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Links here are grouped by category.

Some in a category also span other categories, so you may want to check all links here. "DOGPILE" search engine is on the "Major non-School Links" page (w/Dogpile's permission), too.

I learned of these sites through other people.

and need a break, goto the last Section, "Humor", for laughing-good fun!

If you think a site should be added, or have comments/ criticisms, please write me. In your email, please fully list the url (e.g., with "http://" ) in the e-mail.

These sites are provided as a convenience to the reader, and are not all-inclusive, of course, nor is any site endorsed.

Finally: some will be offended
by the fact that some "heretical" sites are included. Think of the inclusion this way -- how can you "defend the faith" if you don't know who the "enemy" is?

I think Ephesians 6 identifies the true "enemy", and to the extent we can all have some "ministry of reconciliation" operating with each other, the fallen angels have less-fertile ground, to split us from each other, and unbelievers from Heaven. This isn't to say we should all have the same faith, nor that all faiths are right, etc. It is rather to say that God, not man, should be the One doing the work: if we tend to our own back yards by learning Him, and all else will work out just fine, per Eph4:11-16.

Hope you'll find this site useful! Your feedback is needed, and welcome!

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