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PostPosted: 04 Aug 2018, 11:35 
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I posted a thread on Macrumours forums following the announcement that Apple was a trillion dollar company. See exact transcript below

Time for Apple to Build their own Production Factory in China

With the announcement that Apple is valued at a Trillion dollars it has to be high time they reviewed their manufacturing policies currently contracting out to Foxconn and Pegatron. In these sweat shops the iPhone amongst other Apple products are manufactured. It is well documented the appalling conditions in which the employees work and live

So Apple you are making all this money upon the back of 'slave labour'.

With all these finances at their disposal is it not high time that Apple build their own production Factory in China where conditions for employees can be constantly monitored.

Within hours of posting this thread I received the following message from a Macrumours moderator
Please avoid making threads or posts that are about political, religious, or social issues, outside the "Politics, Religion, Social Issues" (PRSI) forum, and are likely to steer discussions to those types of topics.

Your account has been temporarily suspended by the MacRumors moderator team.

Please review the Forum Rules and be sure to follow them when your account is again active, so that no further actions by the moderators will be needed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

For further information and instructions, see Why was my account suspended? in the Moderation FAQ. Do not reply to (or report) a moderation message like this one. If you have questions or comments, or you disagree with this moderation action, use the Contact Form (you may first have to erase cookies for or email

So it would seem that Macrumours condone the mistreatment of Human Beings.


Latest email sent to MacRumours

"As a regular contributor to MacRumours providing other members with 'helpful' advice I feel I have been unfairly treated regarding my 'opinion' to which I am entitled regarding my views on Apple manufacturing practices at Foxconn. I was merely exercising my entitlement to 'freedom of speech'.
In denying me my right to speak it would indicate that MacRumours condone the poor conditions in which the employees of Foxconn are expected to live and work whilst assembling Apple products.
MacRumours are all too quick to release posts relating to subjects such as Apple becoming a Trillion Dollar Company or Apple Opening an expensive new store but mention nothing of the dubious supply chain. It would seem MacRumours are ignoring the issue and sweeping the subject under the carpet.
MacRumours reporting lacks transparency in this area.
Your thoughts and I would appreciate more than a generic response


As of yet there has been no response.

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