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 Post subject: Dark Ages
PostPosted: 26 Oct 2015, 06:21 
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When Paul finishes Ephesians 1:14, he's at the point where the Dark Ages begin. In the following documentary, the video's definition begins them with Alaric in 410 AD. Killer, for in Paul's meter, the keyword ending at 410 syllables=AD years, is 'inheritance'. Yeah, that's what Alaric wanted, as a reward for his service, especially after his pal Stilicho was disinherited of the honor he deserved for saving Rome from Alaric. :sith:

For a quick view of the period, I charted Paul's annual meter, so you can click here to see how 'inheritance' for the year 410 (towards the link's page bottom), ties to the video below. (Unless you have Bibleworks fonts, the Greek in the htm won't read properly, so instead use year 404to412 in the pdf version of Chronochart, click here.)

Notice the incredible wit, a comparison of inheritances: the West was about to 'inherit' Jerome's translation, except that it would be squashed; it was to 'inherit' Augustine's City of God in the name of lamenting the sack of Rome by an 'inheriting' Alaric who only 'inherits' death just after he succeeds; all that, because Stilicho who should have inherited all kinds of honor for saving Rome from Alaric (and yet the two became friends), instead only inherited jealousy, being put to death with his son by his rivals. That's what you get for being patriotic, the 'inheritance' a weak Arcadius and Honorious will give you. So of course they soon inherit death, too.

And Alaric preserved the Bible inheritance, not sacking the Bibles, as Augustine would record. Big deal, that, since a century earlier under Diocletian more Bibles had been burnt than we can know, and under Constantine worse persecution of Christians dissenting and Jews would exceed what Diocletian could know.

Not to mention, Alaric's son Ataulf inherits a bride, Honorious' sister, in 412. Heh: 'our' inheritance (kleronomias hemwn, in Paul) is now complete.

Paul takes the timeline to 434, with the understanding that you'll be adding 56 at the end, even as the beginning dateline was 56 (playing on Mary's ending the meter at Christ age 56, but Paul's play is that Christ should have been nearly age 59, and was age 61, which was 'our' 58-59 AD).

So this video is a tad more chilling than normal. The paulmeterggs11 videos go through his meter year by year, so when you get to syllable =AD year 410, maybe turn on the video here.

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