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02 Sep 2015, 04:40

I've been writing about this all over the place; this post lists the better links. Point is, you can ONLY change Windows 10 desktop fonts using an old Windows 95/98 program called 'Plus!'. Now, if you have old Win95 and 98 machines/disks, you'll find this program in your Program Files. But if you don't have it, guess what... its retail (therefore standalone LEGAL) version, is still being sold!

Windows 98 version, in Amazon.

Cheaper but probably less functional, the Win95 version, click here.

Steps to install, I've written in several places:

In vimeo, click here. Context is Windows 8, but it works the same way in 10, where you need it more. At least 8 will let you change some extra features. Win10, won't.

In superuser, click here, search on 'Actually, those other methods'. That one was checked by the superuser mod, but I don't see any difference between it and the vimeo post (which is just my sayso). Choose as you see fit.

Shorter and related posts, covering the steps, click here.