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 Post subject: God Deeds Series Links
PostPosted: 25 Aug 2015, 02:09 
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Initial series in Youtube, from Episode 1 (GD1, also in vimeo), through Episode 12b8 in order, click here. Many of those Episodes have subaudios in the video descriptions, to save space in Youtube, sorry. Comments are still disabled, so you can comment here. I will gradually re-enable the Youtube comments.


Episode 1-5 in vimeo, click here.

Episode 12's continuation and completion, in vimeo, click here.

Episode 13, in vimeo, click here. This one is still current. Starting with 13c6, the audios are also uploaded to Youtube concurrently: and comments are now enabled, in Youtube as well.

Series began in Youtube over five years ago, mostly audio only, often with audio added in the video descriptions. Idea is to think out loud about what God's nature and design must mean about GOD. In other words, you don't have to believe in God or the Bible, but just think out loud using the facts you have, backing into conclusions. I like to start with the fact that if God exists and pee does too, WHY did God create it? Why would God want to see me pee? Since if Omniscient, that seeing would be constant and forever (Omniscience never turns off)? WHAT DOES THAT FACT SAY about the character of God?

And, about Satan. For if God, then Satan. Opposition, since we are free. Surprisingly, when you come up with an ongoing backing-into-the-nature-of-God via the facts you can see and Bible you can read, you get a whole lot of collateral data about the opposition, which Satan presumably heads.

Along the way, you can test the variant faith claims for sense, the teachers' teachings for accuracy, etc: for if true, then there will emerge a consistent picture which ends up making sense the more you analyze it.

That backing-into, was the impetus for the series, and it's really designed to complement the older Thinking Out Loud webseries, which runs over 1500 pages and took about six years to write (2000-2006, mostly) in first-draft quality (so needs extensive rewriting now), starting here. All other webpages are always linked at the top of each page, with intra-page links in colorful boxes near the top (each one looking somewhat like an altar or building, by design). So you can go from any page in the series to any other page, from the top of any page: your browser's forward or back-buttons can then take you forward or back, most easily.

Re the audio series links (some subepisodes are videos), eventually I'll upload audios so you can download them without the video portion, but it will take a few years to find them all. So if meanwhile you want a particular episode uploaded to for download, let me know in this topic, or send me a PM.

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