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 Post subject: ex-taper turned atheist
PostPosted: 22 Nov 2015, 20:21 
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I happened across a conversation on an R.B. Thieme video that I found interesting (while testing some things in Linux on an unrelated note).
As a former Taper and christian turned atheist, I challenge any of you "students of the word" to answer these questions. Logical fallacies aren't answers.
1) Why does eternal torment of the dead (Lake of Fire) first appear in the New Testament?
2) Why do you believe that Jesus is the Messiah prophesied by Isaiah? Recall that Jews - who own this prophecy - reject Jesus as Messiah.
3) Was Thieme's death from Alzheimer's a case of Supergrace Testing or Sin Unto Death? Please justify your answer.
Your Other Questions: It's not eternal burning, it's a one time conflagration, poof (only Hater Feds, CIA, FBI... would be so cruel to torture eternally). And it's also in the Old Testament; Abraham believed in the lord and it was credited to his acct. for righteousness. Esau didn't believe, lost his birth right... Isaac did believe. Job believed and was tested by Satan. The entire Bible is about belief in GOD. Feds have tried to force me insane; 18 y's inside this torture and rape beam, the Word is all that helps. R.B.Thieme, '98, "Tyranny is upon us quicker that most people think." NRO are torturing people to death and eternity is all that matters. If an atheist believed then doesn't they still have eternal life, they simply reject the Creators Words. Mock Me Baby....
@John Palmer If you are telling the truth about your federal prison sentence and not simply trolling, then I am genuinely sorry that the principalities and powers that your god allegedly put in charge treated you so cruelly. But the stories of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob tell us nothing about suffering after death. The Old Testament doesn't have torture of the dead. The weeping and gnashing of teeth of the dead is introduced by Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild. No disrespect intended, but your personal suffering is not proof that god exists.
I'm too busy to create a full response (I will do so when I have spare time), but I wanted to point out it's interesting he thinks outer darkness with wailing & nervousness is hell just like the mormons do (which it's not since it doesn't apply to unbelievers). Not being a taper I knew that. So... how is it that him being a self-professed taper doesn't know salvation basics 101?

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PostPosted: 22 Nov 2015, 20:38 
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Well, actually Thieme teaches that outer darkness and wailing/gnashing are hell and Lake of Fire. It's in the 1969 Basics, and comes up when he teaches 1965 Matthew. But as you maybe haven't heard him say that yet, you wouldn't know.

Your thread, by contrast, brings up the larger question of what happens to, as you put it, the unbelieving believer. Thieme touched on some ideas about that too (calling it 'loser believer') during exegesis of Revelation 3, and in other classes.

Classical Christianity holds that the two terms reference hell and the Lake of Fire. Thieme would hold first to classical until and unless he found contrary evidence in Scripture, and would teach both sides. Then if he thought he got it wrong, he'd correct. So as a result, his teaching changes throughout the 50 years, which is one reason why I stayed under him. He was trustworthy to say where he thought he got something wrong. I've never heard a pastor do that (not saying none have, just haven't heard any).

So that's why taking something he says and kicking it around, even disagreeing, is by no means contrary to his own style. I tried to explain that in the Rick Ross forum, but that forum was 'out to get' Thieme so wouldn't listen.

MESSAGE not man. But if the man gets it right, that should be admitted, and built on. Da? Nyet?

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