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Topic review - Demons on hupostasis
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Demons on hupostasis  Reply with quote
Wow, fotm is still talking? Does he allow real discussion, or just delete those who differ with him?

And I must confess to make good wordplay I talk about hupo under and stasis as 'standing', but the idea is you stand under your understanding, can't resist conceptual puns.

Mea maxima culpa :appleface:
Post Posted: 05 Sep 2016, 03:13
  Post subject:  Re: Demons on hupostasis  Reply with quote
I stopped listening to his verbal diarrhea when he said "spiritual earthquake", in the first video you linked. I just couldn't bring myself to finish it.
Post Posted: 05 Sep 2016, 02:03
  Post subject:  Demons on hupostasis  Reply with quote
Happened across this video in related ones:

First we'll hear Doug state "salvation is on a dial" (i.e. that it's not permanent or a one-time only thing), so we know he's off base with salvation--and when someone is wrong about salvation they get practically everything else wrong after that. He goes on explaining getting visions (which have ceased) and hearing voices etc. Depending on the level that he's doing this, it could actually be some extreme affluence with demons.

But I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to see what he says about hupostasis (apparently he had a dream where "God" talked to him and presented that word to him). Right, so the demons are flinging random vocabulary at him and just so happen to choose 'hupostasis'.

Caution: God never ever flings random words or concepts like that at you (this is the OPPOSITE of LOGICAL comprehension and learning)--the only caveat to this would be God may introduce certain things to you (i.e. in Bible study) or situational. But never EXTERNAL with voices, visions and dreams. Also sometimes Christians get too emotional and equate 'coincidences' to God's doing or attribute things to God that God had nothing to do with (re: finding car keys for instance).

Moving along he hears 'hupostasis' in a dream and forces himself to remember it so he can ask a friend of his what it means in the Greek. He gets the typical translation of 'under - stand' and says "foundation under something, that which supports the rest" (which of course is where English derives its word 'understand'). But that's not exactly how the Bible uses it... so with a textbook definition he just continues on saying he thinks it's something to do with "unity". But what REALLY got me was how he keeps missing the fact that it's JESUS CHRIST. He keeps skipping over Christ (when it's right in his face), see for yourself here:
He's urging me toward--to really seek Him about what the foundation is, what is truly foundation, because you can't have unity without the proper foundation. If you are transitioning into unity but you are sand, that's not true unity-- one's going to lean this way, one's going to lean that way. What foundation was laid by the apostles, what foundation was laid by Jesus that everything sits on. What are primary issues, what are secondary issues.
I probably shouldn't be laughing but I am. JESUS CHRIST IS THE FOUNDATION!

And with that, we can see how the demons mess with people; they're getting a huge laugh out of that for sure. Always 'dancing around' hupostasis but never able to truly realize what it means.


Unrelated: he goes on to complain about how Christians criticize his long hair; and then uses the stereotypical images of Jesus for defense. Ah, well... unfortunately for him Christ didn't have long hair according to the Bible-- but again he's using external material for his proofing. Not that it really matters, I mean God could care less about your hair if you're getting the DOCTRINES correct, but he's not getting the doctrines correct AND he has long hair.


Because of the whole "unity" thing he was emphasizing along with hupostasis, I was curious if he got the trinity right:

Turns out while he does believe the trinity, his rationalizing of it is bizarre. He also goes into explaining an argument with a pentacostal pastor:
dude you know that I speak in tongues and that people are getting healed, you know that I love with all of my heart, and you can see the fruit of what we're doing-- how exactly is it that the holy spirit is in it me, with me having been baptized wrong?
Ohhhh man. That sums up more issues with what he believes. See, they always use the stupid word "heart" along with prependisms and "fruit". FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT. HEART HEART HEART.
Post Posted: 05 Sep 2016, 01:28

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