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Myth of Rome (and inadvertent tie to Bible)
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Author:  brainout [ 15 Jul 2017, 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Myth of Rome (and inadvertent tie to Bible)

By accident, I found this book, The Modern Cultural Myth About the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, which traces how 'Rome' morphed into a paradigm of 'civilization' over later centuries:

Did video on it, here: ... 4fmi3Xs3Yf

The video's description, includes the links mentioned during the video, and are not reproduced here. They are important links to validating the claims in the video. This post, provides added links and info.

The book ends up inadvertently proving why Bible prophecy about 'Rome' is correct from the standpoint of the HUMANIST attraction to it. So the video introduced additional source material you can read to reinforce the book's findings, but now including Bible prophecy, and its past historical usage by people who TRIED to Revivify Rome, thinking they could CAUSE the Return of Christ. It's a major tenet of #SevenMountains (US Christians) and #ThirdRome (Russian Christians) TO THIS VERY DAY.

To see that, you have to study up on the 'Last Emperor Myth'. Search links were provided in the video description re the book, but here are some added (and likely better) links:

The actual source text is called Revelation of the Pseudo Methodius (named after one of the guys who developed what became the Moravian/Russian Bible translation), but I forget where the link to that source text is located. Will insert it here when I find it.
The following two audios cover the BIBLE side of the same obsession that Dr Theodore states for humanists in his own book, plus Last Emperor myth, which is how #TrumpRussia ties. The book doesn't go into all that, so I had to:

49 min overview of corollaries, as audio not video:
66 min threading the book and prophecy themes together:

RIGHT NOW links on Pence-cleric and the US Christian love of Russia: ... ian+cleric
and ... tives.html

If you want independent links to Gibbon, Mommsen, and other online and contemporary sources, here's a handy list at the top of its page (Greek text won't be legible): ... hronoChart

Paul's Eph1 annual prophetical tracing to Odovacer is rather important, so its many videos start here: . Each video's description has more docs. You can download the pdf version of the above link (click here) for ease in reading the Greek and my metered translation, etc. (Writeup is too wordy, but I've no time now to clean it.)

Independent post-Odovacer and Byzantine links are in the Matt24, Luke 21, Mark 13 and Rev17 video descriptions' docs (same playlist as the video above, view it in Youtube and scroll through the list prior to the video). The links are in context of whatever period the verse clauses cover, so you can compare the satirical meaning of the text, with the history it 'covers'. But the links, are to independent scholarly sources on those times/Emperors, etc (using Wiki if I can't find anything online of value to cite, since Wiki has a syllabus at the end).

In particular, you want to read source texts contemporary to those medieval times, to see how Christians thought of the Last Emperor idea (not using the term, of course):

John Skylitzes' own Byzantine history (ending 1057 when he died): ... rtley-2010

Theophanes (writing during/after Charlesmagne): ... onographia
or here:

Other source texts are at Fordham. Link:

So this discussion thread is devoted to the book or the video/audios, as you might prefer, or to your own thinking on the topic. As usual, feel free to disagree. I never agree with myself, even, over any 24 hour period, so won't be offended if you disagree, too!

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