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Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam
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Author:  brainout [ 05 Dec 2015, 01:59 ]
Post subject:  Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam

I've never heard this kind of argument before, that Islam's god is a gangster. This Christian convert son of a Lebanese Hamas leader, explains:

There are a lot of these videos in Youtube. High-profile converts in their OWN words. So maybe that accounts for why God just doesn't up and kill all the Palestinians like He did Sennacharib's army, etc.

Author:  hupostasis [ 07 Mar 2016, 04:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam

He seems slightly contradictory however, you'll notice at 9:15 he says this:
I converted to Christianity and I am a Jesus follower: and let me tell you something, I am not a pro-Israeli, and I'm not very fascinated by the work of the Israeli government of killing Gaza children, or assassinating leaders and even terrorist leaders

I also found this video, if it's of any interest:

One minute he's calling Israel his country, and then the next lambasting them for killing children (which is TOTALLY not the truth). I mean, once someone has their mind polluted for so long it does take time to get your thinking organized, but he's not being honest with himself if that's how he really feels.

Author:  brainout [ 09 Mar 2016, 06:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam

As usual, You make good points! Maybe he's also trying to steer a middle course, idea first being to condemn Islam, and later after a time. move toward Israel. Dunno if that's true, just speculating.

Author:  hupostasis [ 24 Mar 2016, 05:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam

Apparently Yousef did respond to some of Walid's claims:

The one thing that stands out to me in that entire public letter, is that Yousef champions non-denominational Christianity, which is unusual for most Christians (as they all want to clamour to an identity that fosters 'group thinking'). So maybe there is something there.

There are some places calling Mosab Yousef a fraud purely to extract money, but the problem with that theory is twofold:
#1 the sources which espouse fraud tend to be pro-islam (you know, anything that gives consideration to islam of course will slam Mosab into the ground)
#2 Mosab knows the Quran well, and because he *knows* the disparity between the Quran and the Bible means it becomes harder to be a fraud exclusively for money. Not to mention, once you 'know so much' (especially regarding the Bible), it becomes hard to lie to yourself and behave like that (re: fraud).

Peter Popoff and Benny Hinn are fraudsters because they know ZERO Bible. Plain and simple. Mosab knows both the Quran and Bible which gives the potential for merit.

Author:  brainout [ 24 Mar 2016, 11:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Son of Hamas leader condemns Islam

Yeah, Hinn and Popoff and so many others make money off Christianity. No Bible, all emotion. Whether they are deliberately defrauding people I don't actually know, but it looks suspicious. In any event, no Bible so not good.

As for Muslim converts to Christ, well, the style with them is very personal and emotional. Kinda like charismatic. Exaggeration is a part of the culture, too. So I don't know I'd call it fraud. But it is characteristic of spiritual childhood.

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