Microsoft out of desperation resort to claiming Windows 7 to be insecure!

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Microsoft out of desperation resort to claiming Windows 7 to be insecure!

Post: #3206 5735guy
14 Nov 2016, 16:54

Microsoft: Windows 7 is way more exposed to ransomware than Windows 10 ... indows-10/

The Microsoft Corporation are showing utter desperation in response to the slow adoption of Windows 10.

Reduce the threat of ransomeware by installing the spyware which is Windows 10.

Aside from Windows 7 the platform is all but dead in the water. Finally we can say 'told you so'. It may not be the year of the Linux Desktop as the MS trolls would pick up on but it is looking good for both the Linux and macOS platforms.

The Microsoft Corporation are failing on multiple fronts. Windows 10, Surface*, Windows Phone.

*Surface Studio and Surface Book look promising but without the likes of the Xbox how long can the Microsoft Corporation carry on relying on OEM Sales where the consumer ends up with multiple instances of bundled crapware.

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Re: Microsoft out of desperation resort to claiming Windows 7 to be insecure!

Post: #3208 brainout
16 Nov 2016, 15:00

LOL so glad I have something like 10 Windows 7 conmputers now, and about a dozen flavors of Linux which are on sticks I just plug in (full persistence up to size of stick, say 115GB is my largest). So I never need to buy a Win10 computer. Your great suggestion on iMac would be my next purchase, if I live long enough.

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Re: Microsoft out of desperation resort to claiming Windows 7 to be insecure!

Post: #3212 hupostasis
17 Nov 2016, 14:38

ZDnet wrote:while its SmartScreen Filter blocks on average 200,000 automated attacks over the web from so-called exploit kits that deliver ransomware, according to Microsoft.

I would like to challenge that claim actually / "SmartScreen" rarely caught things it should have in my experience. Furthermore, Office 365 is so poor at determining what's spam and what isn't, I don't think SmartScreen is going to exhibit any more quality.

Oh wow, check out what Microsoft said in response to Google's exploit disclosure:
Microsoft wrote:We recommend customers use Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser for the best protection.

Source: ... disclosure

Are you serious??? So according to Microsoft, Windows 10 and Edge are the solution to all security problems. Edge is a *horrible* browser that encompasses so many unnecessary limitations, you can't even change the default download location / not to mention in some cases it's slower than Internet Explorer once you really get into it.

P.S. disclosure from Google was mentioned here: ... otect.html