Hibernate Problem in Windows 10

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Hibernate Problem in Windows 10

Post: #15 brainout
11 Aug 2015, 19:08

To make your machine seem to boot faster, starting in Windows 8, the default shutdown setting isn't really shutdown, but 'hibernate'. It's the default for Windows 10. This is a dangerous setting for a number of reasons:

* Shortens the life of your drive and battery;
* makes your drive more likely to fail since it's not really resting;
* makes your drive unreadable to Linux, should Windows crash and you need Linux to copy off files or otherwise rescue Windows.

So here's a set of posts about that issue, in bleepingcomputer forums. Thus you can learn how to shut off hibernate.
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Re: Win10 Hibernate Problem

Post: #32 gigawert
12 Aug 2015, 23:45

No wonder Linux wouldn't want to read the Windows partition... Although it may speed up your computer, MS may also be trying to make your computer not last as long and in the long run get more money from people buying new PCs with Windows on it.