God's Four Royal Spiritual Life Essentials

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Overview and Significance

There are certain Divine Truths so essential, the absence or lack of their operation in the life, derails the life completely. For, man can't live on bread alone; on people-to-people. Those "laterals" need a Vertical; absent the Vertical, man vainly seeks fulfillment which will never materialize. That's why you can faithfully attend church and do Christian service for years but never learn a thing, never have a real, functioning spiritual life, but just the semblance of one (2Tim3:5). One or more of the following Essentials are missing. Kinda like a car without gas, or with a dead battery -- you just get towed away. By Satan&Co.

The lateral Christian mistakes his to-people orientation for the spiritual life, entirely forgetting that God is NOT the recipient of anything laterally done. Sure, the lateral Christian will quote verses like the one about anyone who gives a cup of water in the Lord's Name will get a reward. Surely, the water-giver will be rewarded: a ribbon is a reward. But so is a bizillion dollars. Which reward do you want? Only Scripture is gold, silver, precious stones: not man-made. Ribbons are man-made. So Learn Scripture, and get the "Crown of Life" (James 1), or play laterally, and get ribbons. Your choice. [Lateral Christians read James 1:1-2:26 laterally, so don't realize that, in the inspired Greek, James is talking about BIBLE'S Doctrine, when he says "faith". (Greek word pistis first means Doctrine Believed, not the act of faith.) DOCTRINE WORKS, so Doctrine is not dead. Of course, if you look at doctrine then forget it, you've not believed it, so it is dead in you, and all your works are thus dead also (James 2:18a, which lateral Christians all overlook). So you looked into the Mirror of the Word and then walked away, fruitless. Oh well.]

Lateralism causes all misinterpretations and suffering, from banal secular, to Bible. Gotta do lots of Spiritual Auditing based on the Uppermost Truth, God. The one who bases his interpretations on lesser examinations will inevitably fail, and the failure always shows up. It's kinda embarrassing to see their fixations on man, never God: all those who think the spiritual life is hustling and works for people; who are totally blind to all the anti-Pharisee Bible verses (i.e., Romans 2), so emulate the Pharisees with their political crusades. You wanna cry for them, because the biggest fear we all face is that one day we will all know forever how we each screwed up. Protect yourself against that Rom 14:10 Day, then: always suspect as a lie any tenet which stresses man's behavior or role. For it's the Vertical, never the lateral, Who is the Only Meaning and Happiness of Life.

The Vertical, of course, is God. Man needs the Real God for fulfillment. And the Real God fulfills him if the Real God is poured into him, so to speak. Rom5:5, via mainlining Scripture. That's why we get a Bible, His Thinking in human language, in writing, a promise which dates all the way back to the Garden, when the Lord sacrificed animals and clothed the first fallen-then-saved humans. [ LordvSatan2.htm explains this integration-with-God need for man's happiness, in more detail.]

So Life with God is Vertical, never lateral. All laterals (i.e., toward self, people, things) are but condimental training aids for the purpose of Learning To Rule A Kingdom, because when you've been developed to be Like-Minded, you are qualified to be a ruler, with Christ, close to Him. Intimate, get it? Which is, your close destiny in Christ, IF IF IF you Learn The Book, which is the Very Thinking of Christ (i.e., as stated in 1Cor2:16).

So you can't relate to God the way you do, toward people and things. So you can't get fulfillment in the relationship with God if you try to relate to Him as to people: again, you're being towed, instead.

For, Relationship with God is Intimate, and never at all about deserving. For, God didn't make Himself, even. So, He doesn't want you to make yourself, either. Instead, He wants to make you FOR you. Just because. Just because, dummy: That's What Happened To Christ. In His Humanity, He didn't tap into His Deity to do something for Father, Himself; rather, He depended on the Spirit, i.e., "Full of Grace and Truth" verse. Note that: first came the Grace, Spirit doing it TO His Humanity, and what did Spirit do? Last word in verse, last word Christ spoke when He died: "Truth". Romans 5:5, happening to Him, set the precedence for what God wants to happen to US. Isa53:10-12 in the combined Hebrew and Greek inspired texts, walks you step by step through the mechanics (you can't get the combined texts in English, sadly).

As a result, God has designed a system of Four Essentials to get "Christ in you", as Paul likes to put it. What beautiful irony. Here we were, all in Him on the Cross (theme of Romans 6). So now, He can be in us; positionally ("in Christ"), and dynamically, His Thinking, ("Christ in you"). Cry all the way to the Bible bank!

It was a huge surprise to discover, in the course of researching material for these websites, that the following Four Essentials are almost never taught by pastors: they talk around these essentials, or tangentially about these essentials, but never explain or train people in these essentials. So what happens over time, is this: they tow their congregations, rather than grow their congregations. For, spiritual growth is internal. If your pastor has to keep charging your dead battery, you'll last during the sermon, alright. But you'll never go anywhere.

The Four Royal Spiritual Life Essentials

  1. SIMPLY BELIEVE ONCE in CHRIST to be FOREVER saved. Adding anything to simply believing Christ paid all for your sins, NEGATES belief, for you are adding a condition, and if you add something, that's a work, but salvation is only through faith, because it's Grace: grace and works are mutually-exclusive (Eph2:8-9). For example, many teach you must repent of your sins AND believe in Christ to be saved. Dead WRONG. Such teachings egregiously misuse the term translated "repent" in the inspired Greek texts. See how the Lord puts it, in John 3:16,18,36 for comparison. So Don't don't don't add anything. JUST BELIEVE. Royal blue boxes at Home pagetop have more details.

      See, "born-again" is a literal thing. God is a Spiritual Being, but man is not; man, due to Adam's sin, is spiritually dead (1Cor15:22, Rom5:12's Greek usage of hamartanw). So man needs to be born spiritually to even have a spiritual life. In the original languages, Bible makes itself clear. We didn't invent the Greek languages; we didn't invent the words of Scripture. We didn't invent the Greek grammar rules (esp. of Attic Greek for drama, used in John 3:16). So we can't invent the interpretation, either. Greek is exact, one of the most finely nuanced group of (5, in Scripture) languages ever on earth. So in John 3, for example, "born again" is literal, which is why the analogy to physical birth is made in the passage. The verbs' tenses are instantaneous, meaning the first time you simply believe in Christ you are permanently saved, because you permanently get Eternal Life, which is a type of Life that God, Who Has No Beginning, IS. (Unbelief in salvation's permanence will cause you much needless doubt and pain, but you don't have to know salvation is permanent, to be saved.)

      Bible repeats this same literal meaning in a number of ways: in fact both these mechanics, as well as analogies to the mechanics of salvation are probably the most common category of topics in the New Testament. So, just as a baby doesn't cause its own birth, so also You don't add anything to faith in Christ. No invite, accept, into-my-heart garbage, for you are dead until you BELIEVE in Christ. Just as a baby is no baby until breathing on his own, so can't do anything until first breathing; so also you don't do anything until you take your own first spiritual breath (an exhale of faith, here; just like regular birth begins with an exhale). (Old Testament is rife with references also, but the Hebrew method of expression is often much more subtle. David, for example, makes onomopoetic breathing noises via words he uses in Ps139, to indicate that neshemmah, the first breath of life.)

      BELIEVE in Christ, and in that instant, you are Permanently Saved (Acts 16:31); because the Holy Spirit takes that exhale and makes you spiritually alive (Titus3:5).

    You don't need to understand anything in Bible to be saved. In fact, you cannot, because like every other human you were born spiritually dead; it's this birth-in-Adam which is the source of the sins you choose to commit, so even a just-born baby needs to be saved. (And of course anyone who dies before he's old enough to believe is automatically saved; the age when one can believe depends on brain function and learning right and wrong, so the age can vary greatly, depending on genetics, nutrition, and other factors which affect brain function.) So, the Gospel is always and only BELIEVE IN CHRIST; you don't have to understand it, you have to BELIEVE it. No additives. God gets it all right the FIRST time, and He did it 2000 years ago.

    Once saved, use this First Essential to find out how and why salvation works, and to figure out how God is. It's critical you think over what you learn here. Doesn't matter if you make mistakes en route.. Every Bible writer also uses "salvation" as the first teaching doctrine to expand into explanations of what riches in Him are ATOP salvation, so time spent here is vital. Learn Christ's Nature; God's Nature; learn the components and mechanics of salvation, from how Christ paid for sins on the Cross, to what 4 Accomplishments He made when He did so. "Basics" box at Home Page top has some links which will help, especially the "Salvation Components" chart -- text below the chart is very good. (Chart needs a lot of work, but might help.)

      Again, think over what you learn every chance you get. You don't bury treasure, you invest it. God's Word is the ultimate treasure, invested in you. So you use it. You can't use what you don't understand. Knowing the multiplication tables doesn't make the math work. Think over, all the time, what you are learning, and practice even 'rehearse' using what you learn. 24/7. You can be on the toilet, at the opera, doesn't matter.

      Errors don't matter; PROCESS matters. Yours truly has made millions of belief errors; my own pastor has zero qualms about lambasting himself publically for missing some point of doctrine: he then goes on to correct what he feels was a prior mistake. Does any of this bother God? Of course not: God could just bing in all obedience and correct interpretation into our souls within a nanosecond. So common sense tells you it's not the obedience itself, but the PROCESS, which God wants. Remember, Christ was always God, but as Human, Father and Spirit DID TO HIM that growth to become the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Christ WAITED, therefore; so the PROCESS was what God wanted to do TO His Son's Humanity. Didn't matter, that Christ was Perfect -- it was HUMAN perfection, which is finite, therefore SHORT OF Divine Perfection. So, if obedience was what God wanted, then it would have been incumbent on Christ to use His Own Deity to be Bigger. But instead, God wanted Christ to WAIT on Spirit to do to His Humanity, as the Spirit Chose. That's our precedent, too. So the fact we are sinners, we make a bizillion errors en route, matters not at all. What does matter, is to "dioko" (Greek verb in Phili3:14), which is KOKO, Keep On Keeping On in God's System, living on the Four Essentials.

      So we don't need to burn witches, call each other heretics, etc. Note errors, yes, and that only because certain errors derail the spiritual life; moreover, strong but constructive lambasting blunts reader embarrassment, heh -- which is why Bible is so often abrasive in tone (blanded out, in translation, very abrasive in the originals). Then fix your own versions of the errors, and leave the hearer to mull over fixing his own. No crusades. Move on, like blood flow, nourishing every part of the Body of Christ (Eph4:11-16, Greek). Whew.

      Bible teaching on salvation (etc.) has largely been errant due to being sugared in one way or another, since people are uninterested. Well, then: VOTE for meatier teaching by being more interested, and God will respond (2Chron7:14, broad-spectrum meaning).

      Bible is God's Thinking, and you get His Thinking so you can Be With Him In Your Thinking. Intimately. After all, God always sees you: wouldn't it be nice to see Him, too? Intimately? God sees all of you since eternity past and eternity future (everything is one big NOW to Him): so you don't have to 'act holy' or be embarrassed around Him, lol. We are each Royal Priests before God, Equal In Christ. Private between God and you, since you are forever a priest: 1Pet2:5,9, Rev1:6, 5:10.

  2. Once saved, you must keep on BREATHING 1Jn1:9 to be Filled with the Spirit, without Whom nothing you think or do will ever be spiritual. Instead, ALL of what you think and do, however moral, will be "adikia", WRONGDOING, worse than sin itself. (Sin was judged on the Cross anyway, no double jeopardy, so not even the unbeliever is judged for sin, see Rev20:11ff). You can't feel this Filling (Caveat #3 on the Home Page (top set of boxes), explains more about what "Filling" means).

  3. You must find your right pastor whom God appointed for you (maybe more than one, but never more than one at a time), and learn Scripture itself, under him, consistently; ideally, every day.

      This is not a hard task. Chances are your right pastor is nearby, or someone who teaches on tape is 'near', in that someone near you, knows him (never 'her'). The Lord personally orchestrates your physical circumstances, so He will orchestrate the exposure of your right pastor to you, so be alert: the Holy Spirit then testifies to you that this is your pastor, and it's not emotional (though your reaction sure will be), but you just know. You'll be able to corroborate what you 'just know', too. Use 1Jn1:9 and pray to Father in Son's name to show you whom HE HE HE has appointed as the right pastor for you. Then, pay close attention to what goes on in your life, for God will (probably, already has) introduce you to someone who knows that pastor. Just as parents are all unalike, so pastors are all unalike, and it does not matter who one believer gets as a pastor, versus another. Process, not better-than obedience, is God's Will for everyone. The latter (the obedience) is a concomittant result of the Process; apart from the Process, nothing happens. Just as it was, for Christ Himself.

      Chances are, if you were directed to 'my' website, your appointed pastor teaches his congregation in the original languages, because that's what my own pastor does. So, you're getting an exposure of a specific nature, here. On the other hand, perhaps at first God will choose a different pastor for you until you are ready for 'mainlining' the God-Breathed original-language texts. "Ready" isn't a function of your own smarts, because only the Holy Spirit can process the information; rather, "ready" is your willingness, for the 'mainlining' requires a greater willingness. This might take time to build. (God builds on whatever willingness you have, so you needn't feel bad about any disinterest.) If so far you are only casually interested, He'll park you under someone suited to that lower interest. However, try to become vitally interested, because you have NO idea what enjoyment you're missing!

  4. You must keep on using what you learn under your right pastor during the rest of your day, because the heart of the spiritual life is your THINKING LIFE BEFORE FATHER, for Whom you have been forever appointed, Royal Priest. (See the "Spiritual Royalty Brief" at Home pagetop.) This is the most important reason to be a believer. Legacy of Christ for everyone in the Body of Christ, aka "Church".

      Caveat Bema: The spiritual life is not -- repeat, not about you winning over other souls. It's about God Making You A Winner Via Millions Of Deposits Of His Son's Thinking. No doctrine in Scripture is more stressed than the depositing of His Thinking IN you. You, not someone else! All my websites, and especially the "Thinking" series, explain this fact. It's downright satanic to stress winning souls, instead of learning to think before Father. By the time you get through Part IV of the "Thinking" series (if you can stomach that much reading), you should have ample proof of the underlined statement.

        How can you quickly tell the foregoing statement is true? LOL: Why Do We Have A Bible? Most of what's in it, isn't the Gospel, you know. Most of what's in it, isn't works, you know. In fact, most of what's in it, no one knows, lol. So winning over souls is not the focus, since that would require only a chapter, at most; so works is not the focus, since that would require only one book of the Bible, not 66 books. Yet to hear most pastors talk about Bible, you'd think it was only a book +one chapter, long...

      So, winning souls and works are only adjunctive -- like catsup or dessert -- for crying out loud! When God talks about the OT heroes, how much time does He spend talking about them winning souls? Almost zero! By contrast, how much time does He spend talking about what they thought? A lot -- in fact, the do's enumerated are to show you the thinking. Same for how The Bible talks about Our Lord Himself: how much time is spent saying how He won over souls, as compared to How Much Time is spent on His Teaching, His THINKING? See how clever Satan is? Brother-Foot Churchinanity is substituted for the Real Spiritual Life: Thinking FOR FATHER. "My food is to do the WILL of Him Who Sent Me" +Matt4:4, not hustling to other people bludgeoning them with how they go to hell if they don't believe. Revelation 17 is Fake Church, the biggest 'sign' of Tribulation trends, and the biggest disclosure of Satan's #1 weapon during the real Tribulation, whenever it begins.

        Of course we all want everyone saved. But today's Christianity is "mean-spirited" (as a friend puts it, anti-Bible (which all my sites prove), and very much Rev17, undoing our nation's founding by uniting Church and State (which is how Catholicism got started, if anyone would bother to read history). God's way to save souls is not Satan's way. God's way: Give them a Reason to Believe, by Believing, Yourself. Get the Word in you, and you'll be swamped with people wanting to know what you know.

        And you will get swamped. You won't have to go looking for hearers, they will come to you: even if you try to be a hermit, you will be used.. count on it. Geez, if anyone bothered to read the Gospels, he'd know that people came to Christ from all over the world. Christ just kept on walking a circuit from Dan to Beersheba (Israel's borders, then). LvS4a.htm's first section, takes you through that history. But, what Sunday school child doesn't know that Christ didn't go running around looking for converts -- they came to Him. So also, they come to you. Your job is to go where God parks you. Which is probably where you are now (my pastor calls it the "geographical will of God"). Then, HE causes those around you who are positive to hearing the Gospel (and even many negative ones), to ASK you questions. Happens to me frequently, even though I don't usually leave my dwelling except once a week (just got off the phone, someone asking about Jn14:2's use of "mansions" -- someone far away from where I live). So, will happen to you, if you are preparing -- by, learning Him.

        Save your strength: just learn Him, wait on the Lord (it's the Lord who orchestrates physicals). Here's how my pastor repeats this Doctrine: GOD does the work, brings the hearers, saves whomever however. For, they are for FATHER, get it? For, what was it the Lord said about the sparrows, huh? What did He say about the log in one's own eye, huh? Who is more important, a human being, or God HIMSELF? For Whom you are appointed a Royal Priest forever? To Whom are you first a Royal Priest -- to unsaved mankind, or.. to God? So, then: Don't you need a Bible to know how to think before God, yourself? You, not someone else.

      Oh, how Satan always reverses God's priorities, and loves it most when he can reverse two valid doctrines: 1) You Become A Winner By God Doing It To You; 2) as God Causes It To Happen (meaning you WAIT, not initiate), you talk to others about what you are learning. For, not all Truths are equal in priority, and God Is Always First. God, not people. Getting grown up for Your Husband, Christ; not 'helping' others. No fornication! And it IS fornication, to stress people in the name of God (oh how evil), yet forget all about, God. Remember that parable about the rich man who had a bumper crop, so was thinking that oh, now he's ready to build siloes and can retire -- but that night, God was gonna take him home? [Luke 11:12-21, but the context is within an utterly fantastic nest of related concepts, so read the whole chapter.] Get your priorities straight. You'll be that one-in-a-million-Christian, who does.

    So nothing nothing nothing matters except what you are thinking before Father. Hence the need to learn Son's codified-into-writing Thinking, the Infallible and Inerrant Scripture, so you can practice thinking it 24/7. For, just as everyone knows, he who fulfills the First Commandment fulfills all law: "for against love, there is no law" quipped Paul. So, Christ's Thinking, Bible Doctrine, resulted in Him becoming the Truth, and the Truth Expressed, is Love: Rom5:5,8 1Cor13.

    The idea is to learn everything in Scripture. Truth is a STRUCTURE, and Scripture deposited in you CREATES that structure. This is how Christ Himself BECAME "The Way, the Truth, and the Life". So, you get the same spiritual life. It's like math: you get all the Formulas in you, and then they just keep on producing. Because, the Truth is structured like math, but is Living. Doesn't matter that you sin, because it really didn't matter that Christ was perfect. His Perfection was necessary to be qualified to bear sin, but His Perfection didn't cause His Spiritual Growth. Instead, what did the job was the Truth being poured in Him. Like the Gospel of John says, "full of Grace and Truth". So, it's the same 'job', for you. Which, the Holy Spirit accomplishes. Just as John tells us, in his Gospel and in 1Jn.

      Of course, while you are learning, and especially in the early stages, you don't see any of this structure happening, building. But it's kinda like (according to Paul, in Greek of Romans 8), a fetus being built. So, you don't see it. So, you don't see the relevance of what you are learning. God knows the relevance. God is doing things to your soul with what you are learning. My pastor explains this as developing a "frame of reference". It's a lot like learning a new job. You learn lots of discrete items, but you don't see how they fit together. But, after a year or two on the job, those items not only fit together, but you've gained a kind of fluency in using them. You hardly notice how fluent you've become, after some years on the job, for the items fit together so well, they are natural to your entire being. So it is, with Scripture. But, it takes time.

      So, to speed that process, try to play with whatever you are learning. If you're learning about things in David's life, then try to tie what you learn to your own life. If you learn things about anything or anyone in Bible, try to tie what you learn to yourself. Better still, see if you can figure out What About God is Revealed; what does it reveal about God's Grace, for example, that He killed David's firstborn by Bathsheba on the 7th day, instead of the 8th? (Hint: circumcision would have been done on the 8th day.) Why did God love David so much, despite all he did wrong?

      For, we are all human, and Scripture is All God, so.. everything in Bible ties somewhere. Doesn't matter if you tie it incorrectly. Practice. Just like you would, in learning a language. Just like you would, in learning a job. Keep using 1Jn1:9, keep studying, keep trying to tie what you learn. Fail, so what? Use 1Jn1:9 and Keep Going. It works. I can vouch for that fact experientially, and these websites show how much the Holy Spirit can work in a life. So, it will likewise happen to you. Because, God wants it to happen to everyone. All we do, is keep on saying YES. He works in you to will and to do, Paul says in Phili2:12-13.

    Obviously if you are spending your day thinking toward Father (aiming at it, really, since failures are necessarily frequent), prayer is a type of thinking toward Him. At Home pagetop, the "Royal Protocol of Prayer" link explains the how and why of effective prayer. (In Caveat #3, the 6-step protocol of effective prayer is more briefly enumerated.) It's a protocol because it's an office, a voting, as well as the best way I can think of to maintain awareness that Father hears you 24/7, so you want to play with Doctrine as much as possible, in your thinking. ["Protocol" means a precise procedure, in English. It has a scientific meaning as well as a Diplomatic/ Royal meaning. My pastor coined the phrase, "Protocol Plan of God" back in the 1980's and spent seven years via verse-by-verse exegesis of Ephesians, teaching it to his congregation.]

      You can tool around the links at Home Page top, to get a better sense of the mechanics. In case you are supposed to know, my pastor wrote a book called Christian Integrity which summarizes as 10 thinking patterns for using the Bible Doctrine you learn. (His books and tapes are all free of charge; you will never be put on a mailing list; you will never be asked for money; in fact, until you have enough Doctrine, you aren't smart enough to give money.) Click here for a brief on these patterns, so you can get a categorical idea of how your day should ideally 'play'. John 14:26, 4:23-24. Life isn't worth living, else.

      Other pastors have other classification systems they teach. You can also make up your own, but at least keep on thinking Scripture, applying it to your life, breathing 1Jn1:9 and keep studying. So Scripture comes to Cycle In Your Head 24/7, like breathing. This is your lifeline, your lifeboat, your food, your happiness, and there is no substitute for the Word itself: Matt4:4.

        That's one big reason why these websites are findings, not teachings. YOU have to do the homework on them, if you choose to read them. Else, you shouldn't read them, for then you're reading someone else's words. If you USE someone else's words alongside your regular study of THE Word, that's perhaps helpful. But there is no substitute for THE Word going straight into your spiritual 'veins'. Preferably, under but one pastor, for each pastor has his own system, and until you've been under him long enough to know the Whole System, you will be fragmented in your understanding.

      So your thinking before Father is the issue: using the Bible ITSELF, not some Christian bookstore's latest best-seller. David, you'll notice, thought out what he was learning, constantly. The Psalm119 people were tortured on their way to Babylon, but in v.103, look what sustained them. The Word Itself. Not some else's packaging. You'll always need a pastor to teach you the Word ITSELF, and of course to do that he will 'cook' it, just like a professor 'cooks' his subject to present it comprehensively; but you eat the Word; then you live on IT; not on someone else's words.

        Oh, how Beautiful a life this is: not emotional beauty (emotions are all over the place), but Seeing Him VIA WORD 24/7. Worth it! This Thinking System God Invented is light-years superior to what's passed off as 'worship' or 'spirituality' in the world's religions, Christian or no. Try it, and see for yourself. The whole point of our spiritual life is to See Him Who is Invisible. Every Bible writer has some nifty way of stating this should-be-Impossible, sight: See how John puts it in 1Jn4:12-19, compared to how "Light" and seeing are used elsewhere in the epistle.

All else is not the spiritual life. John 4:23-24, Greek and in context explains that you must be IN the Spirit and IN the truth, to worship God: thus only by means of 1Jn1:9 (which causes you to be in the Spirit, analogous to how OT Temple was Filled, per Greek keywords adikia and katharizw) and learning Scripture (which causes you to be in the Truth, since Scripture is Truth), are you "spiritual". It's clearly not what you do, but 'where' your soul is with reference to God, in that passage (which 1Jn explains in more detail). Because, the Samaritan woman was being given a no-works offer of the SPRIT making alive the Gospel Word (=water, life creating, life-sustaining, cleansing, hence Regeneration and Filling of Spirit). Then, the returning disciples who went to the 'work' of buying food, who were full of the 'work' of despising the outcast (here, Samaritans) were told by the Lord He had meat they needed. The meat of the Word. Compare to Heb5:11-6:6, Matt4:4, Jeremiah's "I found Your words and I did eat them." Also, Isa55.

Still, we are in bodies: so, all else, though non-spiritual, might be either consonant or dissonant with these Four Essentials, depending on the facts and your own proclivities. Trick is, to draw the line ("rightly dividing the Word of Truth", Heb4:12) on what to do and not do with the body. Beware, though: Satan is a moral being, not an immoral one; his argument against God is based on a claim that Satan is more moral. That's why in Isa14, for example, he seeks to replace God, and thinks he can do so. The original sin of both Satan and our first parents (Adam and the woman) were moral sins, not immoral ones -- use 1Jn1:9 like breathing and think over the text in Genesis 3.

So don't worry about all the many interim failures; Bible likens the spiritual growth process to growing up mentally, in 1Jn. These Essentials are alone effective. Nothing works without them: these are the engine and the true growth of your spiritual life. All else is a gutless car, dead in the driveway. Absent these essentials, no matter what people do, it's like being towed but imagining you're driving. Lots of others also being towed around you makes the fantasy, seem real.