series is a small font note concluding that Cain was or became a believer after all. I can't find it now, but I no longer agree with that conclusion. Genesis 4:7 is stupidly mistranslated: "sin" should be "Sin-Bearer" (Christ) in that verse; verse is so multiple-entendre (as is most of Genesis4) that the translators don't seem to know what to do with it, but "hataat" means SIN OFFERING, not sin itself -- the ending "T" makes all the difference, and it's not a textual error, but a translator error; especially, in the CONTEXT of 4:4-4:7; so "crouching" is NOT the idea, but REST and LOVE ("desire" in v.7) of the Sin-Bearer FOR Cain.

  • Somewhere in my sites (probably LordvSatan2.htm) is a reference to the Tree of Lives (lit.) preserving the body forever, if its fruit is regularly eaten, but I didn't explain the significance of that point. So here's the explanation. Adam and the woman totally destroyed their capacity for enjoyment, when they first sinned: suddenly they feel ashamed of being naked (contrast with Gen2:25). So what ONCE was an enjoyment, is now a 'hell', to them. No wonder they are so busy first accusing God and each other, when He formally interrogates them (Gen3:11ff): they aren't having fun anymore! Hiding and blaming is now 'fun', lol! Sound familiar?