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Trump-Putin First Handshake
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Author:  hupostasis [ 08 Jul 2017, 08:10 ]
Post subject:  Trump-Putin First Handshake

Of course when Trump shakes Putin's hand he doesn't jerk him around... what a loser.

Author:  brainout [ 08 Jul 2017, 21:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump-Putin First Handshake

DT gets more disgusting every day. If I didn't know that Matt24 prophecy Anonynomenon found, I'd want to kill myself. The only saving grace is that God is using him to advertise apostate Christians who He will publicly repudiate 2023 et seq. No pleasure in that, but for the fact that many will wake up and see how Satan used DT but God rescued the jerks voting for him. We are all jerks on something; DT, is where they fall.

Better still, if I'm reading the text right for Matt25:12ff, is that for the next 600 years or so people will be much more positive, thanks to the Millennials and their kids learning these lessons NOW.

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