How Emotional Hooks create Gotterdammerung Trends

This page is not as well-written as I would like, of course. The historical assessment in it is too important to leave out. Flow is choppy; I apologize in advance.

Richard Wagner wrote operas with German mythological themes. In his Ring Operas, the tragic hero ends up, by means of his VIRTUOUS MOTIVE, causing the destruction of everything. This good-destroying-everything concept, is called Gotterdammerung in German. It's a pregnant word.

Gotterdammerung is Satan's policy; the success of it is patent via religion's sordid history. Purpose is to create a dark ages, so man rejects God, never learns Him. Thus Satan wins in the Trial.

So Satan&Co. promote science and 'reason' and religion as if competing with each other, when in fact they are all the same: man's claim of self-virtue. This, Satan&Co. promote, in order to CREATE chaos, because such promotions polarize polities, within and without. The polarization occurs, because those who become the elite, get fat, sassy.. and eventually OSSIFY. That's why the Catholic Church rose .. and fell.

That's why, periodically in history, those in 'authority' suffer revolts. Granted, those revolting ARE revolting (disgusting) themselves, with or without a deemed-valid pretense for revolt. So, science being so incredibly DUMB to promote evolution, thus sows the seeds of its own future denouement, as indeed happened with past science/authority: in each case, due to an overweening arrogance by those authorities involved. So, the 'uneducated' will of course eventually revolt with iconoclasm, usually under some demagogue; and a dark ages ensues.

The deeper reason for this recurring phenomenon is man's insecurity, due to his sin nature in Adam+any sins he's committed which weaken him even further. See, when change occurs, people get helped, but they almost always FIRST get hurt. Change destabilizes man, because he equates familiarity, with security. Put him into a changing situation, and you rob him of the familiar; so, he feels threatened, simply because he lacks familiarity with the circumstance he faces. This, whether the circumstance is pleasant, or not; whether he recognizes he's feeling threatened, or not. So, then: some have come to be FAMILIAR with the idea that science is good; some replace 'god' with science, and therefore expect science to be infallible, or derive their ego-comfort in a different way: that science NEVER claims a conclusive answer ("the data suggest"). Thus, they can always comfort themselves that since the (irrelevantly-tested or picked) data never bear out any proof of anything, but always suggest, there is no assured answer. So, anyone who HAS assurance must be stupid, for science is not like that. So, they are assured in their UNassurance. Safely.

Others, uncomfortable with the pseudo- or real intellectuality of science, just plain hate it. Couple this with the unprecedented pace of change in man's 'progress' over the past two centuries, and especially over the past two generations, and you have a tinderbox for revolution. The insanity of the evolution idea will eventually show, due to the ossification of its proponents; which results in political pressure to AGREE imposed on those who would 'belong' to the community, just as has always been true with denominational religions; hence, those who don't fit in will be ripe for any demagogue to rally them to rebel. Power versus power, and everyone falls into the pit of the dark ages.

We are on the verge of yet another such fall into the pit of dark ignorance, destroying what science and advances we've learned, like the peasants destroyed all those valuables in the Czar's many houses during the early stage of the Russian Revolution. As noted above, Satan&Co. use over or under exposure to truth to foment emotional reaction. In the past 100 or so years, mankind has been OVERexposed to technological advance. He's not kept pace with it, psychologically. While the same can be said for the impact of the Industrial Revolution, the combination of that plus the current technological revolution -- is too much. The problem with so much overexposure is this: it needs MEDIATION by counter-truth. Which is, Bible Doctrine. Morality, which is also authored by God, will not be enough help for man to orient to so much massive CHANGE.

So, man's ability to ADJUST when things are bad or good, requires FIRST, that man ADJUST TO GOD. Absent that, he has no integration, as we saw with Adam's insane figleaves thingy in Part II. So, then: when man experiences EITHER improvement or reduction, his corridor for healthy adjustment is very narrow. By over- or under- exposing him to any 'good' or 'bad' in his life, either on a micro level or on a macro level, Satan&Co. foster DESTABILIZATION. It doesn't take much. So, currently, the trend has been over-exposure to improvement, and man has been so hungry for so long, he can't cope. Since mankind typically never does much adjusting TOWARD God, he breaks. Prosperity kills the greater, since man's internal mechanisms for adjustment are basically adversity-oriented (sin nature). Fighting is what man knows; further, when in straitened circumstances, he is more curious about God (out of self-interest). Pleasure, though, he can't handle. So, the trend of improvement more devastatingly fosters a larger destruction, than were man still living off the soil.

Bible Doctrine uniquely mediates all man's problems by progressively relating them to God's Plan, which thus better integrates the BELIEVER HIMSELF, with God. Hence, as we saw in Part IV's ".. Your Thinking" section, the derivative power is reduced, as growing believers talk, think; and their conversations 'beget' like thinking in others around them who agree. This integrative process starts, of course, with salvation. It progresses, as the believer learns Doctrine under his right pastor-teacher, and perseveres in that course. However, as history amply proves, man's DESIRE for this course is at best sporadic, and short-lived. Else, the Catholic Church and its protesting children, state religions, would never have stayed in semi-monopolistic power for so long.

We are at a unique spot in history, possibly: for the first time, not only has man come under an unprecedented rate of change, but the ONE thing which long remained familiar, religious monopolies, have crumbled; this, largely due to yet another unprecedented factor, the level of interest in Bible qua Bible throughout the globe (even higher than the 1700's and 1800's). The FOURTH unprecedented factor is related to that unprecedented level of interest: the attendant PROSPERITY that GOD ECONOMICALLY PROVIDES due to such interest (see the 1st halves of Lev26 and Deut28).

The cultural impact of this BIBLICAL discovery by independent churches, which simmered since the Reformation (well, sometime earlier) but exploded worldwide sometime after World War I ended, is gigantic: and, probably unique in history. The biggest consequence of it is that people began to regard their INDIVIDUAL life before God as having primacy over the church to which they belonged. If a person belongs to a denomination, its very bigness gives him a 'corporate' sense of spirituality. However, in a local church, there is NO bigness -- so, no 'middleman' between God, and him. Sure, the pastor is still the authority -- but there are many pastors. So, the individual TAKES MORE RESPONSIBILITY for his own spiritual life. (Denominational folks tend to assign the responsibility to their 'elders' in the denomination.)

Thus you have the collateral SECULAR trend from the 1850's onward, of INDIVIDUALISM. The prior traditions of autocracies and oligarchies, though punctuated ever with the Greco-Roman idea of representative government, had largely been accepted: the leader had more absolute authority, and the individual was less important. Come the breaking-open of Scripture, though, and INDIVIDUALISM became much more stressed. It's no coincidence that America's individualistic streak is founded upon an individualistic responsibility toward God, apart from denominations. So it's no coincidence that independence movements around the globe were, below-radar, fostered by a growing interest in Bible itself: after all, that's how AMERICA'S ideals were formed.

So another big consequence of the so-called 'independent-church movement' (as if it were political instead of Biblical, lol): WORLDWIDE, man is rapidly homogenizing AWAY from his traditional cultures, all of which were religion-based, in favor of MATERIAL commonalities. This separation of God-and-culture (a healthy one, always) thus opens up BOTH the potential for truly-free seeking of God .. or, massive war. This, because the old ties being loosened creates a temporary state of psychological flux.