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========== DISCUSSION BOARDS =========='s: (Use Search Engine, search on Theology):

International Christian-Jewish Fellowship:

Tentmakers'Discussion Boards:

========== OTHER PUBS/Articles ==========

Note: the Journals here listed are Text/Form Crit. and Doctrinal-Debate oriented, serious publications which invite contributors

Analyses of some Scriptural/Faith issues:

Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the NT:

Journal for Christian Theological Research:

Miscellaneous (includes some neat Art):

SolaScriptura: Michael Horton article:

Sexuality issues:, and


Weekend Mag:

"WT202" honors papers @Univ. of Nevada:

=== Chat Rooms (incl. Denominational ones) ===

Chat is really typing, using some special terminal-like software, such as is offered for free download at Talk City channels are not listed; webtv works fastest on them. The channels below require mIRC or similar program.

Please send me any chat rooms you like. Please specify major server with it.

Biblebots, and a list of chatrooms:

Website for undernet's #scripture chatroom:

Website for undernet's #flagship chatroom: click on the "nec Ministries" link at top of page here, and then "flagship" link.

Website for starnet's #apologetics chatroom: click on "Apologetics" at top of page here, and then "Alcuin's..." link.

Christianchatnet use, then pick channel. They are all christian channels. Alternative servers: replace the "2" in server above with "1","1a", "2a", or "hub" if "2" doesn't work. These servers might not work with webtv (I couldn't get them to work on webtv, but those with computers DID get them to work.)

(,,, all at 7000) : Baptist, Baptists, Bible, Catholic, Christian, Christian_conversations, ChristianDebate, Christian_Insomniacs, Christianity(seeks ops), Christian_Singles, Christianity, Christians, history, Jesus, JesusisLord, Orthodox, Spirituality, Theism

(,, @6667): apologetics, baptist, bible, bible! bible-debate, biblestudy, Christian, Christian_Discussion, Christian_Lighthouse, Christianroom, Christians, Christians! Christian_Singles, coptic, diatheke, faith, Godhood, GodisLove, GodZone, Jesus, prophecy, romancatholic

RUSNET Use -- #bible

STARNET I don't know exact server name and port. Two former undernet channels moved there, I'm told: #apologetics, and #prosapologian. Both of these channels are ostensibly Calvinist, though folks of all sects go there, and atheists seem to like the channels a lot.

UNDERNET -- atheist, atheism, bible, bible777(nc's), bible1611, bible4real, biblechat, biblestudy, catholic, christian, christianchat, christians, crkva(macedonia), forgiven, hebrew, lds, Living_Stones, Mere_Christianity, Mormon, scripture (edub's, great bot!), theology.

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