In Hell He came to this tired earth
In Hell He came, 'though body's girth
Was Perfect.

Twas Hell to limit Glory Due,
Twas Hell to have the Mind of Dieu
and not Peek it.

You bought me? WHYYYYY?
You paid for my soul?
Why bother? Why try?
the use of Your Own Deity?

You'd have to see all my sins!
You'd have to pay for them all!
Whether I believed in You or NOT!!!

Why, why, why, why, why,
Go to beyond-Hell - the Cross!!!
For me?

Who am I that Thou art mindful of me?
I blaspheme You daily, in my thoughts
I am the center of my own universe
Devoid of You

But noooo You Bought Me
No matter, that I might not choose You
No matter, that I might prefer Hell
No matter, that You go to Beyond Hell

'Pay for Hell, too...

For to pay for there to Be a Hell
This You had to do!
or none of us could even
Be Born.

Why? Why?
You're not a masochist, are You?

See, Lord! I am so bewildered by You
You, Majesty, Awesome Glory!
Most-Blessed Love, Righteousness!
To Whom "Praise will always be becoming"

I can't even rhyme.
Even though you gave me the gift
Of rhyme and meter
Even in my sleep.

Oh, Most Beautiful Lord!
Of 1Tim2:5!

Non possum vivere tecum
Nec sine te.

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