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Became a "living soul?"
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Author:  Genez [ 15 Jan 2016, 19:14 ]
Post subject:  Became a "living soul?"

Why does it say that after the Lord breathed into the nostrils that Adam became a living soul?

One valid reason might be....

The "breath of life" that we see written in many translations, when read in the Hebrew is really a plurality..."Breath of lives." 'neshamah chay' -plural - 'breath of lives'

Why? Both soul life and spirit life were breathed into the nostrils.

After all.. Its the human spirit that makes a soul spiritually alive. The Bible teaches us that a soul without a human spirit is dead.

Adam was created spiritually alive when God imputed a human spirit and soul together into Adam's body. The human body only makes a soul alive to the physical world. God sees the ones who are only body and soul as dead. "Let the dead bury their own dead."

The breath of lives were soul and human spirit, making the soul of Adam alive to God. He became a "living soul."

The woman had her own soul and human spirit imputed after her body was made complete.

That must have been quite a show for the angels watching in.

Author:  brainout [ 29 Jan 2016, 11:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Became a "living soul?"

Good points, Gene!

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