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PostPosted: 09 Sep 2015, 15:01 
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My Genesis video channel is subdivided into a) showing what the Hebrew text says re universe origin TIMING, i.e., nothing -- so you can't say young or old earth, the 'gap' period between initial creation and man's creation is not stated. Instead, you get some very interesting other information. :smile: :mad: :argue: :devil: :eek: :razz: :smile:

So those videos are linked here. They were and remain original to Youtube, though the vimeo organization and rendering is better. The Youtube original playlist, is here.

Next, b) the channel's remaining videos do go through the Genesis 1 explicit timing from Adam's FALL (not creation, Time Accounting starts in Gen 3:22 hence Gen 5) -- with Genesis 1's meter also ending (full circle) to the very day Moses writes, to give you an outline in parallel to, the book's text via syllable-counting, Time Accounting Meter style which scholars haven't yet discovered. I learned this rhetorical meter style by mistake back in 2008, when trying to find what Hebrew words were missing in Chapter 53 of Moeller's Isaiah scroll.

The so-called 'gap theorists' in Christendom and Judaism are yet unaware of the meter, and can't read the Hebrew too well either: for they try to stretch Bible's very literal 'day', into some longer period, to 'tie' with evolution, ignoring the fact that between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, the Hebrew (ergo Greek translation) is disjunctive.*

So there's no timing stated. Could have been 24 hours, or 24 bizillion years. All you know, is that during the unstated gap in time, Satan and his angels rebelled (compare with Isaiah 45:7, 18-19). Some kind of civil war occurred among the angels in heaven, hence their TRIAL, is the juridical genesis of man's creation and hence Bible's own disclosure is about that. Very different topic, huh.

The rest of the Bible writers all use this same TAM style, even in the NT Greek. It's their way of saying when a Bible book or chapter was written, keeping track of the specifically prophesied 2100 years for first the goyim and then the Jews, and to show why Church got inserted, why Jewish Time is incomplete, why you can't predict the Rapture. So its meter operates the same way pan-Bible, and thus can be tested/verified/corrected when one counts syllables incorrectly. This 'meter' focus has been extensively documented in videos: its material is very boring but provable. Here, we see the 'genesis' of the TAM style (pun intended).
  • For here, the pan-Bible doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time, begins (unknown in Christendom and garbled in Judaism). So many of my vimeo series are dedicated to it. Start sequentially, watching the videos in order, with the math (again here). Then go through Psalm 90 channel's videos. Then the Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 videos. Then Mary, then Paul's Ephesians 1 style and future-Church-history-timeline (proving why Rapture is unpredictable), then John.

    In between are other Bible writers and books, which use the same style; but to see the flow of the meter (and how it stays true to Genesis accounting), that is probably the best order of video watching. Each video's description contains pdfs or Word docs to back up video claims, and the docs are all text in Bible, not hearsay. So you needn't take 'my' word for it, you can count and analyze the syllables/text, yourself.

    Master list of all videos and their docs showing this style, re Bible dates and How God Orchestrates Time (still preliminary): (or htm or doc if you have Bibleworks fonts). I'll keep auditing the meter for errors until I die, so nothing is final. If you find errors, please let me know?
If you want evolution, it's a decree in Genesis 1:24-25 for flora and fauna but not for man. But hey: let's not pay attention to Bible...

So the meter makes plain that Genesis is not trying at ALL, to say how old earth is. Why people try to use the text that way, is beyond me. Even so, here's the forum for whatever topics and debates you want to create about it, however you use or abuse, Genesis.

* Folks trying to claim in Genesis that 'day' is not literal, literally cannot read it: 'evening, morning, one day' is the text. Repeated, per day. So it's literally a 24-hour period. The later Psalm 90:4 eleph=1000 reference depends on you knowing the Genesis 1 meter, to which Moses deliberately ties back. For he invokes the future Millennium even then known to be scheduled from 4200 post-Adam's Fall to 5250, the last period in human history. For he wrote Genesis in the 1050st year after the Flood, to parallel with his theme on the last 1050 of history.. which depended on Israel being faithful (parallel to with Deut 32, esp. verse 8).

Christ would recall that to people, using 'salt' analogies (salt preserves food, Jews used to preserve history, so then He invents Church in Matt 16:18, ratified in John 17, to preserve Time when not enough Jews to constitute a nation, accept their King).

Psalm 90 thus recaps the Genesis 1 meter, with a panorama of first the 2100 year time grant to Adam through Abraham; it accounts for the fact that there's 53.5 years remaining on the clock, when Israel's time begins. So those who misuse 'day' in Genesis, never understand Ps90:4's significance, so miss the entire timeline of the Bible. So, Bible dates go on being endlessly and incompentely debated. Sigh. Funny how a little syllable counting, can clear it all up.

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PostPosted: 17 May 2018, 03:49 
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My alternative parsing for Genesis 1 & 2.

I'm still working on proving the dateline, but I think it may have been written the year prior to, or the year of the exodus. Counting from the year 2665 AFA (After Fall of Adam), the OT was completed 1008 years later, in the year 3673 AFA (at the end of the 6th day).

genesis 1 meter alternate.pdf [62.29 KiB]
Downloaded 555 times

HEB 4:12
The word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit, of the joints and marrow, and is a critic of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
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PostPosted: 23 Jul 2018, 10:43 
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Okay, thanks. When I finish tax season I'll look at it. I was locked out of my own forum until now, lol.

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