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What Muslims Think
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Author:  brainout [ 13 Dec 2015, 15:44 ]
Post subject:  What Muslims Think

There are two videos about 'what one billion muslims think'.

Here's the lead video, Raheel Reza speaking. This is what your so-called 'moderate' Muslim wants you to think:

This one you'll want to see on the Youtube watch page, for it has many spinoffs, including PBS interviews:

This one, is a rejoinder:

Since the Koran is most in tune with the violent 'extremists', then what should we conclude?

Author:  brainout [ 27 Dec 2015, 23:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Muslims Think

Update, interesting listing of US Muslims terrorizing their own numbers here: ... 2428183696

And here:

Author:  hupostasis [ 27 Jan 2016, 05:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Muslims Think

So here's what people need to know. There's no such thing as "radical islam" as Raheel Reza says. There are muslims and then there's cafeteria muslims.

The cafeteria muslims simply have islam as a cultural / family thing (these are the muslims that DON'T bomb and enforce Islam). MUSLIMS follow the agenda of what the quran says and encompass what "radical islam" is.

So these are the questions we need to ask:
#1 how come radical Islam is always linked to Islam in one way or another; and how come muslims always have to keep defending themselves to say this isn't what Islam is about?
#2 how come all precepts of radical Islam can be found in the standard quran, including: JIHAD, SHARIA, KAFIR, etc.
#3 If Islam isn't about terror and sharia, why do muslims have to try so hard to prove the contrary, going through bizarre logic and insane loopholes
#4 If Islam is a religion of peace, why does JIHAD, SHARIA and KAFIR exist?
#5 how come when cafeteria muslims snap out of western culture they can become terrorists? (happened to one guy who was staging a bombing at Canada's parliament who is now serving life in jail and was interviewed by the CBC-- can't find the video unfortunately).
#6 why do women wear fard niqab? There are plenty of muslim women who've admitted they need to wear a niqab in NON-WESTERN MUSLIM COUNTRIES, so it's not a debate. Anyone who contests it (even Raheel Reza) can get off her western pedestal and go there and experience fard niqab in real-time.

It's simple... muslims want all kafirs to become muslims. And any muslim who isn't radical is simply a cafeteria muslim enjoying the western life DEVOID of broken islamic principles. So duhh... the "non radical" muslims are squatting western culture and principles which douces the REALITY of the quran that's 100% violent and INCOMPATIBLE with modern society.

Look, if Islam was so peaceful and fantastic, why are all muslims flocking to western and european cultures that are DEVOID of Islam?

Author:  brainout [ 27 Jan 2016, 11:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Muslims Think

Wow you worded that well, hupostasis. THANK YOU!

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