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Author:  brainout [ 27 Sep 2015, 03:53 ]
Post subject:'s bad navigation, cookies was getting worse and worse with it's insane online bad navigation, but now it's completely dysfunctional. If you have any blocked cookies -- forbes puts a BIZILLION on your machine and has the most annoying ads and stupid frames ever -- if you have blocked cookies, you can't even enter the site. At least, the ones named '' (with varying prefixes) must be enabled. There is no way to bypass that horrid starting piece.

So I just don't go there anymore. I did like reading Gordon Kelly, but reading his articles was always a nightmare due to all the moving and juggling ads. Now, can't go there unless I disable Ad blocker and allow those horrid cookies and that horrid thought of the day or welcome screen which wastes time.

Will never subscribe. It's not a good magazine online, anymore. So whoever in the top brass allows this disgusting practice to continue, should be fired.

Computerworld, Infoworld, PCMag and PC World are very similar, but not quite as bad. ZDnet is also extremely annoying, but at least you can have Adblocker on when you read and comment. Also avoid theregister (which sets so many cookies, it takes 10 minutes to block them the first time you access the magazine).

Magazines need ad revenue. And frankly, we the customers, enjoy clever ads (Geico gecko, 'priceless', State Farm commercials, etc). But when the ads are rude, thoughtless, tell you nothing about the product and disrupt reading, you lose readers and hence ad revenue: unless, there's a way to block the cookies and the ads. For ads depend on circulation, and with bad cookies you'll get less circulation. With bad ads, you get no clicks.

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