It's All YOUR Fault, God! (an indictment)

It's all YOUR Fault, God, yes it is!
that YOU give us no sign
by which we'll see with OUR own eyes
Your touted, great Design.

It's all YOUR Fault, God, yes it is
that Scripture is obtuse,
that's why we fight o'er who is right
and wrangle o'er its use.

It's all YOUR Fault, God, yes siree,
that you would make a Bible "tree"
full of sacrifice, not free!
for each soul who'd not turn to Thee.

It's all YOUR Fault, and no one else's!
Certainly not ours, oh my!
Every one whom You have slain
Every soul who's suffered pain,
Every animal who's lain
in a trap YOU did disdain
to help!
....Were it not so
They'd have been freed
quite long ago!

But NO, Oh God, You murdered them!
They just could NOT deserve to die!
Your deeds are oh so sadly written
in that Bible, that crazed lie
showing there for all to see
in a crimsoned tapestry,
full of good folks, morally,
whom you sickly lashed;
and even Your Own Son, You slashed!

It's all YOUR Fault, You know it is,
to make us thus condemned to sin!
So, thus! no matter what we do,
however many deeds, You spew
them out as dross, as filthy rags,
We give our produce! "But it drags
upon the dirt", You whine. "No win!"
Despite what works we enter in.

Oh Yes, it's just YOUR Fault, oh my,
That we who work, and REALLY try,
are nonetheless condemned to die,
while others, ho! who murder, lie!
can "just believe", and they're okay?
What God are YOU? "No God", we say!

Oh Yes, You Love us: Your Fault, Too!
Did e'er we ask such love from You?
A Love that kills, and love that maims,
so to get What? Sweet Heaven's claims?
You murder every soul: it's True!
SO, now: who should worship YOU?!

Yes, Every one! we say because
We know more than You do, that's why!
We're so deserving, We Who TRY!
We know science, we know law,
We can reason, and we claw
up the ladder, hardy, working
embracing EVERY faith, not shirking
ones which YOU would call too "low":
see? We're GOOD! But YOU whine "NO!"

Every turn we take YOU mock us,
and when we turn wrong, you "clock" us;
ticketing our every wrong,
but oh, those "saved" can vilely throng
quite happily through Heaven's gates!
So what kind of Love, awaits?
None! though we have worked for YOU!
Hands rubbed raw, with twisted cue,
marred in soul, with skin sinew,
But not a hope of payment due?!

It's all YOUR Fault, God, yes indeedy
that we're poor, and sick, and needy
that we don't have jobs or marriages;
that greed/gain no one disparages;
that we count our works before You;
clamouring that we won't adore You
if you don't reply in kind
to fit the standards in OUR mind.

You see how clear Your Judgement Stands?
We work and slave, yet YOUR Demands
remain "Unpaid!" by bloodstained hands
We serve mankind! yet no one lands
to get your Praise, or even "Thanks"
for serving those You made, in ranks.

How cruel You are, Yes! It's Your Fault!
That You would make a Christ, a Tree,
all beaten-tola: only He
suffices Your Mad Comedy;
You rule all our good deeds, "Unfair"!
We cannot add a single share?
Of our own sweat and moral faire?
To Cross or Crown? "No, NOT a Hair!"
You say.
And so You throw us all away?

How DARE You make salvation free!
You castrate all morality!
Now those who cannot make amends,
They go to Heaven, brothers, friends,
but we who slave like Martha, Saul,
are left locked shut in Hellish thrall!

And they who worked not, lillies, lazy,
while we sweated, tired, crazy,
They're rewarded, we are not!
We who prayed so LONG, are shot!
They who but beat breasts and 'fessed,
are now so OH! So finely dressed?!
But we who built goods for mankind,
sure that You MUST bless such, mind,
languish with NO drop of water!?

It's YOUR Fault! THAT is the Matter!

Why d'You make us? Why so cruel?
Why no "sign", but Bible school?
Why the rule to learn the Book?
Does it feed folks? Catch a crook?
What's with all these verses, then,
which make sense to 'toad-in-fen,
certainly not to beast nor men,
so many WORDS! not works of gold!?
What good are words, when we grow old?

Oh, Yeah, It's ALL Your Fault, oh my!
That words you give us as reply!
What belly's filled by verses, pray?
Do verses heal, and pain allay?
Do verses make men nice and holy?
Do they Please Your Sadist's Ear?
Do they satiate You wholly?
Though we're hungry, crushed with care?
You must LOVE these Words but please:
do they make good recipes?

WE CHOOSE WORKS! Our egos need it!
We don't care that He did bleed: fit
all His fetters to our hocks;
and WE will show You goodly stocks!
We will cheat a little, yes, but
We will have our righteousness!
Or You are not OUR God! Desist!
From freedom that you give to others,
sin-for-free, His Pennance covers
with no Works? Thou shalt give well, if
they, not us, are sent to Hell!

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