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Preserve EU or enter Dark Age?
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Author:  brainout [ 20 Jul 2017, 20:57 ]
Post subject:  Preserve EU or enter Dark Age?

I'm very impressed by this book on how EU is threatened, so its dissolution (envisaged by the author, James Kirchick) signifies a coming Dark Age:

This is a discussion thread about the book. You can get it on Kindle, or more cheaply, on I have both.

To me, this ties directly to the other thread on Rome Myth, for in Charlemagne's and even Constantine's day, the goal of a united landmass was the same.. for religious reasons: then, they thought Christ was to come back once the landmass was united. THAT GOAL IS PRECISELY WHAT RUSSIA WANTS; with itself, of course, as the primus inter pares.

Trump, for his part, just admires the 'strong man ruler'; I'd wager that's his only motive for being pro-Putin; but Trump's so naive, he doesn't see how he's being played. He's being played by Russia of course, but also by the #SevenMountains Christians behind DT, who have the exact same goal as the #ThirdRome clerics behind Putin. Just a question of who Christ will call the winning group, upon His Envisiaged Return. Which, going by the past the and the prophecy about it that Anonynomenon uncovered, is in their minds maybe scheduled for 2030 AD.

So this alliance of the underlying Christians, is of paramount importance for our understanding our time, NOW.

Videos on that tie (before I knew any related books): There are 90 videos following that intro, to show the interp valid, including how methodology suspected but not found, ever since the Reformation.

Mr. Kirchick doesn't perhaps know about this. But others, do. The other book I reviewed, and its associated thread, click here, provide the historical backdrop.

So maybe you care to opine or think through that angle in this thread, too?

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