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Webpage: RevPlay.htm Tribulation Chronology Daily 'Map'   (Red triangles are notes: put your mouse on them, to read.)
KEY:   2556.75 days=7 solar years; 2520 days=7 quasi-lunar years.  Difference? 36 days.  So God's ever-solar accounting shows an EXIT WINDOW in the middle.
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 midpoint Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7, end
Day 1   1095.75 1221.75 1245.75 1260 1264 1266.75 1278.38 1296.75       2556.75
Rapture is Rev 4:1, concurrent with Rev 7 sealing the 144k Jews & 8:1, like split-screen TV.[1] Rev 8:7,  1st angel sounds; 1/3 Earth burnt, see 7th plague Exo9:23ff.[2] Rev 8:10, 3rd angel sounds, Satan to earth, 8:10-11; 8:12, 4th angel, 1/3 of day & night no sun/ stars/ moon. See 9th Plague Exo 10:21ff, Matt27:45.[3] Rev 9:5, demons torment unbelievers (continued) Rev 9:13, 6th angel & 2nd woe: demon armies released from below Euphrates.[4] Rev 10 paren-thesis in heaven, happens during this time.[5] End of 2nd woe, Rev 11:14; 7th angel sounds and intermission, Rev 11:15 thru 13:1[6] War in Heaven, Rev 12:7, begins Day 1260 when Witnesses killed.  War lasts until Day 1296.75, Satan cast out; that begins last 1260 days, Rev 12:6, so Trapped Jews can thus use the exit window. 3rd woe begins due to his downfall, Rev 12:12 compared with 13:1.   144k, martyred, in Heaven, Rev 14-15, last 3.5 years' Judgment theme, Armaggedon (14:20)[7] Rev 16 vials. 1st vial, Rev 16:2, Exodus 9:9, 6th plague boils;  [8] 3rd vial, Rev 16:4, fresh water becomes blood. [9] 5th vial, Rev 16:10 darkness like Exodus 10:21ff, Matt27:45[10] 7th vial, Rev 16:17ff, nuclear war; Jerusalem earthquake and hail, Jeru split into 3 parts, ties to Matt 27:51-54, Zech 14:5, Eze 39.
Rapture kicks off the Trib; Rev 11:2-3's Witnesses Arrive in Jerusalem at the Temple, to announce Trib began.[11] Rev 8:8, 2nd angel sounds; 1/3 sea becomes blood; 1/3 sea life dies and 1/3 shipping distroyed. See 1st-plague Exo7:17ff and 14:5ff. Rev 8:13, angel announces to world, '3 woes'. Rev 9:1, 5th angel, 1st woe: Satan releases demons from Abyss.  Abbadon (not Satan) heads them.[12] Dan 12:12 exit window begins[13] Rev 9:10's five months, ends.[14] Rev 11:7 Two witnesses Killed by Abbadon; days 1261-1264, worldwide rejoicing over their deaths, Rev 11:8-10[15] Rev 11:11-13, they resurrect, ascend, earthquake (7000 dead, 1/10th of Jeru falls); many believe. Dan 9:27, 11:31 (paradigm), 12:11, Matt 24:15-20, Rev 13 -- talking statue set up in Holy of Holies, exit window quickly closes, RUN![16] Rev 13 political shift, 666 marking, pogroms, miracles (vv11-13) etc. begin here, don't consolidate until Day 1296.75: Rev 13:5 compared with 11:2.[17] Rev 12:3,14, Jews hide in the wilderness (i.e., at Petra, Matt24:16-26); Three angels fly mid-heaven with Gospel and Judgment warning, Rev 14:6-11. 2nd vial, Rev 16:3, sea becomes blood like Exo 7:17-21[18] 4th vial, Rev 16:8, sun scorches people, like Jonah 4:8? 6th vial, Rev 16:12, Euphrates dried up, final campaign of Armaggedon begins.[19] Rev 17 parenthesis explan, Rev 18/Eze39 birds eat Israel's enemies, then Second Advent, Rev 19 (Christ comes w/Church and OT believers).  See also Zech 14:1-10, Isa63.

200 million demons, now visible on earth, war with mankind, thus kill 1/3 of them, Rev 9:18.           

Rev 9 demons torment unbelievers  
1290 Days, Dan 12:11 (measure from the END of Trib)     

  1335 days, Daniel 12:12 (measure from the END of Trib)       

  Exit Window to Leave Jerusalem Stay in Jerusalem and Fight, Zech 12.     
Day 1   1095.75 1221.75 1245.75 1260 1264 1266.75 1278.38 1296.75       2556.75
The first 1260 days
Overlapping Exit Window?[20] The Last 1260 days

War in Heaven causes exit window

Rev 4-7 depict what goes on in Heaven to set up for what goes on earth; Heaven's 'time' is less than a day, Earth time: so Rev4-8:1 all happen ON the day of the Rapture.  We are the 'sea of glass' in front of the throne.  John is the representation of Church when the door opens and closes, in Rev4:1. The 144K are JEWS, not Gentiles, obvious to anyone sane, right from the text. Only anti-semities claim THEY are of the 144K.

You are to understand that the in-heaven sequences are occurring simultaneously, idea of heaven decreeing and then the thing happens on earth.  It was a common feature of Greek drama, but of course a play has to show things in a linear order.  And parenthetical explanations are marbled in (Rev 4-6, 10-13, 17) to tell you what is ABOUT to happen next.  Greek plays like to announce themes then depict the actions 'fulfilling' those themes.
Sometime during Year 1, this started.  Per Rev 7's beginning, there is an initial delay ('don't harm any green thing') -- not sure how long -- before these disasters begin.  The delay, is to 'seal' the 144k, so that means not all of them believe in Christ immediately upon the Rapture.  It might take a few days, etc.  Notice the parallel in plague type and rollout, with the original Exodus.  Everyone knows that story, believer and unbeliever alike.  That's why it's used as the paradigm for the plagues here. Strong implication that 1st angel sounds in year 1, 2nd angel in year 2.  That gives people time to think and recover.
This is definitely the beginning of year 3.  The parallel between 1/3 of angels falling -- a story everyone knows -- with a REAL DARKENING shows it's not just a 'story', and of course anyone knowing this passage would know what just happened.  If not, they will shortly know, since an angel flies around the world warning everyone, and then VISIBLE DEMONS  begin roaming the earth.  These were the demons imprisoned due to Genesis 6 cohabitation, 1Peter 3:19-20, Jude6.

The 'Wormwood' is a nickname for Satan: absinthe.  That poison makes you drunk/high, and you can easily die from ingesting too much of it. Next, 'rivers' and 'streams' is an old OT metaphor from Psalm 90:2, for civilizations.  Idea that you 'drink' either from Satan's waters, or from God's. Running metaphor in the OT, and 'bitter' evokes Meribah.  So it's probably metaphorical, here.  Parallel to the literal poisoning which occured at the 2nd Trumpet.
These are not human beings.  Text is clear.  Whoever came up with the goofy idea that the 200 million means CHINA's armies, needs medical attention.
Rev 10:5 tells you that a delay WAS occurring at that time.
Greek says 3rd woe comes suddenly, not quickly.  Greek tachu is often mistranslated 'soon' or 'quickly', giving rise to all sorts of misuse of Bible.  Greek tachu is a military term, means by SURPRISE, SUDDENLY, NEXT without warning.  It is THE term for the Rapture, but of course here the Rapture already occurred.
Lots of speculation on whether the 180 miles as high as a horses' bridle (from Dan to Beersheba, meaning ALL Israel) is literal.  No, it's an ACCOUNTING based on how much blood is inside each person slain.  People are fighting, believers are being protected, and you can't do either one if awash in a 5-foot high pool of blood.  So this is a vivid measure: IF you were to POUR OUT the blood inside of each slain person, the amount of blood would run about 5 feet high for 180 miles.  Millions!
The plagues are deliberately patterned after the Exodus, a story everyone knows.  The duration of each plague isn't stated, but the pattern is plague for awhile, then stop so people can reconsider and believe in Christ.  So the plagues listed here begin and end, but in what of each remaining year, I don't know.  The first four might play over only one year, as that was the Exodus timeline.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
Rinse, wash, repeat from the too-hot Sun/Son, too-cold darkness, 9th Exodus plague revisited.
 There's NOTHING in Scripture to say these are resurrected OT believers.  It's an old conjecture absent support.  Bible calls any faithful believer or pastor, a 'lamp'.  So they are likely known Jews in Jerusalem (probably even near the Temple) who newly believe THEN, and get the supernatural powers.  Since they ANNOUNCE the Trib, it's unlikely that the Rapture caused much disruption, meaning there were FEW Church believers left on earth at that time.
 This 'eagle' is the 'angel' in Rev 4:7, wearing the fourth quarter of the Lord's Heraldry as 'flying eagle', symbol of defeating Satan.
In Dan 12:8's Hebrew, Daniel asked them to ACCOUNT the aftermath.  Careful reading of Daniel 12:11 proves that the measurement is from the time the sacrifices are taken away to the END of the Tribulation.  So for verses 11 and 12, you count BACKWARDS; then you'll see there is this exit window at Day 1221.75.  So it HAS to be solar, for if it were lunar, you'd have the contradiction of someone setting up the statue while the fire-breathing Witnesses are still there.  But the witnesses are supposed to be already dead, Rev 11:7!  So, Trib is not seven lunar years, capisce?

It's literal, 'evenings and mornings', just as it was in Daniel 8.  Slipshod reading will try to convert these numbers into years.  Evenings and mornings is used in Genesis 1, and is LITERAL DAYS, never anything else.
Notice how the five-months' visibility of demons, plus the release of the demon armies just afterwards, creates a lot of chaos.  This enables believers to more easily leave Jerusalem or otherwise hide.  It also affords easier conversion, for if you can SEE demons, why would you still refuse to believe in Christ?
Revelation 11:2 refers to the NEXT 42 months, after the 36-day hiatus, which began in Rev10.  This is a retrospective about the Witnesses, explaining what WILL occur next.  You know that, because Daniel 9:27 shows a covenant made with the King of the West at the beginning, and not until the MIDDLE is the statue set up.  So obviously the Jewish dictator of Daniel 11:36ff, is stymied by the Two Witnesses, is threatened by the Arabs (KOS) and seeks the King of the (North)West's support, which prompts the covenant.  So the Temple area is NOT YET 'trampled', but will be.  Hence, Rev 11:2 is predictive.

By contrast, 11:3 is retrospective. The Two Witnesses arrived on Day 1 of the Trib, Rev 11:3. The five months of Year 3 having ended, in month 6 the Abyss demons headed by Abaddon, finally can kill the Witnesses.  So that results in a delay, a power shift, so the exit window will close.
Looks like the Jewish dictator 'converts' and becomes the false prophet of the KOW who pretends to be Christ, at this point.  Notice how in the confusion, believers leaving Jerusalem at this point have about 30 days for travel to someplace safe, like in the wilderness caves of Petra.  But the borders close much sooner.  Hence the warning not to stop even to pack or say goodbye, in Matt24.  Besides, luggage would make you conspicuous and slow you down.
This is a political entity, not a religious one, suddenly forming.  It USES religion to justify its power.  It is centered in Rome, and most likely pretends to be a revival of ancient SPQR, so is eclectic-pagan in nature; so might actually be against Catholicism, and thus usurps Rome for that reason.  It is not Islam.  It is more likely a claim of some 'new' religion of the 'real' Christ returned.   Remember, every religion on the planet now claims Christ belongs to it (i.e., claiming He's Matreya-to-Come). Don't cripple the Trib people by insisting that it's RCC or Islam, which at that point might be long-gone, as well as any denomination we know of, today.  Satan knows what we expect, so if he does the unexpected, we won't catch onto his game.  He'd more likely be on all three sides (RCC, Islam, and the new entity), so he can sponsor Word War III.  Divide and conquer.
Repeat of 2nd-angel, 1st Exodus Plague.  Just in case they called the first time, 'coincidence'.
When my pastor exegeted this passage (he spent 4 years daily exegeting Revelation), he bade us go read Aristophanes' play, 'The Frogs'.  Those were little demons who motivated one to 'row' to 'hades'.  Clever reference parallel.
There's a lot of confusion during this time, allowing some believers to get out, though with difficulty.