Windows 10 installed base grows, as businesses become less cautious

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Windows 10 installed base grows, as businesses become less cautious

Post: #3052 5735guy
28 Sep 2016, 09:07

Windows 10 installed base grows, as businesses become less cautious ... -business/

As always Ed Bott has been spouting propaganda generated by the Microsoft Corporation (bearing in mind none of the statistics have been independently verified).

Mr Bott is the Microsoft Corporation's number one puppet and on a personal crusade to promote Windows 10. He says he doesn't get paid by the Microsoft Corporation to write all this drivel. Yeah right!

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Re: Windows 10 installed base grows, as businesses become less cautious

Post: #3056 hupostasis
28 Sep 2016, 13:39

Thanks for posting that!

I decided to take a look at the source where Ed Bott generated his ugly chart (btw the one with his Windows 7 usage is conveniently unavailable)... and there's a lot of things he didn't mention.
Operating Systems
Windows: 49%
7: 27.5%
10: 15.6%
8.1: 3.5%
XP: 1.1%
Vista: 0.8%
8: 0.6%
Other: < 0.1%

United States: 80.2%

For starters, all of the total devices that visit U.S. government websites, less than 50% were Windows-based machines. 80% of that traffic is exclusively by people in the States (so there's very little information on the international market / in fact, I would wager the 1.1% of XP is a result from the remaining 20%). And finally, most of this traffic is simply for people who need to view USPS tracking. *In total* there are still 11.9% more computers running Windows 7--even with this alternative data source.

So if less than 50% of the sample data is from machines that are actually Windows-based, how does that represent the PC market which is a lot higher than that? Furthermore, you're not going to get any foreign statistics with 80%+ of the users being American. I know a lot of Asian markets (for example) still like XP, and in China they have a fondness for IE 6 / I could never figure that out myself...

Windows 7 is going to remain as long as developers keep supporting it. Some software has only reached Windows 8 compatibility, so there's still some ways to go yet...

Gamers who do streaming for instance typically stay away from Windows 10 because they can't deal with forced updates and forced restarts. OEMs like HP / Lenovo / Dell *all* roll out their systems with Windows 7 almost by default because that's what businesses want.

I can say that with certainty since I work in the industry... Ed Bott does not.