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Microsoft hypocrisy
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Author:  hupostasis [ 24 Oct 2015, 21:09 ]
Post subject:  Microsoft hypocrisy

Microsoft is suing a recycling company for its employees that sold Office 2010 licenses:

However... Microsoft used a pirated copy of Sound Forge to edit sound files in their commercial release of Windows XP: ... are-report ... 14167.html,news-14167.html

So... if you sell an operating system that made use of pirated software, do you have the right to sue a company whose employees sold your product on the "black market"?

Author:  brainout [ 29 Oct 2015, 05:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Microsoft hypocrisy

More on the hypocrisy, this time re the hardware: ... e-reviews/

Author:  hupostasis [ 01 Nov 2015, 00:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Microsoft hypocrisy

brainout wrote:
More on the hypocrisy, this time re the hardware: ... e-reviews/

Unbelievable! Many users in response to the throng of issues from the device are "well it's a first generation product". What?! So you're telling me it's OKAY for a production unit to be laden with bugs and issues 'just because it's first generation'???
That's the dumbest response I have ever heard... when a product exits the prototype stage it should be in a state that's been tested an usable. Of course there are always exceptions, but manufacturers usually acknowledge the problem and provide a fix.

And then in response to "well I purchased the product so it shouldn't exhibit issues", then the one guy was going on about getting a better job to pay for it.

MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! The issue is that a company (Microsoft) released hardware that lacked the R&D to ensure there are no serious issues. From a hardware standpoint this makes sense, as Microsoft would have had to outsource hardware development because... THEY'RE NOT A HARDWARE MANUFACTURER BY TRADE. They have no experience in electrical engineering.

And for the record, the guy talking about price ranges is too young to know that computers cost $20K before they were a commodity item. I have a tower from 1993 that was $14K back when it was new, and a monitor that was $8K in 2003.

My new computer (in 2015) cost $5K since it has 96 GB of RAM and the best intel CPU on the market. Guess what, it has no issues and a three year warranty! If I were to buy a Microsoft 'Surface Book' and it had multiple issues that Microsoft refused to fix, well, it would be worse than being an issue of money since I'm losing productivity. Microsoft can't 'pay back' the time lost and the frustration going through MS support; which don't even get me started on.

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