This is still in draft form. It is so gorgeous and BIG a topic, much more needs to be said.

We are born spiritually-dead. Made alive, in Christ. Still alive in these dead bodies, we are likewise surrounded with all manner of deadness: human viewpoint, good-and-evil (evidenced most of all by works-lust), tit-for-tat, sterile relationships. Of course, all relationships are dead because they are based on the foregoing values, plus any Satan&Co. promulgate on a dead humanity which can't tell REAL truth from feel-goods.

So, then: to the degree you 'baptise' Bible Doctrine you are learning into your life, ONLY to that degree do you have children, instead of a sterile spiritual life; instead of wood, hay stubble (1Cor3 ties in here). "For you are ADULT SONS of God through faith in Christ Jesus" (Gal 3:26, corr trans in caps). So, then: Corollary 3B of Part III, your Bema Blessing works on the exact same principle as the Cross. So, then: don't waste your spiritual life on works, which are but 'natural' children of this world. So, then: don't waste your inheritance, your Trial Witness, your UNIQUE-FOR-ALL-TIME ROYAL priesthood TO Our Father by leaving unlearnt or unused a SINGLE ONE of His Thoughts!

SPIRITUAL CHILDBEARING KEY ==> All 'childbearing' is measured by what is born for FATHER. Get the pun? He's the FATHER. So, should have 'sons'. Starting with, THE SON, called the "Firstfruits" in the Bible (after the crop term). So, there should be OTHER fruits, too. Other karpos (lit., fruit, but means gain, profit). So, the MEASURE of a believer's production ("fruit", oft-heard in Christendom) is the 'fruit' he bears FOR FATHER. Not for people, not for things, not for self. Of course, if one comes to LOVE FATHER like the SON does, then this command is one's dream-come-true! So, to BEAR children means one must first become 'pregnant': but with what? Seed, another name for the Lord, in Gal3. And what is that Seed? Well, Luke 8: the WORD. So, become pregnant with the WORD, or else spend your life on wood, hay, stubble -- none of which bear anything but burning.

Why don't more folks recognize that the Father NEVER had His Own Priesthood until the Session? The Levitical priesthood is for the Lord's Deity. But FATHER gets the Lord's HUMANITY as High Priest (viz., Ps110:1, as Hebrews 2-10 explains in GREAT detail). And we are His Body (Eph1:15-23, 3:15-21, 1 Cor6 (body is basis of analogy) passim in other epistles). Thus Royal Priests under Christ TO Father (1Pet2:5,9; (esp.) Rev1:6, Rev5:10, and stressed as a main theme in Heb2,4,7-10). Talk about conclusive proof beyond remotest doubt that the Church is NOT NOT NOT Israel! Even ANY English translation can't hide this!

Do you realize, this PERMANENT position with respect to INFINITE FATHER means that someone can be completely handicapped his whole life, seemingly doing NOTHING for another, but rather, being done-to; someone can live in a CAVE his whole life, never contacting anyone else -- and in each case, MORE FRUIT IS PRODUCED if the person lives his Royal Priestly life toward Father, than all the good deeds in history! So also, those of us who have humdrum, 'normal' lives, seemingly doing nothing, just 'getting': live the spiritual life, and brushing your teeth will be of FAR greater significance than any sacrifice you could make!

For, the measure of 'works' is the measure of the RECIPIENT, in God's Plan. So, here: the RECIPIENT is INFINITE GOD. So the FRUIT of even toothbrushing while filled with the Spirit and thinking Doctrine learned is.. INFINITE. Look: if I die for my beloved AMERICA, that's a bigger deal than if I die for my mother. Dying for my mother is a bigger deal than dying for my bird. Dying for my bird is (well, maybe) a bigger deal than dying for my job (depending on what job it is). See? The measure of a great 'work', is the RECIPIENT, not the doer. So, FATHER is ALWAYS FIRST RECIPIENT.

Motive matters. If my motive for learning and using Bible Doctrine isn't because my Husband, the Lord, wants it for Father -- so I can get 'pregnant' with Doctrine and bear spiritual thoughts, the true chilren FATHER wants (aka sweet savor, in Bible) -- if my motive is based on someone or something ELSE, it's fornication. Pure and simple. Wouldn't matter how much Doctrine I'd learned, how many good deeds I did, how much people praise me -- it's for another 'master', not "as unto the Lord." No matter WHAT I called it; no matter how much people say it's spiritual. Fornication is never spiritual, and never justifiable. So, wood, hay, stubble. Burned.

Motive is either built by Bible Doctrine under the Holy Spirit, or.. by Satan&Co. Man is fundamentally motivated OUTSIDE himself. For, like God, man is not alone. So, if I'm under the Spirit, I'm motivated by the Spirit; else, by the flesh, which is under the prince of this world. So, I'm either FAITHFUL or fornicating, at any moment, by reason of motive alone. Just as the Lord said in the Gospels, if a man even THINKS of a gal lewdly, he's already COMMITTED adultery with her. Doesn't matter that he didn't touch her. How much more true, then, with respect to our Spiritual Husband, who wants children for FATHER, would motive matter? And how much more true, then, if the FIRST thought I have about anything is, "What does FATHER WANT?" -- will I be faithful to Our Husband?

    For, what Husband wants, is attractive -- BECAUSE He wants it. BECAUSE Father wants it, He wants it: "My food is to do the Will of Him Who Sent Me", He says. So, what Husband does NOT want, is UNattractive -- BECAUSE He doesn't want it. BECAUSE Father doesn't want it. Never mind who else is affected. So, if HUSBAND wanted me to never look at, see, know, touch ANYTHING, just sit in a chair -- that's attractive. If it isn't, then Love has no meaning, and I'm just a hypocrite. For with GOD, it's all.. or nothing. FIRST COMMANDMENT. Which, if you really love God, is no burden at all. In fact, no price is too high. Subjective genitive becomes objective genitive, 2Cor5:14-16, Greek (The 'genitive' quip was made famous by James Joyce).

    Ironically, the soul really needs to GIVE unencumbered love, but can't do so. The Cross was a gigantic OUTLET, a RELIEF for Jesus.. because it was FOR FATHER. True Love is like that. True love like that can only be built by millions of Perfect Diamond Deposits of Doctrine, by the Holy Spirit. Line upon line. Then, when 'pregnant', in birthing pangs (aka 'labor', the "Evidence Test" Section of Part IV), then all that Doctrine finds its outlet, relief, sweet savor.. for HUSBAND, which means.. FOR FATHER. ONE.

People doing for people is always touted as God's Will. It's fornication, not God's Will. Quick proof: watch how nasty people get when you tell them their good deeds don't count. Then ask, oh, so how much do you love God, if He DIDN'T value your deeds? On second thought, don't ask. The answer you get is too depressing. For, the answer you get proves that their 'first commandment', is self-praise. Just like Satan&Co.

So, to the extent that Christians AREN'T living the spiritual life, wrapped up in their stuff with mere PEOPLE; to the extent their motives -- even if THEY don't KNOW their motives! -- are not "unto the Lord", they are FRUITLESS, TRULY STERILE! Oh, how many do-gooders will kick themselves, at the Bema, when they realize how they missed out EXPLOITING this ironic, most-high life, bought by the Most High!