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Topic review - Ken Ham is a ham (demented creationist)
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Ken Ham is a ham (demented creationist)  Reply with quote
I watched all 22 mins. I don't know why. It was so painful watching the Crackpot Christian and the Crackpot Scientist make fools of themselves in front of children on national tv.

I grew up watching Bill Nye too. I never missed a single episode, but his constant harping on climate change and evolution is really disappointing.

Ken Ham...I don't know him and don't want to. Not only was he literally wrong on almost everything he said, he was just downright obnoxious, like a buzzing gnat in Nye's ear. Mad props to Bill Nye for not punching his lights out. He really did keep things civil.
Post Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 01:29
  Post subject:  Ken Ham is a ham (demented creationist)  Reply with quote
Ken Ham claims the ice age happened 4000 years ago and a bunch of other vomit; his weird ARK recreation aside. In other words, despite claiming to be a christian he ISN'T even reading the Bible, spreading more misinformation making the Bible look stupid. So then you have guys like Bill Nye who then look at Christianity and think it's steaming pile of poo. I can't really blame Bill Nye in this instance...

What he's giving Bill Nye is nonsensical because anyone can prove the "ice over" didn't happen 4000 years ago... And the fact he's blaming Bill Nye for improperly teaching children. I found Bil Nye the Science Guy very informative when I was very young, and it was presented in an easily digestible fashion--and it did not hinder me from developing differing opinions later on.

Post Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 16:58

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