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PostPosted: 15 Aug 2015, 08:48 
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In the Full Editor, you'll now see two ways to create a font face. One, is a dropdown menu, where you can see the fontfaces, new as of 9/16/15. The second, is the more traditional, but relabeled 'fontface='. That's for specifying fonts you don't see in the dropdown. I added it as a special code, but it's really standard BB code syntax. It won't necessarily work in all forums; I don't know why. If it doesn't, and you did follow the coding pattern below, then try fronting the fontface= with Font colour, or hilight=, the latter needing an HTML code (#FFFFFF=white, #000000=black). Sometimes that 'wakes up' the fontface= command, dunno why.

Fonts matter. They make text easy or hard to read, create mood, underscore some point you want to make better than using bold or italics, etc. Trick is, everyone doesn't have the same fonts on his machine. So the effect you're seeking might go unappreciated. Font packs for foreign languages are many, usually with 'Unicode' in the name, and usually in the Arial, Gentium, SP, Times font families. So if you pick one of those fonts, you will likely be able to type in any other foreign languages you know: test it on your machine, to be sure.

Deployment: as is usual for all the buttons in the Editor, first you type the text you want, then paint/highlight it with your mouse, and then (for font face change), click on that 'font=' button. Afterwards, you add the FONT NAME to the = (no space in between).
    • Here's an example (ignore the 'Code Select All', just look at the hard-to-read text):
      [fontface=Comic Sans MS]text you want in that font[/font]
      The syntax for the highlight below, is [hilight=#ddffdd]text to be highlighted, here in light green, the html color being 'humped' (white is #ffffff, and you need the # fronting it, lowest is #000000, total black)[/hilight]
      I can't get center to work rightly, but it's supposed to be [centr]text to be centered[/centr].
Here's the output:
text to be highlighted, here in light green, the html color being 'humped' (white is #ffffff, and you need the # fronting it, lowest is #000000, total black) I can't get center to work rightly, but it's supposed to be
text to be centered

Notice how a) you use the font name without quotes, and b) you don't have a space after the = sign.

Since not all computers have the same fonts, if you want the font to be recognized by everyone, stick to the common ones. Here are some examples. You won't be able to read them on your machine if you don't have them. However, you can download the fonts if you're using a Windows machine, since older versions of Windows did have these fonts. All these fonts came on XP, or Windows 7, or earlier. You can download them from , if you have a Windows computer which is XP or later. I don't know of any copyright violations.

So look:
This is Arial Font. It is the internet standard.
This is Arial Black Font.
This is Comic Sans MS font (one of my favorites, especially for reading webpages which use light fonts).
This is Eras Demi ITC (a favorite font I use in videos).
This is Franklin Gothic Medium font. This one in 9pt, works best in Excel.
This is Gill Sans MT font, one of my favorites, dating back to Windows 95 and now issued on most machines under five years old.
This is Georgia Font (a knock-off of Times, but easier to read). Very common and popular font.
This is Gentium font (often keyed to classical foreign languages, especially by universities publishing in Greek and Hebrew); this is an Open Source font, so you can download it.
This is Times New Roman, notice how hard it is to read.
This is Tahoma, easier to read.
This is Trebuchet MS font, very good use of white space, been using this font since 2000, and it too goes back to Windows 95. You'll notice it's the same as the default font in this forum (I don't know how). So it's again popular.
This is Verdana, much bigger font.

The other special button is 'hilight=' (or the 'ab' icon with yellow beneath). You type your text, then 'paint' it with your mouse, then click that 'highlight=' (or 'ab' icon) to 'wrap' the text with the command. Next, after the = you type in the HTML code with # and no quotes; or, a common color name. HTML color codes are always in sixes, with 0 for black and f for white, gradiated from darkest to lightest, as 0123456789abcdef . The RGB is basically R=first pair, G=second pair, B=third pair. Examples:

This is highlighted in #ffffaa, a nice yellow; you could have chosen highlight=yellow, instead.
This is highlighted in #ccffcc, a light green.
This is highlighted in #cceeee, a nice blue.

Since the text color default in dark-skin boards is white or yellow, if you'll highlight in light colors then you need to add a font color inside the highlight, for the text itself, as shown above for the different font faces.

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