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HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?
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Author:  brainout [ 25 Aug 2016, 07:51 ]
Post subject:  HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?

My rant on it, here: . 36 mins. Upshot that I don't buy either side's argument, but rather to have any deletions or foundation while also in a politically-elected office is a bad move which should have been blocked off 20 years ago, so at very least she and her 'team' is guilty of VERY bad political judgment.

Agree, disagree, say what you think whatever you think, here. No need to join frankforum to post here. If you do choose to join so you can later edit your posts (no cutoff), then do NOT provide a real email address or name. Board doesn't send out email, so your privacy remains fully protected. No ads, no mods, no tracking (go daddy doesn't even track).. you're on your own in PRIVACY.

Author:  Anonynomenon [ 27 Aug 2016, 03:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?

I don't retain political bickering, so I really don't know what laws Hillary may or may not have violated. I will say this. She had an unprotected server with confidential information moving through it. That has to be illegal. If had the clearance that she had, minus the fame, I would probably go to jail

If so, then I think she needs to be taken to trial and if found guilty, face a prison sentence.

Author:  brainout [ 27 Aug 2016, 15:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?

Well, the rant in this article makes some 'insider' points I didn't think about, which there is NO way to deny, ... employment

Author:  Anonynomenon [ 28 Aug 2016, 02:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?

Yeah, like the lack of a need for a "smoking gun", and the use of data scrubbing software?

Did Hillary actually violate any laws? That is my concern.
Everything else is simply conjecture. If she did violate laws, then I want her serving a proportional sentence/penalty. The reason being, is that if she acted irresponsibly as Secretary of State, why should she be allowed to do so as President?

I think she had malicious intent, but my opinion is inconsequential. I want accountability.

Author:  brainout [ 04 Sep 2016, 21:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: HRC emails: is it an issue? If so, how?

D'accord. I tried to sort out the relevance of the issues, with or without smoking gun, and found what I think is the real smoking gun, the ACCEPTANCE of the money, no matter what happened afterwards. The emails might offer tangential support, but even without them, the acceptance of money is ipse evidence of bad judgment.

Audio on that (30 mins, sorry), is here: ... ilAnal.MP3

It's not my main reason for refusing to vote for her. My main reason is her big government approach.

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