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Topic review - GOP demise, due to Christians ABORTING God's Word!
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: GOP, post-mortem: due to Christians ABORTING the Word of God!  Reply with quote
Exactly. What's worse, is that 'prolife' is pandered in God's name, and isn't Biblical, so now millions of people associate that lie with God, and are even less inclined to investigate claims about Him!

Satan laughs his head off. It's so obvious: they use FETUSES to gain political power. And then want BIG government, in total contravention to republicanism, so to police SEX. Cuz that's what drives them: they hallucinate anyone seeking abortion MUST be doing so due to illicit sex! Whatever happened to 'God will handle it'? Gone.. with the wind.

So, 40 years later, they get Trumped: drool over the most provably-ugly, immoral, defrauding, disgusting man in political history. All because he won votes by white-supremacists or racist folks who wanna get back at Washington for working with some black guy.

Can't be more carnal than that. Breaks my heart. I've been GOP all my life. Crazy, when the Balaam's ass of the Dems, is more Biblical than what was supposed to be, the embodiment of 'Christian values'.
Post Posted: 11 May 2016, 02:50
  Post subject:  Re: GOP, post-mortem: due to Christians ABORTING the Word of God!  Reply with quote
Its disgusting how Trump so desperately tries to talk his way around the 'abortion punishment' issue. He doesn't even have enough respect to tell us what he would do with his authority if he were to be elected. I have a real personal problem with people who beat around the bush like that. I'd rather vote for a used car salesman.

This prolife doctrine is one of the major issues that keeps the country divided. A nearly perfect libertarian candidate will NEVER get votes from the left or from Gen-x if they maintain a 'prolife' policy.
Post Posted: 11 May 2016, 02:35
  Post subject:  Re: GOP, post-mortem: due to Christians ABORTING the Word of God!  Reply with quote
Yeah, no kidding. That's what ignorant DT was properly concluding when he had his interview with Chris Matthews:

'Properly', in that all the 40 years' political rallying that abortion IS murder, pandered from US pulpits, should therefore BE subject to punishment (yeah, if it's murder, then it should be juridicated as such).

But the power-mad prolifers don't want THAT, it will cost them votes with women. Duh. Yet more proof that God and the 'sanctity of life' is not important to them.. but rather, it's a tool to gain Rev 17 harlot political power. Fetuses are mere FOOTBALLS for these Titus 1:12 cretins.
Post Posted: 11 May 2016, 01:50
  Post subject:  Re: GOP, post-mortem: due to Christians ABORTING the Word of God!  Reply with quote
Murder is a very serious charge. In many states, it is punishable by death as it should be. So if these retards are successful in classifying abortion as murder, does that mean that they are going to start convicting and executing anyone who takes part in abortion? That would be state sponsored murder.
Post Posted: 11 May 2016, 01:14
  Post subject:  GOP demise, due to Christians ABORTING God's Word!  Reply with quote
NOTE: if you ever once believed Christ paid for your sins, use 1John1:9 as you read (i.e., 'I think I sinned, God'). Speeds comprehension (ergo my name 'brainout', reminds me to use the verse).

The Number 1 reason why DT is winning, is the apostasy of the pro-life crowd. This is Hosea 4:6, 8:7 and Galatians 6:7 in operation. Because, GOD says when life begins; it's a SPIRITUAL question, God's Right to Determine Life. God, never Caesar. Prolifers are busy trying to take away, God's Right to Life! So, we inherit the Trumpnado, Hosea 8:7, Gal6:7 (which points back to Hos8:7).

For Bible has always said, and for 3300 years Judeo-Christian law had reflected, the FACT that Abortion is not murder. For abortions spontaneously occur by the thousands, every day. Is God a murderer? Of course not!

Bible topic on that, is click here. :!: Audio summary of salient verses: click here to download. :!: Or, click here to just play. It's 30 mins long, mp3.

Videos most relevant, click here. Episodes 9-11 there are the most relevant, for they show in the original Hebrew text/Greek (and many translations, including Catholic ones) that a) abortion is a spiritual matter, and b) it's not murder. Of course, even the translations of Genesis 2:7 make this sequence clear: first body formed and outside, then God BREATHES life into it, and THEN you become a living SOUL. Not before.
. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: .

So note well: to make ANY law or ANY provision pro or con abortion, interferes with the separation of Church and State. For it's a SPIRITUAL matter, not a legal one. Ooops.

. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: .

Consequently, Judeo-Christian law in polities from Moses forward, alike recognize that abortion is a) not murder because BIBLE says you're not human until BORN when GOD breathes your newly-created soul into the exited fetus; and b) due to the fact it's a spiritual matter, not a legal one (which of course Bible also confirms). So even to this day, even the Roman Catholics who believe life begins at conception, have never authored a civil law claiming abortion murder.

So given this huge historical corroboration in both Bible and Judeo-Christian civil/criminal/case law on abortion, you'd think that the folks (starting in the 1960's) who instead covet Caesar's power in America, would be circumspect. By suddenly spitting on Bible and all that Judeo-Christian law, they claim SUPERIORITY over all past Jews, Christians, and even God Himself?

So, Hosea 8:7, Gal 6:7: 40 years later, in comes DT, the 'reply' to their blatant demand to DICTATE POLITICS to whomever would be the #GOP Presidential candidate: Rev 17 harlot 'prolife' movement in full thrall:

. :matrix: .

Their arrogance is unbridled. Now, we see in DT, the culmination of their bald hypocrisy: his positions violate everything in Scripture, including abortion, and they don't care. They back him anyway. For they want to take OVER the GOP. Prolife has nothing to do with it, and certainly not God or past Jews and Christians who KNEW what Bible says!

Oh well.

TrumpFetus6.png [1.22 MiB]
Downloaded 1767 times
Post Posted: 10 May 2016, 23:33

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