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Is Twitter Down? Check monitor
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Author:  brainout [ 07 Nov 2016, 06:32 ]
Post subject:  Is Twitter Down? Check monitor

Refresh this every few mins if you think twitter is down.

Make new topics or add to this one, any posts you need to store data, links, etc. until twitter up again. It's easier to do if you join, and you can always edit/delete, or make drafts no one but you sees. But it's up to you. If you do join, DO NOT provide any real id info of any kind. There are no ads, no tracking, any cooking stores ONLY on your machine (the board doesn't store any such info, so I can't find it).. and we don't send out notifications by email, so fake the email address (it's not verified), even.

Hope this forum helps when twitter is down. Forum is quiet, so hopefully this will help.

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