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Microsoft has its own Linux and other oxymorons
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Author:  brainout [ 25 Sep 2015, 22:40 ]
Post subject:  Microsoft has its own Linux and other oxymorons

Post by NaughtMcNoone in bleepingcomputer, click here.

Got any more clever oxymorons to add to the list?

Mine isn't as funny unless you're into Bible mistranslation. Greek tachu is usually translated 'soon' in English, but means suddenly, by surprise, without prior warning. It's a military term for sudden attack. There's no connotation about how long a time intervenes between the warning, and the actual attack. But that doesn't stop people claiming the time interval is short, in order to justify the mistranslation!

So it's oxymoronic, in Rapture verses like 'I am coming soon.' I don't have Bibleworks on this machine, so will edit this post later to add the verses.

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