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Topic review - Prolife Blasphemy Series
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
I just put up an introductory audio in the first post of this thread. It doesn't cover the same material as the videos or the discussion, but is a brainstorming piece on the 'witness' of the prolifer who ignores Bible.
Post Posted: 05 Sep 2016, 03:10
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
Latest audio on this, explaining why all prolifers should be #Libertarian, .

Tweet convo referred to:
Post Posted: 22 Jun 2016, 05:59
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
You can try downloading the page, but I'm not sure it will work. But it will load in Firefox. Thread is closed. Just now I was able to Alt-C all of it and dump the (227 page!) result, as a Word doc, here. I didn't format it, as the ideal use of it would be to read the original page but since it only shows so much at a time, search the doc for whatever else is beyond what you can see.

Then again, it's too depressing. Maybe spend your time on something else. The thing is, I offered to have the convo continue here, hence these posts.
Post Posted: 26 Nov 2015, 10:10
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
Good idea, the prayer is sorely needed. Did you notice, some of those people went by LOOKS as to what constitutes a human being? Or claimed that DNA made you alive? DNA? Even though human DNA is in long-dead mummies? So they are alive?

Just when I think Christians can't get any dumber.. they do.
Lol. Honestly, I didn't see any of the comments. I tried to access the page a couple of times and it wouldn't load. But I knew it would be nasty without having seen.

I am not near with doctrine where I should be, but I do know the difference between leaning on God's word, having a personal relationship with Him, and reacting to law. Without the former, the latter is all baby Christians can do, emotionally react. They would have to use their minds to find out if they're "dumb" or not. lol. There's not much doctrine readily available through the proper channels anymore for them to know that true spirituality primarily resides in their thought-life, not their emotional life. You can talk and talk, but most of them being out of fellowship (probably) while not even understanding the fundamentals of doctrine, makes them impossible to reach. All they can do is have an emotional spasm. I'm sure their brains, whether dumb or smart, are just sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

If you ever did a new series on YT, maybe doing one that contrasts between religion and relationship would be helpful to some folks. Better still, if some of those "men of doctrine" I keep praying for would show up. I've been praying about this for a long while now without seeing any change, so I wonder at times if I should even pray for this at all. Because those men, whoever they are, have to respond to God themselves for their own teaching gift to bloom. But its probably like praying for the lost; they have to respond, but we can pray for aid.
Post Posted: 26 Nov 2015, 00:27
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
Good idea, the prayer is sorely needed. Did you notice, some of those people went by LOOKS as to what constitutes a human being? Or claimed that DNA made you alive? DNA? Even though human DNA is in long-dead mummies? So they are alive?

Just when I think Christians can't get any dumber.. they do.
Post Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 21:11
  Post subject:  Re: Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
I pray often that God will raise up men in this country who will preach Bible doctrine. That is the only hope the nation has no matter how the political process shakes out. If men do not start preaching doctrine from the pulpits, then the people can only be religious because they have no alternative. That is our true doom, and because of it, our nation is being dismantled from the inside-out. The internal rot has been going on for decade upon decade, but has sped up exponentially in the last couple of years.

The people you argued with on message board just saw you as an infidel promoting murder. You broke the law. They couldn't process anything else you said.
Post Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 15:41
  Post subject:  Prolifers lose in Wisconsin  Reply with quote
Article here. The amount of utter Christian stupidity in the comments, is baffling. They closed the thread, so any further comments will have to be made here.

Now I know why the US is in trouble: my people perish for lack of Doctrine, Hosea 4:6ff. Murdering and aborting the Word of God. It's pathetic. No wonder they don't understand salvation (can't have it, were there soul life in the womb); nor spirituality (can't have it, if 'human' was your mere body); nor the spiritual life (body can't do anything spiritual as it's not spiritual); nor how Christ even paid for sins on the Cross (with his SOUL, Isaiah 53:11).

Been up all night trying to talk sense and giving Bible verses in the comments, but to no avail. Going to cry now.
Post Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 06:04
  Post subject:  Prolife Blasphemy Series  Reply with quote
Intro audio (12 mins): ... yWrong.MP3

This is a new debate forum topic for the Youtube Prolife Blasphemy playlist, click here. Prolifers maintain the Bible says that abortion is murder. The series proves that the Bible says no such thing. In fact, verses like Exo21:22 prove that PER GOD, the fetus is not alive (not a legal person), and Psalm 139 (inter alia) proves that only God makes you a person at birth, along with the many 'I called you', 'I made you', 'I formed you' refrains in Scripture. Atop that, God even orders abortion in Numbers 5:27 for infidelity, a verse which shocks the translators. Proof of that, is in the nine-subpart Episode 9 of the PB series (click here for 9a and keep watching as much as you can stomach).

So prolifers are ignorant of Bible, lying against what it says. The series cannot hope to cover ALL the verses showing the prolifers wrong, but will cover the main ones. Series is not finished yet.
    • Word to the wise: don't keep repeating the same tired posts, and don't merely insult without substance. Notice how people who do that in the PB comments, come off as liars and fools. So: do you want to waste your time and make others see how foolish you are? I bet not.
Consequently, the seven-year old series has so many comments, all so unwieldy, it seemed a good to create a more-organized thread, here. You can instead ignore the videos and just debate prolife in general, starting whatever topics you want. Thus people can debate with each other, more easily. As for the series, since there are over 500 Bible verses saying you're not human until BORN, I'm obviously not done posting the proof, yet.

So as for me debating with you, basically 'no, I won't': everything I could say is in the foregoing video playlist, and in their video descriptions and comments. In short, I've already had my say. Time for you to have yours. You can argue against me all you want, call me any names you like, and your comments won't be censored. Also, I likely won't respond. Will read, but likely not reply, as my replies are already in the videos and their comments.

Therefore, the Youtube video comments are re-enabled: so, you are free to debate here, or there. So if you want to debate with me, you better have already done your homework in those videos, and/or in BIBLE. In the Hebrew and Greek, please. Because the translations of 'womb' verses mask the meaning, a political ploy as the videos demonstrate. Even the scholars know this, and do nothing.
  • No offense, I'm tired of people just getting emotional and not doing their homework IN BIBLE. What IT says, not what you want it to say. What IT says, not what some apostate and unreading Dear Dr. So and So says to politically motivate you. No politics, no religion, just God, just Bible. THOSE authorities I respect. Everyone else can go.. fish. And finally, I'm not pro-abortion, as I'm adopted and the BIBLE's own theme is -- BIRTH IS GOD'S CHOICE, NO ONE ELSE'S. That, is what the videos demonstrate, live in the Hebrew/Greek (inspired) text.

    I'm pro BIBLE. So to misread or deliberately ignore what's said in the videos and claim I'm out to promote abortion is to make a fool of yourself. In public. So there's no need for me to respond.

    Next, Prolife is used by David Duke to promote anti-semitism. If I see you post comments from him in this thread and defending him, you will be accounted an anti-semite and your post deleted. Posting alone, okay. Defending, not okay. For it's his political agenda, to destroy Israel, and it's been his agenda for over 30 years. Anti-semites are one step away from criminal. The board cannot tolerate threats to the people in it.
So... debate among yourselves..? Or, if you'll debate with me, PROVE IT FROM SCRIPTURE, not hearsay. That alone deserves respect. Not, brainout. Not, dear Dr. So and So, and not you.

PM me with questions, though, since I turned notifications off. Questions, not debates. Debates, go here in the open.

WARNING: Prolifers are famous for lying. If I catch you lying, expect to be reamed out. Take any position you want, but in here you'll do your homework and be honest: or honey, you'll be lambasted. Sorry.
Post Posted: 19 Aug 2015, 17:54

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