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I want my Bible straight! No lies!
No tonics, mixers, but with ICE!
The BIBLE's WORDS! Don't plagairize,
Or tell me past folk's OLD advice.

I don't need fancy rituals, dress,
Nor sermons ponderously holy, please;
Nor special foods, days, box-'confess';
Nor other, tawdry sophistries.

I don't need flashy 'signs' and tongues,
Nor crying statues, whirling suns;
I only need HIM! Don't you see?
The Bible's Teaching is for me.

God gifts to men His Word to teach,
So that His Son's Thought all can 'reach';
His Son Who died just ONCE for all;
Who wouldn't kneel nor jump nor call
Who used no gimmick to enthrall
But lived on Bible! through that Cross;
So teachers can make gold from dross.

God's alchemy is pure; no slag:
So Bible's language do please show.
No IQ, social lackings drag
The Holy Spirit's Power to grow.

The teacher who sticks to His Word,
Will outshine those who slagged it, see
And better still, that teacher will,
Have happiness, not imagery
Of vain men's foppish fables.

So please teach Bible Doctrine, straight!
No tonics, mixers, but with ICE!
The soul thus drinks The Lord's Delight
And you fulfill length-depth-width-height!