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Topic review - TITLE YOUR POSTS, for Permalink
Author Message
  Post subject:  Good Post Practices  Reply with quote
Presumably, when you post you want someone to read what you say. For example, if you write in Spanish, you expect only people who read Spanish, to read your post. Here in Frankforums, you may write in any language. Just remember, not everyone can a) read that language, or b) know how to use Google translate. So think of your audience: that's really the heart of, good posting practice.

In order to best ensure folks will read and respond, try to remember these hints:

1. First word in your Title should be the THEME of your post. For example, if you want to complain about Edge in Windows 10, then EDGE should be first in your post (caps or not, usually folks find caps rude, but sometimes they help distinguish text). Sometimes an Adjective preceding is more helpful, like here 'Good' precedes, to qualify what kind of 'post' is in view. But keep it short.
  • Above all, don't write something like 'Help me' or 'I don't understand' or 'Hi' or 'I was wondering' as your title, because that helps NO one to assist; you'd sound very young or egocentric, unable to think. Put yourself in the reader's place. You're doing several things at once online, you're busy, you need short statements to clue you into the topic. So, everyone else has the same needs, right?
2. Be succinct. Try to say exactly what you mean in as few words as possible. Style sometimes dictates a longer post, but maybe first compose your meaning in Notepad, then test it for sense. Does it say what you want the reader to know? Will the reader read the words as you intend? Then, build around that core, add the stylistics and drama you like. Again, bear in mind we are all busy with 1000 things at once, and need something short to grab attention. Entertainment is also helpful, but optional.

3. Be specific. It's really a pain to find a post which says 'Help me I can't use my computer' but there are no details about what the problem is, what the computer is. Same for Bible arguments or questions, like 'What does Genesis mean?' Well, Genesis covers a lot of topics, please be more specific. Or, arguments like 'I don't believe in God'. Okay, fine: but saying that helps no one continue dialog, if you want dialog. Be more specific why, or add some quotes you feel helpful. For if you want someone to reply, you need to give them specific information, so they CAN reply. Else, your post goes ignored. Is that what you want?

4. Be understanding, and be honest. We are all in variant stages of learning. Even learning Windows is a pistol, how much more, learning issues related to God? So if you know more than your fellows, understand that once upon a time you were just like them. Be severe, call names, but also be understanding and flexible: for they just haven't learned what you have.. yet. And, of course, you could be stubborn or wrong. So wouldn't you want someone calling you names to get your attention, and then providing substance as to why you're wrong, so you can get the right info? Each of us is ahead of another on some things, and behind on other things. So if you understand that, you can rail all you like.. but it will be with substance and understanding, not devious, mindless prattle. :mrgreen:
Post Posted: 19 Aug 2015, 18:50
  Post subject:  TITLE YOUR POSTS, for Permalink  Reply with quote
In phpBB forums, there are two ways to capture permalinks. Some of the older forums will have a 'permalink' marker, hashtag (#) or name in the upper or lower right corner (tool tip will tell you it's a permalink). Click on that, and a popup displays the permalink. Others, like this one (which is supposed to be the latest version, 3.1.5), make permalinks out of the TITLES in each post.

So be sure to title your posts. That way anyone who clicks on the title can get the permalink, to quote you elsewhere on the internet, or link to your post more easily, here. And for you to reference your own posts elsewhere on the internet (another major reason for frankforum), you just click on the title of your or another's post, to get the permalink.

Since you can always edit your posts, you can always edit/create your post titles, too. :lol:
Post Posted: 14 Aug 2015, 14:02

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