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Poll: Vote 11/8/16 Election
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Author:  brainout [ 15 Sep 2016, 07:07 ]
Post subject:  Poll: Vote 11/8/16 Election

The purpose of this poll is to see what happens if voters have real anonymity, unlike the phone-call polls. I figure people vote differently when no one can know it's 'me'. Frankforum is dedicated to anonymity, as you'll see below.

You do NOT need to join to vote. Your ID is NOT known. Any cookies are ONLY on your machine, none store anywhere else, so I can't help you if you want to later change your vote. I can't even find out HOW you voted; that's only stored on your machine used when you visit here. You are truly protected, here.

You are also free to post in this forum, but you can't edit your post unless you are a member. Guests get trick questions (with a little humor, you'll know the answer), so we don't have to worry about robots. Your machine will know if you voted already, so won't let you vote twice.

If you are a member, you can change your vote, edit your posts. Do NOT use a real email address if you join, as this board wants none, sends none. Nor do we store your password (it's only in your cookie, if there is a cookie). No ID is wanted or needed at any time.

There are no advertisements and no moderators. You are not tracked by the forum, nor by godaddy (I checked with them), who hosts my domain. The domain IS mine, and I've no interest in knowing your identity. Content of thought matters, so your identity is only known to YOU. It costs me nothing to run this forum, as it's part of my domain services, which are all passive (godaddy webhosting basic services mean you not them, run the thing). The whole domain is non-commercial, so no money is made on it, and none is solicited at any time.

PS if you forget all this, join, and use a real name or email, you can change it at any time. I would strongly urge you to do so. Members can ALWAYS edit or delete their posts, there is no time limit.

You can always use PM if you want someone else here to know who you are.

Author:  hupostasis [ 15 Sep 2016, 10:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Poll: Vote 11/8/16 Election

looks like I chose correctly

Author:  brainout [ 15 Sep 2016, 11:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Poll: Vote 11/8/16 Election

LOL I added Darrell Castle, and all votes were wiped out! Vote again, sorry! I didn't know the poll would reset if I added a name!

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