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mid 2007 24" iMac MAJOR RESULT
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Author:  5735guy [ 07 Sep 2017, 21:09 ]
Post subject:  mid 2007 24" iMac MAJOR RESULT

Remarkable thing happened today a customer turned up with two 24" iMacs. Their main machine was a late 2008 model and the backlight on the Display had failed. Along with that they also brought along a mid 2007 model that was working perfectly. The customer asked if I could change the Displays over so they could continue using their late 2008 model.

This is where the good news begins. It was a straight swap. Telephoned my customer two hours later to tell them I had successfully switched the displays over and they came to my workshop to collect.

This now meant the mid 2007 24" iMac no longer had a functioning Display otherwise working perfectly I was told I could KEEP IT ... specs.html

A mid 2007 24" iMac for FREE I couldn't believe my luck. Had a bit of spare time on my hands this afternoon so I hooked it up to a 22" BENQ External Display placed a 250GB 7200RPM Hard Drive in it and installed OS X Snow Leopard. It literally flies on 4GB DDR2 RAM.

MAJOR RESULT :thumbup:

OH and the built in speakers sound AMAZING :eek:

Author:  brainout [ 12 Sep 2017, 02:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: mid 2007 24" iMac MAJOR RESULT

YAY! I'm sooo happy for you!

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