Email & Feedback

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Brainout is now absent from the body and face-to-face with the Lord and obviously can no longer answer emails.

Brainout has gotten some emails over the years in regards to the website's design and a lot of the pages were getting harder and harder to read with the old formatting; I've overhauled the website for modern browsers (which is important if you want to view the website on mobile), and will hopefully have fully embedded fonts or vectorized version of said fonts in the far future. Refactoring all of the older HTML formatting may not be feasible (time-wise), but it's at least in a much better position now.

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Even blistering criticism is very welcome, and always profits; God uses everything to teach. So, I answer all email except spam. I only get snotty with anti-semites, and people who prove not to have done their homework. Have any belief you want, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK. That is, if you want to write to me. Questions are welcome, too.

If you're willing, I always need criticism about how the webpages display in your browser. I can't test all the ways browsers display the material. So if colors, fonts, or whatever annoy you, TELL ME PLEASE. I'll make changes, send you the offending page, until you tell me what works for you. Seriously: there's too much variation on the internet, and I want to make the display work. Windows default font is Arial, and it sucks. Better fonts are Calibri, Cambria (in Word 2007 and later), and especially Gill Sans MT, a font which was in Win98 and prior.

Much better contrast and use of white space. Also consider Franklin Gothic family, Folio MD, and Trebuchet MS (a font in old Windows and in post-2007 Windows). Will be updating my pages for the newer fonts, as I have time. If it matters, know that I am very critical about my webpages and videos, am constantly criticizing something I did. It's called AUDITING, and is in no way offensive to self-worth. My self-worth and yours, was PAID FOR on the Cross. So we don't need to worry about how we 'compare'!

Meanwhile, we all get something wrong, every second we breathe. So the only real wrong, is to stop auditing. So we need feedback from others, to help us audit ourselves.

Happy Bible eating!