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Topic review - Campion's Brag(ing) anaylsis
Author Message
  Post subject:  Campion's Brag(ing) anaylsis  Reply with quote
Campion's Brag, also known as "Challenge to the Privy Council". This will be more of a quick critical view on it from a non-Catholic standpoint.
I confess that I am (albeit unworthy) a priest of the Catholic Church, and through the great mercy of God vowed now these eight years into the religion of the Society of Jesus."
Nobody has worth to begin with (Ezekiel 16:4), we're all basically as good as a baby attached to a dead mother. Graphic, extreme, intense; but sometimes it takes an intense picture to get the point across; because you still have people who assign value and merit to their human attributes.
Hereby I have taken upon me a special kind of warfare under the banner of obedience, and also resigned all my interest or possibility of wealth, honour, pleasure, and other worldly felicity.
#1 what obedience are you going to do when it was Christ that paid (Romans 5:19)
#2 What good is forsaking every day things of life going to help you with your THINKING (2 Corinthians 10:5). In fact forsaking everything and focusing on one thing can negatively affect you're thinking because you don't have 'variety' to operate with.
At the voice of our General, which is to me a warrant from heaven and oracle of Christ, I took my voyage from Prague to Rome (where our General Father is always resident)
Probably one of the most surprising statements to see in early Catholic-oriented literature is that Campion claims the Jesuit General is the Oracle of Christ. This isn't supported by the Bible, obviously. Nobody is an oracle of Christ.
I do ask, to the glory of God, with all humility, and under your correction, three sorts of indifferent and quiet audiences: the first, before your Honours, wherein I will discourse of religion... wherein I undertake to avow the faith of our Catholic Church by proofs innumerable—Scriptures, councils, Fathers, history, natural and moral reasons
#1 Campion is using the Lord's name in vain by saying 'to the glory of God', because before you'd assign something to God's name, it should be well thought out, and not written based upon how you feel.
#2 People use the Bible (scriptures) to prove a lot of different viewpoints, often utilizing nasty techniques rather than letting the original language text speak for itself
#3 councils / church fathers / history is external from the Bible
Moreover I doubt not but you, her Highness' Council, being of such wisdom and discreet in cases most important, when you shall have heard these questions of religion opened faithfully, which many times by our adversaries are huddled up and confounded, will see upon what substantial grounds our Catholic Faith is builded
Of course Campion isn't including all beliefs that were being imposed at the time; the Popes believed the monarchs should have been under submission to the Pope, which is why there was so much tension. This would have later been expounded when King James VI & I in 'the Remonstrance'.
...and hearken to those who would spend the best blood in their bodies for your salvation...
Possibly one of the most arrogant statements in this whole piece of literature. Claiming that what he was doing was for their salvation.
Post Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 21:42

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