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PostPosted: 30 Mar 2017, 06:04 
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That link cannot be accessed from the home page, which omits the 'scholarship' directory in its links. The papers are old, focused on the first and second 1000's, but are very insightful.

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PostPosted: 31 Mar 2017, 23:11 
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To me, these newly-found old papers are my smoking gun, for I've long stated (based on conjecture, k) that the Bible's own 490-year and 1000-year TIME LOAN deadlines are PSYCHOLOGICAL, to keep the human race free of too much religiosity. The papers don't wholly confirm but the awareness that there are such trends, and that they are psychological (i.e., they don't claim the phenomena is predicted in Bible, nor that religion is to blame). Sadly, they don't investigate what the Bible actually SAYS, but go on hearsay; so they lump Bible's apocalyptic passages with the goofball stuff that's pandered when these 'end times' movements rise. So the authors of these papers do not know how specific-to-years and aptly prophetical, passages like Matt24-25, Eph1, Luke 21, Mark 13 and Rev17, are. Thus is the difference between Scripture and the movements, manifest.


The papers, written by different authors, all argue that millenniarianism should be taken seriously; not that its tenets are necessarily true, but that the behaviors and beliefs cause massive changes in society and history, both for ill and good. They all argue that dismissing the belief systems as bogus makes for bad historical diagnosis.

This argument can be historically tested, and would have a prognosticating function as well.
I tried to map it in 2004, long before I discovered the papers:

So now let's tie the papers, to Bible's rules on Time: believers-calling-end-times trends post-Cross, would have apex periods. So they can be traced historically, and predicted.

The Bible 'qualifying' rules are: every 490 and 1000 years is an 'end'; someone must spiritually mature enough to justify Time's continuance; backstop for these deadlines, is the from-Adam 490 and 1050s which got reset at the Cross.

In short, TIME ENDS if someone doesn't mature by the qualifying deadlines, no matter where in history, that deadline occurs. Ends up meaning the LAST PERSON who meets the deadline, prolongs history, even if the historical 490+70+490 is due to end.

Rapture doctrine post-Cross, is merely an update, with a new twist: if Church corporate doesn't complete (since He paid for every member of Church in advance on the Cross), then TIME ENDS. You can see why Satan would win, for it would be a mistrial to claim evidence of souls paid, if those souls never come to exist or believe or mature as forepaid by Christ.

The 490 QUALIFYING 'ends', as years post-Christ Birth or Cross, would be
490, 980, 1470, 1960, 2450, 2940

The 1000 qualifier 'ends' would be 1000, 2000, 3000.

Historical (490+70+490) ends would be
490, 560, 1050, 1540, 1610, 2100, 2590, 2660, 3150.

So the EARLIEST of these 'ends' would begin the apex of mass movements claiming 'the end times are upon us', and would wave upwards, as the later deadlines draw near.
Thus 980-1050, 1470-1610, 1960-2100, 2450-2660, 2940-3150.
Apexes you should be able to observe in history thus should be:
490-590 AD, (using Varro, not Livy as Bible sometimes does,
since Dionysus Exiguus used Varro)




Apexes take time to develop, so allow 30 years prior, for the 'start' of the 'end times' mindset to develop. Its manifestation won't be universal, but it will reflect target populations of rising interest in Bible (not correct doctrine or right motives, just interest).

Variantly, if the measure people use for these benchmarks is wrong, they will still exhibit the behavior; in 217-230 Rome, chiliasts tagged ab urbe condita instead of His Birth or Death, so thought the '1000' was imminent in their day (using errant Varro, 753 BC). The bilious 'church fathers' made up wacky start dates for creation, so using their start dates, for example, folks thought 801 AD began the 6000th year of Creation (which also isn't tied to the errant Seder Olam Rabbah). Then there was the panic, abetted by the popularity of the friars carrying Paris Bibles (first time Bible was small and easily used).. people thought based on MISREADING Daniel 12, that the world would end in 1260 AD.

Then there are the wackos whose other counts make no sense at all, like that guy who wrote '88 reasons why the Rapture will occur in '88' or dingdong Harold Camping. But they had many followers. Even so, if these movements occur within the time periods above, they would overlap, within.

So per Bible, this is year 6123 from Adam's Fall, using Rosh HaShanah fiscal or sacred year fiscal, since the Vernal Equinox just occurred. Real Easter aka Firstfruits, will be April 7th (18th day after vernal equinox), but the Jews think it's 5777, and get Passover wrong; RCC's goofball 'Easter computus' (no matter how well Mosshammer explains it), will also misdate. Can't even get the Lord's death day right.

So imagine the Jews claiming year 6000 in 223 years, so a flurry of 'end times' will be starting in about 100 years, by them. All the while, ignoring BIBLE. Of course, many Jews know this error, that the 346 years Israel was under Persia etc. is cut out of the Seder Olam Rabbah, so as in Christianity there are many Jews who are not so nutty. THEY know the calendar is solar not lunar; we only differ as to whether the 'sheni' is Adar or Elul (Elul, I contend; longer playlist is here).

In short, these apexes can either be based on false calculations, or represent a true psychological sense of 'the end' on the schedule Bible predicts.

I still cannot find any ancient text or treatise which recognizes the Bible meter's Time significance; except, perhaps, Sanhedrin 97-99 (but I didn't test it to see if its own text is metered as Bible). As was shown in the video survey, the existence of Bible meter was rediscovered during the Reformation (videos on that begin here); but that Bible meter is used for TIME at one syllable per year (hence Sepher Torah to count the syllables, which were often designated per letter).. they don't know.

Another big takeway from these trends, is the sad fact that people only find relevance in being saved from the lives they have. So unless death or the end of the world convincingly looms, they won't be interested. Well, unless their self-righteousness can be cultivated, as every inventor of religion, knows...

I wish there was a way to help these scholars know that Bible meter is eschatological and millennial by design, from Genesis through Revelation, which would help prove their case. All the datelines employ an equidistant formula keyed to the expected pre-Church Mill date, even in the NT, and the prophetical passages like Matt24/Eph1/Luke21/Matt13 while TRACING ANNUALLY THE FUTURE also serve to underscore the doctrine that Rapture can occur at any moment.

Oh well.

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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2017, 05:43 
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Related paper from someone else is faster to read up on the myth of the Last Emperor, which was also popular with Carolingians/Ottonians, and helps one understand why Revelation 17 ends tagging the two Theophanus of both empires, Byz and West. ... schatology

The author didn't know Bible text is metered, didn't notice its anaphora, so can't tell how specific the Bible is on the doctrine from Genesis through Revelation, so debunks Scripture. Despite his disdain and consequent ineptitude, at least he furnishes the idea of the Last Emperor which started after Rome fell, etc. So worth reading, just the same. It's hard to find a treatise on this widely-held myth of the Dark/Middle Ages, so you take what you can get.

It's utterly ironic how he recounts the folks during each of the harlots RECOGNIZING that Rome could be the harlot for their time, but never remembering or even asking the question about Bible prophecy, but instead just opting for pseudo-Methodius which after all, is but reiterating the FOUR HARLOTS Rev17 depicts. So some demon had a hand in its composition.

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