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More about Satanic Derision in Cow Sura

[YouTube video has now been deleted]

The above video is authorized by Investigate Islam (now since deleted as the YouTube account has been terminated), who authored it. Their video site is muhammedtube.com, but "investigateislam" is also a name they use on Youtube. Muslims flag them, so if you can't find the video on Youtube, go to muhammedtube.com.

What follows is additional perspective on the same Sura in quite a different vein. I noticed this by mistake back in 2001 when researching Satan's odd penchant for wordplay to satirize the Bible, be it in Greek plays, modern society, Bible mistranslation, or the world's holy books. One theme pervades them all: a hey-see-me-mock-the-Bible-and-all-who-disbelieve-it signature. In short, Satan&Co. ADVERTISE their involvement in a thing, it's a source of pleasure to them that we dumb sheep, 'don't get it'. So the Joke's On Us! This satanic strategy and signature is covered at length in the Appendix to the Thinking series (link at page top).

So now let's look at Sura 2, Al-Baqara, aka "The Cow". Gist of derision: It takes superhuman skill to a) change the COLOR of one of the best-known communal offerings in Judaism (Num19:2) from red to yellow, and yet b) have no Jews notice! For, lo...

Bible in inspired Greek (purran) or Hebrew (aram) denotes the heifer color as that of fiery red, meaning judgment: red (or scarlet) for sins, red for blood. Fire has a yellowish edge to it, also, but RED is what Bible focuses on. The real author of the "Cow" Sura would have to know Bible's Greek/Hebrew's stress on the RED of fire as JUDGEMENT, to play such wordgames against Bible, in the Sura. The Sura's author turns the concept of "fire" into warming the heart, lol (end II.v.69)! Moreover, as you read the Sura you can tell the "yellow" is deliberately LINKED to the golden calf, and so anyone who knew from Bible the heifer should be RED, would know the Koran was NOT from God; waving a red-heifer 'flag', so to speak. But, lol no one even remembered or did his Homework in Scripture (II.v.78).

What ribald proof how people hate God. You pour over details on topics you love, and dismiss or give short shrift to topics you hate. So hatred of knowing Bible is blatantly proven here. Why didn't the Jews who heard this Sura counter with the correct color? Oh, they were Kabbalah, using Bible for fancy codes in the letters and other mystical nonsense. So didn't know Bible at all...

And you just know Mohammed wasn't so smart about the Bible: what human today would be that smart, to create even this single derision? Like it says in Sura verses v.23-24: you just try and compose even one verse as good as what's in here. Well: who would think to write about a yellow heifer sacrifice (Sura v.69), and THEN title the Sura, "Cow"? "Cow" in Bible means a FOOL, and this Sura PLAYS ON that Biblical meaning, as well on the golden calf (Sura v.67ff). Not to mention, the style and titling of each Sura, reminds you of Aristophanes' plays [Aristophanes had a habit of titling his play based on some superficially obscure/minor character or line in the play. Aristophanes was one of the classic 5th-century-BC Greek playwrights. Pickthall's introduction to the Sura merely says Koran deliberately titles based on this same style, but doesn't mention Aristophanes, of course. Demon-authored stuff always advertises itself in 7 layers: one of which plays on classical Greek culture or drama.]

So a DEMON had to feed Koran to Mohammed, then: demons are angels, just the ones on the 'other' side, lol. Mohammed wouldn't know WHICH SIDE 'Gabriel' was on, especially since 'Gabriel' was very careful NOT to say his lord, was THE Lord. (This deft satanic signature giveaway is covered extensively in the "Appendix" of "Thinking" series, in the section, "Tactical Example: The Holy Koran".) Any time an angel speaks to you, you're hearing from Satan's folk: so not from THE Lord, but from his lord (the angel's, that is). Only Satan is this clever!

Of course, the Sura advertises itself as demon-authored, in its first three letters, ALM -- a root of IDOLATRY. Depending on the vowel points, root means "dumb", as in idols, or false prophet, in Hebrew: see also II.v.15-19, a deliberate reference to such meanings. Frankly, that Hebrew root encompasses a whole lot of similar meanings. It thus summarizes the entire Sura's content, if the reader knew enough about the root: worship -- bowing down in worshipful silence before idols, actually, lest they be consumed by fire; bowing down, to get the warm fire of fellowship with Allah, in the Sura. (Arabic and Hebrew are close sister languages: kinda like Chinese, they construct many words from basal roots.) The root is also a DIRECT reference to a Greek NT quote, as if in Hebrew! in Rev18:7, where the 'Babylon' harlot-on-the-beast oozes how she's not a widow. See, Hebrew root alone signifies Babylon when vowel-pointed to mean widowhood: 'God is dead', see. The root letters have a whole roster of not-nice meanings in Hebrew, every one of them mocking, esp. in the context of this Sura.

So oh, what wit! A false-prophet demon is SPEAKING the Sura to Mohammed and his Jewish hearers. For purposes of demanding worship to the demon's idol, lol! See how Isaiah 44:7-20 talks about the link between idols and demons, for example: Sura's use of fire and dumb-idol metaphors clearly references that and kindred Bible passages. Even the Title of the Surah in Arabic also mocks the Third Temptation of Bible's Matt4: Hebrew "berak" means salute, kneel, bless -- a mere REVERSAL of letters (or colors!) makes it a foolish COW, get it? (Bah-KA-RAH vs. Bah-RAK-AH). Bow down before the golden calf, baby.

What incredibly-smart mockery. Every verse in Koran mocks like this, actually. Sheer tongue-in-cheek genius. Mocks those who believe in Koran, and those who don't, with the same double-entendre usage of PRONOUNS and POSSESSIVES. Mocks God and especially Christ, again via deft wordplay. Would take years to document all the cross-references in each Sura verse, blatantly demonstrating none of the hearers of the Sura cared enough about Bible to even compare it. Double-minded, the demons: knowingly praising and condemning Bible with the same words. So, double-entendre, the words (i.e., II.v.74, playing on Bible's 'rock' words: PETRA, Tsur (bedrock), Sela (cliffrock), eben(littlestone)). No human is this smart. One could write a book about just this derision's meaning.

Moreover, how could Mohammed know the Greek drama symbolism of Revelation 17's tableau, predicting Satan's intention to mock Matt16:18 by building a Fake Church? ("Scarlet" is also a Biblical color metaphor for political power; purple, for religious power.) By 600AD, he had also split that fake church (a favorite tactic, divide and conquer), so to get everyone in Christendom to kill each other. They were newly exhausted from fighting at the very moment (610AD) Mohammed first got his 'visions': see Sir John Glubb (confirmed Arabophile), A Short History of the Arab Peoples, "Before Islam". [Technically the Eastern and Western Empires of Rome exhausted themselves fighting each other circa 602; but understand this was the culmination of a war over WHO would be the Rev17 harlot within the fake church. (Though the official church split occurred in 1051, it really started under Constantine. See Gibbon.) Then Persia invaded; a corollary and obviously demonically-orchestrated result, was that the Arabs became predisposed to revolt against Persia. Remember that Persia had a long history of pro-God interest, in the OT. So, while the Eastern Empire in 628 managed under Heraclius to retain nominal sovereignty, it was prostrate. By then, so too Satan's old enemy, Persia. Spiritually, these facts illustrate Lev26, and the regular splitting that precedes the destruction of all or part of a client nation, viz., post-Solomon, Rome, France after Clovis, Holy Roman Empire, British Empire, US, Germany, maybe Korea.]

So Satan had turned the Church, which had been paid for by the RED of Christ's Blood, INTO A GOLDEN CALF INSTITUTION -- and then had his orgy with it, capisce? So, following the Rev12-17 predictions, Satan now turned to the Arabs and Jews, to rile them up: his never-changing goal, to get everyone in the Book to kill each other. Mohammed couldn't know all that. Heck, even the Church didn't realize what Satan was doing to it.

Again, for much more on the satanic derision in the Koran, please visit muhammedtube.com. The guy running it is a native Arabic speaker and he sees the many derisions far better than I do.

Also Walid Shoebat, it seems, partly converted to Christianity due to seeing the derision Koran makes of Bible: search for his name and "2007 Prophecy Conference" on Youtube, then see the first video on it posted by Ritter1001 -- or, go to my Walid Shoebat playlist on my "brainouty" Youtube page. I traced the history of Satan's use of Islam since 600AD as part of his Revelation 11-12 rebuild-the-Temple ploy, in my "How Satan Deploys Islam" videos, which you can view on my Home Page or at Youtube.

In sum, You'd Have To Know Bible Very Well, To Make These Kinds Of Jokes. Surely Muhammed, literate or not, wouldn't be so smart. So we're looking at empirical evidence of derisive demon involvement. In word, deed, history. And we see nothing...