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== Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Sites ==

E.O. proper, with some on-line-Bibles of varying faiths: click here

Byzantine Catholic (like EO, but holds Roman Pope as highest authority): click here

===== Episcopalian Sites =====

See also "Anglican" on previous page. Episcopalian is essentially
the American equivalent of the English "Anglican".

=== Jehovah's Witness Sites ===


(see also Seventh-Day-Adventist, below)

===== Lutheran Sites =====

=== Messianic Jewish Sites ===

These groups believe He is Messiah, but usually hold that only SOME of the NT is Scripture. Their teachings also help show how Mosaic Law was always interpreted...

Netzarim (Nazarene Jews), Netzarim Hebrew Matthew: http://www.netvision.net.il/~netzarim/

TESHUVAH GATE: http://www.teshuvah.com/

ADONAI TZ''VA''OT Ministries (holds all of NT likewise infallible). Neat site, has bible search engines: http://www.angelfire.com/wv/tomyartcpl/

=== Mormon (Church of the Latter-Day-Saints) ===

Main Site. This page takes time to load:

===== Pentecostal (aka "Evangelical") =====

Main Sites: http://www.upci.org/


Canadian Apostolic (One Person as God) and Pentecostal mix:

===== Presbyterian Sites =====

== Reformed/Reconstructionist/Theonomy ==

(Note: See also previous page, "Calvinism", just below "Baptist" links. Theonomists and Reconstructionists span other faiths besides Reformed-Calvinism.)
  • Reconstructionism, Creed
  • Theonomy Online

  • ===== Roman Catholic Sites =====


    ===== Seventh-Day-Adventist =====

  • http://www.amazingfacts.com/
  • Adventist's Home Page

    The following site may also be JW, but holds AGAINST the existence of "Hell":
    Click Here
  • ===== Universal Reconciliation/Unitarian Universalist =====

    (i.e., no hell, or everyone ends up going to heaven eventually):
  • Comprehensive Universal Reconciliation Site
  • Christian Universalism: True Grace Ministries
  • The following site focuses on how everyone ends up in Heaven: click here

  • Universalist Unitarian

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