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Vimeo Link Problems
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Author:  brainout [ 12 Nov 2015, 08:19 ]
Post subject:  Vimeo Link Problems

It has just come to my attention that vimeo has this daft policy of not allowing non-members to view certain vimeo links, esp. for vimeo group forums. Why they would think that's a good idea is beyond me. Very depressing, for I pay for that service. But then, they've been making many bad design decisions lately, like Microsoft and Google have long been doing. Aping that bad management, maybe.

So, I'll be quitting vimeo, but very slowly. I have over 1000 videos there, and many channels. Will take several years to find a new vendor, and hopefully vimeo will wake up and realize what a stupid decision it is, to keep content from prospective members (can't know if you want to join/buy if you cannot see the product, duh).

Therefore, if you have had any problems with the links, will you report them here? I will gradually be transferring vimeo stuff here and to Youtube, but if you have something you need transferred NOW, then your request will take precedence.


Author:  hupostasis [ 12 Nov 2015, 09:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vimeo Link Problems

Other alternatives mentioned here are dailymotion and which you may have seen before: ... s-01151636

Clipstream is another alternative but it looks to be pricey:

Author:  brainout [ 12 Nov 2015, 10:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vimeo Link Problems

I long had a account, but they actually told me they didn't want my content. The videos there were some of the Youtube stuff, like the PopeM playlist, initial Genesis videos, James videos, anything needing HD before Youtube offered it. Frankly, blip videos were a pain to make.

As for dailymotion, I've not looked at that in awhile; didn't know about clipstream. Thank you!

EDIT: yeah, I see what you mean by clipstream: my viewership is too large for the small plans, and frankly not the right niche. So I'll stay in Youtube.

Dailymotion is interesting, but they don't allow enough categories, and again too many videos without a good transfer mechanism.

The vimeo channel will remain for awhile, too much to move, so maybe by 2020 or so it will be gone or changed. The problem is you can't get those people to LISTEN when there are problems. The local folks answering queries are nice, but whoever is behind them is very snicky, and are making really snotty decisions hurting the users, no matter how much we complain. Kinda like MSFT and Google.

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