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Topic review - God Deeds Playlists, Spiritual Maturation Variables
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: God Deeds Playlists, Spiritual Maturation Variables  Reply with quote
Last video so far is August 21. Will resume series after October 15.
Post Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 02:48
  Post subject:  Spiritual Maturation playlists  Reply with quote
My 'Satan's Strategy', 'God Deeds' playlists focus primarily on how and why we are alive post-salvation, in order to mature spiritually. Main webpage on this is (2.htm is on OT, 1.htm is overview, 4 is on Angelic Trial and 5 is on eternity; links to all sections are always at the top of each webpage).

Due to temporary Youtube problems, the playlists are bifurcated.

The initial list is here; God Deeds starts at the 16th video, runs through Episode 12b8, and then begins again, at Episode 13c6. It is the current and continuing playlist from that point forward. Sadly, you must click on the link to actually SEE the playlist now, the embed no longer gives you a side list.

Episodes in between, from Episode 12b9-end series 12, are in vimeo:

Episode 13 in vimeo, goes up to 13j9, and then vimeo started having problems, so I only post now in Youtube.

I'm sorry that it's so complicated. Youtube for awhile forced people to join Google Plus, and vimeo now is very arbitrary about many strange things, so I will eventually move its videos back to Youtube. So for now, we're stuck with this bifurcation.
Post Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 06:47
  Post subject:  God Deeds Playlists, Spiritual Maturation Variables  Reply with quote
Most religions and their denominations have a common definition of spirituality hence spiritual maturation: that you must do good deeds. Well, that's done with a body, so an 'unbeliever' can do them also. So how can something you do with your mere body, be spiritual?

Then if that's not spiritual, what is? What should the term 'spiritual', even mean? Can't be a feeling, because bodies feel (your thoughts aren't feelings), and any 'unbeliever' can have the same feelings. So then what? Thrash this out?

If you seek ideas to brainstorm, well.. I've been thrashing out this question for 15 years. Webpages start at LordvSatan1.htm, which begins the massive Lord v Satan series, which started back in April 2000. Youtube and vimeo videos are many. Chief among them are the Spiritual Maturation videos, and also in vimeo, the God Deeds audio series (which started in Youtube), latest 'Episode 13' subseries, here.

If you want a one-line summary of what I've learned it to be, the answer is Getting His Head into Your Head. Bible learned and lived on, line by line and precept by precept. Basic mechanic of God's System. (Underlying webpage is here, with more videos.)

Oh, and that really does equal 42, a 'generating growth' Bible Hebrew/Greek meter from Genesis forward (click here and here for how Isaiah 53 uses it to play on Moses' usage in Psalm 90, which plays back to Genesis meter), to remind the reader of Jacob's two families for the 21 years he spent working for Laban.

That time-grant topic for the multiplication of sons (heh) gets covered at length here. Root webpage on Jacob, is here.

So it's not how right you are, nor how much you compare favorably versus others.. but whether you are growing in God's System. Shock, huh. :shock:

Now, maybe you disagree with that, or want to debate/discuss. Fine: that's the purpose for this subforum! OR, for anything you prefer to discuss, on the same what is spiritual, topic!
Post Posted: 19 Aug 2015, 21:24

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