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Author:  brainout [ 04 Oct 2015, 08:03 ]
Post subject:  Stephen King movies

I'm a Stephen King fan. So here are posts on some of his books turned into movies, as I find them in Youtube or elsewhere. It's right to pay for movies. I'm assuming, as usual, that if the movie is allowed on Youtube it somehow is permitted. Even so, often a good movie is best watched and then purchased, as you'll want to watch it again.

For all those folks who will complain about these and other movies, 'but they are anti-Biblical!' -- yeah, what else is new? All Bible movies are anti-Biblical, too -- especially those about Passion Week, which can't even get the FOUR DAYS from Arrest to Crucifixion, right. No one reading John 18-19 properly, how John skips four days and then leaves the other skip implicit, since you're expected to know the timetable from Exodus 12. Centuries of incompetent anti-God propaganda by Christians, means the others who make claims about God or Bible, won't be anywhere near the truth, either.

So why watch these movies? Because even a lie cannot be 100% untrue. "By indirections, find directions out." Heh. But by the time you watch, they may no longer be available here. Again, I can't vouch for the legality of the movies, but if they have commercials they ought to be okay. So think of these as try before you buy.

So here's Tommyknockers: if you watch it by clicking the link instead of the play button, you'll find it's part of a playlist of other good movies.

Needful Things (very clever Faustian spin, with ads so for sure it's legit):

The Stand, in 4 parts (slightly different from the first edition of the book I remember):

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Storm of the Century (click on the link to see the whole playlist in Youtube):


Night Flier:

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